Apr 2012 – Trayvon Martin & “white Terrorism”
Posted on April 1st, 2012

Trayvon Martin & white smallhat Terrorism

Trayvon Martin and smallhat Murderer george zimmerman


In recent War Rooms, WOH has been very clear about the fact that whites are waging a full-scale war against Black people on the Afrikan continent (see Nov 2011 War Room – The Destruction of Afrika).  However, this reality in no way takes away from the war that’s raging against Black people here in amerikkka.  In fact, white amerikkkans of all different ilks are binding together to commit genocide against our people in this country.  And many people have no idea how the white terrorism leading to the murder of Trayvon Martin is but a microcosm of what whites are doing to Black people throughout this country and abroad.


****Please pay close attention to the fact that smallhats (white so-called jews) are disproportionately involved in the process of white terrorism against Black people in amerikkka.  The war is a white-against Black war; but the smallhats clearly outdo the average white anglo-saxons in their zeal to carry out white-on-Black terrorism in amerikkka.****

To put this terrorism in perspective, let’s examine the following incidents of white-on-Black terrorism in amerikkka over the past few decades:



          Before Police                     After Police                               

1991 Rodney King Police Terrorism Assault

On March 3, 1991, a Black motorist named Rodney King was terrorized and brutally assaulted by (15) white Los Angeles Police Department officers who beat him until he was near death.  During this period, white and Black police terrorism against Black people was the norm in Los Angeles and throughout amerikkka.  However, this particular case was caught on tape.  When the video tape of the beating surfaced, the Black community was outraged.  We fully expected a conviction in the case.

However, as is the norm in amerikkkan society, the white police officers went to trial and received a not-guilty verdict by an all-white jury in 1992.  Upon hearing the verdict, the Black community voiced it’s opposition through one of the strongest Black insurrektions in recent u.s. history.  Young Black people throughout this country burned down buildings, attacked public administration centers, and committed acts of direct physical aggression against whites.  So much pressure was put on the government during this period that they illegally retried a few of the white officers and convicted them for the beating.

Pics of some of  police officers who brutalized Rodney King:







Police Terrorism of Rodney King













1991 Murder of Latasha Harlins


On March 16, 1991, Latasha Harlins was brutally murdered by a Korean merchant as she attempted to leave a store.  There was a videotape of the incident that clearly showed the merchant striking Sister Latasha first.  Our Sister hit the merchant back in self-defense and turned to leave the store.  When she turned to walk towards the door, the female Korean merchant shot our Sister in the back of the head. 

Soon Ja Du, the murderer, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and the jury suggested a 16-year sentence for the merchant.  The smallhat judge, joyce karlin, reduced the sentence to probation of five years, four hundred hours of community service, and a $500.00 fine. The Korean murderer served no jail time for the unprovoked murder of our 15-year old daughter, Latasha Harlins. 

Pic of the murderer of Latasha Harlins:












Latasha Harlins Murder









1991:  Murder of Gavin Cato

On August 19, 1991, seven year old Gavin Cato was struck and killed by a vehicle driven by a smallhat (white so-called jew) named yosef lifsh in Crown Heights, NY – a community in Brooklyn.  lisfh was speeding and ran a red light.  While crossing the light, the driver with the right-away was struck and lisfh’s vehicle went off course and struck seven year old Gavin Cato and his niece Angela Cato. 

When the smallhat ambulance arrived, they pulled lisfh to safety and took him to the hospital leaving the Black children behind.  In outrage to this apartheid-styled mistreatment, Black youth in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, NY where this murder took place united and organized a retaliatory attack on the smallhats in Crown Heights.  During this insurrection, a smallhat named yankel rosenbaum was stabbed to death and numerous smallhat stores and homes were burned down.

Pic of the yosef lifsh – murderer of Gavin Cato:








Gavin Cato’s Murder and the Ensuing





Malice Green Before Police                     Malice Green After Police


1992 Malice Green Police Terrorism Murder

On November 5, 1992, Brother Malice Green was pulled over by white police officers in a routine traffic stop in Detroit, Michigan.  The police terrorists beat him to death for no probable cause.  This was keeping with the standard police practices throughout the country at the time.  However, because it was directly in the aftermath of the Rodney King insurrektion, national attention was given to this murder and the officers were tried and convicted.  (They did not want another Rodney King insurrektion in November of the same year as the first; yet they continued to kill Black men in the same manner.)

Pics of some of  police officers who brutalized Rodney King: 




















1995 Jonny Gammage Police Terrorism Murder

On October 12, 1995 (just 4 days before the historic Million Man March), a gang of white officers police strangled and murdered Jonny Gammage after a profiling stop.  Gammage, the cousin of an NFL football player, Ray Seals, was visiting his family in Pittsburgh, PA.  Gammage was driving his cousin Ray’s Jaguar.  The police, jealous of the vehicle Gammage was driving and looking for some excitement, pulled Brother Jonny over.  After the stop, they dragged Jonny Gammage out of the vehicle and murdered him.  None of the murderous officers were convicted of any wrongdoing. 

Pics of Jonny Gammage’s Police Terrorism Murderers:








Jonny Gammage Police Terrorism Murder









              Ennis Cosby


1997 smallhat Execution and Murder of Ennis Cosby

On January 16, 1997, Ennis Cosby pulled over to change a blown tire.  He was the son of Bill Cosby, the famous Black comedian.  Bill Cosby had become somewhat of a nuisance to the smallhat elite who control the media.  Over the five-year period preceding his son’s murder, Cosby was very vocal about his disenchantment with the lack of values shown on public TV.  In fact, he was so sick of the filth being portrayed on television, that he tried to buy NBC on multiple occasions.  The media moguls became increasingly unnerved by Cosby’s vocal challenge to the filth and indecency on television.  So on January 16, 1997 a smallhat from the ukrain, mikhail markhasev murdered Bill Cosby’s son in cold blood.  After Bill Cosby spoke out against markhasev being executed, he was given life in prison.

Pic of the murderer of Ennis Cosby – mikhail markhasev:


















     Abner Louima Before                      Abner Louima After

August 9, 1997 Police Terrrorist Sodomizing of Abner Louima

On August 9, 1997, Abner Louima, a Haitian Brother who was living in jew york at the time, was arrested at a night club for arguing with a nyc police officer after breaking up a fight between (2) women.  The nyc police brutalized him while taking him to the precinct.  At least (3) of the (4) officers were smallhats (white so-called jews) namely: justin volpe, charles schwarz, and thomas wiese.  While at the precinct, the officers proceeded to beat Brother Louima mercilessly and ultimately shoved a nightstick far enough into his rectum to severely damage his intestines.  

Pics of the (4) white police terrorists who assaulted and sodomized Brother Abner Louima:




    Amadou Diallo

1999 Amadou Diallo Police Terrorist Murder

On February 4, 1999, Amadou Diallo was coming home from a hard day’s work as a vendor in jew york city.  As he entered the door to his home, (4) plain-clothed white police officers (sean carroll, richard murphy, edward mcmellon and kenneth boss) jumped out of their vehicle and murdered him.  According to Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, the (4) officers were part of a special jew york city streets crime unit that was being discontinued.  Enraged by the dissolving of their team, they set out to murder a Black man to end this job on a high white supremacy note.  Amadou Diallo was the unfortunate victim of their last white supremacist hoorah together.  They shot at him 41 times in total and murdered him on the spot.  All of the officers were acquitted of any wrongdoing.

Pic of the (4) white police terrorists who murdered Amadou Diallo:



















        Robert Davis Before                         Robert Davis After

2005 Robert Davis Police Terrorism Assault

On October 9, 2005, Robert Davis was taking a leisurely stroll through downtown New Orleans.  He was a 64-year old Black retired school teacher who doesn’t drink and smoke.  white New Orleans police, excited behind all of the Black people they got to murder with impunity in the aftermath of the “bush/brown Massacre of 2005” commonly referred to as Hurricane Katrina, walked up to Mr. Davis and began to assault him.  They brutally beat him for no reason whatsoever.  Most of the beating was caught on tape.  After the vicious assault, Brother Davis lay on the ground in a puddle of his own blood.











The white police terrorists of our 64-year old elder in New Orleans were lance schilling, robert evangelist, and stuart smith.  lance schilling is definitely a smallhat.  stuart smith is probably a smallhat.  And robert evangelist is likely an anglo-saxon.  This makes 2/3 of his abusers likely to be smallhats.

Brutal Police Beating of Our 64-Year Old Elder – Robert Davis


*****Good news for those looking for a ray of light in this series of white terrorism events.  The police terrorist officer lance schilling was found dead June 10, 2007 from a gunshot wound to the roof of his mouth.*****












Sean Bell and Family


2006 Sean Bell Police Terrorism Murder

On November 25, 2006 Sean Bell was murdered on the eve of his wedding.  He was shot and murdered outside of a nightclub by nyc police officers.  His murder caused an outcry in the nyc community that can still be heard today.


Sean Bell Discussion


Pic of the (4) police terrorists who murdered Sean Bell:
















Kathryn Johnston


2006 Kathryn Johnston white Police Terrorism and Murder of a 92-Year Old Elder

On November 21, 2006, (3) white, apparently smallhat (aka white so-called jews named gary smith, gregg junnier, and arthur tesler) Atlanta police officers perjured themselves in a search warrant affidavit, violently broke into our 92-year old elder Johnston’s home (which they had mistaken for a drug dealer’s), murdered her in a barrage of 39 bullets, handcuffed her, and left her to bleed to death in her living room while they planted marijuana in her basement.  After realizing they were in the wrong house, they threatened an informant to lie about the whole thing so they could cover up their mistakes.  They were later convicted of their crimes and given light sentences.

Pics of the (3) smallhats police officers that murdered Sister Kathryn Johnston:





















                Oscar Grant


2009 Oscar Grant Police Terrorist Public Execution

On January 1, 2009, Oscar Grant was publicly murdered execution-style in Oakland, CA by johannes mehserle.  mehserle shot Brother Grant while he was handcuffed behind his back laying face down on the floor.  It was a public execution caught on videotape.


The Execution-Styled Murder of Oscar Grant


Pic of johannes mehserle – the murderer of Oscar Grant who is now out of jail on parole.
























                      Aiyana Jones


2010 Aiyana Jones Police Terrorism Murder

On May 16, 2010, Aiyana Jones was murdered by white Detroit police officer joseph weekely after the Detroit police through a flare grenade through her family’s front window and broke down their front door.  She was 7-years old at the time of her murder.


Aiyana Jones Murder


Pic of the white officer who murdered our 7-year old Sister Aiyana Jones:






















      smallhat Elias Abuelazam


On August 11, 2010, the smallhat named elias abuelazam was arrested and taken into police custody where he was charged with a rash of nation-wide stabbings of Black men.  He would routinely drive around this country and stop small framed Brothers to ask for car assistance.  Then this smallhat would stab the Brothers and flee.

His attorneys and the media are depicting him as an arab of israeli origin when in fact he is an israeli of israeli origin (i.e. a smallhat).  This is very much is line with how the media is trying to falsely depict george zimmerman, the smallhat murderer of Trayvon Martin, as a Hispanic.  He is a smallhat.  So too is the israeli citizen elias abuelazam, even though they are trying to depict him as an arab.  The problem with him being an arab is that his wife’s last name is hirth, which is clearly a smallhat name.  Also, his attorney is edwar zeineh (zeineh is a yiddish word).  Are we supposed to believe that an arab from israel married a smallhat female and hired a smallhat attorney to defend him for stabbing and terrorizing a bunch of Black men?  We don’t.












  eliyahu eliezer werdesheim


On November 19, 2010, eliyahu eliezer werdesheim, 23-year old former israeli special forces soldier was patrolling his Baltimore, Maryland smallhat-infested neighborhood.   He and his smallhat patrol partner jumped out of their vehicle and assaulted a 15-year old Black boy who was walking through the neighborhood.  It was a completely unprovoked act of war on the Black teenager. 

State Attorney gregg l. bernstein who is a smallhat dropped the 1st degree assault charges against eliyah eliezer werdesheim.


eliyahu eliezer werdesheim Getting Off Because He’s a smallhat
















                  Kenneth Harding


2011 Kenneth Harding white Police Terrorist Public Execution
On June 16, 2011, San Francissyco police gunned down and executed Kenneth Harding in a public execution that was caught live on videotape.  Police claim that he skipped out on paying his subway train fare and that he shot at them first.  However, he had no gun and was shot in the back.  The police are currently involved in a cover-up in which they are claiming that Kenneth Harding murdered himself.


Murder-styled Execution of Kenneth Harding









                James Craig Anderson


2011 white Terrorist Murder of James Craig Anderson

On June 25, 2011, a group of racist white teenagers set out to brutalize and/or kill a Black man in Mississippi.  They didn’t have any particular Black man in mind – as he was alive and Black.  Led by the driver, deryl dedmon (dedman is a smallhat name; but we have no evidence that he is a smallhat), the white teens jumped out of their car and beat Brother James Craig Anderson.  After beating him, dedmon proceeded to repeatedly drive his car over top of our Brother with his truck.  James Craig Anderson died on the scene.


The Ruthless and Bloody Murder of James Craig Anderson


Pic of one of James Craig Anderson’s murderers – deryl dedmon:






















Old Picture of 68-Year Old Kenneth Chamberlain


2011 Kenneth Chamberlain Racist white Police Terrorist Murder

On November 19, 2011 Kenneth Chamberlain, a 68-year old Black retired Marine Corp member with a poor heart condition, accidentally hit his emergency response button.  The police were sent to his home.  He came to the door and let the police know that it was a false alarm.  The police proceeded to call him an “n-word” and broke into his home.  He begged for his life and questioned “Why are you doing this to me?”  He went on to say, “I know what you’re going to do.  You’re going to come in here and kill me.”  This incident occurred in white Plains, jew york.  The officers haven’t been identified; but they are very likely smallhats!!!!!!!!!!!

The police were called by the emergency response unit and told it was a false alarm and that Mr. Chamberlain was OK.  The police ignored this information and intentionally murdered Mr. Chamberlain in cold blood.  This was all caught on tape.  Mr. Chamberlain begged for his life and the white (likely smallhat) officers ignored his plea.  They murdered him anyway.


Kenneth Chamberlain Police Terrorism Murder Story











                 Ramarle Graham

2012 Ramarley Graham Breaking-and-Entering white Police Terrorism Murder

On February 2, 2012 Ramarley Graham entered his Bronx, jew york apartment while being chased by police.  Once he entered, nyc police broke in without a warrant and executed him in the bathroom.  The police force agrees that they’ve done nothing wrong.


Ramarley Graham Police Murder Video Tape


Pic of Ramarle Graham’s police terrorist murderer – richard haste:

















 Tommy Brown and Thalia Rebecca Mook


On March 24, 2012 Tommy Brown was playing basketball at his home with his sons while his wife was inside of the house.  white supremacist terrorist, john oliver hill, jr. was asked by Mr. Brown to stop shooting his gun wildly in the neighborhood.  Angered by a Black man requesting that he stop shooting while he was outside playing with his sons, hill walked across the street into Mr. Brown’s lot and shot Brother Brown dead.  When Mr. Brown’s sons went into the house and called their mother, she came out of the front door.  At that point, the white terrorist murderer shot and killed our Sister Thalia Rebecca Mook on the spot.

jews Coverage of white Terrorist Murder of Tommy Brown & Thalia Rebecca Mook

Pic of Tommy Brown and Thalia Mooks – john oliver hill, jr:





















                        Trayvon Martin


2012 Trayvon Martin Execution and Murder by smallhat george zimmerman

On February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin was executed by smallhat george zimmerman.  While walking down the street talking to his girlfriend on hs cell phone, 17-year old Trayvon Martin recognized a 28-year old smallhat following him.  He told his girlfriend that a man was following him.  She suggested he run; but he didn’t run immediately.  Eventually, zimmerman chased Brother Trayvon Martin down and murdered him.  Audio of the murder was recorded through a white female 911 call to the police.


Trayvon Martin smallhat Terrorism Murder Discussion

Pic of Trayvon Martin’s smallhat terrorist murderer, george zimmerman:












This is a very short and abbreviated list of white terrorist attacks and/or murders that have occurred over the past 20 years.  It probably represents less than 1% of the white terrorist assaults and murders that actually took place in this country since 1990.  However, it does provide Black people in amerikkka with a context in which to understand the Trayvon Martin execution-style murder committed by the smallhat george zimmerman.  whites in general and smallhats in specific have been on a door-to-door campaign of Black extinction in this country.  And because Black men do not kill the perpetrators of crimes against our Race, whites feel justified in killing our people.  Moreover, our Black male acceptance of white-on-Black murder is taken as a kill-at-will card for whites in this country. 

In this light, zimmerman saw an easy opportunity to kill a defenseless Black boy who he knew would have no Black men to avenge his murder.  He took this opportunity and murdered our young Brother in cold blood.  Because he is a smallhat and lives in Florida (the most smallhat-friendly state next to jew york), he is unlikely to face any real time. His only real just punishment would have to come at the hands of Black men in amerikkka.

The bigger picture is that we are in an emerging police state that will quickly lead to the physical enslavement and/or genocide of Black people in amerikkka.  Since the whites who rule this country are looking for an excuse to physically invade Black communities around this country anyway, they will use the Trayvon Martin murder scenario, and others in the days to come, to fan the flames of Black racial dissatisfaction in this country.  After we have our standard, militant, 3-day insurrektion, whites plan to seize Afrikan communities and begin the process of physically re-enslaving and/or executing Black people.  This process is already starting subtly in some areas of this country.  But within (2) years, it will become blatantly obvious to everyone as the overt murders of Black people in broad daylight by law enforcement officials increases exponentially.

Baby Babylon by Brothas Keepa



To put it short and simple, It’s War Time.



We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   April 1st, 2012 Bro. Khaleeq Says:

    ASA; WOH Brothers & Sisters are doing a very wonderful work..keep patiently persevering in doing what you do for us..you are greatly appreciated..I have a question about video archival history library..it is vital that all relevant video be captured and securely stored..is that happening on your end??

  •   April 4th, 2012 Blackgold Says:

    There is definetly an all out war against young blackmen and they show NOOOO mercy. Just like that guy Soledad O’brian interviewed who said in so many words that it was the victims fault or that he deserved to be shot because all of the criminals are black males. He said, “When you plant corn you get corn”. As I sit here writing this comment, I’m listening to the Michael Basden show and his whining and cryin asking,”Where are the outraged whites,latinos, and asians on this” We as black people are always looking for other people of color and liberal whites to back us up when something of this nature happens. It annoys me. We need to grow up and realize that we are by ourselves in this.

  •   April 6th, 2012 FTG Says:

    It’s Definitely War Time!

    Bro. Khaleeq. Speaking for myself here, but I’m sure WOH would echo this sentiment. I urge everyone who has the capability to capture video, print and/or audio to archive any and all information you can. The more people archiving the better.

  •   April 7th, 2012 Saraiyah Kephri Ysryahl Says:

    Murder by itselt is an act of war. Tacit agreement to an overt holocaust is given by failure to response. Cowards, perverts and degenerates are running amok in the smallhat community. They have no moral compass. Time to shut the door to interacting with these cretins on any level….regroup and strategize in realistic terms. The gaunlet is on the ground…where are the real men…we need Ahmadinejad’s on every corner…Stand up…shout up…lock and load!!!!

  •   April 14th, 2012 EmperorShon Says:

    add to that list, my bros best friend Richard Dunn from willingboro NJ murdered by police. of course they say he had a weapon & lunged but witnesses said the officer’s 1st shot was in his back. this took place on a black church grounds. it was found that prior to the attack the officer would tell him that he would “get him soon”.

  •   June 20th, 2012 Nan Says:

    Young Trayvon Martin was walking home with a bag of seilttks and a water bottle, supposedly minding his business and on the phone with his girlfriend. George Zimmerman was in his car doing his duty of being volunteer neighborhood watchman, a position he assumed after a number of break ins in his gated community. Then in a flash a young man, 17, is dead and another is admitting to killing him in self defense, and has a bloodied nose and a gash on the back of his head. Martin was black, and Zimmerman was white Hispanic. The accused was not arrested, and that has triggered a national uprising and a media slam against Zimmerman, guilty or not. He was public enemy #1. He was eventually arraigned and faced a grand jury. He was charged with 2nd degree murder. I myself believe that was overkill. I personally believe that this story only gained national traction for 2 reasons: because the case gave an instance of white on black crime, and because radical civil rights leaders beckoned it to the national screen, allowing them to say we need to do this and that and how oppressed the black people are. Yes I know that Zimmerman called 911 and was told not to proceed, but that doesn’t make him a horrible person for still following, just a bit of stupidity. Even if he brought up the confrontation, a witness puts Zimmerman on his back and being attacked by the hooded Martin, which coincides with his injuries. The reason I have put white in quotations is to show that I believe this is being used to fuel the racist black populations and to portray whites as racist. Editors at NBC and another organization were fired for editing the audio of the 911 call that night to omit the questioning by the dispatcher of the race of Martin, to which Zimmerman responded he was black. This was done to add to the perception that he is a racist and racially profiling the young Martin. Also the video of Zimmerman at the police station was edited to make his injuries on his head and nose indiscernible to the masses. And let’s not forget the extremely racist New Black Panther party and their bounty on his head. As of now, Zimmerman is out on bail ad is once again in hiding fro the hordes who want his head. I do believe that it is either one’s fault for Martin’s death. If he attacked, then he got shot in defense. One REALLY good reason to not attack anyone, for their is concealed carry in most states. If he was shot in cold blood, then I want him behind bars. Now that a trial has begun, we shall see.

  •   June 29th, 2012 chen Says:

    …..and we still AIN’T LEARNT a Damn Thang! Black Females STILL Going IN the korean shops as CONsumers. Plastic hair and Dead peoples hair is MORE IMPORTANT to us than our peoples Lives. As if this isn’t bad enough, we still IN the Crakers church calling ‘pon a demon to deliver us??!! OH that Bitch will deliver us alright, just take a look where we at and tell me somthang somethang ain’t right here at all…..

  •   July 1st, 2012 freetospeak Says:

    ZIMMERMAN is INNOCENT!!! And most black people are blind to that FACT. The VAST majority of BLACK PEOPLE are the very people fueling the vile fire of RACISM and HATE in this country. And that is more than any other race on this planet. it’s evident that the ONLY card (most) BLACK people value is the RACE CARD. They are the ONLY ones keeping THEMSELVES in chains and they can BLAME NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!

  •   July 3rd, 2012 chen Says:

    TO Free to TALK CRAP. The ONLY race on THIS planet who is creating ILLEGAL WARS and INVASIONS of OTHER peoples and cpommitting Atrocities countries IS THE WHITE MONSTERS. This can be summed up in One word, NATO. White Monsters in gov’t play the race card everyday, it is called MANIFEST DESTINY.

  •   September 18th, 2012 matt hughes Says:

    Hey you stupid idiots the guy that killed that little punk crayon or trayvon wasnt white. Get your stories straight before you start screaming evil white people. We shoulda left you over in africa youd be chasing monkeys now and have no one to blame for your shitty lives.

  •   July 16th, 2013 Ra Ra Ra Says:

    Its Always punk ass coward white devils that always have to listen in on Afrikans reaching out to other Afrikans. You punk ass coward always have to attack our black men unarmed and shoot them in the back like a punk ass bitch. African every where in the world better wake up and stand their ground a cop kill your baby you kill that cop. You punk ass devils must fear war on the horizon you want to be punk and leave coward message. Im ready for any punk ass devil that try to kick in my door.

  •   August 22nd, 2013 Nate Higgers Says:

    the video of Latasha Harlins’ shooting has been altered to remove her pummeling the old Korean lady with her fists. The lady did shoot the girl in the back, but you’ve left out the reason for the shooting. The shooting was not justified, but your obfuscation stinks.

  •   September 3rd, 2013 Nunya Bidness Says:

    You are all nothing but cowardly black supremacists. You are pissed off at your lot in life and want to blame someone else. You have made it to the top, A black man has the highest possible position in this country and you are still bitching about something that happened 150 years ago. Get over it, you have made it to the presidency, your perceived trump card has no more credibility, zero. I love how you still have the 12 year old pic of Trayvon, and this is the first time I have ever heard of a “white latino”. You are so hate filled that you will create diversity even if there is none. I shouldn’t even give you validation by commenting, but I can’t let bigotry like this just pass by. Get over yourselves.

  •   September 8th, 2013 Ravin Says:

    If the blacks want a race war so bad, then why don’t they just start one, I’m just saying…………

  •   February 17th, 2014 Ayo Kimathi Says:

    Zimmerman is not “white”. This entire psychological experiment is to see how far the zionist agenda can be pushed to start a race war. They want us looking at each other while they start their global cabal, Ayo Kimathi is a zionist proxy hired to create hatred between the races, he stirs up strife and permeates hatred. Do not fall for this fraud or his propaganda. He WORKS and gets his paycheck from the ENEMY, who is this fraud to tell anyone about JUSTICE. This man is a psychotic maniac who needs to be fired.

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