May 2012 – Sons of Set
Posted on May 1st, 2012

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1831 Turner Street feat Brothas Keepa
The Life and Times of Nat Turner the Prophet


Many of us have learned that one of the many names for the creator in Ancient Kemet was “Amen.”  But what many don’t know is that Amen had an evil Brother named Set.  Over the course of time, Set’s personality transformed in our ancestors culture from evil to fierce and merciless.  He became a deity we called on in times of war and bloodshed with the enemies of Black people.  This month, we will honor our Ancestral Deity by celebrating those who have shed white blood in the name of Black rage and vengeance.


In the spirit of Nat Turner the Prophet, we offer this War Room as a refreshing break from the monotonous and somewhat depressing process of keeping up with the white-on-Black genocide that’s occurring all over planet Earth.  This War Room reminds us that Black people aren’t the only people who can be murdered, terrorized, and brutalized.  Our enemies can visit the heinous side of Black brutality and terrorism as well.  And when a Brother or Sister chooses to demonstrate direct indignation towards white life for any reason, we choose to celebrate their iron force of resistance and warfare.  This War Room is for every Black man, woman, and child in this world,who appreciates the blood sacrifices of Black killers, cutthroats, and murderers who wage war against white power and aggression.  May their deeds and actions in the face of insurmountable odds inspire all of our fighters to keep plowing ahead knowing that one day we will collectively deliver justice to the white Race for all of their injustices towards our people.  Enjoy.


Omar Thornton (1976 – 2010)












Having been undermined by the system of racism white supremacy to the point of having a devil as a girlfriend, Omar Thornton became filled with hatred of white oppression.  He was being cruelly mistreated at the racist job that he attended.  After considering all of his options, on August 3, 2010 he decided to make a Black Stand against white supremacy.  As his employers called him in so they could enjoy the delight of firing him, he planned to accept his fate gracefully.  He also came prepared to provide them with a moderate demonstration of his appreciation for their continued abuse of him and other Black people on the job.  After receiving the news that he’d been fired, he humbly decided to give the whites at the office a farewell firing of his own.  He calmly delivered a number of rounds to the heads and chests of the white “racists” at his job who had mistreated our people.  As a result of Brother Thornton’s deliveries, (8) white families began “ordering flowers and caskets.”  The audio of Omar’s Great Works is available by clicking this link.  At WOH, we pray that our Brother Omar Thornton rests in the same place that all decent Afrikans reside after we transition.  May Omar Thornton forever fly on the wings of Ra!!!


John White












Brother John White is a Black man who was trying to protect his family.  On August 9, 2006, (4) drunken white teenage savages drove up to John White’s home.  They threatened to rape his wife and harm his son.  It was after 11:00 pm and Mr. White confronted the whites with his 32 caliber pistol in his hand.  He told the whites, who were yelling the N-word at him and his son, to leave and that he was not going to allow them to harm his son.  One of the white males reached for his weapon, at which time Mr. White shot him in the face and killed the devil in self-defense.  Even though this was clearly self-defense, because it was in a “well off” mostly white neighborhood in Long Island, NY, Mr. White was found guilty of 2nd degree murder.  Fortunately, Governor David Patterson pardoned his sentence after serving 5 & 1/2 months in prison.  He is now safely back at home with his family.



Here is a clip of the father of the devil who was killed.  Notice the difference in the intensity of his rage as compared to the parents of Trayvon Martin.  whites value white life no matter how overtly wrong they are in any situation.




Dr, Khallid Addul Muhammad (1948 – 2001)
















What can we say?  He is the pentacle of Black manhood and we miss him dearly.  Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad was the most outspoken Black leader/activist/warrior/general/killer that the Black Race has produced in the last 50 years.  WOH gives him the Menkheperatehudimes Award for terrorizing white devils.  Unlike others in this movement, he remained loyal to Black people until his dying day.  He was a Black killer in the interest of Afrikan liberation.  He hated whites and loved Black people.  He is the shining example Black manhood that we had during the latter part of the 20th century.  Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, a committed Muslim, put Black Nationalism ahead of all other interests.  He worked with serious Black people from all walks of life.  As long as a Black person was willing to fight against whites in favor of Black Power and Black Dominion, he worked with them.  Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad – Blade, The Black Sword.



This WOH DVD Lecture ends with a tribute to our Warrior.

Race Giants: From Heru to Hero DVD
Race Giants: From Heru to Hero .mp4 version














Ronald Taylor













Brother Ronald Taylor is a Black man who made a calculated decision on March 1, 2000 to stop complaining about white genocide and oppression against Black people.  Boys complain – men take action.  He decided that it was time for him to take personal responsibility and do something on behalf of his Race.  So he acted.  Our beloved Brother began an ethnic cleansing process in Wilkinsburg, PA.  He traveled around Wilkinsburg, PA using unsuspecting whites as targets.  In the process of practicing his shooting, he actually killed (3) whites and injured (2) others.  He left an unforgettable mark in the minds of all of the whites who experienced his righteous Black Man’s rage.  Real Black men will not surrender our Race without war!



Colin Ferguson













Our Jamaican Brother Colin Ferguson, a spiritual descendant of Nannie of Jamaica, got a direct call from Uncle Set on December 7, 1993.  Uncle Set asked Brother Ferguson if he was willing to do God’s work?  Brother Ferguson said, “Yes.”  Uncle Set said, “Brother Ferguson, our enemies have forgotten my wrath.  Catch the Long Island Railroad today nephew and remind our enemies of my wrath.”  So Brother Ferguson caught the Railroad.  He quietly traveled on the train until all of the Black people got off and there were only whites on the train.  Then, he pulled his guns out of his pockets and “finished” (6) white devils and “touched” 19 others.  Our Brother is now doing life in prison for doing God’s will.  The true Black revolutionaries of our Race love Brother Colin Ferguson.  He did the work of the Creator that most of us are too cowardly to do – even though we think about it from time to time.




Zebra Killers












These Black men spent the early part of the 1970’s doing Uncle Set’s good work.  They went throughout the Bay area in California “doing the will of their Uncle.”  They became masters of Black magic.  In the mornings, white males and/or females would leave their homes to go about their daily racist business.  By the time nightfall arrived, the Zebra Killers had made the whites disappear.  Some estimates range as high as (70) disappearing europeans over the course of a few short years.  Some members of this elite Black military unit in San Francisco were caught and convicted.  However, most of Set’s nephews continued on with their very proud and productive Black lives.  Who knows?  When we get ourselves together, perhaps these magicians will reappear to help us resist white genocide.


 Nat Turner – The Prophet (1800 – 1831)











This is the ancestor who The Irritated Genie of Soufeese most admirers and aspires to be like.  Nat Turner is the reason that Black people are not in bondage in amerikkka today.  On August 31, 1831 in Southampton County, VA, he assembled a small band of Black men and descended on the forces of slavery sparing no whites in sight.  In fact, when a white infant was left unattended during the rebellion, he sent his forces back to handle it accordingly.  During the course of the rebellion, as many as 60 whites were “relieved from duty,”with hundreds of thousands more pushed to the edge of panic.  Nat Turner was captured shortly after the rebellion and murdered by whites in October 1831.  However, his rebellion left such an indelible mark on the minds of white Virginians that in December 1831 the Virginia assembly voted to keep slavery in Virginia by a narrow margin of (7) votes.  If (4) votes had gone the other way, slavery would have been outlawed in the state of Virginia.  In other words, Nat Turner’s rebellion was the motivation for white abolitionists to push for the end of slavery.  To this very day, the scariest name in white amerikkka is Nat Turner.


1831 Turner Street feat Brothas Keepa
The Life and Times of Nat Turner the Prophet



Boukman Dutty & Jean-Jacques Dessalines (Haitian Revolution 1791 -1804)



“Great God who created the Earth and the sun that gives us light.  God who holds up the ocean; who makes the thunder roar.  Our God hears us.  Though hidden in the clouds; you watch over us. You see all that the whites have made us suffer.  The white man’s god commands crimes and wickedness.  But our God commands us to good works.  Our God, who is so good and just orders us to vengeance.  He will direct our arms and bring us to victory.  He will assist us.  Throw away the image of the white men’s god who has so often brought us to tears and listen to the voice for liberty that sings in all our hearts.”


This is the famous Boukman’s Prayer that formally launched the Haitian Revolution.  The Haitian revolution is the most successful slave rebellion in the history of the world.  Never before had any group of kidnapped and enslaved captives successfully overthrown their oppressors and declared themselves a free and independent nation.  Haiti is the very first example of this in the history of the world.  And not only was it the most successful slave rebellion in the documented history of the world, but it was one of the bloodiest as well.  In fact, under the leadership of Jean-Jaques Dessalines, our Haitian Brothers and Sisters sliced through the lives of the white slave-traders in Haiti to the tune of 40,000 of napolean’s troops.  The Haitian War against the french singlehandedly prevented napoleon bonaparte from becoming the ruler of the world.  Dessaline’s cry against the french became “Atrocity for Atrocity” and “Never Again.”  These were the battle cries that our Haitian ancestors killed the french enslavers and declared themselves free with.  These are the battle cries we need to consider going forward in our righteous war against the white Race.


Dessalines’ Men Hanging french Troops in Front of french Camp

“white french Troops Hanging Out in Haiti”


Francois Mackandal













Our Haitian Brother Francois Mackandal was an inspiration to the Haitian Revolution freedom fighters who would proceed him.  He perfected the art of killing whites on the island of Haiti.  In fact, he boasted of having killed over 1,000 whites in his lifetime.  His primary method was through the use of poison.  He mastered the craft of poison-making and distribution to the rebellious Brothers and Sisters on the island and caused great death and despair among whites until he was eventually discovered through a Black informant.


Nanny of Jamaica (1686 -1733)











Nanny of the Maroons was one of the most successful freedom fighters in the history of the amerikkkas.  She lived in Jamaica and was successful in defeating numerous groups of european invaders into her territory in Jamaica before a hired Negro mercenary was successful in capturing her life on behalf of the europeans.  One of our favorite stories about Nanny of the Maroons is that she would routinely make jewelry out of the teeth of slain white soldiers killed in battle.  She was a force to be reckoned with and never agreed to make “peace” with the europeans.  She was one of the most uncompromising and fierce Afrikan warriors in the history of the amerikkkas.  She paved the way for Brothers like Boukman Dutty and Jean-Jacques Dessalines, two brilliant and merciless generals of the Haitian Revolution.


Hannibal Barca of Carthage (247 – 182 BC)













According to Dr. John Henrik Clarke (peace be upon him), Hannibal of Carthage – son of Amilcar Barca, was the greatest single military mind/general in the history of the world.  In a preemptive strike against the ever-hostile roman empire, Hannibal led his Afrikan army, accompanied by war elephants, across the french Alps into rome.  Not only was the journey an impossible one, but his decisive battles against the roman empire are so infamous in history that Hannibal’s war strategies are incorporated into today’s modern military training throughout europe and amerikkka.  He killed as many as 50,000 romans in (1) day at (1) battle with minor losses of his own.  He was the most feared name in the history of rome.  And had he the stomach to kill civilians – including white males, females, and children – the system of racism white supremacy may never have emerged on this planet. 


Menkepratehudimes (aka: Thutmoses III)















Menkheperatehudimes, aka Thutmose III by the greeks, was the most fierce Afrikan military genius in ancient Kemet.  In fact, he may have been the single most violent and merciless Black man in the history of the world.  Like Ahmose I who opened up the 18th Dynasty, Menkhepera was a Suten of the 18th Dynastic period.  Having studied centuries of whites/arabs invading Afrika and assaulting Black culture, this Brother set about the business of putting the known world under Black Kemetic Dominion.  In other words, he set out to rule the world.  There was no immediate need for war during his rule; however, he internalized Ahmoses’ cry of “Never Again” and waged holy war on his northern enemies.  He also extended his reign deep into Southern Nubia.  His first military battle at the city of Meggido was so legendary that it became biblical.  He reigned such terror and destruction on the white/arab King of Kadesh in Palestine and his army that observers said “The end of the world will happen here, where the forces of God will destroy the forces of [Satan].  And the destruction will look just like this.” Today, we call it “Armageddon.”


 In concluding this month’s War Room, we ask that Brothers and Sisters send in stories and links to videos about Black avengers around the world.  As we achieve new heights of Racial resistance and/or receive historical accounts of Race Avengers, we’ll add them to the list.  This list in many ways is our tribute to our martyrs and freedom fighters.  Every time someone detonates a suicide bomb in Palestine, their name goes down in history and they’re never forgotten.  Uncle Set wants us to remember those Afrikans who shed white blood with no less enthusiasm, respect, and honor.  Let us not forget to honor our Uncle and his divine work.
Send all information of Race Avengers (Black killers of whites) to:


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   May 3rd, 2012 blackgold Says:

    First of all, I don’t think they were teenagers but what the reporter should’ve asked those young men was what were they doing at the brothas house at that time of night anyway and what were they arguing about? Why couldn’t they just walk away? The only thing she asked was if they used a racial slur. The only thing those young me said was that they did not shine the cars headlights at the house. So I guess everything else that John White said was true except the part about the headlights. Those men are guilty as sin and I say good for John White.

  •   February 16th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    I have to agree with the sentiments expressed here, however a lot of the information presented here I will have to revisit and see where this site is really going.

    Now Khalid was a brilliant mind. I have been told by someone in the know that Farakhan and Khalid were best of friends up until the end but it was a necessary thing that Farakhan had to publicly denounce Khalid.

    Also the same person told me that he has heard farakhan say that the Blackest amongst us were the true people and he has said this many times. Well if he was caught on tape saying that Black skin was negative as Dr, Clarke says then Farakhan would say this over and over again to negate the deep fissure that affects so many black people one way or another and to which he may have succumbed.

    I dont trust no Islam and I dont trust no Christianity. What i do know is that we Blacks started this thing and we gonna finish it.

    I hope to see you on the battlefield when that time comes. Right know I fight them spiritually and scatter all false preachers.

    Secondly stop trying to save those who cannot be saved. We have reached a time in our Black Life that if you aint fighting to get on the right side of this thing you gonna be against Black Life. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that the majority of Black people are too far gone to come back and using the anology of Lot and his wife there aint no saving them.

    I don’t necessarily agree totally with the homo stance of this site especially relating to Tyler Perry and I would like to get into this if there is a closed forum where we can go to discuss pertinent matters. Suffice to say that if any son of mine could be influenced to be gay watching Tyler Perry then he is against Black Life and he would need to be put in the place that does Black Life no harm.

    Any Black person that chooses to go that way is anathema to Black Life and I would rather they come out so we know who is who.

    Be careful here, because I wish to get into this gay issue without saying i’m gonna kill all gay brothers and sisters. I am not convinced that is the war we gonna be fighting. But If they think that in the Black world we gonna murder them then they gonna fight tooth and nail for the white man. I am saying we got to be very sophisticated about this issue.

    Where we need no sophistication is the fact that the white man hates our guts because he is jealous of something we got that he has not. Whatever he perceives we got that he ain’t got as so succinctly put by Dr Welsing. There is no doubt that in his rush for world domination he knows he has to ultimately fight the Black Man so his every waking moment and movements are meant to weaken Black life for that terminal battle. I bet he dreams of the same thing too at nights.

    We got to know how to use every available tool at our disposal to shake off the threat to our planet by the mad degenerates who say they are our leaders. And I tell you that they come in all colours.

    Labelling the great Obomber gay, I hope you got good proof of this. I aint bothered about the backside he goes up into, I am bothered about the fact that he has besmirched Black Life by craving for the White House Seat of Shayton and taking down so many of our diaspora into the mental abyss of white life – but hey, all is fair in love and war. Sometimes i feel like sticking my uzzi in the mouths of many such niggas, starting with them around me.

    I also consider myself fair game if I fall short one day. Maybe someone gives me a lot of money and I suddenly find that life was not how it was when I was broke and my black ass was against the wall and I suddenly switch.

    Another thing is that in these last days, there will arise many who will say follow me and they will lead people to disaster, so one has to have a certain kind of discernment and I hope i find more of it here in the future.


  •   August 11th, 2013 Hannibal Says:

    Hannibal wasn’t black you illiterate fuck, he was a Phoenecian. And neither were the Egyptians, they were Semites. The reason you have to appropriate other people’s culture and history is because there is nothing worth noticing beneath the Sahara. Not because a culture originated in Africa does it make it black. Black people come from Sub-Saharan Africa, with most American-Blacks coming from West-Africa, also known as the armpit of the world.

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