January 2011 – Black Race vs “Homosexuals” War
Posted on January 9th, 2011

The Effeminization of the Black Male Series (6-DVD Set)

The war is being waged.  It’s time for every responsible Black man, woman, and child to take a position on the issue of “homosexuality.” The positions are clear.  Either you are a Black person against white-sex or you are a Negro in favor of it.  It has taken over a decade to see it clearly; however, we are now certain that the #1 agenda and objective of the white supremacists worldwide is to push “homosexuality” on Afrikan people.

whites have a system that creates systematic sexual abuse of Afrikan children in every country on this planet.  In places like amerikkka and Azania (South Afrika) it’s more intensified; however, sexual exploitation of Black children is the culture of this planet.  It’s done primarily through incarceration, generational sexual abuse, “homosexual” recruitment and adoption, and media mind manipulation.

Through a combination of these tacics, whites have created a pandemic of white-sex (“homosexuality,” pedophilia, bestiality, interracial marriage, etc . . .) among Afrikan people worldwide.  In fact, like crack cocaine in the 1980’s, Black people have become addicted to “homosexuality” and white-sex culture.

And unfortunately, like the crack cocaine war against the Black community, whites have enlisted a number of Blackskinned supporters of their program to manipulate Black sexuality.  Black drug dealers were the europeans’ inside track to the Black community.  These Black males were recruited and used by whites to destroy the Black family by spreading crack throughout the inner-cities of amerikkka.  Many of these men had no understanding of what they were doing; nevertheless, they acted as agents of white supremacy and were actively engaged in the destruction of their own Race.


“Homosexuality” is the crack of the 21st Century.  whites are encouraging Black boys and girls to become “homosexuals” through the use of:

Mass Incarceration

Generational Sexual Abuse

“Homosexual” Recruitment and Adoption

Media Manipulation

YouTube Preview Image

This bombardment of white-sex culture on Black people has not been fulfilled by whites alone.  whites have recruited a slop trough of Negro “promosexuals” (someone who promotes “homosexuality” to Black people) who are pushing this genocidal “homosexual” agenda on our people.  Here are some of the more prominent Blackskinned promosexuals in the Black community:

Oprah Winfrey has been on the forefront of the Black promosexual agenda.  She is a billionaire Black mammy, whose antiracial agenda is clearly designed to destroy the image of Black manhood.  A victim of sexual abuse in her youth, she is one of the most influential Race traitors and promoters of sexual filth in the Black community.

Jesse Louis Jackson is another prominent promosexual in the Black community.  A negro preacher whose Racial treason appears to reach no limits, Mr. Jackson’s verbal support of “homosexual” misbehavior extends back into the 1990’s.  Most of the most prominent preachers in the Black community are actual practicing “homosexuals.” We are not accusing Mr. Jackson of participating in this misbehavior; however, he is an avid supporter of “homosexuality” in the Black community.  Recently, Mr. Jackson is actually advocating to the Black Race that we should support “gay marriage.”  Go to hell with the rest of the Race traitors Jesse! We will never comply with this sick misbehavior.  Read the article below to get a sense of Jessee’s support of the “homosexual” agenda against the Black Race.

– Uncivil Rights

Al Sharpton.  It should be obvious.  His open support for white-sex misbehavior also dates back into the 1990’s.  When he ran for president in 2003, the main point of his candidacy was promoting “homosexual rights.” He has been one of the most outspoken Negro zealots in favor of Black males being sodomized in the Black community.  This perm-haired Negro preacher has actually started a “Support the Gays Movement” in the Black community.   He has committed his time, money, and energy to ensuring that more of our sons and daughters turn to the sexually deviant ways of our bitter white enemies.  He is a con artist and an open enemy to our Race.

Tyler Perry is another promosexual whose sickness can be traced back to his youth.  He was a repeated victim of sexual violation as a child.  As a result he has morphed into a practicing transvestite on the big screen.  Best known for his roles as a fictional Black woman named “Madea,” Perry has lowered the bar of Black manhood so low, that every Black movie, sit-com, television show, and radio station is expected to have a “homosexual” character.  Perry’s depiction of Black women has been among the worst in the history of this country.  His support for films like “Precious” and “For Colored Girls Only” (that depict the relationship between Black men and women as hopeless), in conjunction with his consistency in demeaning the image of the Black man by wearing dresses makes him a prime candidate for promosexual of the decade.  He too is a profound Race traitor.

Keith Boykin is perhaps the leading Blackskinned “gay rights advocate” in amerikkka.  Educated at Dartmouth and Harvard, Keith attended law school with President Barack Obama and served in the white house as a  special assist to president bill clinton.  In fact, in 1997 president clinton appointed Boykin, along with Coretta Scott King and Rev. Jesse Jackson, to the U.S. presidential trade delegation to Zimbabwe.  Both Jackson and Coretta Scott King are/were outspoken advocates of “homosexuality.” Zimbabwe is one of the most outspoken countries in the world against white-sex misbehavior.  The point here should be obvious.  Boykin is an openly “gay” Negro Uncle Tom who has dedicated his dismal life to the cause of sodomizing and being sodomized by Afrika’s sons.  His organization, the National Black Justice Coalition, is the leading Black promosexual organization in this country.  Keith Boykin is another example of a perverse Race traitor.

Barack Obama is the leader of the promosexual pack.  This degenerate mulatto has committed his entire “puppet” presidency to promoting the “Homosexual Assault on Afrikan People.” We warned our Brothers and Sisters of this mulatto’s real agenda back in 2009 with our June 2009 War Room.  He is not the first Black president because he is not Black.  Rather, he is the first open promosexual mulatto president.  No other president in us history has been as much an advocate for this misbehavior as Obama.  This is because no other president was put into office in order to spread “homosexuality” among the Black Race and force it into the continent of Afrika. Fortunately, many Afrikans on the continent are fighting back against Barack Obama and his insane band of degenerates.   His push for white-sex in Afrika is part of the white world’s current plan to depopulate Afrika in order to fully colonize our motherland.  The pilgrims have decided to abandon amerikkka for Afrika.  The war is waging!!!

The results of this “homosexual” war against the Black Race have been disastrous.  Strong Black men have been relegated to the closet of hidden dissent where we quietly whisper our disagreement in order to avoid media and/or other economic terrorism.  Strong Black women have been hushed by the open threat of Black lesbianism and/or promosexual aggression.  The general consensus of the Black community is that “homosexuality” is filthy behavior that we must accept because there is no alternative.  Our youth have been entirely indoctrinated in “homosexual” culture to the point where our sons walk around in skinny jeans that hang off their backsides and our daughters are immersed in lesbian misbehavior.  They love Madea, Big Mamma, Omar from the Wire, Nicki Minaj, and any other freakish degenerate put before them.   Simply put, our children are addicted to white “homosexual” culture in Blackface.  And now that Black women have been recruited into the war against their Race by the white power elite, they are training their sons to act like their daughters.

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Though the situation looks dismal and bleak, not all is lost.  2011 is the year that the Black empire will strike back.  On this day, January 9, 2010, we as the responsible members of the Black Race openly declare war on the Promosexual white-sex Movement.  We declare the promotion of “homosexuality” among Afrikan peoples of the world as the single greatest threat to our cultural survival as a Race and we commit to its total eradication among Afrikan people of the world.  This war against the promosexual movement includes the full eradication of “homosexuality”, pedophilia (child molestation), bestiality, pornography and its associated social behaviors, rape, incest, and all other forms of white-sex among Afrikan people.

The following clips demonstrate some of those Afrikans around the world who are fighting this war against the Militant white-sex Assault on our people.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

The Hebrew Israelites Score on Black vs. Homosexual War:   B+

They would have received an A, but they used the N-word.  WOH does not agree with all of the views of the Hebrew Israelites; however, we must give them their proper credit for their work.  No other group that we’re aware of is as outspoken against this issue as these Brothers.  They respectfully corrected the Sister and put the truth down like real Black men.  They are acting like Black gods on this issue and WOH commends them.  Brothers, if you drop the N-word, you’re on your way to a Colin Ferguson award from WOH for your work against the beast.  Keep up the fight!!!

YouTube Preview Image

Buju Banton Score on Black vs. Homosexual War:  A

Representing the Black community in the Caribbean Islands, Brother Banton set the pace that Black musicians should have been continuing since the 1990’s.  He has suffered great financial discomfort for his willingness to stand up and state the real position of Black men worldwide against this filthy, psychopathic, degenerate misbehavior.  Stand strong Brothers and Sisters in the Islands.  This war is mounting and it’s coming your way.  Boom Bye Bye should be your anthem.


YouTube Preview Image

Brothas Keepa Score on Black vs. Homosexual War:   A
The video speaks for itself.  Here is another song by Brothas Keepa from their new album, Revolutionary Reconstruction, that puts everything in its proper perspective.  Its called Baby Babylon:

Baby Babylon

For those on the East Coast, they’ll be in Washington, DC in February for a Black music concert and their play on the life and times of Nat Turner, 1831 Tuner StreetYou can get your tickets online now!

YouTube Preview Image

David Bahati and Uganda Score on Black vs. Homosexual War
:   A+

The Ugandan people are a breath of fresh air for the Black Race.  Thank you Brothers and Sisters for being true Afrikans.  We do not need to keep debating this issue in Afrika.  Push forward and get rid of the “homos” in Afrika.  Don’t waste your time locking up degenerates.  They’ll only get out later and rape your children.  Deal with the problem in definitive terms and continue to set the pace for the Black world.

Afrika’s new slogan should be:  Afrika for the Afrikans – No homos!!!


Positive Kemetic Visions (PKV) Score on Black vs. Homosexual War:  A+
This organization has been on the battlefront against this misbehavior since the mid 1990’s.  In fact, to our knowledge, this organization was the first Black Nationalist organization to take the mantle of fighting against the Militant white-sex assault.  They’ve been the primary voice of the Black community against “homosexuality” and pedophilia since the 1990’s.

YouTube Preview Image

Mwalimu Baruti Score on Black vs. Homosexual War:  A+
Brother Baruti is the premier scholar on white-sex and its impact on the Black world community.  His book, Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males, is the Bible of the white-sex war against Afrikan people.  Every question one could possibly have about “homosexuality” (its origins, its impact on Black people, etc . . .) is answered in this book.  His work on this subject is unprecedented and he is the premier scholar of the 21st Century thus far.

This international war will begin to burn stronger during the 2nd decade of this millennium with Afrikans striking back hard and fierce.  Every Black politician, preacher, teacher, Nationalist, leader, and or spokesperson for the Black community will be forced to take a position on this issue.  Any of them who do not definitively take an uncompromising position against this misbehavior will be removed from their positions – if not worse.  They will be labeled Race traitors and treated as such.  Black degenerates will face an increasingly hostile and violent climate as Afrikan people use them as the stepping stool to stand ourselves up to wage war against our white enemies for the survival or our Race.


As we welcome you to 2011, we leave you with the War on the Horizon theme song, 10,000 lb Gorilla by Southpaw.

YouTube Preview Image

We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   January 9th, 2011 Andre Muhammad Says:

    Peace to the Gods! Peace to the Goddesses! The toms are united in their assault against us as you have just demonstrated. It is past-time for us to unite across ideological lines for our own survival. Regardless of our beliefs we all know that we have one enemy that surrounds himself with toms. It is time to crush the influence of the toms so that our real enemy can be exposed. Thank you for this forum Bro Genie.

  •   January 10th, 2011 righteous brotha Says:


  •   January 10th, 2011 Amadz Says:

    This is some great information. I think its correct to point out the traitors and enemies of our people. However, I notice one person that always seem to left off of Afrocentric and Black Nationalist list of race traitors and white sex offenders and that’s Malachi Z. York. Here he is admitted, confessed Sodomite, child molester and white sex offender. He seems to unscathed among Afrocentric circles. You have little black girls and boys who said he molested them and yet there are does who want to defend him. How we going to fight pedophiles in our community if we refuse to believe our children when they tell us they have been violated. Such is the case with Malachi Z. York, one of the most vile white sex offenders among our people in history.

  •   January 12th, 2011 righteous brotha Says:

    To W.O.H., I’m the guy that gave you an email about the little boy who wants to where pink dresses so I guess you received it. But then again, I’m not going to flatter myself,you guys probably anyway. we live in a society where we think its cute to dress and act like homosexuals and that its not politically correct to be against it and to even go as far as saying that it is wrong. I feel so bad for that little kid. How is he going to be when he grows up? I’m really disappointed in the parents for encouraging this behavior especially the father. Some years ago I attended Montgomery Blair High School and once a year they would have whats called Opposite Sex Day where the guys would dress up like girls and vice-versa. I’m very sad to say that I participated. Now when I look back I feel nothing but shame and embarrasment. I try to forgive myself, telling myself, “Hey I was 17 about to graduate, why not do something crazy. Why not go out with a bang!” Or, “Hey I was 17 and not as politically or culturally conciousness as I am now” But its hard to forgive. I used to think it was funny but now, everytime I see a brotha in a dress I absolutely CRIIIIINGE!!! So to all you guys under 17 who come across this site and attend Blair or any high school that has this ridiculous day I say to you DO NOT PARTICIPATE PLEASE!!!! Or if you are an up and coming actor do not play homosexuals or put on the damn dress!!!!
    So many entertainers encourage this cross-dressing gay behavior like the Wayans brothers, Martin Lawerence, and Tyler Perry. This has got to STOP!! The Rev. Phil Valentine is right there is a war against men and that gender lines are becoming blurred. Gay-ness is everywhere. I’m hearing that this rapper is gay, that rapper is gay, this r&b singer is gay or bisexual. I’m seeing rappers like Kanye West,Pharrell Williams, and others wearing purses. I recently read that in Nepal the people were fighting for gay rights. Nepal!! thats like somewhere near the Himalayan mountains. The reach that this gay stuff has is unbelievable. Then I read that they were trying to pass a law where the gender of parents is eliminated from passports. So instead of Mother and Father you’ll have Parent 1. and Parent 2. Enough already!!!

  •   January 13th, 2011 ERM Says:

    Once again, The Irritated Genie of Soufesse has proving point of a war we are facing. I’m thankful this website open my eyes of what a degenerated past I had. I admitted I am an ex-black feminist, ex-bisexual, & a blood tratior who follow this White Sex Assault for a long time, even though I used to be against the homosexual lifestyle in middle school. But, I everyday I dealted with harassment & bullying by student who alleged I was lesiban & truly hated gay people. Yes, I over the times I was molested in elemantary school by classmates I grew into a weak, angry, confused & torlerate person those that sick lifestyle, even though I was going through both racism,sexism, & White supermacy in the gutted white areas in Missouri City, Texas.

    I was abusing drugs & though I never had sex with a woman, just dated one all I ask for was love & someone to treat right after the verbal & physical abuse I suffered. Yet, all I found was so-call friends who sold out & don’t nothing to do with you cause they think you never accomplish anything if you had to take a break to take care of your family & life.

    Not to mention if a ex-boyfriend who became a blood tratior unkkkle tommer who left for a cave bitch! I yes used to support all the backward style & I ashamed my ancestors to never know the real brutal & mental slavery they went through by whites forcing this horibble ideas.

    I’m blessed that I converted to Rastafari to resist White Babylon & I pay homage to the Black Herbew Israelites & Pan Afrikan Orthodox Christians who are helping us to denounce this diesase by white people.

    Also, W.O.H needs to go after those weak so call “Black ex-homosexuals” @ http://www.p4cm.com & Charlene E. Coltran who are still clearly under White Supermacy who say renounce which the “R” means Relapse & Return. They are worshipping a White version of Jesus & not realzing he his name is Yeshua & he was a Black Aramaic Isrealite. They are profitting off of T-shirts & programs that are making a cash crop off of a person misery of what they want through to be in that sick lifestyle.

    They need to know that our anscetors went through rape & sodomy by white people because they are turning into what Pat Robertson & Tyler Perry would want of the Black Man vs. Black Woman of saying “You won’t be protected by each other if you accept Jesus Christ & White Supermacy.”

    “Just because you say your freed from your sins, doesn’t mean your out of the woods yet!”

    Like brotha Kamua Kambon say it “it’s doesn’t matter what religion you practite, white people are going to kill you in this war if you don’t do something to prevent & resist whites!”


  •   January 13th, 2011 Andre Muhammad Says:

    Peace to the Gods. I hear many gay friendly people say “love the individual even if you disagree with the lifestyle”. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan once said that (paraphrasing)”it is silly to say I support the soldiers but do not support the Iraq war”. I likewise apply the Ministers logic to gays and their aberrant lifestyles. I hate gays and their lifestyles, they cannot be separated. When Sodom and Gomorrah rose to its height of perversity, Allah did not spare the people and destroy the lifestyle. He killed them both. I hope and pray that we are ready for the bloody revolution that Malcolm X warned of. It is certain that this war is immenent. Peace to the Gods!

  •   August 14th, 2015 Goddess Says:

    A lot of your info is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!
    And at the same time I say respectively IGNORANT when it comes to “homosexuality”. I am what you probably call gay, a fruit, and whatever other misinformed lables and names.I am A GOD in a female body with a masculine spirit.Who loves women romantically. The brother Andre Muhammad you HATE me and don’t even know me.SMDH Ignorant!!! Hate is not of GOD! You say the male is being reduced to being Feminized….you use the term “Effeminization” a male is lowered LOWERED…Hmmmmso you’ve bought into the belief that to be feminine is less than…believe God is a man literally opposed to a GOD Energy of both masculine and feminine powers. All possess both energies powers…has nothing to do with being gay or straight.Too many view masculine as strong and feminine as weak.Even I did at one time.Both are necessary and should be respected because they are of God.A man can be feminine and be straight.OVER Masculinity leads to confusion and untruths false and impossible expectations. That is a book of its own.Brothers and sisters rather you like it or not Healthy black same sex relationships exist as do unhealthy straight ones.I am a lesbian who is proudly Afrocentric a warrior and stands for her people.Sisters & Brothers. You can allow your fear of black gays to lead you to a path of disgust, hate and worse division and destruction of our community.Wake the fuck up…1 of your brothers is gay or bisexual and it doesn’t mean he wants your ass…literally or figuratively.Love who you love and build in love. Tons of black gays Procreate so kill that noise as Well. Love to the haters Its the only way to Trully survive!!!

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