The Hot Black Coffee Party (HBCP)

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If you’re anything like the War on the Horizon (WOH) family, you’ve been waiting to find a strong movement of Black people doing something positive for our people – anything positive.  It appears that the wait is up.  Louisiana has grabbed the bull by the horns and started this movement up – Strong and Hot!

We were first made aware of the strong Louisiana vibe with our friends and colleagues in this struggle from Lafayette, Louisiana.  Sister JAHmila and Sister Khadijah made contact with War on the Horizon (WOH) some years ago and we’ve been great friends ever since.  They were actually the first group of people to assist the Jena 6 Brothers in their quest for justice.  And they gave us a strong example of what the Louisiana freedom fighters hearts were made of.  We were thoroughly impressed.

From these early experiences with the freedom fighters of Louisiana, we learned that there was a strong spirit of resistance and resilience in that region.  Little did we know that the next powerful Black Movement in this country would be sparked out of this very same region.

During our 2009 WOH Book Tour, we also met a Louisiana native by the name of Brother Louis Ali.  This brother’s grandfather, Louis Allen,


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was a Mississippi-born, Louisiana Black freedom fighter who was murdered by the ku klux klan with the assistance of Unce Tom Negroes.  Much like his grandfather, Brother Louis’ passion for Black people has compelled him to reach out to his people wherever he can find them and urge them to organize.  Now, he is emerging as the figure in Black amerikkka who has the courage, charisma, and competence to bridge the gap between responsible Black people from all different backgrounds.

Brother Louis Ali


Brother Louis is spearheading a movement called the Hot Black Coffee Party.  With Tea Party politics (white supremacy unmasking itself) spreading throughout this country and gaining momentum, Black people are beginning to feel the pressure from racist white amerikkka.  As this pressure has been increasing over the past few years, so too have the number of white racist murders of Black people increased.  Joblessness, police brutality, unfair sentencing and incarceration, the war against Afrika, the promotion of “homosexuality” and child molestation in the Black community, the demise of Black male/female relationships, etc . . .  are all leading Black people to seek solutions and hope.

In the midst of this progress valley in Black political thought and action, the Hot Black Coffee Party was founded.  It’s not quite a political party.  Nor is it strictly a social organization.  Neither is it a religious institution.  The Hot Black Coffee Party is a kind of mixture between all of the above.  It’s a movement designed to bring Black people who are concerned about the future of our Race together across political, social, economic, and religious lines.

The concept is exciting and the movement has already taken route.  In fact, in different jurisdictions throughout the South, Black people are meeting on a regular basis working to improve the conditions of Black people in their respective regions.

Black political organizations and movements are hardly anything new in this country.  But what makes the Hot Black Coffee Party so different is that it takes some very strong positions.  For instance, in order to be in the Hot Black Coffee Party, one has to:

  1. Be Black.
  2. Be against social integration with whites.
  3. Be against Uncle Tom Negro misbehavior.
  4. Be in favor of all-Black communities.
  5. Be in favor of Independent Black institutions including schools.
  6. Be in favor of Black man to Black woman marriage.


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Never before has a Black socio-political platform been so direct and bold.  Most Black movements establish goals and objectives; however, they seldom if ever exclude whites, exclude integrationists and Uncle Toms, and identify Black self-determination is such raw and explicit terms.

With its focus on self-determination, job creation, independent Black educational institutions, Black political empowerment, building self-sufficient Black communities, and social separation from white culture, the Hot Black Coffee Party is bringing forth platforms that are engaging and challenging a different element of Black people.  Every Black people with a strong sense of Black pride and a strong dislike for white culture are finding the Hot Black Coffee Party (HBCP) platform one that they can gravitate towards.

What drew special attention from the WOH Team was the fact that the HBCP takes a definitive stance against “homosexuality” and pedophilia.  This is the first Black organization/movement in the 21st Century that we know of that has taken a definitive stance against this misbehavior.  We were excited to hear a platform that so definitively spoke out against the sexual ills that plague our community.

Historically, whites pick their politicians based on how treacherous and shrewd they are.   Black people look for men and women of character.  Unfortunately, over the past 30 years or more, Black politicians have been reduced to being Uncle Tom Sambos for white interests, greedy money-hungry exploiters of our people, and/or Black degenerates.

The HBCP aims to change this phenomenon.  With a constantly growing base of strong Black support, the HBCP is putting significant pressure on Uncle Toms throughout the South.  We expect that by this time next year, there may be a positive shift in the Black political landscape of the South leading to a stronger push for Black empowerment around this country.

Hot Black Coffee Party Politics – Dealing -w- Uncle Toms

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The HBCP has a weekly radio show on WOH Radio.  It’s called the Southbound Lane.  It comes on every Sunday evening from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm EST.  Tune in each week to follow the growth and development of the HBCP.


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!