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Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik (AIM) is a term that was created by a hip-hop group out of New York City called “United Front.”  Some of their work is available for viewing below.  Since it’s conception in 2008, it is a concept that has spread throughout the Black community slowly, but consistently.

After adopting the concept, WOH has taken the lead in spreading and controlling the concept of A.I.M. The idea is that there are (4) different kinds of music that Black people can make:

  1. Bondage musick – trashy, worthless, degenerate noise that disrespects Black people, our ancestors, our descendants, and ourselves that is a direct result of our enslavement by whites over the last 400 years or more.  This includes hat-hop (hip-hop), churchy white-jesus gospel, freaky R&B trash, integrationist “Ebony and Ivory” type songs, etc . . . .
  2. Music – basic decent recorded singing, instruments, etc . . . designed for people’s listening enjoyment
  3. Blak Muzik – music designed and created by Black people to uplift Black people’s minds, bodies, and spirits
  4. Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik (A.I.M.) – the highest form of Blak Muzik.  It focuses on encouraging Afrikan (Black) people to fight for the survival and future of the Black Race.


In order to classified as an Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik (A.I.M.) artist, War on the Horizon (WOH) and its affiliates must review an artist’s body of work and may request information from an artist and/or group in order to make an informed judgment and vote.  Once an artist and/or groups’ direction is clear and their body of work meets the talent level, content requirements, hostility, and is definitively against the use of the “N-word”, an artist may be voted on and approved for the label – Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik (A.I.M.) artists.


If you or your music group are producing music that you feel can meet the mustard for the title Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik (A.I.M.), please contact WOH @ liberation@waronthehorizon.com.  You can send us a copy of your most recent work and a brief biography of yourself (group) as well.  We will review your information/work and get back to you as timely as we can.  Below are some strong examples of A.I.M. songs.  Enjoy!


 Strange Fruit: Blood on the Leaves by Maafa Sankofa


 Let’s Grow by Maafa Sankofa


 Hate That Hate Produced by United Front



Don’t Get Caught by United Front




Stand Your Ground Short Film



True Champs by United Front



G.O.D. & My G.U.N. by United Front



Ghetto Tears by Brothas Keepa



B.P.S.A. by United Front



FreeDome Live by Kween Jasira



Mindcuffs by Brothas Keepa



10,000 lb Gorilla by Maafa Sankofa




A Milli by United Front



Baby Babylon by Brothas Keepa



Abibitumi by United Front



Sneak Attack by United Front




We’ll See You on the Battlefield!