Feb 2012 – white Supremacy’s Lethal Weapon
Posted on February 1st, 2012

white Females:

white Supremacy’s Lethal Weapon

margaret sanger: Mother of Eugenics (The Science of Black Genocide)


When Black people discuss white aggression and demonism, we often restrain the conversation to the deeds of white males.  “The white man speaks with a forked tongue.”  “You can’t never trust a cracka.”  “You can take the cracka out of the cave, but no matter how hard you try, you can never take the cave out of the cracka.”  “The white man is the devil!”

Each statement above shares an unusual peculiarity – no mention of the white female.  There are a number of reasons why Black people fail to deal with the wickedness of the white female:

  1. Black men are so sick and racially treasonous that we want to sleep with these whores.  Hence, we condemn white males to the eternally evil position of devil while carefully leaving room to justify our sexual lust for the ‘Whores of Babylon’.
  2. The putrid white whore is portrayed as the standard of beauty and decency throughout the world.  Hence, all of the superior women on the planet are pressured into chasing her doglike image.  This reverence for the white female makes her appear as the model female and allows her favor among all peoples of the world.
  3. white males hide the wickedness of the white female through the careful and strategic use of propaganda.  Even though white females have committed many of the world’s worst atrocities, their actions are kept out of the mainstream media for people to see and digest.
  4. Black people are a bunch of slaphappy religious zealots who prefer to forgive those who murder our babies than to seek vengeance against them.

If we take a cursory glance at recent world history, we can see that the white female has been a major player in the extermination of Afrikan people worldwide.  In fact, white females do many of the hardest jobs that require skill and precision.  For example, margaret sanger is a perfect example.  She is the mother of the “eugenics” movement which is the study of Black Racial genocide.  In other words, whites have been using science and politics to develop systematic methods for killing Black people without actually committing acts of “violence.”  This has become the primary form of scientific study in the white world over the past 100 years.  It was margaret sanger who came up with the bright idea of exterminating Black people by offering us “free” or very inexpensive abortions.  Her goal was to decrease and ultimately stop the Black birthrate.

Margaret Sanger: Mother of Eugenics (The Science of Black Genocide)

In 1939, sanger started “The Negro Project.”  The purpose of this organization was to begin a “non-violent” process for the extermination of the Black Race in amerikkka.  Under the guise of providing birth control and inexpensive medical services to Black people, she raised money to open numerous abortion clinics throughout Black communities in amerikkka.  Her Black genocide program eventually grew into Planned Parenthood which offers inexpensive rates to murder Black babies in our neighborhoods today.  This murderous white whore is responsible for somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million Black babies not being born in amerikkka over the last century – and this doesn’t include the Afrikan continent.

margaret sanger from the Video “Maafa 21”

Though margaret sanger’s story exemplifies the murderous character of the white female to Afrikan people the world over, she is by no means the only example of this kind of monster.  For instance, marie stopes was the female eugenicist of europe.  This racist white monster shared the same eugenics ideas espoused by sanger.  In fact, her organization, marie stopes International, has over 500 centers in over 38 countries providing abortions to pregnant women.  They kill over 500,000 babies per year.  Many of these are our babies.

marie stopes – Abortion Clinics in non-white countries Worldwide

white females are used worldwide to kill enemies of the white race.  For instance, white nurses from Bulgaria and Palestine (perhaps israelis) were caught injecting hundreds of Libyan babies with HIV.  They were found guilty and their sentences were supposed to be death; however, the benevolent Libyan Government changed their ruling and let them go back to their respective countries.

white females were also part of the team that spread AIDS throughout Afrika in the 1980’s.  whites intentionally injected over 100 milion Black people in Afrika with the AIDS virus under the guise of smallpox vaccinations.

For many years, it was rumored that p.w. botha of South Africa secretly conspired to send white female prostitutes with HIV/A.I.D.S. after Black men in order to infect them with the deadly disease.  Though there is no official “proof” of this rumor, it is a fact that white females have been used by white males to subdue to upward mobility of Black people for many centuries.  Weak Black males throughout history have succumbed to the sexual advances of poisonous white female assassins.  These shapeless whores have managed to capture the attention of racially treasonous, but powerful, Black men for thousands of years.  And their ability to attract “strong” Black men has led to the downfall of many Black communities throughout history.  Also, through miscegenation and intermarriage to rich and otherwise powerful Black men, white females have destroyed more Black families in amerikkka than the welfare system of the 1950’s.

And we can never forget that it was white females during the Jim Crow period of amerikkkan history, who falsely claimed that Black men had raped them.  This false accusation became the primary pretense for white klansmen shutting down Black economic growth and development during and after the Reconstruction period in the u.s.a.  More Black men during ‘Jim Crow’ were tortured, maimed, and murdered for crimes they did not commit against white females than white males were punished for raping Black women throughout the entire history of this country.

In the modern context of white female aggression and destruction of Afrikan people, things have only gotten worse.  For instance, take the smallhat gail wasserman for instance.  wasserman headed up a “research experiment” in the early 1990’s which sought to prove that Black children were genetically predisposed to being violent.  In the end, young Black boys were exclusively experimented on in an attempt to create a national mandate to medicate Black boys “before” we acted out on our “innately violent genetic dispositions.”

Over a decade ago, Isaac (Black boy) became ensnared in such a research initiative tailored specifically for children of color.  Between 1992 and 1997, New York City’s New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) and Columbia University’s Lowenstein Center for the Study and Prevention of Childhood Disruptive Behavior Disorders conducted several research studies that sought to establish a link between genetics and violence.                  

Medical Apartheid, Harriet A. Washington

This “project”, much like the Tuskegee Experiment, was designed with one aim in mind – to kill Black people.  whites are desperately trying to find a way to maintain power on planet Earth and to avoid facing justice for their crimes against the Black Race, the Red Race, and the rest of the non-white inhabitants of the world.  white females like gail wasserman (white so-called jew known as “smallhats”) are leading the charge in trying to exterminate Black people before this inevitable day arrives.  And because our people are so consumed with preying to a white jesus that we aren’t paying attention to our own survival, white females get away clean with committing acts of genocide that would make adolph hitler blush!

gail wasserman – Columbia Jewniversity Professor/Genocidal Racist

For those who don’t understand why these white females are so committed to exterminating Black people, the answer is found in the psychological confines of white folks greatest fears.  whites firmly believe that a male Black messiah will be born who will seek vengeance against the white race for their crimes against our people.  They predict him to be heartless, merciless, and without compassion for white life.  In an effort to kill him before he is born, they are using every conceivable measure to stop his ascension.  However, he will be born anyway.  And despite all of their efforts to prevent it, He will insist upon scouring the Earth and exterminating every white individual on this planet.  This is their prediction and this is why they are trying to kill Black males in their earliest stages of development before they are strong and wise enough to seek vengeance against the whites.  And the white female is the most deadly assassin in the process of disvisioning Black men against our natural birth right and responsibility.

Listen to a Short Audio Clip of Amos Wilson – Black on Black Violence

The list of white female accomplices to Black global genocide is too long to cover in (1) War Room.  In fact, it is worthy of a 300-500 page book of its own.  It would not only have to include an extensive list of bios on white female demons like those listed above, it would also need to cover such topics as:

  1. How white females have been used to spread death, disease, and genocide throughout the Afrikan world through medicine, trickery, prostitution, and various other methods.
  2. How white females have been the primary individuals responsible for intentionally (1) miseducating our children and (2) misdiagnosing our sons and daughters as being learning disabled.
  3. How white females have been used for capturing reconnaissance by placing themselves in the middle of Black Power movements.
  4. How white females have been used throughout world history to mate with powerful Black males and undermine Black nations.
  5. How the white female has been used to suck the economic lifeline out of the Black community by targeting rich/wealthy Black males for marriage
  6. How the white females’ sexual licentiousness has been used to play on the Black man’s weakened sense of Racial responsibility to make the average Black man a sexual Race Traitor.
  7. How white female sexual interaction with Black males leads to severe demoralization of the Black woman’s self-esteem and self-value.





Buy Feminism, Lesbianism, & the Making of a Black Widow

A book covering these realities would do the Black Race well in understanding the nature of the white female.  She is one of the white race’s greatest weapons in the war against Black life.  She will participate in almost any level of trickery and manipulation to keep Black people oppressed and headed toward extinction’s door.  She is our enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We’ll See You on the Battlefield! (And leave that white skunkish whore behind!) 

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  •   February 4th, 2012 KickWhitesOutAfrica Says:

    WOW this is on point. I have often wondered why we always leave the WHITE WOMAN OUT when we speak against the white race. The white man has played his cards very cleverly. While he gets up to his bad old ways he makes sure to promote his white woman as the Good One. He ensures that she is seen as meek, mild, kind and gentle to all. He shows her to be compassionate and as beautiful in her actions as she is to look at. So our people are TRICKED into believing that WHITES are not ALL bad because HALF of them are good… and that half is the WHITE WOMAN.

    War on the Horizon really needs to create a video for YouTube about the WHITE WOMAN because as far as I’m concerned, she is a TRILLION times more DANGEROUS than the white man… after all, it is SHE who gives BIRTH to the white male child and so he inherits HER jealousy, HER envy, her brutality, HER greed, HER zeal for POWER no matter the death of many of us. I have so much to say on this subject, so please, please, please create a video for YouTube.

    Keep up the enlightening work… it is greatly appreciated by those of us who are AWAKE.

    Amani na Baraka to you all.

  •   February 4th, 2012 FTG Says:

    Meda ase for this Good Brutha! We have for centuries neglected this key element in our downfall. It’s time these bitches be given their just do. They’ve been cloaked in the shadows for too long. That book should definitely be developed. I think a team of Sistas should put it together…


  •   February 6th, 2012 Hijabi Says:

    Anytime I say cracka or devil I’m including male, female, kid, and unborn.

    I believe that the AIDS plot in S. Africa was admitted in a speech by Botha, quoted by Del Jones in “The Black Holocaust”. I haven’t confirmed the quote was accurate, but I have no reason to doubt it.

    White women are great neutralizers. I can’t wait for the day that black people stop desiring our own destruction.


  •   February 11th, 2012 Julius Says:

    @ Hijabi…..Yes family,I have the Botha article somewhere in my documents. I have to search for it. P.W.Botha clearly said white female assassins would be used in his war to exterminate Afrikans. Also chemical and biological weapons.Professor Charles Ssali of Uganda was one of the Top AIDS researchers on the planet. Before he passed he uncovered the reason for South Afrika’s AIDS epidemic. The White’s had a massive vaccination (AIDS CONTAMINATED)campaign designed to infect as many Afrikans with AIDS as the white’s knew apartheid was changing form and they could no longer openly oppress Afrikans! Prior to this vaccination campaign South Afrika had
    one of the the lowest rate of AIDS infection on the continent.

  •   March 6th, 2012 Kun Says:

    HW, BTW, I am having a blast antickatg the libtards on Reddit. You guys don’t know how much fun you are missing. It is fun..joo, Hunter Wallace. You may be the most bigoted, idiotic cocksucker I have ever had the displeasure to read. Guess what? Miscegenation is going on all around you and you can’t stop it. It will continue until the whole country is a nice light brown melting pot. Your people are the biggest racists on the planet and have been for thousands of years. Your people are also the biggest hypocrites as you would know if you were physically capable of understanding what it meant. Your post promotes white genocide in the same breath as calling other people bigots. Your people are a moral black hole.. My humble curse: Your daughter grows up and loves to get gangbanged by black guys. Fuck you. Why black men, Jew? Why not Hispanics or Asians? Why not Jews? What does it say about you that you want the daughters of people you have such an extreme hatred for to miscegenate specifically with blacks? Is it that the sequence in your head goes something like:Jew->Asian->Hispanic->Black->AnimalsAnd you don’t want to say animals because it would make it too obvious how vile you Jewish supremacists are?

  •   April 9th, 2012 VOO504DOO Says:

    Fucking niggers… Grow balls, have a backbone, and ACT. STOP TALKING like pussy fucks and do something about it, or retreat back to your fucked up nigger-ran country. The race war will be over a day or 2 after it begins, trust me.

  •   July 5th, 2013 dONOVAN Says:

    thE WHITE WOMAN IS THE ORIGINAL BITCH OF THE PLANET Earth.The term bitch means female dog,She is nothing more than half human half beast.A female dog(bitch) will fuck her own son.

  •   December 13th, 2013 Mini Me Says:

    You can take the niggaz out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out the niggaz!

  •   December 25th, 2019 더나인카지노쿠폰 Says:


    Feb 2012 – white Supremacy’s Lethal Weapon

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