Feb 2010 – Haiti “Home of Boukman”
Posted on February 1st, 2010
“Children of Ogun”

The date was August 22, 1791. The place was the most profitable white-ruled island in the Western Hemisphere, Saint Dominique (called Haiti today). The major european powers at the time (spain, england, and france) were fighting over control of the island.

christopher columbus and his band of “homosexual” pirates had been there since 1492, when they began exterminating millions of the indigenous inhabitants – the Arawaks.

As a result of the extermination of the Arawaks, Afrikans were kidnapped, shackled, and brought to Saint Dominique as slaves to enrich the pockets of white enslavers.

After a couple of hundred years of this enslavement, Black men and women in Saint Dominique decided to strike back. The man’s name was Boukman Dutty. He was chosen to lead the Haitian people to freedom in warfare against their white enslavers. The Afrikans on the island of Saint Dominique (now Haiti) decided it was time to fight the whites with a new and improve zeal. The Haitian cries for freedom rang out, “Death to All whites” and “Black Dominion.”

Boukman Dutty began the rebellion with a prayer to the people:

Boukman’s Prayer

Good God who created the Sun which shines on us from above, who rouses the sea and makes the thunder rumble; Listen!

God though hidden in a cloud watches over us.

The god of the white man calls forth crime but our God wills good works.

Our God who is good commands us to vengeance. He will direct our arms and help us.

Throw away the likeness of the white man’s god who has so often brought us to tears and listen to liberty which speaks in all our hearts.

Boukman’s philosophy was “Conquer or Die.” He was eventually killed and replaced by less effective, Negro, accommodationist leadership. As a result, Haitian independence took much longer than it should have.

By 1802, the revolution had fallen into the hands of a man of the same ilk as Boukman Dutty. He was an Afrikan War General named Jean-Jaques Dessalines. He became the liberator of Haiti.

He was one of the most sophisticated and cunning Race men in our history. Additionally, he was one of the finest generals the Black Race has ever produced. His very name, like Boukman Dutty, struck absolute fear and trepidation in the hearts of whites worldwide. This is a quote from Dessalines on his approach to waging the final revolutionary war against the french enslavers:

Jean-Jacques Dessalines

I abandon to them (the white enemies) freely the shores, and the places where cities have existed; but woe to those who approach too near the mountain! It were better for them that the sea received them into its profound abyss than to be devoured by the anger of the children of Haiti.

In 1804, Dessalines declared Saint Dominique free of white tyranny and the home of “Black Dominion.” He renamed Saint Dominique – “Haiti.” This was the original name of the island when the Arawaks ruled.

Dessalines’ forces defeated the entire french army of napoleon bonaparte of france. After the war was over, he kept his promise to the spirit of Boukman and his ancestors. The Haitians had promised to kill all the surviving whites left on the island. Dessalines led the Haitian people in this mighty and spiritual cleansing process. By the end of the war, over 40,000 french troops had be killed – many having been hung, firing squaded, or beheaded. The Haitians were true Afrikan warriors of the greatest character, courage, commitment, and spirit.

For more history on Haiti, click the following link:

Political and Economic History of Haiti

and/or read the book, “The Irritated Genie” by Jacob Carruthers. This is the best book on the subject that we have found.

Jean-Jacques Dessalines

Let them come – these homicidal cohorts. I wait for them with a firm, and steady eye. . .

War, even Death to Tyrants! This is my motto. . . . Never again shall a colonist or european set his foot upon this territory with the title of master or proprietor.

It is important for people to understand that the Dominican Republic is the spanish-ruled part of Haiti. When General Dessalines took his army to the spanish ruled part of the island, the Afrikans and mulattoes there loved their white spanish slavemasters so much, that Dessalines and his forces were unable to defeat them. In fact, if the Black people in what is called the Dominican Republic today had desired freedom, it would be one island, under Black rule.

But these Negroes in the Dominican Republic hated the concept of Black authority and rule and wanted to be accepted and loved by whites. As a consequence, the Dominican Republic is a place where Afrikan people deny their Black roots and shun their Haitian brothers and sisters to this very day. They operate with one of the strongest mulattocized, light supremacist mentalities in the world today.

The history of Haiti is critical to the history of Black rebellion and freedom fighting throughout the world. In fact, the Haitian revolution is one of the greatest events in the history of the world. We need to understand that this is the first time in the documented history of the world, that a kidnapped and enslaved people have overthrown their enslavers in a foreign land and declared their absolute independence. And as fascinating as this may sound, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Consider the following facts:

What All Afrikans Should Know About Haiti

  1. General Dessalines’ long-term goal was to invade amerikkka and free our people here.
  2. The reason the united states got the Louisiana Purchase, the greatest land deal in the history of the world, is because the Haitians decimated the french army so bad that they could no longer control Louisiana and the surrounding territories. They didn’t want spain or england to gain ground on them, so they sold it to the us, expecting to rebuild and reclaim it in the future. That never happened.
  3. If not for the Haitians, we might be speaking french today.
  4. The greatest rebellions in amerikkka were inspired by the Haitians. Gabriel Prosser in Richmond, VA was inspired by the Haitian Revolution. Denmark Vesey in Charleston, SC actually planned on killing all the whites from South Carolina into Florida and inviting an invading Haitian army to liberate Black people in amerikkka. Nat Turner in Southampton County, VA may have read one of Denmark Vesey’s prized student’s book, David Walker’s Appeal, before he returned home to do his good work. And David Walker spoke of the Haitians as unconquerable Black God’s throughout his work. Our Black freedom fighters owe the Haitians for their courage and example. Without it, we’d probably be in shackles today.
  5. The whites were so afraid of free Afrikans in amerikkka duplicating the Haitian freedom tactics, that the Quakers and the slave-traders worked together to repatriate free Black men and women back to Liberia. The first meeting was held in 1804, the year of Haitian independence.
  6. In 1825, the Uncle Tom Mulattoes took over in Haiti and made a deal with the french to pay the french reparations for the war they lost. Yes, these mixed racial dogs agreed to what amounts to $21 Billion to be paid to france for a war they lost:

Haiti’s Manufactured Debt to france

Because of this payment, the Haitians have been under an economic stranglehold of whites since this time. The mulattoes of Haiti have proven to be some of the worst racial scum in the history of the world.

Let Dr. John Henrik Clarke tell you:

Since the takeover by the mulattoes in 1825, the Haitians have been under the financial yoke of european domination and exploitation. But this economic pressure turned into direct military warfare when the u.s. invaded Haiti in 1915. Since then, the u.s., along with the support of other white nations, have consistently invaded Haiti and committed Genocide against our Haitian brothers and sisters. And they have stood strong, bravely fighting the white superpowers with their less effective weapons.

The 20th & 21st Century white Military Assault on Haiti

As bad as the historical carnage has been, it has just recently moved to the level of full extermination. Instead of destabilizing the Haitian world through economic terrorism (IMF & World Bank) or taking direct military action, the white murderers artificially created a “natural disaster” that killed hundreds of thousands of Afrikans in Haiti. The purposes of this recent white assault are:

  1. The Bush/Brown Massacre of 2005 (called Hurricane Katrina) was the test run for televised global genocide against the Black Race. After intentionally blowing up the levees in New Orleans, the white military purposely starved countless thousands of Black people to death on international television. They demonized our people by calling us “looters” and “refugees” and learned the “do’s and dont’s” of televised genocide. As a result of the successful test run in New Orleans where the backlash on white life was minimal and even non-existent, whites are now implementing a more direct and massive assault on our people. Of course, because of its revolutionary history to Black people, Haiti was a perfect 2nd target.

    Washington Post Article

    Army Core of Engineers Indicate the Levees were Blown Up

    September 23, 2005

    Visual Documentation of the Bush/Brown Massacre of 2005

  2. Another reason for this genocidal assault on Haiti is that whites are murdering the Black Race through the kidnapping and enslavement of Black children worldwide. The kidnapping (under the name of adoption) of Black children we see in Haiti is but a microcosm of what’s happening in amerikkka, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, and worldwide. Not only are whites using the adoption system as the updated and revised form of international slavery, but many of these devils are “homosexuals.” They are using Black children as sex toys.

    white amerikkkan christians Arrested Kidnapping 33 Haitian Children

    Articles on whites Kidnapping Haitian Children

    dutch Taking (Enslaving) Haitian Children

    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

    The Modern Day Slave Trade

    Notice the black Children Tied Together

    For more information on the process of white genocide against the black world community, purchase the DVD listed below:




    Genocide: A Narration of white Brutaiity & Demonism



  3. In addition to these 2 reasons, we are aware that amerikkka is concerned about its access to natural resources. According to this article below, Haiti has more oil than Venezuela. If this is true, we now understand why the whites bombed the country and are in the process of stealing the country from the Haitians.

    Haitian Oil Reserves – Reportedly Larger than Venezuela’s

    Not only have whites murdered over 150,000 Black Haitians, but they are in the process of permanently dislocating Black people from their homes.

    With this in mind, we must ask some serious questions. Remember, Senegal is the country that’s currently allowing its own sons to be systematically raped by “homosexual” pedophiles on Goree Island. See the April 2009 War Room for more on this story.

    Now, we are supposed to believe that the Senegalese are so irresponsible that they will let the greatest monument to the suffering and torture of Afrikan people in the world be desecrated by becoming the european pedophile’s playground in Afrika; yet they have such great regard for their heritage and Afrikan brotherhood that they will offer the Haitian people permanent relocation. They must think we forgot that france not only enslaved the Haitians, but they also colonized Senegal. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who’s behind this – whites. If they are not directly behind it, they certainly support it.

  4. Reason #4 is that the white world is planning the extermination of the Red man and woman and the Black man and woman in the near future, with the Yellow Asians to follow in the coming centuries. They are also planning major warfare around the world with the arabs and other non-white people.

    In order to accomplish their goal of international dominion and power, they need to destroy Hugo Chavez, migrate to the Afrikan continent, and exterminate Black people on this planet. If they can use weather warfare to do it, they can kill millions of non-white people with less repercussions than using a nuclear bomb.

    If they get away with this assault on Haiti without a significant amount of white bloodshed, they will likely use this type of warfare all around the world including: Venezuela, Nigeria, Iran, Ethiopia, Somalia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, etc . . . They will also use the outbreak of destructive diseases and the shortage of food to assist in the global genocide of Afrikan people. The whites are preventing our surviving Haitian brothers and sisters from getting food and water as we speak.

    The Honorable Hugo Chavez Speaks

    Mr. Chavez Exposes the white Assault on Haiti

Not only did the whites artificially create this quake in Haiti, but now they’re going after all of the free-willed Afrikans worldwide. Many of you may not have heard of the Coconut Revolution that occurred on a small Black island off of the coast of Papau New Guinea. The island is called Bougainville. This is one of the greatest examples of Afrikan independent thought and action in the modern world.

If you click the link above (Coconut Revolution) and watch the entire video, you will be proud to be an Afrikan. In fact, our Bougainville brothers and sisters could walk with our Haitian brothers and sisters any day of the week.

Of course, now that you’ve watched that video, you know what to expect. Today, Bougainville experienced a 6.2 on the Richter scale “earthquake.” See the video below:

Notice how the “jews” only mention Papau New Guinea; but if you read the captions you will see it actually hit off the coast of Bougainville – the Black revolutionary island in the South Pacific.

Hopefully, by now the picture is becoming very clear. This is an all-out global attack on Black and Red people.

And of course, we as Afrikans are supposed to be asleep because there is a mulatto pumpkin puppet in the white house.  Uncle Jack is spending his time promoting “homosexuality,” enriching billionaire white so-called jew bankers, fighting against reparations for Black people, appointing bill clinton and george bush to take the money for our Haitian brothers and sisters, etc . . .

Uncle Jack – The Magic Mulatto

“Happy Coon Love 2010”


Frank Marshall Davis and Bayard Rustin

They’re Smiling in Their Graves Now!

We could continue to go on about how the whites are going on midnight murder missions in Haiti, how they’re raping Haitian children and selling them into the international sex trade business, how israelis are stealing the body parts of Haitian brothers and sisters from the island, or how whites plan to set up Abu Gharaib-styled detention centers to rape the remaining Haitian men in order to effeminize them. Instead, we’ll provide a few suggestions:

Afrikans in amerikkka

  1. Pass this email link on to as many Black people as possible. With understanding, our people may wake up in time to put up a fight.
  2. Purchase and learn to effectively use lethal weapons.  In the coming days, we will be forced to take white lives, not defend our own.  With their technology, we couldn’t defend ourselves if we wanted to.  Under these circumstances, the best defense is a strong offense.
  3. Organize with other Afrikans. All Afrikans around the world are soon to face similar circumstances to the Bush/Brown Massacre of 2005 and the 2010 Bombing of Haiti. We need to be preparing ourselves for real Racial warfare with whites.
  4. Send your supplies and money to Wyclef Jean and/or Ron Daniels. These brothers were helping our Haitian brothers and sisters before the whites bombed them. We can trust them better than any whites.
  5. Send the Haitians the book, the Irritated Genie. They are in a life and death struggle for their homeland. They need to be reminded of their might and great history in order to save their island. Only the spirits of Boukman Dutty and Jean-Jacques Dessalines in them today can win the monumental battle they are facing.
  6. Complain in every way practical about the adoptions of Black Haitian babies by whites. Classify it as the same genocide that’s outlined by the Geneva conventions. Let’s start referring to it as modern-day slavery for Black people.
  7. Stop being cracker-loving Negro slaves. These pale white things are killing us. They’re not our friends!
  8. Stop making mulatto babies.  The first one was 1 too many.

Afrikans in Haiti

  1. You must 1st throw away any regard for white life you have learned through christianity. If you refuse to do this, then ignore the rest. for you have already lost.
  2. You must invoke the spirit of the Irritated Genie that your ancestors spoke of and follow the guiding principles and ideals established by Boukman Dutty and Jean-Jacques Dessalines for your eternal independence. “Black Dominion” should become your rallying cry and your motto should be “Haiti Now – Haiti Forever.’”
  3. nsist that ALL the whites leave your country immediately. Though a few of them are helping, the vast majority of them are denying you aid, keeping supplies away from you, feeding you poisoned/old food, raping and kidnapping your children, plotting your overthrow, preparing to slaughter you, etc . . . If you demand that they leave, you give other Black and Red people the right to support you politically and economically. If you put the whites out, the Jamaicans, Venezuelans, brothers and sisters from the u.s., and other places around the world will help you if we can reach you.
  4. Whatever you do, do not migrate in large numbers. If you leave Haiti, you’ll never return. And if you do, you’ll be servants working in white casinos and beach resorts.
  5. Haitians in amerikkka and abroad must dedicate their time, energy, money, and thought to arming the Haitian people so that they can fight for their island. They must understand that political pressure is good; but none of the european countries, nor China is going to assist them because they all stand to make too much profit off of your destruction. You must gear up to fight or prepare to die.

It gives us no pleasure at War on the Horizon sharing this kind of news with our people. But we are the only ones brave enough to put the truth on the table. If we had an army of Zebra Killers and Black warriors who were organized to fight, we’d send you every man and woman. But we do not. Therefore, we can only share with you your proud history and help you save yourselves as best we can. We love you, we support you, and . . . . . . .

We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

South Paw Dedication


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