September 2010 – Pics from Nat Turner Day 2010
Posted on September 1st, 2010

Nat Turner Rising .mp4 version


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Ghetto Tears

Pics from the 2nd Annual Nat Turner Day Weekend Celebration

If you missed the Nat Turner Day Weekend Celebration for a second time, you made a terrible decision.  It was the single best Afrikan Nationalist event we’ve ever attended.  From the beginning to the end, it was revolutionary.

Doorway Entrance at the Church of the Advocate

Speakers and Performers


Nat Turner Afrikan Insurrektion Muzikal (AIM)

Vendors & Products


Slap a crakkka & the New Black Panther Party


Other Pics

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Don’t miss it next year.  The Khildren of Southampton (KOS) only gets better with time.  KOS, War on the Horizon (WOH) is with you Sisters and Brothers all the way!!!  Keep up the great work.

We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   September 1st, 2010 rudeboi Says:

    I had a chance to see some of the celebration live stream and I felt the love that family can bring. I truly saw liked minded people come together for healing and fellowship. I love Black people and to see us in this light was just how we need to be everyday, without devilish influence.

  •   October 6th, 2010 Jusexcel Smalls Says:

    This site made my day a lot better when I cee and read the info my brotherz and sisterz are spreading. I’m currently deployed right now, but I continue to elevate and represent my brotherz and sisterz and strong and respectful manner. Hotep1

  •   October 11th, 2010 Craig McMillon Says:

    I attended the Nat Turner Day celebration. It was a wonderful occasion and performance. We traveled from Roselle New Jersey. We will most certainly attend the 2011 Nat Turner Day.


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