February 2014 – Black Race Avengers Through the Ages
Posted on February 1st, 2014

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Black Avengers Past and Present

This month’s War Room is dedicated to the Black Avengers – champions for the Black Race, who’ve shed white blood in the cause for freedom and independence of Afrikan people worldwide.  Some have committed their entire lives to the freedom and independence of Black people and have become legends.  Others shed white blood in order to protect their families, friends, and others from white tyranny.  And still others made their decisions to take white life in direct response to their own personal mistreatment.  No matter what their life’s course, we are celebrating their decision to fight back.  Black Avengers, WOH loves you and your contributions to our continuing efforts to achieve Black Dominion over planet Earth.

Ancient Black Race Avengers

Queen Aahotep

The wife of Suten Seqenenre Tao who was killed on the battlefield trying to expell the white asiatic Hyksos invaders from ancient Kemet, Queen Aahotep led her Black army into battle against the invaders in her husbands absence.  Later, her son (or nephew), Ahmose I, would finally succeed in defeating and expelling the Hykos from our land.  She was so revered for her bravery in battle, she was praised as the “Wife of God” and presented the golden fly awardfor bravery.  She actually lost an eye in battle and became a legendary figure in ancient Kemet.  She was the beautiful Black Queen who fought like a man.  She was one of the ancient prides of Kemet.  Her competence in warding off the Hyksos invaders led to the opening of the 18th Dynasty of Black Afrikan rule in Kemet.  To know her is to love her – Queen Aahotep.





Golden Fly Award for Valor





Neb Pehte Ra Ahmose

This is the Suten who opened up the 18th Dynastic Period of Ancient Kemet.  He went to war against the white Hyksos invaders who had conquered Kemet, enslaved our people, and ravaged the kingdom.  He and his army defeated the Hyksos army and expelled them from Ancient Kemet.  His rallying cry on the battlefield was “Never Again.”  This referred to the fact that our ancestors swore at that time to never again allow the white savages to invade our land and destroy our people.  They promised to never forget the wickedness and treachery of the white/arabinvaders and to always walk with their left foot forward to trample down evil so that our Afrikan hearts can go forward.



The white/arab Hyksos Invaders





Menkepratehudimes (aka: Thutmoses III)

Menkheperatehudimes, aka Thutmose III by the greeks, was the most fierce Afrikan military genius in ancient Kemet.  In fact, he may have been the single most violent and merciless Black man in the history of the world.  Like Ahmose I who opened up the 18th Dynasty, Menkheperawas a Suten of the 18th Dynastic period.  Having studied centuries of whites/arabs invading Afrika and assaulting Black culture, this brother set about the business of putting the known world under Black Kemetic Dominion.  In other words, he set out to rule the world.  There was no immediate need for war during his rule; however, he internalized Ahmoses’ cry of “Never Again” and waged holy war on his northern enemies.  He also extended his reign deep into Southern Nubia.  His first military battle at the city of Meggidowas so legendary that it became biblical.  He reigned such terror and destruction on the white/arab King of Kadesh in Palestine and his army that observers said “The end of the world will happen here, where the forces of God will destroy the forces of [Satan].  And the destruction will look just like this.” Today, we call it “Armageddon.”



Menkheperatehudimes mean-mugging his captured, defeated, and soon-to-be-executed white/arab enemies on the walls of Iput Iset.


Hannibal Barca of Carthage (247 – 182 BC)

According to Dr. John Henrik Clarke (peace be upon him), Hannibal of Carthage – son of Amilcar Barca, was the greatest single military mind/general in the history of the world.  In a preemptive strike against the ever-hostile roman empire, Hannibal led his Afrikan army, accompanied by war elephants, across the french Alps into rome.  Not only was the journey an impossible one, but his decisive battles against the roman empire are so infamous in history that Hannibal’s war strategies are incorporated into today’s modern military training throughout europe and amerikkka.  He killed as many as 50,000 romansin (1) day at (1) battle with minor losses of his own.  He was the most feared name in the history of rome.  And had he the stomach to kill civilians – including white males, females, and children – the system of racism white supremacy may never have emerged on this planet.



 Historic Black Race Avengers


Queen Nzingha (1581 – 1663)


Queen of Ndongo, modern-day Angola, Queen Nzingha successfully led Black armies against invading white dutch and portuguese enslavers.  During her reign (spanning over three decades), she successfully kept her independent region of Matambafree from enslavement.  She headed numerous military expeditions where she led her Black army into direct combat withwhite and Black murderers.  She was known to send her best trained men to join forces with her enemies in order to inspire mutiny.  Her brilliant military strategies are in many ways the foundational principals on which the modern CIA, FBI, israeli Knesset and u.s. Special Forces operate.   She is one of the greatest Afrikan leaders in the history of the world and she killed many whites on the battlefield.


Zumbi of Palmares (1645 – 1695)

Zumbi of Palmareswas a great warrior and the last of the independent Afrikan rulers to govern “Palmares.”  Afrikans who were kidnapped and brought to Brazil during the Atlantic Slave Trade created independent Black rebel communities known as Quilombos in a region called “Palmares.”  (Get the movie called “Quilombo.”  It depicts how the Afrikans of Palmares were betrayed by their leader, Ganga Zumba.)When Ganga Zumbaagreed to make peace with the whites, he was betrayed.  Zumbihowever, never trusted the whites and continued to war with the enslavers until Palmares was finally defeated by the portugeuse (white, so-called jews)army in 1694.  Zumbi was betrayed by a mulatto who belonged to the Quilombo and killed on November 10, 1695.  Today, November 20 is celebrated by the Afrikans in Brazil in honor of their great leader – Zumbi of Palmares.  Before his death, we was known to be a profound slayer of whites who was loyal to the Black Race.  We love Zumbi – Black Race Avenger.



Boukman Dutty & Jean-Jacques Dessalines

“Great God who created the Earth and the sun that gives us light.  God who holds up the ocean; who makes the thunder roar.  Our God hears us.  Though hidden in the clouds; you watch over us. You see all that the whites have made us suffer.  The white man’s god commands crimes and wickedness.  But our God commands us to good works.  Our God, who is so good and just orders us to vengeance.  He will direct our arms and bring us to victory.  He will assist us.  Throw away the image of the white men’s god who has so often brought us to tears and listen to the voice for liberty that sings in all our hearts.”

This is the famous Boukman’s Prayerthat formally launched the Haitian Revolution.  The Haitian revolution is the most successful slave rebellion in the history of the world.  Never before had any group of kidnapped and enslaved captives successfully overthrown their oppressors and declared themselves a free and independent nation.  Haiti is the very first example of this in the history of the world.  And not only was it the most successful slave rebellion in the documented history of the world, but it was one of the bloodiest as well.  In fact, under the leadership of Jean-Jaques Dessalines, our Haitian Brothers and Sisters sliced through the lives of the white slavetraders in Haiti to the tune of 40,000 of napolean’s troops.  The Haitian War against the french singlehandedly prevented napoleon bonaparte from becoming the ruler of the world.  Dessaline’s cry against the french became “Atrocity for Atrocity” and “Never Again.”  These were the battlecries that our Haitian ancestors killed the french enslaversand declared themselves free with.  These are the battlecries we need to consider going forward in our righteous war against the white Race.

Dessalines’ Men Hanging french Troops in Front of french Camp


Nat Turner – the Prophet (1800 – 1831)


This is the ancestor who The Irritated Genie of Soufeesemost admirers and aspires to be like.  Nat Turner is the reason that Black people are not in bondage in amerikkka today.  On August 31, 1831 in Southampton County, VA, he assembled a small band of Black men and descended on the forces of slavery sparing no whites in sight.  In fact, when a white infant was left unattended during the rebellion, he sent his forces back to handle it accordingly.  During the course of the rebellion, as many as 60 whites were “relieved from duty,”with hundreds of thousands more pushed to the edge of panic.  Nat Turner was captured shortly after the rebellion and murdered by whites in October 1831.  However, his rebellion left such an indelible mark on the minds of white Virginians that in December 1831 the Virginia assembly voted to keep slavery in Virginia by a narrow margin of (7) votes.  If (4) votes had gone the other way, slavery would have been outlawed in the state of Virginia.  In other words, Nat Turner’s rebellion was the motivation for white abolitionists to push for the end of slavery.  To this very day, the scariest name in white amerikkka is Nat Turner.



Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad (1948 – 2001)

What can we say?  He is the pentacle of Black manhood and we miss him dearly.  Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad was the most outspoken Black leader/activist/warrior/general/killer that the Black Race has produced in the last 50 years.  Even though he used the N-word on occasion, WOH still gives him the Menkheperatehudimes Awardfor terrorizing white devils.  Unlike others in this movement, he remained loyal to Black people until his dying day.  He was a Black killer in the interests of Afrikan liberation.  He hated whites and loved Black people.  He is the shining example Black manhood that we had during the latter part of the 20th century.  Dr. KhallidMuhammad, though Muslim, put Black Nationalism ahead of all other interests.  He worked withcommitted Black people from all walks of life.  As long as a Black person was willing to fight against whites in favor of Black Power and Black Dominion, he worked with them.  Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad – Blade, The Black Sword.

Modern Black Race Avengers


Zebra Killers


These Black men spent the early part of the 1970’s doing Amen’s good work.  They went throughout the Bay area in California “relieving whites of all of their duties.”They were masters of Black magic.  In the mornings, white males and/or females would leave their homes to go about their daily racist business.  By the time nightfall arrived, the Zebra Killers had made the whites disappear.  Some estimates range as high as (70) disappearing europeansover the course of a few short years.  The members of this elite Black military unit in San Francisco were caught and convicted.  However, most of Amen’s men continued on with their very proud and productive Black lives.  Who knows?  When we get ourselves together, perhaps these magicians will reappear to help us resist white genocide.




Colin Ferguson


Our Brother Colin Ferguson got a direct call from Amen on December 7, 1993.  The Creator asked Brother Ferguson if he was willing to do God’s work?  Brother Ferguson said, “Yes.”  Amen said, “Brother Ferguson, our enemies have forgotten my wrath and the love I have for my first born.  Catch the Long Island Railroad today son and remind our enemies that I have loved thee.  Show them my wrath.”  So Brother Ferguson caught the Railroad and “completed” (6) white devils and warned 19 others.  Our Brother is now doing life in prison for doing God’s will.  The true Black revolutionaries of our Race love Brother Colin Ferguson.  He did the work of the Creator that most of us are too cowardly to do – even though we think about it from time to time.



Ronald Taylor


Brother Ronald Tayloris a Black man who made a calculated decision on March 1, 2000 to stop complaining about white genocide and oppression against Black people.  Boys complain – men take action.  He decided that it was time for him to take personal responsibility and do something on behalf of his Race.  So he acted.  Our beloved Brother began an ethnic cleansing process in Wilkinsburg, PA.  He traveled around Wilkinsburg, PA using unsuspecting whites as targets.  In the process of practicing his shooting, he actually killed (3) whites and injured (2) others.  He left an unforgettable mark in the minds of all of the whites who experienced his righteous Black Man’s rage.  Real Black men will not surrender our Race without war!


Omar Thornton (1976 – 2010)


Having been undermined by the system of racism white supremacy to the point of having a devil as a girlfriend, Omar Thornton became filled with hatred of white oppression.  He was being cruelly mistreated at the racist job that he attended.  After considering all of his options, on August 3, 2010 he decided to make a Black Stand against white supremacy.  As his employers called him in so they could enjoy the delight of firing him, he planned to accept his fate gracefully.  He also came prepared to provide them with a moderate demonstration of his appreciation for their continued abuse of him and other Black people on the job.  After receiving the news that he’d been fired, he humbly decided to give the whites at the office a farewell firing of his own.  After unveiling his metallic gifts of Black joy, (8) white families began “ordering flowers for the big day.” (2) whites stayed around for the proceedings.  The melodious audio of Omar’s Great Worksis available by clicking this link.  At WOH, we pray that our Brother Omar Thornton rests in the same place that all decent Afrikans reside after we transition.  May Omar Thornton forever fly on the wings of Ra!!!



We’ll See You on the Battlefield!


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  •   February 2nd, 2011 blackgold Says:

    Let us also not forget that recently a brotha in Detroit walked into a police station and opened fire on those pigs!! He just went in there in did some Arnold Schwartzenegger Commando sh**t. That brotha was definetly ready to die. Looking at the Khallid Muhammid video where he talked about Collin Ferguson, I remember watching that back then. Khallid was such a strong fearless brother and I had such great respect for him. I sure do miss the brotha.

  •   February 21st, 2011 ERM Says:

    What’s good WOH! I’m ready 4 the race war! SEE YOU ON THE BATTER FIELD! I’m gonna kill every enemy to save my race!

  •   April 29th, 2011 Anonymous Says:

    Wowww….you’re unflinching racist ways make me laugh/puke/worry I want to go into detail on how you’re a bigoted biased piece of shit but you’ll call me a “devil” AND a racist in the same breath lmfao. Yeaah…blame “the man” for “keeping you down” maybe if you wanted “black dominion” you should DENOUNCE the senseless acts that are detrimental to black communities. “ALL WHITE PEOPLE are RACIST, those devils, crackers, hpnkies etc”. See the irony, loser? P.S. I say loser because with that mentality…how can you ever win you lowlife racist prickly

  •   May 9th, 2011 Blackgold Says:

    Hey look cracka, racism and white supremacy is still a great problem in this country. You white people make me laugh when you now can call black people racists. When you all can sincerely sit down and talk about racism and white supremacy thats affecting people of color globally and honestly deal with brutal and savage history of YOUR people and how they are eliminating people of color today, then I MAY-just-may show you all a little-and I mean LITTLE-respect. You mention ” How can you ever win”, win what?

  •   May 11th, 2011 white friend Says:

    What the hell is wrong with you all?

    How can you just spit on the preciousness of life?

    How can you just casually talk about killing people like you are going hunting?

    How does the fact that there are white people on this earth, threaten your chances of being the master race?

    Can’t you achieve ‘black dominion’ over this earth, with white people under that black dominion?

  •   May 17th, 2011 blackgold Says:

    No cracka we can’t!! and you know it. I don’t care how nice or liberal you seem to be you white people will never completely give up white supremacy, you simply just can’t. It’s in your DNA. History has shown that whatever peace treaty you make with us or whatever you live to break that. Stop being so damn naive. It’s not just black people its every person of color you have come in contact with. All you whites have ever done is bring mayhem.

  •   August 11th, 2011 white friend Says:

    How is white supremacy wrong when black supremacy is somehow good?

    Why should white people give up white supremacy when you won’t give up black supremacy?

    Killing people is wrong, it screws with your soul.

    Please moderate this website to at least some rhetoric that doesn’t advocate mass genocide, there is no good that will come of that. All you are doing is condemning mostly younger kids to life in jail.

    If black people are truly superior, white people will bow down like every one else, but if you aren’t superior then white people won’t bow down, it is as simple as that.

    There is absolutely no reason why blacks and whites cannot live on the same planet and coexist at least somewhat peacefully.

  •   November 11th, 2011 Kert Says:

    Begun, the great internet eductaion has.

  •   October 15th, 2013 Ron Says:

    So much hate. I try to practice the commandment that Christ left us. Love one another. If we all tried to love one another, in the agape sense of the word, not the homo or romantic sense, we could find common ground and work towards amicable solutions to our problems. Hate prevents that and violence begets violence. I will pray for you, that Lord God almightysoften your heart and heal the wounds that violence has left upon you. I’m lilly white, and I love you brother. May peace find you before you encourage others to violence.

  •   February 15th, 2014 West AFRICAN DON Says:

    This is a message need in South Africa, the Whites have done horrible things and must pay. White people make innocent Africans, Persians, North Koreans pay. The most racist thing in the world is the innocent white children, women and men arent dying like innocent people of all races, yet the enjoy the fruits of the labour of the military and White elites…

  •   February 17th, 2014 Ayo Kimathi Says:

    There are people who want to divide the races, if we are divided we are easily conquered. These same people are working towards establishing the final solution, a global oligarchy where the individuals of the world are the slaves to the state. They want to exterminate all of us, if you want to exterminate people because they are white then you deserve your fate. Don’t let hatred destroy you, they are controlling your hatred and directing it at the wrong place. Do not be a fool. Why continue the hatred, do you not want better lives for your children? Do you want your children and grand children fighting “the white man” for centuries to come? Are you that impotent inside, are you that small? Only a sociopath would wish that for their children. God Bless, follow the way of Jesus. Love, unity, and freedom for all.

  •   March 9th, 2014 dime4life Says:

    if you havent noticed white people are posing to be black in phili and pittsburgh and are growing in my state. these threats make me uneasy especially when i heard a member that said kill white babys. so yes i will see you on the battlefield, to protect my family and brothers.

  •   March 9th, 2014 dime4life Says:

    just so we are clear it was your member that made me uneasy. not a random black guy. you kind of people ready to inflect violence on white babys that should signal every white parent to go on the offensive to hurt anyone that trys. however right you think you are, you are wrong. nothing more than opposite copys of white supremecy.

  •   March 23rd, 2014 Anonymous Says:

    I get it! Whites as a whole are either are clearly racist, clearly ignorant or a combination of both. I have only met a handful of white people who understand and reconize the inherent racisism and oppression of people of color under the capitalist system. Most whites don’t know, care, understand or hold any solidarity with what African Americans in this conutry went and go through.

    However… sites like this DO NOTHING real to change or educate men, women and children of all colors to BECOME INTELLIEGENT free thinkers who understand the system and can connect the dots and realize the NEED FOR REAL CHANGE. THIS SITE does nothing to UNITE and EMPOWER…

    If anything it EMPOWERS people to hate. Can I understand your rage and anger to LASH OUT! Yes…

    But asking ‘Black’ men to indescrimenetly KILL white people will only make things worse. FOR EVERYONE!

    If this is your apporach then you are no better than the people you proclaim to be fighting…

  •   July 17th, 2014 Black Multi Billionaire Says:

    Killing white people did nothing for your race. Open your eyes. All that learning about your history have left you lifeless and bitter. You haven’t accomplished anything. You sitting around blaming ”the white man” for you sitting in your misery. Oh now you got somebody to blame because you cursed. Get up get out and do something that the white man cant hold you back from.

  •   June 1st, 2016 Shaun Says:


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  •   June 1st, 2016 Shaun Says:
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  •   June 1st, 2016 Shau Says:
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  •   February 1st, 2017 The Beast666 Says:

    Six protons, six electrons, six neutrons. The basic Composition of the human body. Black women and black men contain this. White man are the opposite of black women. From their skin to the opposite gender to everything on represents life which is the black woman in the black man connected. As the white man represents two male penises which is the cross And all of them are gay. They represent death and this is what their spreading throughout the world. One day, white women will wake up to their mental abuse and join forces against the white man and ensure of their destruction, as well as bringing melanin into their body to create newborn children who is receptive to the spirit and one day the white race to go from classify pineal gland’s to have an actual plan you’re glad that’s working to reach in Lightman which is ultimate goal of the human race. Do human race is black. This white men trash of this planet needs to be eradicated.

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