July 2010 – Integration: The Death of Culture
Posted on July 1st, 2010

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Integration: The Death of Black Civilization

The Master Teacher – Ashra Kwesi often tells a story of the spider and its web.  He says that the spider spins an invisible web to catch its prey.  The prey gets stuck to the web and begins to struggle to get out of the web’s grip.  The more they struggle, the more they become entangled in the web.  Then the spider returns to its web to feast upon its prey.

When the spider discovers its victim in the web, the process of annihilation begins.  However, the spider has a very interesting approach to feasting upon its prey.  Instead of eating the outer parts of the victim, the spider punchers a hole in the prey.  It then proceeds to suck the insides of the victim out.  By the time the spider has completed devouring its victim, there is a perfectly healthy shell of an insect left behind stuck to the spider’s web.

In fact, when one approaches the web, it looks like a living insect.  Upon closer examination, it’s only an empty shell of what used to be a living insect.

If one looks around the world today, one sees some of the most beautiful looking Afrikan people the world has ever witnessed.  We have locks, Afrikan braids, beautifully sculptured bodies, elegant outfits, etc . . .   But if we look underneath the surface of our outward appearance, we find a Race of people who are almost entirely defeated.  We hate our natural hair and skin.  We hate our eyes, noses, and lips.  We hate the way we talk.  We hate our homeland so much that we don’t want to be identified as Afrikans.  We don’t have a definitive culture; and the things we currently classify as “Black” culture are nothing to be proud of:  sleeping with a lot of women, smoking marijuana, being criminals, behaving poorly, tattooing our bodies, dressing in half-naked fashions, exploiting one another, etc . . .   These misbehaviors are considered being “Black.”  However, there is almost no true attribute of historical Black culture remaining.

For example, Black people were traditionally known for collectively raising Black children and nurturing them into adulthood.  “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Today, more than 70% of the Black households in amerikkka are headed by a single parent.

In the past, Black children always addressed adults as “Sir” and “Mam.”  Today, we’re thankful if a young person doesn’t curse when they’re yelling insults at an elder.

Not more than 40 years ago, Black men referred to Black women as “sugar pie,” “honey bun,” “baby doll,” etc . . .  These were terms of endearment.  Today’s terminology for Black women is best expressed by the lyrics to a recent hat-hop hit called “Im’ a Bad, Bad, Bit*h.”  Not only does it sum up the way we describe our own women, but it demonstrates how Black women feel about themselves.


We used to call one another “Brother.”  Now we call one another “My nig*a.  What’s up my nig*a.”  This is not Black culture, but white culture in Black face.

With our juvenile and self-degrading misbehavior, we are becoming more and more like europeans.

Consider the fact that thousands of years ago, our ancestors spoke of constant invasions into the Afrikan continent from the white asiatics of asia.  We called them “tamahus” during this time.  They were a savage group of whites who our ancestors said had no spirits or souls.  One of the many reasons our ancestors looked down on them was because they defiled their own bodies by writing on them.

These white asiatics were rapists, pedophiles, “homosexuals” and every other type of degenerate cracker characteristic one can conceive.  Our ancestors constantly warred with them and expelled them out of Afrika.  Today, almost as if we are the direct Black descendants of these white barbarians, we are tattooing our entire bodies at an alarming rate.  If we continue, every Black person 30 years and under will be tattooed from head to toe with meaningless written banter all over our magnificent Black bodies.  We have become a Blackface version of the white tamahu our ancestors fought and killed to make Afrika free.

We used to despise the white race because they were a degenerate race of sexual perverts who raped and violated our men, women, and children.  We saw them as the filthy race of faggits and dikes they are and we knew we were their moral superiors.  Now, we are nothing less than a mirror image of their sexually depraved white minds.

The following video is EXTREMELY DISTURBING and vulgar. But it adequately and correctly exemplifies what we’ve become under the system of racial integration and white rule.

YouTube Preview Image

We are no longer Afrikans in a foreign land.  We’ve become chocolate covered europeans.  Integration has fundamentally killed Afrikan culture.  We don’t even know how to get along with one another in conversation.  We are more vulgar than the europeans who enslaved us many times and we’re not close to a reflection of what our ancestors were thousands of years ago.  In fact, we’re not a reflection of Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, nor Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.

Even the so-called “Nationalist” movement is marred with decay and vulgarity.  The Nation of Islam (NOI) has integrated.  The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad correctly taught us that the white race is “The Devil.”  Now, his organization is open for membership to “The Devil.”

And if this is not bad enough, we have a viral spreading of Black Nationalist vulgarity permeating the Black community.  We heard a negro call into a radio show with the Irritated Genie last week and call Harriet Tubman an “N-word.”  And he was proud to do it!  There appears to be a never-ending faucet of foulmouthed, disrespectful, so-call Black Nationalists going around with Black Nationalist Tourette Syndrome.

What is this madness?  Would Marcus Mosiah Garvey have invited these Black degenerates disguising themselves as Afrikan Nationalists to speak to his members at the UNIA?  Our movement is supposed to be the one sacred place that Black people can love Black people and hate crackers in peace.  Now, we’re becoming a Race of complicit integrationist degenerates, thieves, cowards, whores, and Race traitors.  We operate with no dignity and no consideration for our audiences.

We’ve been to Kemet 6 times.  There are statues of Black love.  There are depictions of Black warfare.  There are spiritual stories.  There is almost everything in antiquity one can think of.  But the one thing that you don’t see on the Afrikan temples is vulgarity.  Murder of white enemies – Yes.  The N-word, No!

It is almost as if a white spider has spun an invisible web of racism white supremacy that has trapped the masses of our people.  While we’ve been spinning to get out of the trap, the white spider poked a whole in our side and has eaten out our Blackness.  They’ve fed upon our decency and culture.  They’ve stolen the way we communicate with one another.  They’ve stolen our languages, spiritual beliefs, and sense of purpose.  We don’t even try to be Black any more.  We marry outside our Race, participate in white-sex and justify white racial aggression against our own people.  Many of us don’t even want to fight our enemies anymore.

YouTube Preview Image

That is the bad news.

The good news is that War on the Horizon (WOH) is here.  And we have no intentions to comply with any of these cowards, Race traitors, degenerates, cracker-lovers, integrationist scum, faggits, pedophiles, n-word advocates, slap-happy Christian apologists for white aggression, turncoats, thieves, idiot savants, spaceship spotters and weirdos, fruit and berry warriors, lazy cultural nationalists, and any other ineffective socio-political platform designed to avoid confrontation and warfare with the white race.

We’re not perfect.  If we were, our enemies would no longer be here.  Accordingly, we aren’t looking for perfection from our people.  Instead, we’re pushing for all of our people to do better.  We need to collectively push to better our conditions so that we can mount a real and effective challenge to global Black genocide.

In conclusion, we must understand that there were 2 major periods of Integration in the past 500 years.  The first was called the Maafa or the Atlantic Slave Trade.  The other was called Colonialism.  Both of these experiences integrating with whites have been horrendous.  We are currently undergoing the 3rd and most deadly integration with whites.  They are planning on killing most of the inhabitants of Afrika like they did in amerikkka and “settling” the Afrikan continent with whites.  If they are successful, this will not only mean the end of Afrikan culture, it will mean the complete extermination of Afrikan people.

Black people, let’s recapture those ingredients that made us great and enjoyable to one another.  Let’s clean ourselves up so that we can wage the kind of war on the white race that would make our most courageous and venomous ancestors blush.  Let us be Afrikans again.


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   July 1st, 2010 Haki Ammi Says:

    Bro. Irritated Genie is always on point. You know what is interesting and I’m glad Bro. Genie caught that Nation Of Islam being an Integrationist group now. I saw this coming some years ago and I mentioned to Bro. Genie that all it is going to take is some Gay Minister in the Nation to come out of the closet to totally destroy the image of Black Manhood. It’s been in the working here in Baltimore for some time with a young Minister who has a close relationship with this Political Homosexual Political Insider and Radio Host Rev. Anthoy Mccartney. Now the Nation comes out wih this Black and Jews Part 2 which I believe may be good though I realize that there is much flip flopping going on. Farrakhan did call out the Small Hats theough.

  •   July 1st, 2010 nicole wilsn Says:

    I had no idea that the NOI now integrates. I’m lost. Who? How? Are non blacks running the organization or showing up to service? I don’ know what freaked me out more about MJ. Between his eyesore appearance and those white babies he made in a cup w/o his d.n.a.

  •   July 1st, 2010 Olatunji Mwamba Says:

    As always Irritated Genie, my brother you’ve presented the case for our liberation, clearly and concisely. We must understand what Afrikan culture is and what it is not. This can only be done thru observation and study of ancient Afrikan people and our ancient culture. Then and only then will we fully grasp what is correct behavior for Afrikan people and what is not correct behavior for Afrikan people. Hetepu, Baba Olatunji Mwamba

  •   July 2nd, 2010 Brotha Malcolm Says:

    Brotha, Brotha, Brotha, you came like you always do, STRONG. Very hurt, listening to that last man speech. Hurt, because our people in the church listen to that non-sense without even questioning it. The stuff that he was doing and describing has nothing to do with being Black or an Afrikan, he imitated that habits of his enemies, not knowing that they were his enemies and suffered for it. Love the info, and clips. In your corner Genie, fight on Afrikan, fight on Black man.

  •   July 2nd, 2010 Andre Muhamad Says:

    Peace to you brother Genie and all who support you and black love. I have said to you in a prior conversation that I love you and the work that you do for our people and I do. However, I have to comment on your point of the NOI being an integrationalist movement. The NOI from its inception up until this moment has never been an integrationalist movement. Never in the past or present is membership from whites accepted. Whites are not allowed in any NOI mosques anywhere in the world. Even black police/FBI/CIA or others that we know may work against our people are allowed into the ranks. The NOI does not and has never accepted any faith based money from the government. All NOI property is funded from the charity of its members and sympathisers. Minister Farrakhan and his Ministers have spoken boldly against integration and against our open enemy countless times.Anyone can go to the NOI website to hear old and recent lectures by Farrakhan or his ministers for clarification. I have never heard any integrationalist in my 18 years of being involved in the upliftment of our people pull the cover off our open enemy and dare them to attack him while speaking to 13+million people as Farrakhan did on 06/26/10. A wise man once said that you can judge a person by their enemies. The ADL(anti-defamation league) and various jewish/white organizations/publications are villifying Farrakhan and the NOI at present. An integrationalist would be loved by these people. If the NOI is an integrationalist organization. Proof needs to be forthcoming. Our people need integration like a hole in the head. Peace Brother Genie
    P.S. (Memphis Nationalism)

  •   July 6th, 2010 Ebby Says:

    Nicole, MJ didn’t make those babies with “a cup of his DNA”. They were made from the egg of a Khazar (so-called Jewish female) Debbie Rowe & likely a Khazar man ( Klein I believe) and Blanket is likely a gentile or offspring of a non-black couple as well. MJ left his wealth & the fruits of his life’s labor to the children of his enemies (So called Jewish Gentiles).

    That is a very severe manifestation of MENTACIDE!! A white female ( Elin Nordegren) will possibly walk away with $750 MILLION of the Cablanasian (Tiger Wood’s) wealth!

  •   July 11th, 2010 rudeboi Says:

    I must tell you son, you have taken me on a ride the few days I’ve been cramming all this info in my brain. I just want you to keep up the good work and don’t let up on them crackas. Please, don’t let up on them crackas.

  •   September 30th, 2010 QueenNetha Says:

    Brother, I have the utmost respect for you, your vision and task that we as African must take to reclaim our African Culture.Continue to speak truth Brother we as African people need to here what is being said. Brother you are summonsing the spirit of our Ancestors inside of us, to embrace and become our divine African selves we need moor warriors such as yourself.

  •   October 24th, 2010 Bro Oliver Says:

    Slow Down soldier, The NOI is still the only organization speaking directly to the supreme power of this world, And the Minister is the only black man on the planet the devil fears, With that said, most of your points are right on time. However how the hell are you gona call for war and most of our soldiers are in jail or on drugs. Carefully you will lead these lambs to the slaughter.

  •   November 15th, 2010 ERM Says:

    When I viewed that video on Youtube this year, I changed my ways 4 good! I’m sick 2 my stomach 2 see it over & over again.

    Irritated Genie, I’m moving away from Babylon Amerikkka to the promise land of Afrika! The real home!

  •   November 30th, 2010 Blackshear Says:

    I have just heard a Bro called Ra-Omar and what he says is we should go to self first, working on our Souls. We have things the crackers don’t have and are desperately trying to get! Our pineal glands are active and working but theirs are calcified that’s why they do stuff without hesitation or remorse not to mention they don’t have souls so they die, we do not because our soul goes on. But it’s the melanin that really burns um. ( pun intended) They try everything but to no avail, sprays, pills, they even have injections now but it’s not going to work, because of their calcified pineal glands their down fall is imminent, skin cancer, infertility, faggotry, pedifilia the list is so long it would take 10 years to print! They have no souls and their time here is finished and they know it. Why do U think they are doing all this? It’s to distract us from working on our souls and going inside ourselves and most importantly, we are IGNORING the ANCESTORS. The Ancestors are speaking to us trying to wake up the remainder of the sleeping fools still running with Set. In the time of Set we can do nothing but ask the Ancestors for guidence. I agree with U 100% but more blood spilling on the planet is not the answer. I think the cracker has and is spilling enough and Mother earth can’t take much more. No Planet no Us. Some suggestions? 1st Sisters stop buying hair and stuff from the koreans who have tax free shops for 15 years til they pass it on to a relative, wear your natural hair and nails, stop buying cosmetics made by whites and replace the word b*tch with Queen, cause after all that is what U R, no matter how far U have fallen or what U have forgotten, Know this, U are Beautiful and U are Loved! 2nd Bro’s stop watching and supporting b-ball pro & college and buying all those shoes and jerseys, who’s getting all the notes? Start your own Neighborhood leagues and have competitions with prizes, local and family food fairs and keep the notes in the Neighborhoods. Remember U are the Kings and Beautiful Brothers of the Earth, no one can take that from U, no matter what that cracker does he will NEVER be U and he knows it and it’s driving his narrow behind and calcified pineal gland crazy! 3rdly Let’s all stop shopping til we drop, boycot false preachers, jewvies and malls. Stop buying all those name brand bs cloths and stop supporting slavery in other countries. Buy from Bros and Sisters or better yet make your own clothes, when the crackers wouldn’t let us in their crappy stores back in the day not sooooo long ago that’s what we did! Buy from thrift shops and flea markets, add your own touches to it! Why do U want to look like everybody else anyway! And please stop spraying all that high priced poison on your Beautiful skins, that sh*it is full of poisons, go back to wearing the musk oils made by Us 4 Us. Stop eating from all fast food joints cause ain’t non of them owned by us anyway and that stuff ain’t real food! If you must eat that stuff make your own or better yet have local cook offs or chili contest and have fees for entry and give out prizes and show off local Artist, craftfolks and so on. Hit the cracker were it hurts, in his or her pocket. Let’s turn off the tel-lie-vision and cancell that expensive cable, have family and friend meals & movie nites and show your old Vhs and dvds or read books by our Peoples and get back into Our Story. Remember U can’t know where your going if U don’t know where you’ve been. Just some suggestions from an Old Soul cause I’m tired of this sh*t too and I’ve seen a lot more than most of U! I agree with Bro Ra-Omar; he said during the rein of Set we should be on the down low and look to the Ancestors for guidence, I know I am. Just some food for thought.
    Peace-Out 🙂

  •   February 21st, 2011 Supreme Powa Cipha2x King Says:

    its an on going struggle, I am rather new to the site.. I’ve always had the pride of my people despite the influence of Black Nationalism in my community. What keeps you motivated when every cooning negro you see is in opposition due to there lack of intuitiveness to have come with this! Anyway, keep doing what your doing… we are all we got!

  •   August 22nd, 2013 Bajah Says:

    This is awesome… thank you

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