May 2011 – Spiritual Enslavement Negro Syndrome (SENS)
Posted on May 1st, 2011

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Spiritual Enslavement

Spiritual Enslavement Negro Syndrome (SENS)

Black people are religion sick!  We boldly go before the world poking our chests out about our religious convictions.  At the very same time, we are the poorest, sickest, least educated, least self-sufficient, most confused and dis-unified people in the world.  And even though our condition bears witness to our obvious lack of Black Racial Progressive focus, our greatest concern is being convinced that we know God.  But all of the empirical evidence points to the fact that we don’t even know ourselves.


Let’s start our discussion at the very beginning.  Do we even know who we are?  The question can be answered very easily.  The very first WOH Radio Roundtable discussion started with a question of defining being “Black.”  By the end of the discussion, it was clear that even we Afrikan Nationalists/Black Muslim elite have not nailed down what we mean when we say “Black”.  We have Black people waging intellectual war to define our people as “Nig*ers or Nig*as”, white (not Black because Black means . . . . ), Asiatics, “human race beings”, Israelites, Nuwabians, kwk. . .   Beyond this, the generally agreed upon method of classifying mulattoes as “Black people” is pretty consistent in amerikkka and its surrounding territories.  We also have a racial tendency to show favor to any cracker who demonstrates  any charm, charisma, and/or “appreciation” for Black culture.  In fact, as in the case of bill clinton, we often classify them as “Black.”

bill ‘slick willie’ clinton on the Saxophone


The discussion about Black people knowing who we are does not stop at the terms we use to describe ourselves.  We wear our hair in european colors and styles.

Serena Williams


We’ve embraced “homosexual” and pedophile culture.

“Gay” Black History Month Assault
YouTube Preview Image


We’re dating outside of our Race and abandoning our future at an alarming rate.

YouTube Preview Image


We speak european and arab languages.  Hundreds of years after our european and arab worldwide enslavement, we continue to give our children european and arab names like David, Bilal, Peter, Muhammad, etc. . .  In fact, most of us get up every morning and live our lives being called by the names forced on us by one of our former or current enemy cultures.  Not only are we called by these names – but we answer to them.


jesus christ

Not only do we continue to wear the names of our historical oppressors, but we pray to their gods.  We call the Creator of the world by the european name “jesus”, by the hook-nosed small-hat name “jehovah”, by the Asian name of “Buddah”, and/or by the arab name “Allah.”  When we do this, we never consider the fact that none of these “gods” has a wife.  In Afrikan historical traditions, every God has a Goddess and every Goddess has a God.  From a Black spiritual perspective, a God without a Goddess is a dysfunctional, borderline “homosexual” spiritual concept.  What kind of God would spend all of eternity without a Goddess to share it with?  What would be the benefit of being God if you don’t have a Goddess?  And why would God think so much of the Black man to allow us to have Black women to share the journey of life, but so little about himself that he wouldn’t want a beautiful Black Goddess to spend eternity with?  The answer to these questions is simple.  The gods we pray to don’t have goddesses because the gods we pray to today aren’t Black.  We know this because their names aren’t Afrikan names.  And unless they are Black Gods going by foreign names due to suffering from a lack of the knowledge of self, we are praying to foreign gods who can’t hear a word we’re saying because they have no relation to our people.


Why do Afrikan people continue to prey to gods with our enemies’ names?  Why are we frightened out of our mind to release our children from the shackles of our enemies’ religious concepts?  It’s because we have become diseased with the mental illness of spiritual enslavement.  WOH calls this disease “Spiritual Enslavement Negro Syndrome (SENS).”

SENS: A disease of the Black mind that compels Afrikan (Black) people to see our enemy – the white race – as our deity (God).  In the slave plantation of our minds, we expect the white race to fix the problems Black people have; even though we know that whites are the very ones who created the problems in the first place.

YouTube Preview Image

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether we’re in amerikkka, South amerikkka, Asia, europe, or Afrika.  Wherever we find ourselves, Black people are worshiping the Creator through the lens of outside enemy cultures.  As a consequence, we find our Racial future tied to the destiny of the genocidal whims of our enemies.  For example, amerikkka is a christian culture.  whites use their christianity for (2) main purposes – (a) to justify their exploitation and destruction of other groups of people and (b) to teach Black people (and others) to accept the unnatural position of servitude to white interests.  This is the full totality of what christianity means to the white Race.

Consider the following:

In order to keep us spiritually enslaved, whites teach (4) basic reverse principals to Black people through christian theology.  This four-cornered box keeps Afrikan people psychologically imprisoned in a way that prevents us from doing anything about our miserable conditions – particularly when we can identify that these conditions are specifically created by our white enemies.  The four reverse principals are:

  1. Obey Your Master (of which whites teach us to see them as masters)
  2. Turn the Other Cheek (ie. . . Keep letting crackers abuse us over and over and over . . .  )
  3. You’ll Get Yours in Heaven (Black people are waiting to die to reap the benefits that we deserve here on Planet Earth)
  4. Love Your Enemy (the most demonic, self-destructive reverse principal ever taught)

Under this intellectual imprisonment, Black people have no reasonable options but to suffer silently.  We are bound to obey whites, even though they are the primary source of our problems.  When they abuse us we’re taught that it’s better to ignore their abuse than fire back.  We’re trained
to wait until we die and go to “heaven” to receive the “benefits” of our obedience, patience, and undying loyalty to the white Race.  We humbly accept white abuse without retaliation in exchange for a later promise of seeing the white folks’ god, jesus christ, face-to-face.  And in the most diabolical conspiracy of all time, the whites have moved our common sense into the intellectual basement of minds.  We’re trained to love our enemies!

YouTube Preview Image

In teaching Black people to “love our enemies”, a profound admission occurs.  whites freely admit that they are our enemies.  Normally, once someone identifies themselves as your enemy, most people know what to do – protect yourself at all times.  However, in the case of Black people who spent over 250 years in complete captivity being mis-educated by our white enemies, we were indoctrinated with the belief that we must “love our enemies.As a result, we love whites today.  And the inverse of loving one’s enemy is to hate one’s self.  This translates to Afrikan people worldwide worshiping the white Race as gods on Earth and hating ourselves as the devils of the planet. 

Ancient Nigerian Deity (God)

This self-hatred is extreme and pervasive thr0ughout the world.  For example, Afrikan countries like Nigeria are destroying ancient religious and spiritual culture, often dating back over 1,000 years, and in exchange accept white christianity.  This gravitation towards christianity and islam is leading to self-hatred, self-destruction and bloodshed throughout the continent.  

YouTube Preview Image

This disturbing state of affairs is not only evident among Black christians, but it applies to other groups of religious Brothers and Sisters as well.  For example, most Black Muslims trade in their Afrikan culture for arab culture.  If they are born in an arab country, they accept the sexual enslavement of their daughters as normal (and sons in some places such as Zanzibar where the arabs from Oman routinely rape young Black boys or the Sudan where they do the same).  They speak the arabs’ language.  They worship the arabs’ god.  They abandon mostly every vestige of their original Afrikan culture.  If they are born in a country like amerikkka, they trade in their white slave name for an arab slave name.  They try to learn arabic and they pray (5) times a day in reflection of their distant arab enslavers.  Other than the old school Nation of Islam (NOI), they tend to be moderate integrationists who sometimes allow non-Black Muslims into their circles.  This means that they sometimes date and marry outside of their Race as long as they’re marrying another Muslim.

Under the guise of islam, many Black Muslims find an excuse to worship, integrate, and intermarry with the white Race and/or arabs.  This is another way that foreign religion turns Afrikan people away from Black Progressive behavior.  Essentially, the Black Muslim’s religion offers a free race-treason card to Black people who desire “a way out.”  They can justify their own self-hatred through one of the highest forms of Racial Treason – socio-sexual integration with whites.

jim jones and His Supporter Wallace D. Muhammad

The pictured article above shows Wallace D. Muhammad and his colleague jim jones working together.  Many people don’t realize that Wallace D. Muhammad played a role in promoting jim jones to the Black Race as a credible source of spiritual guidance.  This led to hundreds of Black people being murdered in Guyana on November 18, 1978, under the direction of the “homosexual”, racist zealot, jim jones.  If Mr. Muhammad had never tested the waters of religious “integration” with whites, many of the Brothers and Sisters who died in Guyana might still be alive today.

The major difference between Black Muslims and Black Christians in amerikkka is that Black Muslims live by a code of conduct.  This difference is a nuance due to a mixture of things:

(1) The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad established an intense moral and ethical standard of behavior for Black Muslim converts in the 1900’s that has carried over to this very day,

(2)  Black people naturally tend to adhere more to the bylaws of their slavemasters’ religions than the slavemasters themselves,

(3) arabs are slightly more disciplined and decent than whites, and therefore require more from their religious followers, and

(4) Many Black people in amerikkka choose islam as a direct contradiction to white supremacist logic and thinking.

This combination of factors makes islam in amerikkka a better “religious” choice for Black people than christianity, especially when it relates to fighting white supremacy.  Essentially, it boils down to siding with arabs over the white Race.  In neither case do Black people side with ourselves.

The same holds true for the various groups of Black religious sects across this country.  Each one seems to find a way to link itself back to white and/or arab theology.  And almost invariably, they quote from the Holy Bible, Holy Koran, or the Torah as their “Holy Books.” Each of these books is written in the spirit, culture and language of one of our enslaving enemy races/cultures.  As a consequence of trying to digest what’s in these books, we get wrapped up in a hodgepodge of foreign myths that are corrupted, plagiarized stories from our ancestors and/or fairy tales that have no basis in reality (ex: Moses and the 10 Commandments).

YouTube Preview Image

Even the Afrikan Traditional Spiritual Systems currently being practiced in the Black community are often void of a Racial Warfare component which effectively make them antiquated and outdated at best.  Many Brothers and Sisters who practice “Afrikan Spirituality” are relating to the ceremonial aspect of Afrikan-centered theology, but are missing the practical military composition required to duplicate the energy and deeds of men like Boukman Dutty and women like Queen Nzingha.  More than a historical and/or ceremonial religious/spiritual awakening, our people need a religious/spiritual War Theology that can propel us in the direction we need to go.

Thanks to people like Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan and the Master Teacher – Ashra Kwesi, we have the fundamental historical basis to develop our own modernized Afrikan-centered theology – void of spaceships, lizard people, foreign gods, integrationist theories, made-up biblical characters, magical boats, foreign texts, kwk. . .  Our ancestral story has all the components necessary to wage global warfare and protect the interests of our Race.  After all, the wars with our white enemies are still on the temple walls today.

Even though we now have the tools to develop a lasting Afrikan theology to rival christianity, islam, and judaism, so far, all the Afrikan-centered community has managed to do is produce pseudo-Kemetic koons who espouse ridiculous rhetoric and gibberish posing as spirituality.  We have a bunch of Black quacks running around using our Afrikan spiritual history as an excuse to promote pornographic misbehavior and fulfill their sexual interests.  We have a bunch of Black degenerates using their knowledge of our ancestral story to legitimize criminal misbehavior and insult our Race by calling our ancestors and all Black people “nig*ers.”  We have a bunch of bell-beating, water-sprinkling, kaba calling, health food specialist, integrationists using Ancient Kemet as a gimmick to make a living.  But we haven’t used the history of our people as a spring board for replacing all foreign theologies with one that speaks directly to the needs of our people.

We have not maximized this newly found knowledge and information to build a theological infrastructure to launch a Black global spiritual campaign that captures the hearts and minds of our people.  We have the intellectual tools.  And we also have the religious infrastructure foundation left by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to guide us in the process of spiritual institution building.  We now need to take the moral and ethical foundation of the Nation of Islam (NOI) as created by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and marry it to our Kemetic Afrikan War Theology to create a new and fresh spiritual tradition to rival anything that exists on this planet.

In theory, we can replace the “Islam” with our own spiritual story and organize our Brothers and Sisters with the same discipline and fierceness as the FOI and the MGT.  We can update the dress code to better suit the tastes of Afrikan people, while maintaining the decency and respect standards that currently exist.  We can incorporate modernized Race War songs to exercise the theatrical talents of our members while maintaining the focus of racial confrontation.  In short, it’s time to create a Black Spiritual/Religious War Theology that can cut Afrikan people from the umbilical cords of our enemies and retie us to Mother Afrika.



NOI Fruit of Islam (FOI)

Spiritual enslavement has not only effected our minds, but it has had profound consequences on our behavior as well.  We are a Race of people facing global genocide at the hands of our known enemy.  However, religion has become the opium which allows Black people to turn a blind eye to the rising tide of police brutality, child molestation, “homosexuality”, poverty, political disenfranchisement, white racial aggression, kwk. . .  Religion also provides a means for hiding our white/arab/Asian enemies from us while they are in plain sight.  Our adopted foreign religions tie us to our mortal enemies and prevent us from seeing them as a separate entity.  Like a baby who fears leaving its mother’s side to fend for itself, we as Afrikan people find it difficult to cut the umbilical cord of foreign religious domination because it would require us to develop our own religious/spiritual paradigm.  Our current circumstances would force us to develop a spiritual philosophy to defend ourselves against white aggression.  This ultimately means a Black War Theology that would require us to plunge headfirst into warfare with the white race for the survival of our people.

As a Race of people, we know this.  Black people are not stupid – we are scared.  We are convinced that our white enemies are invincible and we see no possibility of defeating them.  As a result, we continue to suckle at their religious bosom hoping that we can live a reasonable life and die before the final confrontation occurs.  But the truth is, we cannot.  The beginning of the final confrontation has already begun.  And the entire continent of Afrika is currently under white siege.  It looks like Black-on-Black warfare, white-on-arab warfare, Chinese economic warfare, christian vs. islamic warfare, ruthless Afrikan dictatorial control, kwk. . .  In fact, it is white-on-Black worldwide genocide otherwise known as Race War.  It’s time for Afrikan people to surrender our enemies’ gods and turn to our own for gudiance.

Like my good friend Kalonji once told me, “Genie, we ain’t going nowhere until we get us a Black God.”  This sums it up well. Conquer your SENS and take your pick(s):


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   May 1st, 2011 Marcus Muhammad Says:

    I Agree With You Up Until You Talked About Devorcing Islam The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s Whole Foundation Is Islam, Islam Is Our Spiritual Story It Is Not Arab Religon

  •   May 4th, 2011 ERM Says:

    Thank you for the article. I agreed with that these nasty kkkraggots are killing the Afrikan mind, soul, & heart in spiritually.

  •   May 8th, 2011 Amadz Says:

    That’s correct. Islam is not a white Arab religion. Islam really isn’t a religion at all, Islam is the very nature of the black man and woman, that nature in which we were created. Prophet Muhammad of Arabia (PBUH) was not the founder of Islam, that isn’t true.

  •   May 17th, 2011 Mahmoud Says:

    I think your organizations information has some good points. Also, I think original Hebrew, Christian and Islam religions now represents white supremacy, racism which means the original teachings or words of Yahweh, Allah and their prophets have been tampered with. The Arab that people see as Arab today is no more or less a different title for Caucasian people. As I believe you know, the original Arab represented African people originally.

    My point is that the religions you criticize are in caucasian hands now. All were stolen from African people. No matter what Africans create, caucasians will take it and europeanize it.

    Lastly, I think it to be a good exercise to create new stuff based on factual stuff. You are doing interesting work.

  •   May 26th, 2011 Amadz Says:

    Islam (peace) is the very nature of Allah (God/Black man). Islam has always been what we praticed (even though we might not have called in Islam at one time), it is really a religion, we call it a religion and set up certain rituals like other religions to counter them. Christianity is a religion, set up by the devil for the purpose of ruling the original black man.

  •   July 3rd, 2011 LOL Says:

    You people are nuts. I don’t know if I should pity you or be disgusted by you.

  •   July 31st, 2011 Tathuti19 Says:

    I am SO sick and tired of you Islamist stating how Islam is African and how it is the true religion of the Black man and Black woman. It is NOT!!! Any so-called religion that suppresses the true nature of African women is not African.

    In Islam, the woman must be covered. The man in Islam has total control of the woman. She has no rights or minimal rights at best. This suppression and oppression of African women is purely Western. When you look on the walls of Ancient Kemet (long before Islam, Hebrewism, or Islam), our women were depicted bare chested in most drawings and carvings standing along side the men (Can you say “Aset”?).

    There is still to this very day Africans living as they did thousand’s of years ago in Africa where our women are bare chested wearing little clothing. Why? Because there is no Sick religion of Christianity, Hebrewism, or Islam influencing them.

    So-called Adam and Eve were naked in the garden without “Sin” until their eyes were opened and they saw or realized they were naked. I think it is safe to conclude that this was a result of the introduction of religion on to them by yawl’s Shaytan, Devil, Iblis, Satan. Stop the foolishness and SANKOFA.

  •   October 4th, 2011 ERM Says:


  •   November 11th, 2011 rayshawn Says:

    i am so happy we have brothers like here i want to vomit when i see homosexual nubians around the world europeans really know how to destoy a race

  •   December 8th, 2011 ress Says:

    Let’s be realistic.

    Islam,Christianity and Afrikan religions have their merits.However,It is impossible and unpragmatic to expect the whole of Afrikan people in the West to give up Torah,Bible and Quran and a great waste of time,energy and resources in asking them to do so.Elijah Muhammad’s model is great practical example of pragmatic religious based principle blacks of all or no religions can use.

    The best thing we can do is to reinterpret these religions or take aspects of them to address specific social conditions of our people.i.e. child sexual abuse and the vast array of problems it causes and take responsibility.

    For example the covering of women and/or seperation of them in gatherings from men in priciple,is for their OWN protection and not an oppressive device.

    In such an example PRINCIPLE is working here,we need not imitate Arabs.

    Men are men and it stands to common sense that restrictions on sexual behaviour and gender interactions are necessary.If we want to raise better people then we have to insist on them being raised in the best environment,the basis of which is MARRIAGE.An institution which exists in Afrikan and major world religions.

    Idealistic African spirituality is useful,however these systems have not or cannot be developed in isolation from Islam,xtianity&science etc to deal with much complex and modern global problems which we as a people now face.African religious abservance in the USA as pointed out in this article is at a risk of falling into the same trap as the Church and Islam,i.e. creating another priest class/caste serving to exploit vulnerable Afrikan people sexually and economically.Aside from making a new religion it is wiser to insist Afrikans to evaluate solutions from the ones we already have.To throw another ‘God’ into the mix will mix us up more.

  •   May 28th, 2012 O G Runako Gamba Says:

    Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and all other spiritual concepts that evolved in the Nile Valley Civilizations are all good. However, they may not be the answers that we need at present to evolve to the level of spirituality that is necessary for us to change the world. If that was so it would have happened already. They are paths though. While they may be good to some extents, they have created more problems for the human family then they eradicated. Universally I mean. What we’re going to have to do is keep them in their proper perspectives and realize that there is so much more knowledge that the universe has to offer us. The universal mind (if that is what we choose to call it), known by various people’s as God, Allah, Amen, Jesus and so forth are but windows for us to see the greater possibilities in the universe. Some of us will get stuck with our religious propensities no matter what we practice. We all will not be vessels to the future. Other’s will discover old information that is new to you and I and that knowledge will assist the spiritual family in it’s growth. As a result, those beings will develope modes of mental transformation that will assist the human family in it’s growth. But don’t be fooled, all religions have their assets and liabilities according to an individual and their ability or inability to transcend time and space. Those that don’t will be memories of an old world… Stop debating over one’s choice of paths. They can all lead to the same universal mind if the practicioner evolves within it’s framework… P.S. What were we practicing before the Nile Valley civilizations evolved? Who did they evolve from?

  •   May 28th, 2012 O G Runako Gamba Says:

    Afrikan Christian, Islamic, Buddhist and any other water downed spiritual concept that emanates from the universal mind won’t suffice for the intelligence that that mind has to offer. While all of these teachings can lead one to the path, none of them in themselves are “the path”. They are all disciplines that each individual according to her/his personailty and energy field can connect with the higher intelligences that are in the universe that don’t go around naming everything and claim it as their own. This universe doesn’t belong to anyone and neither does the little knowledge that we accumulate in it. That is the biggest problem with those of us who have remained religious and not evolved to a state of consciousness where we have attained a level of spirituality. It really doesn’t matter what a person’s faith is. Some of us get stuck no matter what we practice while some of us do evolve in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or even the phiosophy of KIMI (Kemet). I’ve personally witnessed many fools coming from these concepts as well. Whatever you practice just remember that whatever it was/is that is responsible for the creations of this world and the many more dimensions that are being created as we write, you won’t find that in a book. Your gonna have to tap into the universe for that kind of information.

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