December 2010 – For Colored Girls: A Vision of a World Without Black Men
Posted on December 5th, 2010

Feminism, Lesbianism, and the Making of a Black Widow DVD

Feminism, Lesbianism, and the Making of a Black Widow .mp4 version

For Colored Girls: A Vision of a World Without Black Men

Greetings from the War Front,

As Afrikan people, the historical relationship between the Black man and woman has been the bedrock of Black civilization and greatness.  This ironclad relationship bond has held through the fall of Ancient Kemet, the great Empires of Songhai, Mali and Wagadu, The Maafa (The TransAtlantic Slave Trade), Colonialism, and Jim Crow.  And for the Black woman to stand beside the Black man after our repeated failure to defeat whites in battle and protect our Race, she has got to be a Black Goddess.

It is only in the past few decades that the Black woman has begun to turn against her natural companion, the Black man.  As strange as it may sound, the modern media weapon system has been effective in doing what centuries of slavery, genocide, rape and torture were not.  whites have finally gotten Black women to collectively agree that Black men should be destroyed.

That’s correct.  Though they will not say it directly in most cases, Black women are absolutely fed up with the existence of Black men.  They want to see us gone.  And for the most part, they have no idea that many of their feelings towards Black men are largely a consequence of modern media and the direct warfare whites are waging on the Black female mind.

One of the clearest examples of this war is the pattern of anti-Black male films financed, directed, and/or produced by smallhats (white so-called jews) and Blackskinned white-sex offenders (homosexuals and pedophiles) since the Color Purple.  In particular, Precious and For Colored Girls are only sequels to a perverse and hurtful story of Black male against Black female abuse resulting in lesbianism, a sense of abandonment, murder, torture, and Racial betrayal.  All of the “good” people in this genre of films are “homosexual,” white and/or female; and all of the “bad” people are dark-skinned, Black males, and/or pedophiles.

Essentially the message has been that Black men are useless and deserve to be hated by Black women.  However, For Colored Girls takes a turn in a decisively new direction.  In one of the most extreme examples of Black self-destruction we’ve ever witnessed, a veritable cornucopia of Black women collectively agree that other Black women are all that Black women are going to get and all they need to make it through life.  From a mother-daughter family who experienced generational sexual abuse from the dominant Black male figure in their lives, to a good sister who was viciously and sadistically raped by a Black male monster whom she invited into her home, to a sister whose homosexual husband gave her AIDS, to a Black woman whose husband threw her two children out of a window to their death, to a sister who had the perfect Black man (of course he was a police officer),  all of the Black women in the jewvie agreed that Black men were of no consequence and no value.

These creepy Black social horror films that were birthed out of the polluted smallhat womb of the Color Purple have captured the hearts and minds of Black women throughout this country.  And Black women are now being recruited by the white Race to assist in the demise of Black men.

For any reasonable Black man who has significant interaction with Black women, the changing tide of Black female hatred towards Black men is evident.  For Black women who don’t see the trend, the following clip demonstrates how obvious and apparent this reality truly is.  This is a clip of a racist white female who attacks a Black us postal worker for not accepting a returned letter.  As her anger intensifies, she opens up to the fact that she is knowledgeable of the fact that Black women have been recruited by whites to help in the destruction of Black men.  Listen to her carefully.  In her anger, she expresses the fact that whites have intentionally and successfully enlisted Black women in the destruction of her own race.

YouTube Preview Image


Please read the following post which was created when the jewvie Precious was created last year.  Determine how accurate you believe War on the Horizon (WOH) has been in keeping our community informed on the smallhat sponsored, white-sex media assault against Black people.  If you think this information can help other Brothers and Sisters realize that our relationships are under attack by the motion picture industry, please share it.  Enjoy.

There is a huge buzz about the new jewvie called “Precious.” It is being pushed by 3 members of the Black “homosexual” community – Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, & Lee Daniels.

Each of them are victims of child sexual abuse and each has entered into a life of sexual and racial backwardness.

As a result of Tyler Perry’s sexual abuse at the hands of an adult Black woman he has embarked upon a mission to decimate the image of Black women (see Tyler Perry’s story).

The emotional pain and agony of experiencing sexual victimization as a child is more than any one soul should have to bear. In the case of Black people worldwide, we are a Race of sexual abuse victims trying desperately to cope with the spiritual agony of our sexual exploitation.

Our hearts pour out to brothers like Mr. Perry who were victimized by the sick, predatory members of our Race. It was not his fault that this occurred. And we must do every thing in our power to ensure that the sexual abuse of Black children is brought to an abrupt end.

However, he has no right to assault the image and character of all Black women because of the abuse he suffered at the hand of one sick Black woman.

Almost every jewvie this sick “homosexual” Negro is involved in demeans the relationship between Black men and women, belittles the institution of marriage, and tells the world that the Black woman is a mean-spirited trashy whore.

Again, we apologize Mr. Perry for the abuse that you suffered as a child. It’s our responsibility to protect our children from abuse. It was not your fault.

But this does not give you the right to attack our entire Race and the institutions that will keep Afrikan people alive.

Remember, just because you’d rather sexually engage with a Black man than a Black woman, doesn’t mean all Black men are going to surrender to this madness!

The authenticity of this picture has not yet been verified.

Oprah Winfrey’s story is just as horrifying and sick as Mr. Perry’s. She was sexually abused on more than one occasion by Black men in her family. The women in her family deny that the sexual abuse occurred to this very day.

Nothing that happened to Ms. Winfrey when she was a child was her fault. She is truly a victim of white supremacy.

However, as a result of her brutal emotional and sexual abuse as a child, Ms. Winfrey has become one of the most bitter, pro-white, anti-Black, Blackmale-hating, feminist, “homosexual” friendly, self-hating, Uncle Tom mammy, political lesbians the Black world has ever seen.

And almost every jewvie she is affiliated with demonstrates this.

The Color Purple, has been branded by The Irritated Genie of Soufeese as the single worst film ever produced based on its intent, execution, and impact on the Black world community. The production team for The Color Purple is shown below.

Oprah Winfrey’s sexual abuse has resulted in the creation of a wealthy Black political lesbian Race-traitor, committed to the worshipping of the white Race, the effeminization of the Black male, and the “homosexualization” of Black people around the world.

War on the Horizon doesn’t normally make predictions. However, we will make an exception this time. We expect Ms. Winfrey to openly “come out” about her sexually backwards deathstyle sometime within the next year or so. The climate and the time are ripe for such a blow to the Black moral expectation pool. Keep your ears open.

The newest, and perhaps the sickest member of this “homosexual” trio is Lee Daniels. Our sexually backwards brother has not come out about his sexual abuse as far as we know. But his actions and deathstyle tell us most of what we need to know.

This twisted Black male is the mind behind such horrific media filth as Monster’s Ball, The Woodsman, & now Precious.

The scenes in Monsters Ball depicting the whorish mulatto, Halle Berry, are now infamous. Most people don’t know that the producer was a Black male homophile (who apparently hates Black women).

But The Woodsman was worse than Monsters Ball. This jewvie actually creates sympathy for a child molester who gets out of prison and tries to molest again. Even after he pursues a young girl for sex in the park, he’s depicted as a good guy.

It is here that we see the clear link between the “homosexual” and the pedophile. It takes a Black “homosexual” to justify the filth of pedophilia and promote it to the world as acceptable behavior. Every sane person in the Black community knows that it’s wrong to rape children. But because the “homosexual” and the pedophile are cut from the same filthy white cultural clothe, they work together to promote “white-sex” or “homophilia” to our people.

***This pro-pedophile jewvie was supported and financed by hip-hop mogul – Damon Dash.***

This jewvie promotes pedophilia!!!!

Since The Color Purple, whites have not produced another film that’s had the same impact on our people. The Color Purple helped make feminism and lesbianism part of Black female culture and led to the common notion among many Black women that “I don’t need a man. I can do bad/fine all by myself.”

The hatred for Black men has become ingrained in Black female culture; and the degenerate hip-hop culture legitimizes the lack of substance in the Black male character. It also promotes misogyny (hatred for women) and violence against Black women which only furthers Black women’s hatred for Black men.

For the first time since The Color Purple, a jewvie has been created that can have the same disastrous impact on the Black Race.

Precious is a jewvie financed, created, promoted, and directed by Black homophiles. The film depicts very graphic Black-on-Black scenes of sexual abuse which do occur in our community. It also depicts the verbal and emotional abuse dark-skinned Black women face in this society.

We need films that deal directly with the emotional and psychological issues confronting the Black community. Antwone Fisher is a prime example. The difference between the two jewvies is in the characters of the producers.

Denzel Washington is a heterosexual Black man who is happily married to a Black woman. As a result, Antwone Fisher partners a loving Black woman with a Black male victim of child sexual abuse. This warm and supportive Black woman helps him find his long lost family and ultimately love for himself.

By contrast, the promoters of Precious are homophiles who hate the complementary gender. As a result, every member of the Black Race is assaulted. Black men are depicted as evil, sexually degenerate, pedophiles who hate and abuse Black women and children. Black children are depicted as being holistically abusive to one another. And Black women are portrayed as the worst, most abusive women on the planet.

Precious might as well be titled The Color Purple (2009). The themes are almost identical except that the Black man was the hideous monster in Color Purple (1985). In fact, Precious depicts Black women worse than The Color Purple depicted Black men.

A brief comparison of the 2 films exists below:

The Color Purple – 1985
Black men are monsters who hate, rape, and otherwise abuse Black women and children.

The Black man, not the white Race, is the Black woman’s historical abuser, oppressor, and enemy.

Lesbians are the Black woman’s saviors

The Color Purple – 2009

Black men and women are monsters who hate, rape, and otherwise abuse Black women and children.

The Black man and woman, not the white Race, are Black children’s oppressors and enemies.

whites and Lesbians are Black children’s saviors.

Precious could be one of the most dangerous films ever made. And this time it was not the evil hand of the white so-called jew (smallhats). Instead, sick members of the Black homophile community put this together from their collective pain and sickness.

Like the The Color Purple 1985, the Black homos save the day in the jewvie Precious. In the 1985 version, Shug Avery (the mighty dike-lesbian) preyed upon the emotional instability of Ceely to draw her into lesbian misbehavior. But the predatory lesbianism in the jewvie was so cleverly executed that most people didn’t recognize that they were watching and thereby endorsing “homosexuality.”

In this new and improved version, the little girl is named ‘Precious.’ Her biological mother sexually abuses her. Again, as in The Color Purple, the “homosexuality” is downplayed. One is supposed to forget that when the mother makes her daughter perform oral sex on her, she is a lesbian raping a child. Most people miss this.

There are only two people who go out of their way to help Precious in this film. One is a white female saviour who gets her into a special school. The other one turns out to be a practicing Black lesbian.

In the jewvie, Precious verbally defends, and thereby endorses “homosexuality.” She does this even though her mother forced her into lesbian (“homosexual”) sex.

This jewvie is not designed to help Black people. It is a cleverly disguised Homophile Assault on the Black Race. It makes us look like a Race of monsters who are void of character and decency. And the only “decent” members of our community are “homosexuals.”

The white Race is made to look like they are the decent ones, while we are a bunch of wild animals who ravage one another for sport.

Never is a Black man shown intolerant and hateful towards the idea of someone molesting a child!!! Never is the solution given to this sexually backwards assault on our youth.

So we’ll give it. Since sexually backwards monsters in the Black community are terrorizing our children, it’s time for us to eliminate them from the equation. This is the answer.

The following video shows what we are fighting at the hands of this emerging Homophile Empire. It is extremely disturbing and graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sexual degenerates like Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, R. Kelly, Queen Latifah, Keith Boykins, Al Sharpton, Naim Akbar, and others who parade around our community promoting european sexual madness are enemies to the Black Race.

They are building a “homosexual” empire that must be crushed to Earth if our people are to survive the 21st Century. Time is short. We must organize now. It’s War Time.

We’ll See You on the Battlefield

The Irritated Genie of Soufeese

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  •   April 8th, 2010 jaja uthman Says:

    im on the battlefield u jus wrote what i been thinkin/feelin keep it real

  •   April 8th, 2010 Taaj Says:

    Wow what thought provoking information, I agree to the topic of the plight of homosexual behavior smothering our beautiful blackness; our family compositions, our community & cultures “stolen” as well the sublime attempts of the ones who have the abilities to continuely cloak the realities of the generations by use of their resources; pretending all is “white” with the world, but not really!

  •   April 19th, 2010 kemetian Says:

    you know what puzzles me, im not endorsing homosexuality, although i would have sex with a woman in a minute, but i am very confused, one in the animal kingdom homosexuality runs rampant, male monkeys have sex with other male monkeys and i saw this for myself, male lions having sex with other male lions, they have sex with the female counterparts only to procreate, i follow nature seems like they are closer to the creator than any of us, so if homosexuality is the norm for animals, and we are mammals wouldnt it be normal for us, this is just a question that is kicked around in my head, i am lesbian, and yes i was abused by damn near everyone in our family, uncles, aunts, neighbors,and i would like a comment or response

  •   July 30th, 2010 Asar Says:

    We have a lot sick people parading around as african people prime example is the comment by “kemetian”. Clearly you are sick woman.

    Nonetheless, we must be stong of mind and active participants in protecting ourselves and the collective.

    I will be donating money to the cause for sure.

  •   August 12th, 2010 Ebby Says:

    @Kemetian… you say that it seems to be “natural” in the “ANIMAL KINGDOM”…are you an animal? Do you think that you would have been subject to all the abuse in your family if you had had a male parent PROTECTOR who had partnered with your mother and stayed with her? ( Assuming your dad wasn’t there). You say you were ABUSED by nearly EVERYONE in your family. I don’t know if this includes females, but I do know that nearly EVERYONE that practices homosexual activity that I have talked to about their life, was molested or raped or had an abusive parent of the same sex or a dominant parent of the same sex. I can understand how all of the sexual abuse in your childhood would turn you against men as they were the source of your abuse.. BUT that does not make lesbianism natural.

    You can neither produce life through that activity nor can you form the kind of unit needed to keep a community growing & protected. The natural balance is male/female.

    Unfortunately, we as a people have been so damaged since coming into contact with whites & having our cultural standards & structures destroyed, that we are about as confused as the whites are ( in morality).

    I suggest therapy and confronting your abusers. My cousins & I helped put our abuser away for 56 to life. Unfortunately the 2 males I suspect he abused didn’t fare as well in their sexual orientation. One cross dresses from time to time. That is a hurtful thing to see. Best wishes to you.

  •   October 26th, 2010 claeb Says:

    there is a whole lot of homophobia and racism in this website. the writer should stop being so hateful and open up to the fact that everyone is free to make a choice regarding their lifestyles. suppression of a desire as important to an individuals psyche as sexuality should not be hindered unless it is directly causing harm to others ie pedophilia and rape. homosexuals are not bad people and are not the result of sexual abuse. i venture that your hateful tone has kept you from any real interactions with 90% of the homosexual community, or you have been to closed minded to hear them when they tell you that your opinion is ridiculous. as for the racism in referring to movies as jewvies and jews as small hats, your hatred is barely holstered. be ashamed of your hypocracy. of course the white race has suppressed the black race for hundreds of years and it continues with a heavy stride. popular culture continues to promote this hatred but unfortunately you too have become a cog the wheel that keeps it all rolling along. homosexuality is natural. it is not forced upon people. the only shame is when family members and friends are as hateful towards homosexuals as you have shown yourself to be.

  •   November 10th, 2010 ClabeKiller Says:

    the above post is a prime example of weak arguments defending the anti lifestyle known as Homosexuality(white sex). Notice the words he uses like closed minded, homophobia(which does not exist), hateful, suppression of desire. All words used to try to force you into excepting the degeneracy that was created by the beast. Black family do not give in to the is wickedness life cannot be created throught this anti-life style. And another thing Homosexuality is being pushed on children throught the school system being taught is health classes and even put in cyoung childrens books written by none other then these degenerates. So in conclusion reject people who try to get you to accept this anti lifestyle or try to push it on your children or in the Black liberation movement.

  •   November 18th, 2010 Taharqa Says:

    mutations occur in nature….
    homosexuality is a mutation…. therefore the argument can be made that it is a natural occurence as a mutation only….however, most mutations do not survive….if a mutation is beneficial to the whole it is then adapted into the whole….if it is not beneficial….then it falls by the wayside, shrivels up and dies….THIS IS THE FUTURE OF HOMOSEXUALITY

  •   November 25th, 2010 Blackshear Says:

    Firstly I would like to say that all of us are not homos, lesbo’s and race traitors. Some of us have been waiting for the rest of U to WAKE UP! I LOVE so called Black men although I have never seen one! Now Chocolate Brothers I have seen! They come in all flavors, opps I mean shades. When I was growing up so called Black men treated me with no respect, and even after all the mean treatment I still love my people. So called Black women treated me the same! In fact to this day I have not one so called Black female friend. I still love my Chocolate sisters! You can’t hate what U R! You can become caught up in this racist white homo pedi sickness. Some of U just weren’t and aren’t strong enough to survive it so it’s the “If U can’t beat um, join um” syndrome. Dr. Neely Fuller had it right all along, too bad not many heard. I feel pity for all the negros who sold out and are lost to the smallhats and so on. The Creator will deal with that in time. We who are awake need to go inside ourselves and ask for answers, the correct ones. The *hite is getting ready to hit the fan, R U ready mentally? This one ain’t going to be physical. You’ve got to be smarter than that now! Tooooooooo much blood in the ground already. Bro Dawud said the Planet is pissed off! The white devil is being destroyed day by day! He can’t reproduce! His kind is dying of every dis-ease he created to kill us! Can’t sit in the sun but does it anyway-cancer? What’s that saying about knowing something by the fruit that it bares? They are dying at the roots and they know it. Everyone seems to forget who is most in danger here! No Planet no us! Get it? Bro Dawud also talks about the 99%ers. R U in the 1% or do U belong to the 99. We can’t help the 99% so we must concetrate on the 1%. We have to survive and we will but we also have to tune into the Planet and watch the stars, help is on the way.

  •   December 6th, 2010 righteous brotha Says:

    When I saw the trailer for the movie I knew that the movie was about another doom and gloom,tragic blackwoman story, where all the pain and suffering shes going through is because of what the blackman has done to her. Then, when I found out that Ntozake Shange is one of those black feminists I knew that I DEFINITELY did not want to see the movie. I am really,really, tired of this sh**t. All of the female cast members of the movie were soooo happy about this movie because it was an all black female cast in lead roles. They were saying all this bullsh**t like “Oh this movie was an emotional ride”, “This can transcend racial barriers”, “Tyler Perry is so talented” etc. I watched Phylicia Rashad on the Tigger show one night and Tigger asked her if she thinks the movie is malebashing. She of course denied it. She says, in that sadity,snobby, Claire Huxatable voice of hers, “Oh nooooooo its not that at all” Its funny, when Waiting To Exhale came out a lot guys said that the movie malebashed. And the women of course denied it. Saying it was about women who make bad choices and all this other stuff. A lot of black people think that movies like these are going to create some kinda dialog in our community and then create some kinda of healing process. These movies do NOTHING but EXPLOIT. Waiting to Exhale was fifteen years ago and the divorce rate in our community continues to rise!! This Colored Girls movie is not going to do a damn thing. I’m especially disappointed in the actor Michael Eahly who played the guy who through his children out the window. In the latest Essence magazine issue with the cast on the front, he talks about how he had second thoughts about taking the role because of what his character had to do so he went and asked his mother. His a grown man!!! he should have taking a stand and said no! I will not play this savage of a blackmale father where I throw my own children out the window and kill them! He knows deep down he should not taking that role and he should have been strong enough to make up his own mind without mommy’s help. I’ve lost respect for Tyler Perry. Everybody’s talking about how he’e such a genius but all he is doing is helping the Illuminati in the destruction of blackmales. Screw him!

  •   December 7th, 2010 Shaquon Says:

    I went with a sister whom I work with, on a smoke break. She asked me if I had taken my wife, or had she gone to see, For Colored Girls. I didn’t want to alienate her, so I chose my words as best as I could. I told her that I had not & we do not watch those types of movies. I told her that these types of films are harmful to Black people. I told her that those types of films create disharmony between Black men & Black woman. I told her that we are not enemies and we need each other.

    I can’t recall our entire conversation. However, she quickly revealed to me that she had been raped by a family member. She, like other sisters revealed that she directed her pain inward. She told me that her rape is the direct result of her obesity & promiscuity. In her words, “I tried to screw everything that wasn’t bolted down.” I didn’t offer advice, just a nonjudgmental ear.

    According to her, she related to the movie because she was a victim of abuse.

    When we become serious, we will began eliminating those who abuse our children and others who champion filth. We must also deal, somehow, with those children who were abused. Yeah, it is that serious.

  •   December 7th, 2010 THETHINKINGMAN Says:

    I would first, like to comment on the sista who spoke about the “naturalness” of homosexuality in the animal kingdom. I do not believe for a NANOSECOND that you saw as an example, lions having “sex” with each other. THINK about it. Male lions had INTERCOURSE with other lions? HOW? Through the anus? If this was so rampant as white people would have us suddenly believe, why is it that this was NEVER “discovered” before? CERTAINLY, this wasn’t some “lost” or “hidden” archive, that couldn’t be shown for fear of “homophobic” backlash. It didn’t exist, and we used to shut the homos UP, when bringing HOME the FACT that animals do not engage in homosexuality.

    But let’s just say for a minute this WAS true; there would be a number of explanations:

    1) with the white man over time, invading the space of the animals, photographing, shooting them with darts, narrowing their space, interrupting their natural cycles, it would stand to reason they would act in a psychotic manner.
    2) It ‘AINT about “sex” at all. In the demented mind of the white homophiles and homosexuals, thanks to their mentor Sigmond FRAUD, EVERYTHING is about and around sex. So, where two male lions might very well be engaged in some sort of activity that THEY would call “sex”, so as to justify nastiness amongst HUMAN BEINGS, they quickly project and direct the mind of the audience in that direction. Perceptive suggestion at its BEST!

    c) I’d have to say that not all male lions get to gain a pride and mate. It is POSSIBLE that in their frustration, they COULD act out in a manner that would be considered “sex”.

    Overall, this but clearer proof that the homosexuals and homophiles will stop at NOTHING to bring credence to their demented lifestyle. A RECTUM IS NOT A VAGINA! A PENIS DOES NOT BELONG IN THERE! It is NOT anatomically suited to go there! ANIMALS do NOT do this, even with all of the confusion, frustration or misinterpretation that exists.

    The homophiles, with their chief in the White House, will stop at NOTHING in their quest to use HELLYWOOD to destroy the image of the black man. They came out with For Colored Girls back during the 70s, and when they saw the cultural industry that was spawned, they never looked back; The Color Purple, Brewster Place, Waiting to Exhale, Precious, and now AGAIN, they just can’t leave the wounded black man to die, a defeated warrior. They have to add the coup DE GRACE with For Colored Girls, AGAIN! And we have “educated” sistas telling ME that I should see it. They couldn’t PAY me to see my demise and annihilation at the hands of the hollywood DEVILS! NO WAY!

  •   December 17th, 2010 ERM Says:

    Clabe, like many faggots who push that nasty agenda on me you need to reexamine history much better. Oh what your stupid ass was thought by those cave people in white supremacy private school like a damn fool you are.


  •   December 29th, 2010 Abaya Says:

    Man this stuff brings tears to my eyes brothas I can’t lie I know what’s goin on but my own family don’t even wanna listen to me about this shit man I’m ready for war. Peace

  •   January 8th, 2011 Carolyn Coe Says:

    It is almost unfathomable that our people could allow and participate in such degeneracy; however, I have witnessed this first and I believe it. I am arming my children with the information they need to guard against the depravity of the caucasian race. We will win, yet I am saddened to know that it will be a “Pyrrhic’s Victory”. The present day whites will not lose without inflicting a heavy blow.

  •   March 1st, 2011 Arikanmar Says:

    We NEED to turn in these pedophiles! CONGRATS on getting your abuser 56 years!

    Did find a video of gay lions though…

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