Jan 2010 – 21st Century Race War
Posted on January 1st, 2010

Black Panther Ep1 pt1 .wmv

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The Theme of the 21st Century


Race War!!!

Greetings from the War Front,

The moment of truth that our beloved brother Bobby Wright, peace be upon him, so eloquently related to us in his masterpiece, The Psychopathic Racial Personality, has finally arrived. whites have all their pieces in place. They are now prepared for the final extermination of Afrikan people worldwide.

whites have turned the Black man into a lazy, integrationist, cowardly, “homosexual,” degenerate race traitor. The Black man does not command respect anywhere on this vast planet. whites have also enlisted the Black woman in their war against the Black Race. She has become their #1 ally in destroying Black manhood and protecting every filthy bird in the Black community. And as a product of the modern Black man and woman in the condition stated above, we have produced the worst generation of Black youth the world has ever known.

Having put our people in this miserable condition, whites have no reason to wait any longer. The time to push the button is now. whites have decided that the world is ready for the extermination of the Black Race. They have already created the types of conditions in the Black world community to encourage us to commit self-destruction. Now they’re lining up all of their weapons and pointing them directly at us.

2 white Mercenaries Roasting a Brother over an Open Fire in Somalia

A few of the weapons whites use to wage this war are directly in front of our faces. The primary one that comes to mind is the media. Through jewspapers, fagazines, radio, tell-lies-vision, and jewvies, whites are consistently promoting the concepts of the white male jesus savior, the unconquerable white male warrior, and Race War. Let’s examine a few examples:

10,000 BC

This jewvie was a new-aged attempt at corrupting history and giving the white race a presence during a time they were in the caves and hills of europe snacking on juniper roots and eating the dead bodies of their own babies. whites were nowhere to be found when our Afrikan ancestors were building the pyramids. This is ahistorical and dishonest.

They also gave the manufactured ancient white characters Afrikan hairstyles. Historically, whites never wore Afrikan braids nor locks. But europeans are superimposing whiteness on our history and culture for the purpose of stealing our identity and our birthrights.

But the most obvious and ridiculous of the themes in this jewvie is that some cracker from someplace that no one can identify accurately, will come among great Afrikan warrior groups and lead them to war against the evil “homosexual” Indians who built the pyramids. Indians (from India) had nothing to do with building the pyramids. More importantly, no white savior has ever come to aid Afrikan people in defeating our enemies (which are usually white). This is a white jesus savior theme that is running heavily throughout today’s jewvies.


This jewvie spoke more directly to the theme of white racial conquest. In this jewvie, 300 dirty crackers fought the entire world and destroyed many nations in the process. If one watches the jewvie carefully, one will see the mighty empires of Genghis Kong and Hannibal of Carthage, among others, defeated by 300 crackers from Sparta.

Based on the historical record, these empires did not exist at the same time. Hence, the Spartans couldn’t have fought each of these groups. The jewvie was not about history nor adventure. It’s about preparing the psyche of young white males, who are a minority on this planet, to fight all of the emerging empires on the planet. They’re supposed to believe that they can defeat the arabs, Hispanics (Indigenous Red man and woman), the Asians, and Afrikan people in the coming centuries. Jewvies like 300 give the white male child the courage and confidence to feel that they can maintain their grip and rule over planet Earth. They cannot.

But pay close attention to the fact that most of the enemies in 300 were clearly Black “homosexuals.” These “homosexual” Black males were defeated easily by the Spartans. This is a psychological message to white males that Black men are a bunch of faggits who are easily defeated in warfare.

So the theme of the jewvie is clear:

Though white males are a small minority on this planet, they can fight and defeat all of the other men on Earth.


This jewvie is a serious message to white liberals and the non-white world. Its message to the non-white world is aimed directly at Afrikan and Indigenous (Red man & woman) people.

The group called the Navi, which represent Afrikan and Indigenous people, are under assault by white males who want to kill them and steal their land to get its riches. By the end of the jewvie, we find that the primary white male warrior is not interested in the land resource as much as he wants to kill the people. He talks about warring in Venezuela (Indigenous people – Hugo Chavez, oil) and Nigeria (the richest oil Nation in Afrika).

The main female character in the jewvie (in a strangely Pocahontas style) is a degenerate, race traitor whore who falls in love with a white boy posing as a Navi. She represents the naive Black woman who we mentioned earlier has been enlisted in the war against her own Race. She had the opportunity to kill the white devil in the beginning of the jewvie, but chose to fall in love with him instead. He eventually provides the information needed for the whites to completely destroy the entire Navi civilization.

This jewvie very boldly and overtly expresses whites’ desire to exterminate Black and Red people and their intention to use our women to accelerate the process.

They also boldly state their intentions to go to war in South America and Afrika.

The message to the white liberal was loud and clear. “We’re white and evil and we need to stop pretending that we’re friends with other people. We’re not. We’re here to kill them!” This message became very prevalent near the end of the jewvie when the primary white male warrior stated to the white male avatar something to the effect of “You’re a traitor to your race. You’ll never be one of them.” This jewvie is designed to prepare the white mind for a more aggressive approach towards Racial warfare. They need to prepare the minds of the white race for Black genocide as much as they need to prepare our minds for it.

Of course no Race War jewvie is complete without the white jesus savior. As in 10,000 BC, Avatar offers this carrot to any negro who still believes in a white savior. Even though the white boy is responsible for infiltrating and annihilating the entire culture, he becomes the savior. He works together with a few liberal whites to help the Navi win the war against the white race. He is thus the savior for the Navi and a race traitor to his people.

The white jesus savior theme became so apparent in one scene in the jewvie that we have to mention it. The white male Avatar stretched his arms out like jesus on the cross while some lightning bug type creatures covered his body. The jesus metaphor was so strong that one Brother in the theatre I attended yelled out “jesus” when it occurred.

This was a different type of jewvie where whites show themselves losing for the purpose of warning whites against adopting liberal ideologies and practices.

whites didn’t clap their normal enthusiastic clap at the end of this jewvie because they lost. This speaks to the psyche of whites. They would rather be open about being the liars, cheats, and murderers they are, than lose in warfare. This jewvie tells the white liberal that their phony kindness and love for other Races must come to an end. white survival depends on complete white unity.

And even in the midst of announcing openly to the world their intention of slaughtering Black and Red people, they leave themselves a way out. After the whites lose the war, the Navi march them back to their ships to leave and return home. Unfortunately for whites, this mind trick will not work. When their final judgment day comes, they will not be expelled. They will be exterminated by Black and Red people.

These are only a few examples of the Race War jewvies constantly being portrayed to the public. By confusing Black people as to our Racial identity and making us believe all people are the same, whites make us easy prey.

So they start programs like AFRICOM, the United Snakes African Command which has at least one military base in every Afrikan country except Egypt. The purpose is that they are preparing to invade Afrika and colonize it like they did amerikkka. They’re using the same tactics they used to try and exterminate the Indigenous Red man and woman in the Western Hemisphere. They’re spreading AIDS, poverty, rape, murder, and genocide across the Afrikan continent. Now, they’re ready to kill us off and move to the most resource rich continent on the planet.

Black people, we need to prepare ourselves for a 21st Century Race War for our survival. The Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism pale in comparison to what europeans have in store for our people in the coming years. We have no time to prepare. We must cast our buckets where we are and fight for our survival.

Our goal for the 21st Century will not be Nation-building because we’ve built many nations. It won’t be freedom and independence because these are things we’ve had many times in the past. Our goal for the 21st Century must be the destruction of the white Race.

In mental preparation for this war, we suggest the following pieces of literature for your consumption:

Black Panther Ep1 pt2 .wmv

YouTube Preview Image

We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   July 7th, 2010 Tiffany Says:

    I do not like to watch TV anymore, because of this I am currently in the process of moving down south and I will have the oppurtunity to teach my son a better way of living and change my life also.
    Please black people turn off your TV’s

  •   July 15th, 2010 rudeboi Says:

    good post Brotha, I thank you from the bottom of my Black heart.

  •   July 17th, 2010 Wiseman Says:

    Uhuru Maafrica,

    Great analaysis. Negroes walk around here all the time talking about “keeping it real.” Well your synopsis keeps it real. The saddest part about this whole thing is how the backwards negroes and burned crackkkers buy into foolishness like this. I just dont understand how a black man sit around and say things like: (referring to 300) “That’s my shit” or “I love that movie.” It baffles me how they sit around calling themselves the names of some of the white characters (crackkker heroes) in movies like these. Is that utter stupidity and ignorance supposed to command respect nowadays? My connection to the universe via my body composition just will not let my mind be fooled into romanticizing white superiority in any way shape or fashion.

    Maat Hotep

  •   August 21st, 2010 kkk Says:

    the person who wrote this and the mind in wich these thawts reside need a check

  •   October 11th, 2010 ERM Says:

    Fuck you kkk! Black Power!

  •   October 28th, 2010 chesswes Says:


  •   December 20th, 2010 Really? Says:

    It always amazes me how people think that the only racists on this planet are white. Thank you for helping me prove the point that racism has everything to do with intolerance and nothing to do with race.

  •   February 23rd, 2011 Supreme Powa Cipha2x King Says:

    Righteous brotha!

  •   April 19th, 2012 Terry Says:

    Everyone, please understand, on behalf of my brethren, I want you to know that not all white people are against you. I don’t feel better or worse than any of you. I didn’t choose to be white in this world. I am not ashamed of who I am, nor will I apologize for the sins of my ancestors. But, you all have my compassion, even if you hate me. I believe the best way for whites to survive is good relations with their neighbors. If you seek to destroy me, I wish you peace. Respect.

  •   April 28th, 2012 blackgold Says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, thats very touching. But let me ask you this, where was all this compassion and brotherly love and all that other B.S. that you liberal white people are talking now when there was slavery,segregation,Jim Crow,lynchings,RAPES(the raping of women and MEN mind you)and when you all were colonizing the african countries? White supremacy is the problem. White people like you say stuff like,”Oh I’m a good person”, “Why can’t we all live together as brothers” “I wasn’t there during slavery”, “I’ve NEVER been racist to anyone”, or the best one is, “I have a black girlfriend.” ALL white people benefit from white supremacy. Yeah sure you say, “Lets all just get along” just as long as you remain the dominate force in this relationship. NOOO you don’t have to apologize its not about saying I’m sorry. Its about recognizing the global effect of white supremacy that the majority of your “Brethren” perpetuate and is killing people of color mentally, physically, and spiritually and coming up with a solution. Most white people are not coming up with sound solutions because your a benefactor in all this. I don’t care how nice or how good you are, you are never going to fight against that. So we as blacks have to come up with our own solutions because to many of us are suffering because of it. Interracial marriages are definetly NOT the solution to this problem either. Think about that.

  •   August 26th, 2013 Joe Says:

    Bring it on fuckwads. All I see is a bunch a of chest beating and blaming whites for everything that’s wrong with your community. Step up and take responsibility for your own actions. Get your kids educated and get them off the streets. It’s not the white man’s fault you refuse to rise yourself up out of the gutter.

  •   January 13th, 2014 lol Says:

    Trust me nigs, is crack as hate the Jews as much if not more than you. They are the ones who let all the muds in our countries to destroy us. Used us as a proxy to do horrible things… If anything we should kill our common enemy and then separate geographically… Chalk up the world 3 ways for whites negros and Mongoloids and just drop it. If you try and kill us we will just use our superior numbers and 100 IQ brains vs your 78/85 IQ brains( depending where you are) to kill you in our homelands then nuke Africa to completely finish you off. Then we will split the resources with the Asians:p oh ya Asians love us compared to negros so have fun with ‘wiping crackers out’ rofl you know what actually… There’s no point in trying to get u see reason- I want Africa’s shit for Europeans. Start the war please. I fucking dare you. When Tyrone tries to spray tyrese on 8 mile all that happens is 32 shells are spent and you hit 8 year old Latisha on the third floor of her apartment sleeping.. Rofl. We got even our woman cock locked and loaded to put sub humans down so ya… Get this shit going..

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