March 2011 – International Mayhem: The Real War Is Against Black People
Posted on March 1st, 2011

Genocide: The Global Assault on the Black Race


International Mayhem: Prelude to Genocide

Protest in Libya

What’s going on in the world?  We see turmoil throughout the arab world.  In particular, the entire arab-dominated region of North Afrika is in upheaval.  Bahrain, Tunisia, Morocco, and Yemen are facing political unrest.  President Hosni Mubarak was run out of Egypt.  Muammar Gaddafi’s rule in Libya is going to end in the coming days.  And the pro-Gaddafi Afrikans in Libya are being murdered by the rebel forces while the world ignores this reality.


Meanwhile, Japan was just hit with one of the biggest “natural catastrophes” in recent times.  Just a few months ago, Haiti was bombed and devastated, the Gulf had countless tons of oil pouring into the its core, and now the white european powers have created a “no-fly zone” in Libya in order to oust Muammar Gaddafi.

Monsanto seeds are being plunged down the throat of Afrikan countries, Haiti, and other countries around the world.  “Homosexuality” and gay rights have become Barack Obama(nation’s) main push throughout the world.  And the Black community in amerikkka is in shambles.

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The obvious question is “What’s Really Going On in the World?” The answer requires a few attributes for any Afrikan trying to understand and deal with the reality we’re facing as a Race on planet Earth.  A few of these attributes are:

– Courage to admit to oneself the horrid reality of the threat facing our Race.
– Intelligence to be able to process the information that proves what’s happening.
– Sophistication to grasp the magnitude and scope of the war against our people.
– Stability to be able to accept the reality of our circumstances without going berserk.
– Desire to Learn to add to the pot of comprehension by doing your own research and/or analysis.

Without some or all of these characteristics, the reader is not going to be able to make heads nor tales of this discussion.  However, for the Afrikan who wants to protect Black interests, this is an important forum to understand the converging crisis on Black people worldwide.  In that respect, we humbly request that you forward a link to this “War Room” to all of the “conscious” and informed Black people that you know around the globe.  This will be March, April, May, and June’s War Room for 2011.

In order to put this discussion into its proper context, we’ll take a chronological look at critical events that led to the current world condition.  In particular, we will focus on events related to white aggression against Black people since 1492.

Black Moors in spain

1492 – The spanish Inquisition expels the Black Moors out of southern europe and leads to the “smallhats” (white so-called jews) looking for a homeland in the “new world.”  Angry that the smallhats handled the finances for and collaborated with the Afrikans and arabs who controlled southern europe for over 700 years, the gentiles of europe (non-smallhats) targeted smallhats with violence and murder causing  many to pretend to convert to catholicism and others to flee europe in search of a land of their own to exploit and dominate.


christopher columbus

1500 – 1555 – During this general period, christopher columbus (the “homosexual”, pedophile, smallhat) suggested replacing the murdered and depleting Native population of the Western hemisphere with Afrikan laborers.  This led directly to the enslavement of Afrikan people and the Atlantic Slave Trade portion of the Maafa (The Greatest Assault on a People in Documented History).


Jean Jacques Dessalines “The Merciless”

1804 – The Haitian people under the leadership of Jean Jacques Dessalines “The Merciless”, defeated all of the european armies and declared the island of “Hispanola” free and independent.  He gave it the name used by the original Red inhabitants of the land, “Haiti.”  The 13 colonies at that time used this opportunity to get the greatest land deal in the history of the world – “The Louisiana Purchase.” This doubled the size of amerikkka at that time and led to the concept of Manifest Destiny.  This concluded in the u.s. seizing of the western portion of North Amerikkka to create the amerikka we know today.


1804 – The slaveholders and the quakers had their 1st meeting to discuss “free” Black people in amerikkka.  The word of Haitian independence spread fast and whites desperately feared Black militant aggression in amerikkka as a result.  The slaveholders and quakers agreed to expatriate freed Black men and women back to West Afrika.

1808 – Based on the constitutional provision against the importation of Afrikan “slaves” for 20 years after its signing and the fear of the Haitian Revolution spreading into the u.s., the importation of Afrikans as “slaves” was banned in amerikkka in 1808.


Nat Turner

1831 – Nat Turner’s rebellion in Southampton County was the single event that started the “emancipation clock” and ensured the ending of chattel slavery in amerikkka.  It solidified white fears of organized Black insurrection and its dire consequences.  Only 34 years passed before the alarm finally sounded off ending chattel slavery (in that form) in amerikkka.



thomas dartmouth rice as “Jumpin Jim Crow”

1830’s – During the late 1820’s and early 1830’s, a jew york born smallhat named thomas dartmouth rice spearheaded a movement to defame the character and image of Black people in amerikkka and worldwide.  His “Blackface” character was called “Jumpin Jim Crow” and it inspired hatred and disrespect for Black people everywhere.  It led to minstrel shows and other forms of “entertainment” designed to decimate the Afrikan image worldwide and enrich smallhat (white so-called jew) “entertainers” at the same time.  It also led to a smallhat controlled and operated advertisement industry that used the exploiting of Black images as its means for selling products.  In this way, smallhats became rich by selling products and inspiring hatred for Black people among the world’s population.

This process created an environment where the masses of people (including Black people) in this country focused hatred and brutality on Black people as opposed to the smallhats who were economically ransacking this country for its wealth.









During the latter portion of the 1800’s and the first quarter of the 2oth century, the smallhats replaced the “business of slavery” with the “entertainment industry” as one of its primary means of profit-making.  As demonstrated above, the theme of exploiting Black people for smallhat enrichment remained consistent from slavery through the development of the entertainment industry and later into the prison industrial complex.

YouTube Preview Image

judah p. benjamin

1862 – General ulysses s. grant of the Union Army issued General Order #11 expelling smallhats from the US Treasury department in some Southern states.  They prolonged the Civil War by financing both sides – the Union and Confederacy.  However, their major interest was maintaining the system of slavery because they dominated the cotton industry which dominated the “business of slavery.” By controlling the market on free labor, they developed exceptional financial leverage over most white amerikkkans in this country.  So as a matter of good business, the smallhats were the driving force behind the success of the Confederacy.

In fact, judah p. benjamin was known affectionately by the title of “The Brains of the Confederacy.” And since smallhats controlled the 2 major slave ports in jew york and South Carolina, the abolition of slavery in amerikkka was a direct attack on their economic power in the u.s.



Henry Highland Garnet

1865 – The Civil War was pivotal in amerikkkan history.  Most Black people do not realize that the strong Black abolitionists organized as many as 50,000 Black soldiers around the country to fight a “War of Liberation” in the South.  Frederick Douglass convinced many of these Black soldiers to integrate into the Union Army rather than fight independently.  The pressure from the Haitian Revolution, the amerikkkan Black rebellions, and Black abolition had boiled to the point of forcing white concession.  The Civil War was won by the Union Army in 1865, marking the end of chattel slavery in amerikkka and the beginning of the prison industrial complex (please read the 13th Amendment carefully) and the intense development of the science of Black racial extermination now called “eugenics.”

cecil rhodes

1884 – portugal (the smallhats) convinces otto von bismarck, chancellor of germany to hold the Berlin Conference.  This is where white nations across europe agreed to the military seige of Afrika for the exploitation of its resources and wealth.  This was another major phase in the global white war against Afrikan people – Slavery Part 2.  Every country in Afrika, except Ethiopia, was completely subdued and exploited by europe.  Our languages, cultures, families, customs, history, diet, sexual norms, etc. . .  were decimated by whites and the Afrikan continent was transformed into one huge slave plantation for the economic exploitation of the white world.

d.w. griffith

1915 – “Birth of a Nation” was released by the smallhat d.w. griffith.  This was a pivotal point in the history of psychological warfare.  This film marked a beginning of the intense media campaign to demonize the Black Race throughout the world.  It led to the 2nd rise of the ku klux klan in amerikkka and untold numbers of lynchings, murders, rapes, city burnings, etc. . .  against Black people.  In actuality, it became a profound extension of the early minstrel shows – only with far more severe consequences to Black people.  The destruction of the Afrikan image became a science through which smallhats used to become the wealthiest interest group on the planet.  It was this film that marked the moment that the entertainment industry officially replaced slavery as the “cash cow” and power levy for the smallhats.

margaret sanger speaking to the ku klux klan on “eugenics”
(the science of killing Black people)

1916 – margaret sanger, wife of “smallhat” william sanger, opened her first genocide clinic for Black babies in Brooklyn, jew york as part of her efforts to spearhead the eugenics movement.

Marcus Garvey

1917 – Marcus Mosiah Garvey formed the 1st chapter of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in amerikkka.  To this day, the UNIA is the single largest Black self-help organization in the history of the western hemisphere.  This movement was destroyed by collaboration among (4) groups:

smallhats (the NAACP); Uncle Tom Negroes who started the “Garvey Must Go Movement” including W.E.B. Dubois; “homosexuals” including j. edgar hoover, A. Phillip Randolph and Bayard Rustin; and the u.s. government (FBI and MIA)


1944 – An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy was written by gunnar myrdal.  It was one of the best research sources in u.s. history.  Its most important conclusion was that whites in amerikkka universally agreed on the notion that there should be as few Black people in this country as possible.  The only condition to our disappearance was that it needed to be achieved by quiet and/or subtle means.  Based on this study, overt lynchings and other physical forms of violence were ruled out as preferable methods of “genocide.”  The science of eugenics (Black genocide) becomes the preoccupation of the white amerikkkan scientific community to this very day.

1944 – The Bretton Woods Conference is held.  This smallhat conference amounted to a financial Berlin Conference.  Instead of invading Afrikan countries militarily and exploiting our people and resources, this conference created the international financial/economic program used to plunge the Black world into financial ruin and perpetual, never-ending debt to rich smallhat families and companies.  Both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) were formed at this conference.


1974 – National Security Study Memorandum 200 was issued by henry “the smallhat” kissenger.  This study led to the Global 2000 Report by president jimmy carter which is the documented plan for Black world depopulation (genocide).  Shortly after this memorandum was released, AIDS, crack, diamond wars in Afrika, and “homosexual” media like The Color Purple were released in the Black communities in amerikkka and/or throughout the world.


1980’s – The CIA facilitates and fuels the crack epidemic in the Black community.  They take the profits from the drug trade and use them to fund the Contras of Nicaragua to overthrow their Government through terrorism.  By 1988, crack has destroyed the Black woman as a mother, and thus the entire Black community of the united states.

Steven Spielberg

1985 – The Color Purple was released in the Black community.  steven “the smallhat” spielberg was the director.  This single film spearheaded the rise of Black feminism and lesbianism to levels unrivaled in world history.  This smallhat creation became the prototype for the psychological war against Black male/female relationships worldwide.  It stands as the model for destroying the love and respect of Black women for Black men; thus leading Black women into a life of hating Black males and sexual degeneracy.


This intellectual road map has been the greatest eugenics breakthrough in the history of the world.  Neither slavery in the amerikkkas nor colonialism in Afrika had proven successful in turning Black women against Black men.  The Color Purple film was the first single successful act of white aggression in history to accomplish this goal.  It was so effective that it’s still being shown and performed in theaters today.  It also marked the first accepted and fully successful “homosexual” film in the Black world community.  Today, it’s a Black lesbian classic.


Professor Griff

1989 – Professor Griff is suspended from Public Enemy for making true statements exposing the smallhats for being the primary sponsors of warfare throughout the world.  His statements were truthful and accurate; however, the rest of the group succumbed to smallhat intimidation and financial temptation and suspended Professor Griff for statements they all knew were true.  This single event opened the door for “N.W.A.” to become the leaders of the Black music industry.  Since this time, Black men have seen ourselves as “nig*ers” and our women as “bit*hes and hos.”  This moment in history had dire consequences on the global Black image and self-image.

jerry heller – NWA manager


1990’s – smallhats used the combination of Black crack addiction, lesbianism, “gansta rap” culture (including child molestation, “homosexuality”, and criminalization of Black males), and mass media to turn the process of incarceration into a profitable business enterprise.   Since this time, incarceration in amerikkka turned from a Federally-regulated institution into a “cheap labor” business enterprise whose profits are beginning to rival the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  The Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) replaced the Atlantic Slave Trade as the primary method of subduing the young Black male spirit of aggression and resistance.  Crack, gansta rap, and PIC replace the “Middle Passage” as the triangle of death for Black men and their families in amerikkka.

YouTube Preview Image


Robert Mugabe

1995 – Robert Mugabe declares “homosexuality” unAfrikan and vows to resist it.  This begins europe’s assault on the nation of Zimbabwe.  britain would later use Mugabe’s desire to buy back Zimbabwean land from the british government and the ensuing killings of white farmers to justify and sponsor the overthrow of the Zimbabwean government.  This process is ongoing.


2000’s – whites develop a 100-year plan (estimation) to fully colonize the Afrikan continent by 2100 AD.  Their goal is to exterminate most of the Afrikan population and only leave enough Black people to provide cheap labor, destabilize the arab stronghold over North Afrika, and make Afrika their new home.  They begin to push propaganda identifying Afrika as the original home of “all people” and force the idea of multiculturalism down the throats of Black people worldwide.


2001 – smallhats destroyed the Twin Towers in jew york city and created an explosion at the Pentagon in Washington, DC in a plan commonly called “9-11”.  They blamed it on arabs and used the incident to pass “The Patriot Act” which gave the smallhat-controlled government the right to ignore every law in the u.s. constitution that “protects” amerikkkan citizens’ rights.  “9-11” was also used as a pretext for initiating a war against Islam and the arab world.


2000’s – “Homosexuality” surpasses margaret sanger’s Planned Parenthood abortion program as the #1 form of sponsored Black genocide worldwide.  Gay Bomb research leaks to the public and it becomes known that the u.s. government began researching the use of chemical and/or biological warfare to impose “homosexuality” on enemy combatants as early as 1994.


2004 – Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, run by smallhat military personnel, was used as a breeding ground for the “homosexualization” of the arab world.  The process of effeminizing/“homosexualizing” Black men in amerikkka through incarceration and rape is duplicated throughout Iraq.  The Gay Bomb was dropped.  (It also leaked that the Taliban was a western-sponsored military guerrilla army trained to rape men and boys when they overtake a region.  This systemic rape of Afghan men and boys has led to a subculture of pedophilia in Afghan called “bacha bazi.”) The arab world is under complete “homosexual” western assault.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


2005 – The Bush-Brown Massacre (Hurricane Katrina) occurs.  The smallhats organized a test run on direct genocide against Black people in amerikkka.  They had levies in New Orleans’ Black communities blown up and televised the genocide of Black people to audiences around the world.  The test was to see the world’s response to the overt genocide of Black people in amerikkka.  The only negative response was the same as expressed in An American Dilemma.  whites (and many others around the world) want Black people exterminated; but they don’t want to see it done overtly nor violently.

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2007 – AFRICOM is officially activated.  This marks the official declaration of war against the Black Race on the Afrikan continent.  Afrika is officially under siege by the white race.

YouTube Preview Image


2008 – The smallhats completely take over the white House.  They appoint a “homosexual” mulatto to a puppet position of leadership and effectively turn the u.s.a. into “Western Israel.” They instruct their mulatto puppet to force “homosexuality” down the throat of Black amerikkka and the Black countries of Afrika.  They also instruct him to push the AFRICOM project.  He appoints a smallhat to the head of AFRICOM in 2011.

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2009 – Muammar Gaddafi is elected head of the Afrikan Union. He vows to create a United States of Afrika.  This decision cemented the west’s decision to destroy Libya at all costs.  The smallhats began secretly preparing to turn the “war on terror” towards the destruction of Libya.


2010 – whites bomb a fault line in Haiti in their 2nd test of overt Black genocide using the “natural catastrophe” explanation.  Black people have forgotten the “Bush-Brown Massacre” and are oblivious to the white racial assault on the independent country of Haiti.  This assault includes using the Monsanto Seed corporation GM crops to destroy the farming industry of Haiti as they are doing in Afrika.


joseph isadore “the smallhat” lieberman

2011 – Senator joseph isadore lieberman sponsors a bill that essentially allows the smallhats to stop the free flow of information regarding their world activities by giving the “President” the right to shut down the Internet at his discretion.  The bill takes heat from u.s. citizens.  However, some form of the bill will probably pass within the next year or so.


2011 – During a western-sponsored anti-government uprising, white Governments impose a “no-fly zone” in Libya with intentions of removing Muammar Gaddafi from power.  They move towards his execution and public humiliation.  They intend to remove the arabs from North Afrika and take over the entire continent.  The successful toppling of Muammar Gaddafi and any other Afrikan Nationalist leaders on the Afrikan continent are absolutely mandatory if whites are going to colonize Mother Afrika.

At the same time, the white governments of the world support the arab regime trying to overthrow Gaddafi, they hide the systematic murder and torture of Afrikans by these arabian western allies.  The arabs who’re fighting Muammar Gaddafi are systematically hunting, butchering, and exterminating Afrikans in Libya.  Gaddafi’s opposition forces are genocidal arab murderers of Afrikan people.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


2011 – War on the Horizon (WOH) posts a War Room detailing the white world plan of Black Racial annihilation in terms that all Black people can understand.  The forum goes viral spreading to countless thoughtful, concerned Black people throughout the world.    Black people slowly begin to awaken from our deep coma-like sleep and prepare for the inevitable global white/Black clash of the 21st Century . . . . . . . . .


Unfortunately, the last event is the only one that exists in the world of possibilities.  All of the others are the ugly realities demonstrated by centuries of white racial aggression and modern white racial aggression against Afrikan people.

As always, we deem it necessary to provide soberminded Black men, women, and children viable solutions to the problems that confront our Race.  Our suggestions are:

1. Make discussing Black world politics part of the daily and nightly routine for yourself and your family.  Our children need environments that consistently inspire deep consideration and thought.

2. We need an anti-pedophile/“anti-homosexuality” movement in amerikkka and Afrika.  The amerikkkan movement needs to focus on eradicating child sexual abuse from Black culture and establishing “homosexuality” as absolutely unfit for Black people.  The Afrikan version of this movement needs to focus on the complete eradication of this filth from the continent in quick, efficient, effective and permanent terms.

3. Fitness and Survival training should be cleverly incorporated into every facet of Black life from the time a Black child is born.  Whether it be weaved through rights of passage programs, sports outings, health and physical fitness classes, target shooting for sport, camping and hiking, learning to make fires, trade school for delinquent Black youths, punitive measures for poor behavior, Black people should begin preparing ourselves and our children for Racial warfare as it is at our doorstep.

4. We should fill our homes with documentaries, movies, and other forms of media that deal specifically with our Racial past and world events.  We need to use our “free” time to educate ourselves and our families in a multitude of ways including enjoyable ways that we’re used to – like television and radio.  In the same spirit, we need to produce as many interesting and/or entertaining media products that deal with some aspect of our necessary retraining and re-education.

5. We need a “Black Decency Movement” that classifies behavior as white/european (bad) and Black/Afrikan (good).  These new standards for Black behavior need to be shared widely throughout the Black world community.

6. Conscious, decent, militant, Black people need to separate ourselves socially from the masses of our people and quietly manuevor ourselves into every position of power possible in the Black community – without necessarily expressing our interests/positions to the larger society of whites and Negroes.

7. We should form secret Black “death squads” that remove any barriers to the progress of Afrikan people and take proactive action against the enemies of Afrikan progress – regardless of their age, gender, or Racial make-up.

8. We should update Marcus Mosiah Garvey’s Racial program to one that speaks directly to our modern crisis; and we should organize around this updated concept.  Our new motto should be:

Black Dominion – 1 Pan-Afrikan World Government Headquartered in Afrika

We no longer desire only freedom and independence.  We’ve had that before and it didn’t resolve the problem of white racial agression against Afrikan people.  Now, we desire complete dominion over the planet where we will determine who stays and who goes.  (By the way, the whites cannot stay.)

Even though this seems unachievable at the moment, it is the best course of action.

Peace lover’s, this is not your time.  Committed Black Afrikans who wish to fight, it is our time.


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   March 22nd, 2011 Shaquon Says:

    Our dear brother Dr. Amos Wilson always told us this: “Crisis in the world is OPPORTUNITY for us!” There is so much opportunity for us to take advantage of. The world is in disarray. We must seize the time.
    What do we do?:
    Learn to love yourself a little more each day.
    Turn off the television. You can’t learn to love self while watching House of Payne and Jerry Springer.
    You can’t learn to love yourself listening to noise disquised as music. Turn it off! Listen only to music that you would feel comfortable listening to with your grandparents, great great grandparents for some, in the same room
    If there is a Black owned sandwich shop or necessary business in your neighborhood, patronize it!
    If the sandwich shop owner is supposed to be open at 8 am, make the owner responsible!
    If there is a Korean sandwich shop in your neighborhood, don’t patronize it. Yellowball that filth out of your neighborhood!
    Stop getting drunk and high. Deal with your problems. Get help, if needed.
    If you are Christian, okay. However, stop waiting for their god to help us. If help was going to come from their god, we would not be in the straits that we find ourselves in now.
    We can do it. We simply have to do it.

    Irritated Genie, I’m still with you. My financial situation today is not what it was yesterday. However, I’m still with you!

  •   March 23rd, 2011 Monique Says:

    While suggestions 1-8 are very valuable to the success of militant Black families turning the tables on our oppressors, knowing that there has been such intense adverse programing done to the minds of our race and culture, the same time must be taken to re or deprogram the masses. Until then, for the rest of us who are already there, we must not turn our backs or pass such quick judgement on our fellow brothers and sisters that are WILLING to give their life for this cause because of disaggreements or miscommunication. This is yet another reason why organizations continue to form organizations within or outside the same organizations to exert leadership, power and egos.

  •   April 2nd, 2011 Ngozi Says:

    Mekyea wo, “Irritated Genie”,

    I just would like to say that the Information is so very necessary for The continued existence of Afrikan People. I will support, listen, participate, financially give to service in any way possible to achieve liberation for the African Mind. Your Heart is a True Model of “Black Manhood”.

    Asante Sana”Irritated Genie”

  •   April 2nd, 2011 Terry Says:

    What must we do? And will you support Farrakhan if he ask for separate state or territory.

  •   April 2nd, 2011 Terry Says:

    What must we do?

  •   April 19th, 2011 ERM Says:

    This sicken me to the core when I’m looking at these videos of our brothers & sisters being raped & murder by these a-rabs & EUROPHILES.


  •   April 28th, 2011 L Cain Says:

    There is so much powerful information, is it possible to download all of you WOH War room series on DVD’s for future reference. Just a thought.Thanks for all the time and dedication you put into ensuring that we are informed.
    I admire your strength in this struggle.

  •   November 3rd, 2011 Nate Says:

    This is not what Dr. King envisioned, and you all know damn well that conflict breeds conflict…if we divide ourselves as a race and target innocent civillians in other races…… How does that make us any damn Better than the KKK!….Seriously what the hell is Spreading Misinformation and creating racial warefare going to do for our cause…..We need to Stand up on our own and stop blaming other people for our problems…..If you havent noticed Our President Is One Of Us.

  •   June 11th, 2013 Grand Says:


    […]March 2011 – International Mayhem: The Real War Is Against Black People[…]…

  •   January 21st, 2015 When #BlackLivesMatter Met #JeSuisCharlie | Beaver Online Says:

    […] hand to civilisations that before the shootings did not invest the same energy into our campaign. Blacks stand in solidarity with a world which cannot stand us. We seem to think that if we stop tweeting #Icantbreathe another race, out there, will tweet on our […]

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