Genocide: How Black People Can Help Save Our Race
Posted on April 28th, 2012

Description: Most Black people remember the pain and frustration from the “Hurricane Katrina” episode in Louisiana. And we are all experiencing the anger from the recent Trayvon Martin murder by george zimmerman. We have “other than Black-owned” stores saturating Black communities nationwide and a president who seems to have 0% concern about what’s happening in the Black community.

This lecture addresses how we as Black people can take the necessary steps to avoid genocide “the death of our people.” If we do not organize and immediately begin to focus on our future as a Race, we will be destroyed. Please come out to this free community event and enjoy this discussion.

Title: Genocide: How Black People Can Help Save Our Race
Location: Roosevelt Full Service Center, 1601 North Tamarind Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33407
Saturday, June 2, 2012
Start Time:
5:00 pm
For Event Info:
Call (561) 541-6115

Link out: Click here

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