Nov 2011 – The Destruction of “Afrika”
Posted on November 1st, 2011

The Destruction of Afrika

The 3rd and most deadly white racial assault on the Afrikan continent is underway.  whites intend for this to be the most deadly and permanent assault on Afrikan people in the history of the world.  In order to put this new assault into proper context, we must first briefly examine the 1st (2) major white-on-Black offensives in the history of this world.












By Baba Mwalimu Baruti

1st Major white-on-Black Offensive in Modern History – The Maafa (Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade)

1550’s – 1800’s  –  The most extensive genocide and enslaving of a people in the history of the world occurred.  In order to facilitate the kidnapping, rape, torture, murder, and genocide of Afrikan people during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, whites had to do some extensive preparatory work.  From 1492 – 1900, whites worked to complete one of the most brutal and psychopathic extermination campaigns in the history of the world.  They all but annihilated 500 thriving Nations of Red men and women through acts of demonism, murder, torture, systematic rape, spreading disease, manufactured Red-on-Red wars, trickery, and out right genocide.  This white-on-Red genocide is well-documented and rivals the Maafa in both its scope and magnitude.

Pontiac’s War and Biological Warfare

While this genocidal pogrom was mounting, whites began the most devastating assault on the Afrikan continent the world had ever seen.  Most of the larger and more powerful countries in europe began enslaving Afrikan people to replace the murdered slave labor of the Red men, women, and children they were exterminating in the Western Hemisphere.  The western coast of Afrika was swarmed by whites seeking to exploit free Afrikan labor.

Kebuka – The Enslavement of the Afrikan Continent

An estimated 150 Million Afrikan people were directly murdered during the course of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  This doesn’t account for the Billions of descendants that each of these Brothers and Sisters were never able to birth.  Not only was a continent full of Black people murdered during this white racial assault on Afrika, but entire nations were left destroyed and in ruins, the culture and lifestyle of those who survived the voyage to amerikkka was ruthlessly decimated, and we faced the type of psychopathic sexual violence that only the Red man and woman can relate to in history.

The Maafa – Journey to Hell


As of this day, we as Afrikan people have not begun the process of adequately compensating the white Race for what they did to us in the Maafa.



2nd Major white-on-Black Offensive in Modern History – Colonialism

While Afrika was trying to heal and rebound from the 1st white offensive on the continent, the 2nd major white-on-Black continental racial assault occurred with the Berlin Conference in 1884-1885.  This set of conferences was held in germany.  Most of the major european nations came together and agreed upon the full invasion and exploitation of the Afrikan continent by white nations.  Instead of kidnapping Afrikan people, this time they decided to enslave us in Afrika and employ Black labor to extract the mineral wealth of the continent for european benefit.  Afrikans were used as mercenaries in the enslaving and exploiting of our own people in exchange for their lives and small amount of monetary compensation.  europe grew wealthy off of the rape and plundering of the Afrikan continent during this period from 1885 – 1980.  During this century of murder and torture, whites slaughtered an estimated 150 Million – 250 Million Afrikan people throughout the continent in some of the cruelest and sadistic ways imaginable.

Colonialism – The 2nd Invasion on the Afrikan Continent


3rd Major white-on-Black Offensive in Modern History – The white Takeover of Afrika

Now, we are facing an international crisis that makes these (2) Afrikan Holocausts pale in comparison.  In fact, these (2) progroms combined do not come close to comparing to what whites have in store for Afrikans around this world – particularly in Afrika.  If whites are successful in this 3rd major white-on-Black racial offensive, the Black Race will be effectively exterminated.

To provide a mature perspective of what we’re facing, it is important that we consider the threats that whites are facing to their dominion over this planet.  Here are a few things to consider:

  1. whites make up less than 10% of the world’s population
  2. whites have a negative birth rate (more whites die each year than are born)
  3. The center of white power lies in amerikkka which is quickly being overrun by Hispanics (the descendants of the Red men and women who whites tried to exterminate)
  4. If the descendants of the Afrikan enslaved people in amerikkka join forces with the descendants of the Native Americans, we’ll quickly overpower the whites politically, economically, and militarily (provided we have the appropriate Race war mentality driven by vengeance and foresight).
  5. If whites turn over this country in tact to Black people and Hispanics, we will be inheriting the strongest military infrastructure on planet Earth.  We could easily free Black and Red (Brown) people worldwide and launch an offensive against the white world that would be legendary in the history of the world.
  6. There is not enough land, food, nor various other resources in europe for whites to return home.  As a consequence, they desperately need a place in which to flee – Afrika.

These realities along with other relevant circumstances has led to a program of systematic extermination of Afrikan people worldwide.  To make matters worse, whites have made the decision to flee amerikkka and “settle” the Afrikan continent.  The evidence to this decision has both subtle and obvious signs.  Some of the subtle signs for this major decision are things like the “dumbing down” of amerikkka.  Since whites do not want to leave the military, scientific, intellectual infrastructure of amerikkka in the hands of Black and Red (Brown) people, for the last 40 years or so, they’ve been destroying the intellectual framework of this nation.

For instance, television programming transitioned from serious, political programming such as “Donahue” to intellectually empty, mindless garbage like “Oprah Winfrey Show” and the “Maury Povich Show”.  This has made a relatively “stupid” amerikkkan citizen in comparison to the normal citizen of 1980.  They have also destabilized and decentralized the transportation manufacturing system such that few vehicles are made entirely in amerikkka anymore.  The knowledge-base for complete cradle-to-grave production has been spread throughout the world so that amerikkkans are no longer able to manufacture on the same level as in the past.  Additionally, computer technology customer service positions and/or education is being financed by u.s. dollars to enrich other communities around the world.  This keeps amerikkkans from maintaining the type of skill level necessary to run a country adequately.  The science and mathematics scores for people in this country have plummeted to levels where u.s. citizens are no longer competitive with the rest of the world.

These things are being done entirely on purpose.  The main purpose is to collapse the political, economic, social, and military sophistication to a level that makes the Black/Red (Brown) takeover of this country a non-threat.  This is why there is such a strong push to “homosexualize” the military.  The whites know that the u.s. military will become weak and dysfunctional, thereby destroying the threat of its overthrow.  However, with the destruction of the political and military infrastructure of the u.s., whites must simultaneously increase their political and military presence abroad.

They have unanimously agreed upon Afrika as their destination.  In order to compensate for the hotter, more demanding climate of the Afrikan continent, whites have created an all-out campaign to inject mild doses of Afrikan blood and melanin into their DNA.  This interracial dating/interracial marriage campaign is obvious.  Every commercial ad, television show, jewvie, radio show, and talk show on TV is promoting interracial sex (miscegenation).

This campaign accomplishes (3) major results.  It provides whites with the melanin content they need to exist in the hotter climate of the Afrikan continent.  It creates a class of mulatto scum that will almost invariably side with the white Race in the genocide of the Black Race.  And it helps the genocidal program against Afrikan people by consistently lightening up our bloodlines with the infusion of more and more white blood.  It is a brilliant Race War strategy that benefits the whites in every way and does immeasurable harm to Black people.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing on Donahue Explaining white Fear of Genetic Annihilaton

History of the Black Race Integrating with whites

whites Promoting Interracial Mixing

austrailian Genocide of Black People through Race Mixing

Of much greater concern to the white leaders who’re spearheading this global white invasion into Afrika are the barriers and/or obstacles to their full colonization and overthrow of the continent.  Their major barriers/obstacles are:

  1. Getting whites to abandon this country and move to Afrika
  2. Overthrowing the arab-held northern peninsula of the Afrikan continent
  3. Competing with the Chinese for the wealth of the continent
  4. Fighting the emergence of Black/Afrikan Nationalist movements in Afrika and/or the amerikkka’s who will violently resist white invasion
  5. Exterminating the masses of Afrikan people who live on the continent

The 1st issue is being dealt with in a very sophisticated manner.  The whites are intentionally collapsing the infrastructure of this nation from within.  As a result, whites have no choice but to consider their options.  This has made the move to Afrika resonate loudly among whites with money and vision.  Wealthy whites are buying huge plots of land throughout the continent of Afrika.  The poor whites will be left here to fight for amerikkka and/or be brought in at a later time as military support (police).

With the recent uprisings in the arab-controlled nations of Northern Afrika and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, the arab issue has been all but eliminated.

The “Cold War” with the Chinese for Afrika’s natural resources is waging strongly and the white colonization of the Afrikan continent will be a trump card in the hands of the whites.  If the Afrikan Governments are controlled by whites, the Chinese will have to rely on whites for the resources necessary to run their country.  The whites will completely hold the destiny of the Asian world in the palms of their hands.  However, at the moment the war for Afrika’s resources is waging and over 50 million Afrikan people have been slaughtered as a result over the past 20 years, with the numbers climbing every day.

whites Killing Afrikans to Fight for Our Resources

The whites are planning the murder of Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, as we speak.  If they are successful in killing Mr. Mugabe, they will have murdered the last of Afrika’s nationalistic leaders.  The continent will be wide open for white rape and colonization.  One of Mr. Mugabe’s most critical allies, Muammar Gaddafi, was murdered by the whites very recently.  In fact, he was sodomized, dragged through the streets, then executed.

The Brutalizing of Muammar Gaddafi

This may prove catastrophic to the Afrikan continent as Gaddafi’s recent murder leaves Robert Mugabe in a lonely position as Afrika’s last standing anti-white colonialist ruler.  To our knowledge, all of the rest are cowards, Negroes, accommodationists, money barons, or largely insignificant.  Therefore, Robert Mugabe is Afrika’s last standing “Race Man” as Mr. Garvey would say.  If the Black world does not immediately provide his government with its support and loyalty, his murder by white interests is all but imminent.  Without a vanguard at the gates of Afrika willing to resist white invasion, Afrika appears doomed.

And the condition of Afrikan people in amerikkka makes Afrika’s destiny even more bleak.  Far short of any discussion about our international political maturity, we do not even know that we are Afrikans.  We have no relevant leadership on a national level.  We are facing a Black degeneracy onslaught from every corner of our society. From the Negro preachers who’re bleeding our community dry of its economic and intellectual resources, to racially treasonous politicians and Negro leaders who will sell our interests out for a TV show or a nice watch, to the hip-hop culture that is fighting to keep our youth stupid, self-hating, pro-white, anti-Black, decadent, immoral, sexually degenerate, and down right gay, to the space-age quacks who run around the Black community talking about some magic spaceships that never seem to appear, to stargazers who consistently direct our people’s focus away from issues of reality to issues of metaphysical something or other that nobody can comprehend, to conscious Black degenerates who use the history and knowledge of our ancestral story to convince us that we are a bunch of “Nig*ers,” to political, social, and entertainment faggits and pedophiles who’re running around trying to holistically turn our people gay, we are not relevant.

However, if we somehow break through this maze of Black degeneracy and establish an Afrikan Nationalist institution that focuses on our international awakening, the timing couldn’t be better.  Everyone in the Black world community is facing extermination at the very same time.  Our simultaneous awakening could spell disaster for the europeans’ plans to steal the Afrikan continent from our people.

The socio-political and military impotence of the Afrikan world community is being fueled by an international white-sponsored campaign to effeminize Black men and boys and to dysgender (a term created by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing) Black women and girls.  The induced and widely supported sexual exploitation and molestation of Afrikan people is creating a sexually damaged and depressed Race of people who can’t make up our minds which gender we want to mate with, much less organize to fight white aggression.  whites have been so successful in preventing another Black Power Movement in amerikkka by the combination of hip-hop, drugs, and “homosexuality” to include lesbianism, that they are importing these things to the Afrikan continent.  However, they realize that if they can turn us into “homosexuals”, they don’t have to invest in the other assaults – our demise will come automatically.  Therefore, the push to destroy Black militancy, which is the only force on Earth that can save the Black Race at this time, has become the all-consuming passion of the white Race.

The idea is simple.  whites are systematically murdering Afrikan people throughout the Afrikan continent with the full intention of moving into Afrika as permanent residents and rulers.  The increasing presence of these foreign invaders will naturally result in the increase of Black hostilities towards whites and ultimately lead to Race War.  Except in this case, all of the Black men will be victims of sexual abuse and/or psycho-sexual mental insanity; hence they’ll be a bunch of homos.  There has never been a relevant group of Black homos in the history of the world who have resisted white supremacy and white aggression.  The whites will walk into Afrika, rape and torture our women and children, and quickly expose of the Race of faggits they’re producing on a daily basis throughout the continent.  And we won’t do anything here in amerikkka because our political infrastructure is run by homos like Eddie Long, T.D. Jakes, and Al Sharpton.  And to a large degree, the rest of our national leaders are cowards, faggits, lesbians, Negroes, Integrationists, and/or largely irrelevant. This all makes preventing the “homosexualization” of the Black Race the top priority for Afrikan people at this time.

Obama Administration to Cut Aid to Uganda Unless They Accept “Homos”      March 2011

Obama Passes Resolution to Enforce “Homosexuality” Worldwide                     June 2011

Obama Administration Tries to Enforce “Homosexuality” in Uganda                  Aug 2011

$350M in Financial Aid Rescinded Unless Malawi Accepts “Homos”                  Aug 2011

UK to Reduce Aid to Afrikan Countries Who Don’t Accept “Homos”                    Oct 2011

WOH War Room History of the “Homosexual” Assault on Afrika

June 2009 War Room – Barack Obama, Pro-gay – Not Pro-Black                          Jun 2009

Barack Obama’s Other Life News                                                                                   Aug 2010

Oct 2009 War RoomHomosexuality” in Afrika                                                     Oct 2009

January 2011 War Room – Black vs. “Homosexual” War                                          Jan 2011

Ghanain “Homos” Openly Promote “Homosexuality” in Ghana

Mulatto whore Promotes “Homosexuality” in Azania (South Afrika)

Afrikans Fighting Back:

David Bahati – Ugandan Anti-gay Freedom Fighter

WOH Video on International Sexual Abuse

Ugandans Fight “Homosexuality”

Kenyans Stand Strong Against “Homosexuality”

The military overthrow of Afrika is well underway.  Through AFRICOM (US Afrika Command), the whites have placed themselves in the military position for the complete seizure of the Afrikan continent.  Every country in Afrika has an AFRICOM base except Egypt.  Right now,  whites are training Black soldiers to kill nd murder Black communities.  They are also teaching these groups how to systematically rape Black men and boys in order to strike terror into these groups.

The Rape of Men Worldwide

The Rape of Men in Uganda by white-trained Afrikan Forces

As the white timeline for moving into Afrika speeds up, these Negro forces will be used to step up the slaughter of all Afrikan Resistance fighters who oppose white imperialism in Afrika.  whites have trained these Negro mercenaries.  Next they will send them throughout the continent to kill any anti-white militant or political factions that exist.  No one who opposes white interests will be spared.  whites will persist in making Afrika a complete Afrikan death plain of carnage and murder as they force Black Nations to take up arms one against the other.  The process has already begun.

Kenyans Murder Somalians for white Interests

US Drone Base in Ethiopia

Obama Administrations Sending u.s. Troops to Uganda

As the white numbers in Afrika increase significantly and the militant factions of Afrikans on the continent are systematically murdered by the white-trained Black mercenaries, whites will begin to take over the military occupation of Afrika.  In this process the Black soldiers will be portrayed as war criminals who murdered their own people.  As a result, whites will claim to see “no option” but to bring in larger white forces from amerikkka, great britain, france, austrailia, and whatever other white nation wishes to assist in the colonization of Afrika.  white mercenary companies like Blackwater.USA and others will be paid incredible money to “subsidize” military operations is Afrika.  This will result in the same Negro troops who are helping to exterminate the Afrikan population in Afrika being systematically hunted down and slaughtered by the new inhabitants of our continent – the white Race.

To make matters worse, they have Afrikans fighting over which enslavers religion should rule on the continent.  These religious differences which have grown out of white oppression of Afrikan people will continue to take the lives of millions of our people.

Christians in Nigeria Prepare to Slaughter the Muslims of Nigeria

This is the dismal outlook for the Afrikan continent at this time.  We need an immediate change in interests to take over the Black world community.  We are in an international crisis that threatens the survival of our entire Race and we are watching trash on TV, having sexual intercourse with members of the same gender, marrying and having sex outside of our Race, singing and dancing to songs talking about killing other Black people and violating Black women, spending countless hours in Negro churches praying to deities who will never come, and playing games.  We should be rounding up our enemies and killing them.  Instead we are sitting ducks waiting to be cooked and fed to our enemies.  It’s time for an Afrikan Nationalist War Revival.

We need the spirit of Menkheperatehudimes, John Jacques Dessalines, Boukman Dutty, Nanny of Jamaica, Queen Nzingha, Hannibal of Carthage, and Nat Turner to return.  If this doesn’t happen very soon, our future as a Race of people on this planet is doomed.

Remember Brothers and Sisters, we didn’t come here to be your friends, we came here to save you.

We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   November 7th, 2011 Arnett Cooper Says:

    I want to comment on our African Brothers and Sisters on the Americas continents and others parts of the World to start checking that African alarm clock and Wake Up because it is time for battle and forget the ideas of Dr King and the Civil Rights stuff because We are at war we are losing like a bad habit due of enslaveism in our mines Africa is being taking over

  •   July 17th, 2012 chen Says:

    WHERE O WHERE does one start. Alot of the present problems at be laid at our door!! Let’s get real! For damn near a hundred years the “black” boule has systematically withheld knowledge from the Afrikan peoples and has consistently helped the Nearanthal Animals to control us. We seem to think that if we behave in a certain way, the whites will approve of us and treat us as equals ( are we kiding ). We would rather insult and kill one another in instances where we would Forgive the whit dog with open arms. We HAVE NO LEADERS, Period! ANYWHERE! The public lynching of Muamar Gaddaffi was evidence enough to so called Afrikan “leaders” that whites DO NOT RESPECT YOU and NEVER did, BECAUSE we DO NOT RESPECT OURSELVES! As one brother put it, “we have the numbers, but not the unity”. The only time Afrikan “leaders” have Backbone is when they’re killing off their own people! Meet a white piece of shit and they all melt like jelly!!! We’re STILL fighting over light-skin, “good” hair, who have a man, how much pussy to get in a single night, who the slice, which hair to buy, how to get a six-pack and on and on with the shit, whilst our neighbourhoods look like war-zones, because THIS is who we’ve come to believe we are. The white dog is getting ready to TAKE OUR MOTHER….ALKEBULAN away from us for good, what are we going to do about that? WHAT can’t be OVERSTAND?? Tomorrow as I walk down the block, it’s be business as usual, jive, sisters buying hair when their kids ain’t seen a meal in days!!!Depressing.

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