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War on the Horizon –
Black Resistance to the white-sex Assault

The Irritated Genie of Soufeese has been on the forefront of fighting the war against white-sex (homosexuality and pedophilia) in the Black community for close to (2) decades.


From Irritated Genie’s empirical analysis and estimates, it is possible that 3 in 4 Black girls and 1 in 2 Black boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. Needless to say, child molestation is an epidemic in the Black community in amerikkka and a pandemic worldwide.  And it is precisely this crisis that has led to the explosion of homosexuality among our people.


The goal of War on the Horizon – Black Resistance to the white-sex Assault is to begin the sexual healing process by educating Black people on the origin, history, and damaging impact of homosexuality and child molestation on the Black community.  These sexually deviant misbehaviors were forced on us by whites; and the consistent effeminization of the Black male in amerikkka is a continuation of our experience with white sexual aggression.


The Irritated Genie of Soufeese spent countless hours researching some of the ugliest aspects of european culture to understand how this condition came to be.  What he reveals will shock the average reader and shed light on the age old conflict between Black and white culture.


The book takes an unapologetic look at the historical conflict between Black people and the white race with a special focus on white-sex (european rape, perversion, and sexual aggression).  The research proves and the book states emphatically that whites are a sexually perverse race of homosexuals and child molesters. In fact, pedophilia is the core ingredient in white culture and has been for thousands of years.


For his groundbreaking research and efforts to share this information with the Afrikan world, he has been excoriated by whites and is considered by many, “The Most Hated Black Man in amerikkka.”  His banning from the island of Bermuda raises the question as to whether he is the most hated Black man there as well.



Because many of the members of the Black community have embraced this sexual madness, you won’t find the book on many bookshelves, even in the Black community. The Black white-sex offenders (homosexuals and pedophiles) are holding the Black community verbal hostage.  No voice is allowed to freely echo truth to our people if it directly confronts the sickness and evil of white-sex.  Many of these homosexuals are even posing as Black Nationalists or individuals interested in producing justice for our people.  In reality, they are sexual predators who look at our sons and daughters and see fresh recruits for their filthy and decadent white deathstyle. cWhenever it comes to picking between the best interest of Black people and their sexual desires, their ass-backwards misbehavior wins every time.


Read this book and learn what we can do to stem this ever increasing tide of sexual degeneracy that is plaguing our people.



The Irritated Genie of Soufeese looked into the magnifying glass of white supremacy’s perverted sexual behavior through the millenniums. He researched thoroughly into european cultural and social life to validate that homosexuality came from europeans. His book reveals that this white disease of fagotitis was spread on Afrikan people throughout the world, along with european imperialism, violence, rape, and murder. The Irritated Genie (Minkhepera Tehitimes) is our present day Heru (hero) and our Black Resistance. He tramples down the demonic forces of white-sex assault on Afrikan people.


Fear rules the consciousness of most Afrikans in this homocentric (homosexual centered), european insanity. And it takes great inner strength, guided by a deep and enduring commitment to the untainted traditions of our Ancestors and unqualified love of our children, to stand against that which is not Afrikan in an anti-Afrikan world. This book clearly demonstrates that The Irritated Genie qualifies as such a man. In it, he bravely speaks to our innate, heterosexual truth as well as the mentacidal confusion brought to us by the determined madness of another people’s demented, alien, predatory homosexual imperative. It should be read by all Afrikans who battle to be sexually sane.