Jan 2012 – Afrikans At The Crossroads
Posted on January 1st, 2012

Afrikans At The Crossroads


The moment our brilliant warrior scholar Bobby Wright warned us about has finally arrived.  That dreadful moment when the bull finally realizes that the matador is about to murder him.  He’s bleeding half to death and hemorrhaging from his wounds.  He sees his enemy clearly for the first time and prepares for his final charge.  For Afrikan people, that moment is here.

Baby Babylon by Brothas Keepa

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Babylon is falling down.  Unfortunately, it’s falling down on top of Black people worldwide.  Following behind “promosexuals” (a term made popular by our warrior scholar Mwalimu Baruti referring to those who support “homosexuality” and other forms of white-sex as Martin Luther King, Jr. did with Bayard Rustin) like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., too many of our people are trapped in fighting for the hopeless cause of integrating with the white race.  (See Magic Johnson’s push to organize for sodomy.)  The utter stupidity of this position is that the worst possible scenario is for Afrikan people to become culturally like whites.  The idea of integrating with whites can only appeal to an already dead-minded Afrikan who feels inferior to the white race to begin with. 

Any Black man or woman of substance believes ourselves to be culturally superior to the european regardless of his power on the planet.  Hence, we would never desire to integrate with a spiritually diseased race like the white race.  For Afrikans, integration with whites means slavery, imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, Jim Crow, Apartheid, and the newest form of european savagery “white-sex Imperialism.”  This is the most hideous of all of the assaults that whites have ever put upon our people.  They are sexually turning us into them.  Martin Luther King’s “Negro Dream” has become an Afrikan nightmare making him the Negro Freddy Krueger of Garvey’s dreams and work towards an independent and Unified Black Afrika – for those at home and abroad!

As the smallhat-led white world government pushes to collapse various european empires worldwide (see what u.s. is doing to russia) in order to force global white unification, each group of the world’s inhabitants will be forced to turn to its own Racial clan for survival.  Under the direction of the leader of the free world – Hugo Chavez, the Red man and woman (Native Americans/Hispanics) are organizing for their survival.  The Iranian and Pakistan governments are mobilizing for the interest of their respective groups.  China, the protector of the Asian world, may be emerging as the world’s true superpower. 

As for Afrikan people, Zimbabwe is one of the few Black strongholds we have left.  Our Brother Robert Mugabe is holding his government together while facing the greatest challenges imaginable. 

In 2012, Zimbabwe will likely face a direct invasion by international white forces in order to assassinate (murder) President Mugabe in the same way they did Muammar Gaddafi.  Unfortunately, when this happens, Black people worldwide are not primed and ready to respond with the kind of force necessary to run the whites out of Afrika.  Rather, if our Brother is attacked and murdered, Afrika’s last “Nationalistic” leader will be gone.  We will be left with a cadre of middle-of-the-road, christian, “yes” men who will easily capitulate to the full-scale white invasion of the Afrikan continent.  Not only don’t we have the military forces necessary to protect our Racial survival; but more importantly, we don’t have the anti-white mindset necessary to protect our future.  Many Afrikan nations with superior military forces have been destroyed in the past due to our timeless pathological love and respect for white life.  Our inability to hate whites in a real and sustainable way has caused more death and destruction to the Black Race than all other factors combined.  In fact, most of the other reasons for our suffering as a Race stem directly from this millennium-old problem.  We are the only group of people on this planet who are so sick that we scoff at those of us who hate our white tormentors and we teach our babies to love and revere our most bitter enemy – the white race.  Dr. Chancellor Williams puts it best in his masterpiece The Destruction of Black Civilization, more affectionately known as “The Black Bible”:

“[The necessary re-education of Black people and a possible solution to the racial crisis can only begin when Black people fully realize this central fact in our lives – The white race is our bitter enemy.  This is the calm and unmistakable verdict of several thousand years of documented history where each and every Black nation was destroyed by whites.]

With this reality as the backdrop for our current world situation, the Black Race is at the crossroads.  Do we:

A.  Surrender our Race and become a bunch of integrationist, intermarrying, pedophiles and “homosexuals” on the verge of extinction   or

B.  Buckle down and wage war against the white race pushing them towards extinction.

Unfortunately, these are the only (2) options.  Most of our people will try to find some comfortable space in between these (2) extremes.  However, in the context of the world we’re living in today, to do any thing other than #2 is to do #1.  Consider these alternatives:


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Integrating with whites is the way we got into this position and it ultimately means Black Racial genocide.


Amos Wilson – Economic Treason

Multiculturalism only succeeds in assuring there are no successful Black-owned businesses in our community.

Repatriation to Afrika and/or Separation: 

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We fully agree with Repatriation to Afrika and National Separation from whites in amerikkka in theory.  However, if we move to Afrika in mass, we have to be ready for a full-scale war because that’s exactly what it’s going to be.  Even, if we move to build independent Afrikan communities in amerikkka, we better be ready to shoot and kill to protect them because that’s exactly what it’s going to take.  Thus, the act of physically separating from whites is appropriate; but it only puts us in the midst of white racial aggression and warfare in a different timezone or area code.  

Prey to God more.

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As you can see from this circle of buffoonery surrounding the publicly televised murder of our innocent Brother Troy Davis, the path chosen by many of those who came before us will not save our people.  Many of the ‘”Black leaders” of the past were/are nothing more than part-time pimps who exploit(ed) the opportunity to profit off of keeping our people laughing and docile.  Those who hold on to the ideals and legacies of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his band of “homosexual” Uncle Tom Negro cohorts are preparing our people for wholesale slaughter.  We must throw away this “God is coming to save us” Christian Negro mentality and get serious about our survival.  (Click here to read more on our spiritual condition.)

In short, neither Jesus Christ, Allah, Jehovah, nor any other foreign deity is coming to save Afrikan people.  We’re going to fight or die.  Any religion that Black people practice, including “Afrikan spirituality”, that does not specifically classify the white race as enemies to the Black Race is outdated!  We need a racial warfare religion that teaches us that the Creator demands  that we avenge the white race for their crimes against our people.  Since this racial conflict is unavoidable and inevitable, we might as well take a page out of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s book of Black religious warfare.  “The white race is the devil and God wants the devil dead!”  Who can deny God?


The crossroads for Afrikan people are going to force us to make many difficult decisions.  Some of these decisions will be:
1.  What to do with white-sex offenders (“homosexuals” and pedophiles) with Black skin?  The only real answer is to do the same thing with them that we have to do with the white ones.  However, this will be very difficult to do for a people who have members of their family participating in this madness.  If we don’t seriously move to eliminate this vice from our Race, please disregard the rest of this War Room because we will lose.

2.  How do we identify and deal with the Race Traitors who aren’t white-sex offenders?  Joseph Mobutu, Nelson Mandela, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey (even though she is a white-sex offender), Morgan Tsvangirai, etc . . .  have done more damage to our community than we can possibly imagine.  We must have a process in place to identify and punish those who actively work against the interests of our people.  This Christian pacifist activism is a joke.  True activism requires consequences to those who work against Black progress.

3.  Avoiding internal conflicts that lead to crushing blows to our movement.  Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, Min. Farrakhan and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Winnie Mandela and Nelson Mandela, Min. Farrakhan and Dr. Khallid Muhammad, etc . . .   We have to find a way to prevent splits that leave one of our leaders moving closer to integrating with whites.

Brother Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam and began speaking of “good whites” he met in Mecca. 










Jesse Jackson referred to jew york city as “hymie town.”  After he faced pressure from whites, he denounced Min. Farrakhan who had provided him free security when no one else would,  and has been an integrationist Uncle Tom Negro running from the smallhats ever since. 









Nelson Mandela divorced Winnie Mandela and has been an Uncle Tom, “gay rights” advocate in Afrika ever since.  









Since Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad’s departure from the NOI, Min. Farrakhan has taken such an integrationist tone that he has permanently turned off many of his most staunch supporters in the Black Nationalist community.











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In each of these cases the Black Race had a leadership teaming arrangement that appeared to be working from the outside.  In each case, a pivotal turning point occurred after one party or the other said and/or did something to a white or group of whites.  In each case, after the split one party or the other moved closer to a partnering relationship with whites.  In each case, the potential for a revolutionary impact on our Race was squashed as one or both parties distanced themselves from the other – killing the militant spirit and momentum of the period.  In all cases, we failed to “Seize the Time” and we lost.  

4.  We must figure out how to turn the hatred of whites into a foundational building block of the international Black educational paradigm.  Our undying love for the race that kills our babies is our greatest historical Racial character flaw making our hatred for whites the most important missing character ingredient to the survival of our Race.

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With a trying year coming, we have what we believe to be realistic and timely goals for Afrikan people worldwide to be working towards:

Black Racial Goals for 2012:

1. Create an aggressive Black international movement against white-sex (“homosexuality” and pedophilia), (See Magic Johnson’s push to organize for sodomy.  Magic is a “promosexual” on the war path to promote filth in the Black world community.)

2. Vocally and politically push against the white racial invasion of the Afrikan continent,

3. Galvanize around the idea of social separation from whites to include Black community development, Black economic infrastructure, and independent Black education, 

4. Reduce time spent in conflict with other Afrikans,

5. Repair and work to strengthen the relationship between the Black Man and the Black Woman.


Brothers and Sisters, 2012 will be one of the most difficult years in the history of the world for Afrikan people.  Black freedom fighters in amerikkka and abroad will come under direct assault from the white world Government.  Black activists who bring attention to white aggression will also come under attack.  Some will be incarcerated and may even be tortured.  Our access to the Internet will be significantly reduced this year, with a band on websites like ours to follow in the coming years.  In fact, we suggest that you begin to copy the information off of our website and keep it for your archive records because we’re about to see the kind of worldwide racial strife that we cannot imagine in our wildest dreams.  Take advantage of your access to this information while you can. 


For the freedom fighters, this is a horrible year and a wonderful one at the same time.  For all of the attention of your Race that your diligent efforts and hard work have not been able to secure, you need not worry.  whites are taking off their masks this year.  Their racism, oppression, and brutality will be so pervasive and overt that your people will come to you begging for you to organize them.  Within the next (5) years, the Afrikan freedom fighters who survive the initial white onslaught are going to have so much support that our biggest problem will be figuring out how to turn people away. 


Afrikans everywhere – brace.  2012 is coming.


PS: Remember, the matador’s plans don’t always go his/her way.



We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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