October 2010 – Who’s Behind Eddie Long?
Posted on October 1st, 2010

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Baby Babylon

The Puppet Masters Behind Eddie Long and the Black Homophile Empire

Most of us have heard about Bishop Eddie Long’s homophillic abuse of the (4) young Black brothers who’ve accused him of sexually abusing them as teens.  Eddie Long is a known white-sex offender, just like many other prominent Black preachers and political figures in the Black community.  Four (4) of the known white-sex offenders in the Black community who come to mind are Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, T. D. Jakes, and Barack Obama.  Like Eddie Long, each of them share a significant amount of support from the Black world community.  Like Eddie Long, each of them has been put into their position in order to promote and spread white-sex among Afrikan people.  Like Eddie Long, none of them care about the well-being of Black people whatsoever.  And like Eddie Long, each of them are mere puppets on the end of the white, so-called jew string of dominance and control.

Most informed brothers and sisters in the Black community know that there are any number of prominent white-sex offenders in the Black community.  However, many of our people do not understand why these freaks have become so wealthy and influential in our community.  This discussion forum is not going to focus on the particular problem of white-sex in the Black world community.  We have discussed this issue extensively.  For an in-depth discussion and analysis of white-sex, please click on the following posts:

The History of white-sex
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Instead, we are going to discuss the forces driving homosexuality, pedophilia, and Uncle Tomism in the Black community.  There are a group of individuals commonly referred to as “jews” who totally control and dominate the entertainment industry along with the financial institutions throughout the world.  For a detailed discussion of the white so-called jews and their influence in the world, order the following books:

Jewish Onslaught
Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews I
Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews II
International Jew
Synagogue of Satan

Also, the following DVD’s will help explain some of the problems they are creating worldwide:

The Other Israel
The Effeminization of the Black Male, Part 3 – The Militant white-sex Assault
Fighting the Poltergeist – Entertainment and the smallhats
Life and Debt

These resources will help the reader obtain a strong grip on smallhat (zionist) power and domination over the Black community and the world.  They are necessary to understand why any discussion of correcting the problem of the Bishop Eddie Longs in the Black world is incomplete without discussing what we are going to do about smallhat control of the resources that drive our community.  Who picks the “leaders” in the Black community – smallhats.  Who destroys the leaders in the Black community – smallhats.  Who promotes interracial marriage, “homosexuality,” gangsta rap, and various other forms of mental and physical genocide in the Black community – smallhats.  Who is sponsoring seeds that will render Black countries incapable of growing their own food – smallhats.  Who is behind the “homosexual” agenda, the pornography industry, the child pornography industry, the prison industrial business infrastructure, the World Bank, the IMF, the Afrikan diamond wars, the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti – smallhats.

The sick and perverse sexual degeneracy explosion in the Black community is almost entirely the result of smallhat media terrorism.  With the aid of Uncle Tom Negroes, Black degenerates and “homophiles,” racist whites, and uninformed Black people, the smallhats have used mu-sick, tell-lie-vision, and jewvies to demoralize the minds of Black people to the degree that we have become numb to indecency.  In fact, we now love degeneracy more than decency.  We have replaced the word brother with the smallhat created term “Nigga”; and we have replaced the word sister with the term “bitch.”  As a result, our children go around tattooing their bodies and calling themselves bad “bitches” and real “niggers.”  Who is behind the promotion of that word from the time of Richard Pryor to the time of NWA – smallhats.

YouTube Preview Image


Jerry Heller – Manager and Financier of NWA


As evidenced by the continued promotion of the N-word long after our brother Richard Pryor made it clear that he was wrong for promoting the term, the controllers of the media continue to finance its use.  Why?  This single word keeps Black people stupid, backwards, self-loathing, ignorant, and self-destructive.  As long as they can keep us using this term against one another, they can continue to exploit us out of our minds without repercussions.

Along with the promotion of the N-word, the smallhats are also pushing “homosexuality” down our throats.  They use the filthy hip-hop videos and culture to portray Black women as sexual savages worldwide.  They finance, direct, and produce films like Color Purple and Precious in order to promote white-sex filth among our people.

They support homophiles like Bishop Eddie Long, T.D. Jakes, and Barack Obama.  They put these individuals in high-ranking positions so that they can later expose them and demoralize Black male/female relationships.  They allow these degenerates to prey on little boys and spread this misbehavior throughout our communities.  In the case of Barack Obama, they presented this mulatto (born of a white mother) as a Black man, with a “real” Black wife, who worked his way to the presidency.  In fact, he is a handpicked sexual degenerate who’s been pushing his sexually backwards agenda on Black people in amerikkka and on the Afrikan continent.  And as soon as the smallhats have finished with him, they are going to expose his sexually degenerate escapades.  By doing so, they will effectively destroy every vestige of trust and “hope” Black women have in Black manhood.  Our sisters will essentially believe that all of us are a bunch of homos.  This will be devastating for our people.

A substantial population of the prominent leaders in Black amerikkka are handpicked “homosexuals,” specifically selected for service by smallhats.  These unAfrikan degenerates are being used to wage a moral, ethical, sexual war against Black people worldwide.  They are effectively turning our children, and thus our people, into a Race of Black degenerates who rape and otherwise violate one another regularly.

The smallhat plan for world domination is too much to explore in this one discussion.  However, their efforts to promote white-sex in the Black world community are becoming more and more obvious.  After the Bishop Eddie Long scenario, the next chain of events will probably go something like this:

1. (2) to (3) more prominent Black leaders will be exposed as homosexuals, pedophiles, and/or swingers.  My guess would be that the next one might be T.D. Jakes or Oprah Winfrey.

2. There will be a major media discussion about “homosexuality” in the Black community.  It will be run in the media for a few weeks, “Homophobia in the Black community.”  The specials will try to open Black people to the idea of accepting “homosexuality” in our community. They will try to make us view our hatred for sexual degeneracy the same way we view the Ku Klux Klan’s hatred for Black people.

3. They will culminate this attack by exposing Barack Obama’s sexual escapades and make a scandal that will rock the country.  They will try and create a split in the Black community over the issue of homosexuality.  Since Barack is gay and Negroes love Barack Obama, the media will get the Black Obama fanatics to support him in spite of his sexual degeneracy.  In order to support him, these Negroes are going to have to give a pass to “homosexuality.”  In the end, Black people are going to be left trying to support a “homosexual” mulatto who doesn’t give a damn about Black Power and unity. The relationship between Black men and women will be further strained, and the propensity for Black women to “give up” and date crackers will increase significantly.

These are only predictions and we cannot guarantee that each event will play out exactly as we described above.  However, we can guarantee that the general course of smallhat promotion of white-sex in the Black world community will follow this logic.  As a result, we need to study and understand smallhat warfare against Black people.  smallhats are spearheading the effort to force Afrikan people worldwide to embrace and practice pedophilia and homosexuality.  Our war against white aggression must start here.  We must expose their agenda, counter their impact in our community, and strike back against them as a group.

We have spent the past decade or more studying and detailing the logistics of the 21st Century Race War we are about to embark upon.  The analysis is in and the battle lines have been drawn.  It is time for Black people to begin to engage.  We will start with the smallhats and their assault on the moral and ethical foundation of Black life – the relationship between the Black man and the Black woman.


PS:  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is and always has been a smallhat organization posing as a Black self-help organization.  Let’s look at what this smallhat organization is doing today as relates to the promotion of white-sex among Black people:

The NAACP Reaches Out to Gays and Lesbians


YouTube Preview Image


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   October 4th, 2010 rudeboi Says:

    Let’s boot these faggots, smallhats and coons out of our lives. These people mean Black people no good. Don’t listen to these “people” and don’t buy their mess. Run these coons outta business today.

  •   October 4th, 2010 MacMiler2012 Says:

    Is there any HOPE for the Black Race?

  •   October 20th, 2010 righteous brotha Says:

    Race first!! we must fight this

  •   October 27th, 2010 YoMi from NY Says:

    I am just disgusted! I am in awe and just damn angry @ the state that our people find themselves in.It’s as if they were living in la-la land. OUR people are in deep trouble. This wave of homosexuality is invading our communities like a wildfire out of control. We have our young black men carrying pocketbooks and wearing makeup, our young black women dressing and acting like men. Now DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I believe in all people living their lives how they see fit because @ the end of the day its ur life to live,BUT when ur behavior starts to affect the lives of the people around you and spreads out to affect the community as well that’s a diagnosis for disaster. This homosexual”behavior”, “tendancy”,”choice” or by”nature”. Is violating our right to even express our own individual opinion about the negative aspect it may have to us. We have ALLOWED ourselves to be kept quiet whenever the issue comes up because we fear the consequences. If we do we will be looked @ as homophobic or haters we may even be charged w/ a hatecrime. We have become forced to accept their behavior(european sexual dysfunction)and threaten to keep silent or else. Sadly many of our people have become Casualties of War. I believe some of our people feel the need to crossover and belong to feel a-part of something so they can say they too were involved. Thay fail not only to RESPECT our Ancestors also they fail so deeply in seeing that they are just pawns in this on going SEXUAL REVOLUTION (WAR) against our own essence… OUR CHILDREN. “Destroy the children you kill a nation”

  •   August 13th, 2012 Aimee Says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as
    though you relied on the video to make your point.

    You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos
    to your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    That’s some funny s**t.

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:


  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    Yes, We will see you on the battlefield, and we shall prevail!!!!

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    That’s funny…… All of your You Tube videos have been deleted.

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    Goodbye to your job at ice, and this website will be next, HaHa

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    I noticed that your website phone # when called, goes directly to the answering system…..I wonder why? Oh yeah….Your afraid to answer!!! Too many pissed off CRACKA ASS CRACKA WHITES scare you.

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    Be afraid…..Be very afraid.

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    You are unprepared to meet thy god.

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    Pitiful, and so sad. You will be defeated.

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    Bring it!!! Prepare to meet thy GOD!!!

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    This website is pure, and utter nonsense.

  •   August 27th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    Cease and desist.

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