Mar 2012 – The $Price$ for Racial Treason
Posted on March 4th, 2012

The Price for Racial Treason

Kobe Bryant and “The Other”


Racial treason (miscegenation) has become the desirable and now achievable standard in the Black community.  As fathers, uncles, and various other Black men promote the white female as the world’s standard of beauty – and adopt her as a mate whenever we have sufficient financial resources to do so, Black women are suffering quietly in the background.  All of the racial loyalty Black women have demonstrated through the ages is being flushed down the toilet in favor of interracial practices at the hands of Racially treasonous Black males.  Having been convinced of the Black woman’s complete and universal inferiority to white and/or “other” females throughout our upbringing, Black males are raised with the idea that if we ever become economically viable, we will marry a white or “other than Black” female.  We don’t have any problems with the concept of sexually toying around with Black women; however, our primary goal and objective as related to marriage and children is to be with the females whose husbands and sons have raped and murdered our people for centuries.  The Black male has become a living, walking, demonstration of Racial treason.

This constant demonstration for white female preference has shattered the Black woman’s self-esteem.  This is why we see our women frying and coloring their heads blonde.  This contributes to the level of obesity and depression we see among Black women.  Our women are seriously suffering emotionally and mentally and we are active participants in creating this reality.


However, the Black male is not the only member of the Race who contributes to this reality.  Black women have bought into this concept lock, stock and barrel.  In fact, the standard of beauty among Black women is the white female.  In many cases, Black women mimic white females in their hairstyles, hair color, dress, speech, thought, and actions.  As the 1st teachers of Black boys, Black women teach Black boys that white females are the standards of beauty.  Skin bleaching creams, make-ups, colored contact lenses, straightened hair, etc. . . all teach the Black male child that the white female is the standard of beauty.   

This particular mix of factors has led to a financially devastating phenomenon in the Black world community.  Black males with the greatest financial wealth and power, who would otherwise be in the best position to support the upliftment of our Race, are committed to white whores who rape the Black community of our financial ability to free ourselves.  The marrying off of white females into the families of wealthy and powerful Black males has been a white warfare tactic used against Afrikan people since the times of the ancients.  Unfortunately, neither Black men nor Black women have become Racially committed and sophisticated enough to defend our people against this strategy.  As a consequence, we watch hundreds of billions of dollars march out of the Black community back into the hands of whites every year. 
















These are just a marginal few of the prominent Racial Traitors produced by the Black Race over the past century.  These mentally retarded and disease-minded males’ wealth amounted to more than the total economic net-worth of some smaller countries.  Take Kobe Bryant for example.  He is estimated to have wealth totaling close to $150M.  He is being forced by the courts to give up half of this amount totaling an estimated $75M.  This means that $75M of wealth that could be flowing through the Black community will end up with another Race.  We are not suggesting that Kobe Bryant would have used that money to contribute to the Black Race if he didn’t divorce his current wife; but the chances that his wealth would be used in a responsible manner to assist our people would be dramatically increased if he were married to a Black woman.


Tiger Woods is another example of an athlete who married white; even though he’s technically not Black but a mulatto.  Nevertheless, the point remains.  His white female wife (former nanny) divorced him and took $750M with her.  To demonstrate how significant this amount of money is, please consider that the Gross National Product (GNP) of the country of Guyana in 2005 was $760M.  This mulatto named Tiger Woods gave away the wealth of a small nation to a white domestic house worker because he values white skin more than the skin of his father.  

When we consider what interracial mixing has done to the Black Race over the past couple of thousand years, it is safe to say that the white female has been one of the white race’s best weapons against Black empowerment.  In the Black Bible – “The Destruction of Black Civilization,” Dr. Chancellor Williams demonstrates how the white female has been used for millenniums to marry into Black power and wealth and ultimately destroy Black nations.  Now, she is being used for a very similar purpose.  Instead of destroying powerful Black nations, she is preventing any potential for Black empowerment by robbing the Black world community of its wealth.  And she uses ignorant, misguided, rich/powerful, unsuspecting, racially treasonous Black males to do it.



Abdoulaye & viviane Wade of Senegal – Black President & His white Wife




If hundreds of billions of dollars going to white females globally each year from the pockets of Black males isn’t bad enough news, consider the fact that whites have now enrolled Black women into the Race Traitors of amerikkka club to marry off what’s left of our middle class wealth structure and our genetic code.  Black women of middle class to wealthy status are being recruited into white interracial marriage hell.  It’s one of the fastest growing phenomenons in the world and most Black people don’t even know it.  

Interracial Marriage in u.s.a. Hits New High – 1 in 12


Consider the Williams Sisters among many other famous Black females who are promoting the idea of dating outside of our Race.  This treasonous and whorish trend has caught like wildfire among Black women and is spreading throughout the world deep into Black urban areas.  So with the relinquishing/transferring of wealth from rich Black males and rapidly growing pockets of professional Black females dating, having sex, and marrying outside of the Race, Black Racial progress is becoming exponentially more difficult to finance.  All of the people who we could go to for financial assistance are aligning themselves with the white enemies’ camp.  Hence, our wealthiest men and women of the Race are becoming more and more addicted to Racial treason; leaving the struggling few Black Race men and women with the full burden of financing and standing up Black Racial progress.

Even with the reality of our situation being what it is, all is not lost.  The good news is that most Black men and women still prefer to date and marry complementary members of our Race.  This is a very practical basis upon which we can work towards changing this economically draining and racially suicidal interracial relationship trend.  We need to;

  1. Stop dating, having sex, and/or marrying outside of our Race
  2. Start ridiculing/ostracizing members of your family and/or friends who date interracially
  3. Stop supporting actors, athletes, and other entertainers who date/marry outside of our Race
  4. Stop supporting jewvies, television shows, plays, businesses that promote interracial dating
  5. Establish and support images of decent dark-skinned women as being beautiful and desirable
  6. Establish gender roles for Black men and women and teach our children how to pick Black mates
  7. Educate our children on white supremacy and the evil of whites
  8. Classify Black interracially dating individuals as “Race Traitors” and make this classification stick 


We appreciate you taking your time to consider the cost of interracial dating as stated by War on the Horizon (WOH) and we trust that you have been brought deeper into your Blackness as a result of this discussion.  Your contributions in the “Comment Section” below will be greatly appreciated.  We know that there are hundreds of thousands of Racially loyal Black men and women around the world who tune into WOH regularly.  Our audience would benefit greatly from your input.


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   March 5th, 2012 KickWhitesOutAfrica Says:

    Your 8-POINT PLAN to put a STOP to interracial relationships amongst our people is first-rate… if put into action, it will go a long way to ending this abhorrent act. I’m going to post your 8-POINT PLAN on my YouTube channel.

    United we STAND divided we FALL. When we sleep with foreigners we not only DEFILE our bodies, but we also DEFILE our chosen Nation. Ysrayelite Men belong to Ysrayelite Women and Ysrayelite Women belong to Ysrayelite Men. Each of us has a Soul Mate within our Nation, a perfect someone created for each of us… so when I see a brotha with a foreign woman, I see a foreign woman touching a black man who belongs to a sista. Likewise, when I see a sista with a foreign man, I see a foreign man touching a black woman who belongs to a brotha. These foreigners are TAKING and DEFILING someone they have NO right having. They are ROBBING brothas and sistas of their TRUE LOVE and contaminating our Nation in the process. Contaminating our blood with foreign blood weakens us against our enemies. When brothas and sistas sleep with foreigners they break the Law of YHWH and bring a CURSE on themselves and upon our Nation.

    Thank you for understanding how the black woman feels. But while black women are the MAIN VICTIMS of interracial relationships, we are also the MAIN CAUSE. New interracial relationships between brothas and foreign women and sistas and foreign men, would peter out within a month if BLACK WOMEN were not supporting them. Let us be clear about this FACT… Interracial Relationships RELY on the BLACK WOMAN’s support. If we take that support away, interracial relationships will not survive the test of time. Interracial relationships will END when BLACK WOMEN turn against them and STOP supporting them.

    Keep up the great work. You are not labouring in vain. The Royal Loyalty of the Black Woman will ALWAYS be solely for the Black Man because we are ONE, we are BLOOD. We will FIGHT alongside you in the WAR for our FREEDOM.

    Amani na Baraka

  •   March 12th, 2012 Ackotee Says:

    The Whites use another term “ETHNIC CLEANSING”. They are purposely destroying us through miscegenation. MLK let himself be used to destroy us with his ‘little white girl and black boy’ concept. We thought he was talking about equality. But it something far more Sinister.

    The eight point plan is right on. I agree and will pass it on.

    As for the treasonous Traitors the hell with them. I think many of the high paid Coons are paid to indoctrinate the minds of the youth with this Plague. And it has worked beautifully. There are tons of You Tube video and FB pages with b males dissing black females and vice versa. MLK’s Negro Dream has turned into our Black Nightmare.

  •   March 12th, 2012 Deb Says:

    What makes you any different than the Klan or the Aryan Nation, aside from the obvious “They’re white and crazy racist; we’re black and crazy racist?”
    Sounds like a bunch of losers with inferiority complexes looking for any excuse to be racist,jackhole whiny losers.
    Get a life.

  •   May 5th, 2012 ProudWhiteMan Says:

    Well… this is one thing we agree on. I assure you I’m just as disgusted with those of MY race who choose miscegenation. Disgusting pigs.

  •   May 5th, 2012 ProudWhiteMan Says:

    On another note, when are we going to get this thing on? The black race may be lacking in the intellectual, logic and reason departments; but your people certainly aren’t physically weak. The way I see it, this will be a great thing for the white race. You “black soldiers” will succeed in purging many of the weak, liberal, self-hating whites and race traitors who allowed you to rise to the level you currently occupy just before you are put back in your place by those of us who aren’t intimidated by your monkeyshines.
    I say bring it on. Like your homepage says… Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

  •   May 5th, 2012 ProudWhiteMan Says:

    Yeah… I didn’t think those last two would make it through moderation. But remember-Mr. Moderator- whenever you want to proceed with your idea of a race war, just go right ahead. There are alot of “white oppressors” like me out there perfectly willing to make your little nigger dream a reality.
    You coons are ALWAYS good for a laugh.

  •   June 20th, 2012 ali Says:

    I love this subject. I am Hispanic and in my own culrtue I grew up with a long list of prejudice mainly against blacks. Whatever gave anyone the idea that they were superior based on the lightness of their skin is beyond me. My kids have not heard any of that. They don’t know that there are stereotyping differences. To them, there are none. They describe someone by tall, skinny guy with lenses never tall black guy . They dont seem to know IF there is a difference. They are right, there isn’t.

  •   June 21st, 2012 Ross Says:

    Floyd Mayweather put in jail by a “Black Woman” Dwayne Wade, attempted to be put in jail by a “Black Woman” why? He took her cell phone threw it into a pool and was charged with domestic violence. Black women to Black athletes cause more trouble than assist the Black community. When the Black man ( athlete) decides to leave the Black female ( wife) She does her best to ruin his ability to earn an income even when they are good fathers. So no, white women taking the wealth of Black males is minuscule compared to Black women destroying Black men who marry them. Bob Johnson’s wife took half his wealth. A BILLION dollars. What does she do, she gives it away to white people. What does Bob Johnson do with is 1 Billion, he turns it into FIVE BILLION by becoming a real estate developer, hiring other Black people to help him.

  •   April 9th, 2013 Loli Says:

    Funny, Tiger Woods isn’t black unless he’s talkin’ about his d!ck.

  •   April 9th, 2013 Loli Says:

    And why do white people even come to this site? I don’t get. Who is proud of being a murdering, child molesting, fag asshole?
    White people: the cancer of humanity. Every slave should’ve gone Nat Turner or your asses. Every mammy should’ve stomped the white babies in their care. We should’ve done everything to them that the caucus cancer did to us.

    P.S. The opinions on this site are based on historical fact. Just remember, karma is a B!TCH. The truth is, the power elite want to narrow down the world’s population to 500 million. Doubt any of you dumbass crackers are on that list. HA!

  •   August 25th, 2013 Black Sambo Says:

    Why is we niggers all frettin about who we fuckin anyway. WHITEY ain’t so bad. Neither is whitey pussy. WAYYY better then the sistas we be bangin when we has no white pussy. And dats da truth.

  •   September 8th, 2013 Ravin Says:

    To Loli: The reason Whites visit this site is the same as Blacks visiting white sites, to know the enemy. War is an Art, and for those of you that have never experienced war, be very careful of what you wish for, many will die on both sides, young and old, male and female, Black, White and who ever gets in the middle of it. Nothing good will come from this for either side, but if it is the will of the Black race then just start one and very soon you will regret it…………

    P.S. Opinions are not Facts, that’s why they are called OPINIONS, just saying…

  •   December 22nd, 2013 LiveInThePresent Says:

    I’m saddened that our black community is still so filled with hate about slavery. Yes, it was the evilest of times, but the HUMAN RACE in America has made such drastic changes since then. We have been working together to become a better nation. Why are some of ya’ll trying to work backwards? We always say white people are racist, but this day and age, I’m seeing and hearing the black community with more hate and racism towards the white people. Did anyone know that MORE white woman during slavery, put their own lives at risk, helping more black women escape slavery than the black woman helped ourselves. Yet, those women never got credit. That’s a fact. We cannot continue to blame people today for what their ancestors did to ours. No one can change the past. People have evolved and became loving towards other races as opposed to hateful. Listen to yourselves. smh. There is nothing more beautiful then black love, but when I see an interracial couple, I can’t help, but smile and be happy for them, thinking back to how far we have come. Love is a beautiful thing no matter who it involves.

  •   April 23rd, 2014 warinyourhead Says:

    If you hate us whites so much, why not go back to Africa where at least you can experience your own race raping and murdering each other.

    I promise your ass will be begging to come back.

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