Oct 2011 – Death for Child Molesters: Yes or No
Posted on October 1st, 2011

Capital Punishment for Child Molesters: Yes or No

War Room on Child Sexual Abuse

Part 1 and Part 2


This months’ War Room will be different than any one that we’ve done before.  We’ve recently had serious debate in the Black community about the best way to deal with the sexual abusers of Black children.  We understand that this is an extremely sensitive and explosive topic.  And we understand that there are differing views on how this should be handled.  We want to hear from you.

If you want more information of the impact of sexual abuse in the Black community, refer to the Part 1 and Part 2 links above that cover some of the aspects of child sexual abuse in the Black community from its inception to what’s going on in our communities today.

WOH Show -w- Sister Halima on Sexual Abuse

We want your input.  WOH has a firm position.  However, we want to know what the Black community feels.  Please post a comment at the end of this page.  Depending on when you post your comment, it can take up to a day for your comment to be posted.  We want to tally up the Black community’s sentiment on the fate of sexual abusers in our community.  The question is simple.  If a Black person molests a Black child, should we:

  1. Seek help for the molester based on the fact that they were also victimized or
  2. Remove them permanently from the planet Earth without being implicated in their removal.

In addition to accepting your remarks about this question on our website, we will send out a more in-depth survey asking questions related to this topic.  If you go to our right side bar menu and submit your email address to our WOH Word, we’ll include you on our WOH newsletter that comes out every few days with information related to the well-being of the Black community.  You’ll also get our upcoming survey on Child Sexual Abuse in the Black community.

Please listen to this WOH King Samir Stop Koonin’ Show in order to get an idea of what sparked this debate.  King Samir shared invaluable information with our listening audience recently that led to a serious debate over what the best option is for Black people when dealing with child sexual abusers.  The interview with a Black female child molester is graphic and very disturbing.  Parental Discretion is advised.  Also, of great importance is the heated debate that occurred at the end of the show related to what action the Black community should take to stop sexual abuse in our community.

King Samir Interview -w- Black Female Sexual Abuser


Please comment and give your opinion.  We need to know how our community feels about this very serious issue.  Make your comments as long and involved as you need to make your opinion clear.  Thank you for your participation in this very serious dialog.

This is what we’re fighting Brothers and Sisters – Parental Discretion is Advised:

YouTube Preview Image

We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   October 1st, 2011 Anonymous Says:

    Death, with an exception for children around junior high level or below who do not fully understand the consequences of their actions.

  •   October 2nd, 2011 Anonymous Says:

    I agree somewhat with the previous comment, but I’m still unsure on the cut off age. I think Junior High MAY be a good starting point to assess whether they are too far gone. Part of that decision would be based on their level of damage. In the case of the female on the program, she is/was too far gone. Her parental circumstances doomed her. She will never be a productive member of the Race.

  •   October 2nd, 2011 Anonymous Says:

    what I know from experience is that the black family does not speak out loud about this very, very serious problem.There cannot be a soulution without stating that there is a problem.Especially with black women,we are the back bone to the family so if a child sees that the mom is not going to say anything then who will help me?Stop ingnoring what’s in front of you! Stop giving your children to people like this!

  •   October 2nd, 2011 Bro Wakeel Says:

    Death for rapists and pedophiles. The full extent of their crimes must be investigated. If they were raped as children those persons should be taken into custody and investigated. Grown adult violators-extinguished. Very young violators should be given conditional leniency, with psychological counseling. Since brother Umar stated that rapists and pedophiles can be rehabilitated, the health professionals that release them back into the public should be held accountable if the rapist/pedophile repeat offends after release.

  •   October 3rd, 2011 Anonymous Says:

    Death. Their crime sentences the victim (and many others) to a fate worse than death.

  •   October 3rd, 2011 Ama Says:

    DEATH. This is a serious issue that I have been talking about for years. Every time I have tried to talk about this, I have been shut down. We need some kind of organizing going on in VA because its just ridiculous out here.

  •   October 3rd, 2011 RICO Says:

    Death to all I once heard a sister in Jamaica tell a story of a pedophile on a bus touching a child. She stated that on the next stop the man got off the bus and everyone followed him off the bus and beat him. My response was wow in she said “one bad apple we spoil the bunch!” Now that’s action.

  •   October 3rd, 2011 Bro True Mayasa Says:

    Adult rapist and pedophiles should be punished by death…when they continue to live, they traumatize more lives and breed more of that sickness by turning others into rapist and pedophiles..Children who commit these acts should be given therapy and a chance to rid that sickness of white sex out of them; for the fact that they may not understand what they are doing and may just be copying what they see or what was done to them.. Healing centers should exist for those infected with those thoughts of white sex and want to help themselves before they act on those sick thoughts.. HOWEVER, knowing that these centers exist, if one chooses to take part in those acts of perversion; they obviously don’t want help…so the penalty should be Death.

  •   October 3rd, 2011 ERM Says:


  •   October 7th, 2011 Sonny Simmons Says:

    I’ve been way beyond the death penalty for a long time. My vote is for systematic extermination. Exterminate the perpetrators, the organizers and the politicians that put them our schools. Exterminate the Social Workers that take our children for light reasons and put them into pedophile same sex homes. Make total war on anyone who comes to our community to steal our children. You treat a virus by wiping it completely out.

  •   October 7th, 2011 Haki Ammi Says:

    I put 11 to 15 for cut off age. Also, I picked Incarceration without parole. I picked death for if they do it to my children. I’m cautious in the sense that accusations can sometimes lead to wrongfully convicted persons. This is where critical thinking, investigative procedures and analysis of facts come into play. We have several Brotha’s and Sista’s who have been railroaded in many different ways into the Death Penalty and Prison. It is responsible and mature for us to be fair and develop some analysis to know if the accusations could be provable within some reasonable doubt. This eliminates some conspiracy of some Cointelpro way between agents accussing a leader of something hideous than we all go on a witch hunt without consideration of the facts.

  •   October 9th, 2011 Bomani Mayasa Says:

    ALL child molesters and pedophiles should be exterminated. when i think about someone doing that to my child there is NO OTHER OPTION! we must protect all Black children as if they were our own.

  •   October 14th, 2011 Fasanmi Says:

    I am not going to sit here and try to figure out what would be a good age to exterminate them…the bottom line is they need to be exterminated. If they have a conscious mind to (NO MATTER WHAT AGE) to molest or rape one of our babies then they have made a conscious decision to die. PERIOD!!!

  •   October 14th, 2011 NATIVE Says:

    Depending on the age and if the very same act was done to them. Help is a must. If we are to murder our own for this act you better start with the Europeans, they created this madness by raping our people first. Don’t start with our people go get the creator of this madness then work yourself down.

  •   October 14th, 2011 Phrozen Pharaoh Says:

    Death…..there has to be absolute proof of pedophilia though. We don’t want any innocent people dying because of a lie.

  •   October 18th, 2011 Black Says:

    I say death…..the cut off age would be something that we would need to discuss on a more detailed basis. But definitely death. I know people who can fake out a health professional to make it seem like they have been “healed”, however, they come right back and do it again. So no second chances for molesters or pedophiles.

  •   January 22nd, 2012 Dee Dee Says:

    pedophilia is a demon and people need to learn how to control their evil sexual desires especially towards children because then they pass that demon on to the next generation. I agree that this is the breakdown of our moral fiber because if you are capable of hurting a innocent child you are capable of anything. I say put them on there own island were they can violate each other.

  •   January 24th, 2012 atiba Says:

    death to those who sexually violate our women and children!!!!!! We especially as Afrikan men must no longer accept the bullshit!!!!!!!

  •   July 27th, 2012 DS Says:


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