Jun 2012 – Promosexuals: Fags’ Best Friends, Afrikans’ Worst Enemies
Posted on June 1st, 2012

“Homosexuals” or Promosexuals – Which Ones Hurt Us Worse?



“Promosexuality” is the newest and most abhorrent sexual-political fad that Afrikan people worldwide have adopted.  The term “promosexuality” stems from the term “promosexual” made popular by the premier scholar of the 21st Century – Mwalimu Baruti.  A “promosexual” refers to an individual who promotes and/or protects the “rights” of Afrikan people to defile themselves and others by participating in white-sex acts of “homosexuality”, pedophilia, bestiality, interracial sex, etc . . .  Some of these individuals are “homosexuals” themselves.  However, surprisingly enough, many are not practicing “homosexuals”, but rather deeply confused Afrikans who do not understand how their support for “homosexual” rights actively supports the genocide of our Race.


Accordingly, “promosexuality” is a sexual-political personality whereby Black people adopt an intellectual sexual position that accords respect for every filthy sexual bird polluting the Afrikan world community.  This personality/position fights to eradicate, violate, or at least challenge the Afrikan sexual position that a consenting Black man is supposed to be with a consenting Black woman.  The object is to subvert natural, normal, Afrikan culture and civilization at its base – the relationship between the man and woman.  It is a militant, genocidal/suicidal white-sex personality transferred from whites to Black people through oppression, miseducation, media manipulation, and/or coercion.

The purpose of this War Room is to make the point that “promosexuals” are just as, if not more dangerous, than practicing “homosexuals” to the survival of the Black Race.  It is understood by many in our community that an Afrikan male who actively seeks sexual pleasure from another male is sick.  The same can be said for a Black female who actively seeks sexual pleasure from other females.  They are understood to be wayward Afrikans who are not operating within the acceptable constraints of Black culture.  As a result, they cannot influence anyone who isn’t already sexually confused or who they don’t have physical and/or psychological power over. 


However, if one appears to be “normal” (heterosexual) and they support white-sex (“homosexuality”, pedophilia, orgies, “swinging”, etc . . . ), they present white-sex misbehavior as a healthy, viable alternative to normal Black sexuality.  This seriously confuses multitudes of Black people, both young and old.   


As the external pressure from the white-sex empire increases, the few of us continuing to fight the war against this emerging “homosexual” influence are finding ourselves surrounded on all sides. Consider the recent “homosexual” assault on Black children:


What you are seeing is not your imagination.  The “homosexual” Juggernaut is promoting white-sex to Black children through the use of comic books.  They now have a young Black/Hispanic “homosexual” Spiderman and an interracial marriage of a “homosexual” X-man named Northstar who marries a Black male.  Our Afrikan ancestors in amerikkka used to follow the North Star to find freedom from slavery; now the homophiles are using their Northstar to lead our children into european sexual insanity.  They are openly hunting and recruiting our children into their deathstyle.


At the same time, the “homosexuals” are having great success in the process of legalizing and standardizing adult/child sex in this country.  The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) which classifies all known “diseases” and or “disorders” is now moving to make child molestation normal and accepted in this society.

DSM Being Changed to Normalize Pedophilia



If this isn’t bad enough, the Magic Mulatto President, Barack Obama has been “selected” to promote the global agenda to force white-sex on Afrikan people worldwide.  And he is doing his appointed job with zeal and fervor.  As a result, he is now openly being exposed as a white-sex offender by the white media.   



With this relentless assault on our Afrikan sexual sanity waging, Black people should be galvanizing and unifying for the purpose of resisting white-sex tyranny at all costs.  This is the (1) sociopolitical front that Afrikan people worldwide would stand behind.  However, because there are countless vocal “promosexuals” who support its right to exist in our community and even advocate the spreading of white-sex anti-culture among our people, the voices of the real Afrikans are being drowned out.  The louder we speak out against this encroachment into our sexual space, the louder these duped Negros parrot the standard white-sex propaganda – “We can’t discriminate against gays.  It’s no difference than what we say whites did to us in the South.”  This Negropean argument is the same in amerikkka as it is abroad with the basic underlying message being that Black people should concede to european sexual deviance as a standard of sexual behavior.  Negroes prefer to surrender than resist.  As a result, this fight calls for Racially conscious Afrikan voices, not Negro voices.  


Since the Magic Mulatto announced his support for same-sex marriage, an unsavory group of “promosexuals” have emerged from their closets to support the white-sex agenda.  Among this group are a mix of confused Afrikans who don’t understand the ramifications of their actions, Negro opportunists seizing the chance to remain relevant through media attention, practicing “homosexuals”, and/or vicious Mobutu Race traitors who are knowingly supporting the white-sex agenda of the “homosexual” zionist elite who’re controlling this entire global white-sex infrastructure.


To illustrate our point, we will examine the behavior of some of the most recent promosexuality in the Black community.  We’ll start with the confused Afrikans who don’t understand the weight of their actions and the damage they’re causing to the future of our Race:












Chuck D Endorses Barack Obama’s Push for Same-Sex Marriage

Chuck D, the lead voice for the famous, now infamous, group Public Enemy is speaking out to support the white-sex assault on Afrikan people.  He doesn’t understand what he’s doing.  He thinks he’s supporting a mulatto President in a morally correct cause.  In fact, he’s being used to turn the militant voice of our people in favor of the white-sex agenda to destroy the fabric of our people’s morality. 

“Here it is bam, and you say Goddamn” – Chuck D












Floyd Mayweather Endorses Same-sex Marriage

It’s unfortunate.  But the pound-for-pound greatest fighter in the world today, Floyd Mayweather, is taking the wrong position on white-sex.  Clearly a Brother who prides himself in being a stand-up man, Mr. Mayweather is the victim of a lack of information and perspective.  If he understood that his actions in verbally supporting same-sex marriage were going to indirectly assist in the increase of Black male “homosexuality” and effeminization, he would not do it –  no matter how much money they would pay him.  His past statements have made it clear that he wants everyone to understand that he’s no one’s homo.  However, he hasn’t seen the Effeminization of the Black Male series, so he doesn’t understand how desperately our people are in need of uncompromising Black male heroes.  He is in the best position as an undefeated fighter to deliver a powerful blow for Black upliftment; however, he doesn’t have the necessary people around him nor the right information to successfully make an impact at this time.  As such, while actively trying to provide a positive role model image for Black people, he finds himself stepping dangerously in the wrong direction of promosexuality.  Let’s get the message to Brother Floyd so that he doesn’t go all the way off the deep end.  He’s a Brother we can save; and if we save him, he is the type that might return the favor and save millions of our youth.














Colin Powell, the Promosexual – The Initial Choice for 1st Black President

One of the truest and most extreme cases of a Mobutu (sick Uncle Tom Race Traitor) in the history of this country, Colin Powell wouldn’t do the right thing if he knew what the right thing was.  He is the quintessential lapdog flunky for european interests who is more loyal to his enslavers than he is to his Black wife.  However, in this particular case, we don’t think he comprehends the relevance that his promosexual position plays in the overall destruction of the Black Race.  We believe he is emerging out of the shadows in order to push an agenda his handlers have told him to support.  So though he is a Mobutu who would knowingly participate in the extermination of his own Race, we believe he is actually oblivious to the consequences of his Negro actions in this instance.


Negro Opportunists Seeking Media Attention and Relevance:













Michael Eric Dyson Supports Obama and the “Homosexual” Agenda

Michael Eric Dyson may be the #1 “non-homosexually inclined” promosexual over the past decade.  He is in rare form now that the Magic Mulatto came out of the closet and endorsed same-sex marriage.  Dyson, an ordained Minister, is a vocal advocate for white “homosexual” adoption of Black children and will likely be a supporter of pedophilia in the years to come.  He is the consummate opportunist who looks for every possible opportunity to be in front of a camera and promote sexual degeneracy as a viable alternative to a traditional Afrikan sexual lifestyle between a consenting man and woman.  Dyson is a sick, deranged, zip-coonin’, promosexual who is deeply entrenched in promosexuality and its promotion among Black people.  He is a committed promosexual with a history to show it.  

















Cornel West Kisses the Feet of the “Homosexual” Community

A long time promosexual, Cornel West is a fierce proponent for the dysgendering of Afrikan people.  He has been boldly promoting this agenda in the Black community since the 1990’s.  As one of Barack Obama’s primary critics in the Black community, West now finds himself at odds with his own position against Obama.  Once Obama endorsed same-sex marriage, West had the option of blasting the decision and pointing out how the white-sex agenda is more important to the president than any Black agenda.  In fact, the white-sex agenda is in direct opposition to Black people’s main sociopolitical agreement at this time – being against “homosexuality.”  Therefore, West stands in direct opposition to the will of the Black masses.  He criticizes the president for not supporting a Black agenda, then applauds him for taking the single most meaningful position against the known and stated position of Black people.  West is another media hound, lap dog flunky for the white-sex smallhat agenda who uses his influence to damage the sexual future of Afrikan people.



Mobutu Race Traitors Who’ve Sold Their Souls to the “Homosexual” smallhats













Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – Mobutu Vanguard for white-sex


Ever since Dr. Khalid Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) infamous Howard University speech where he attacked Jesse Jackson’s commitment to Afrikan people, there’s been a quiet debate in the Nationalist community.  Most contend that his “homosexual” references to Jesse Jackson’s misbehavior were purely metaphoric.  A few others argued that Dr. Khalid’s white-sex metaphors were meant to send a quiet signal to the community that this “homosexual” agenda had the hearts and minds of some of our most prominent leaders.  Listen and judge for yourself:




This conversation was dead and gone for close to (2) decades when it resurfaced in the last (2) years with “homosexual” allegations against Reverend Jackson.  We do not delve into gossip; however, the “homosexual” accusations made against Reverend Jesse Jackson are a matter of public record and the story made national news when it broke.  When taken into consideration alongside his staunch support for the white-sex agenda, it makes one take a closer look at Dr. Khalid’s unfavorable references to Jesse Jackson ” . . . bending over to give evil an opening.”


And the Reverend Al Sharpton is no different.  He’s worn a perm in his hair for decades now.  That pretty much tells us where he stands on the “homosexual” issue.  It makes his promotion of “gay marriage” during his 2004 Presidential candidacy make that much more sense.  And he has been an avid promosexual over the past decade who constantly reminds us that his mentor was the notorious Mobutu white-sex offender, Bayard Rustin.



Speculation aside, there is one thing that is absolutely certain.  Both Jackson and Sharpton are bought and paid for by the “homosexual” smallhat elite and they will do whatever they are told in order to maintain their financial wealth and security – without regard to its impact on Black people.










Magic Johnson Is Going Way Past Unconscious Promosexual Support

Magic Johnson is either a front man for smallhat interests or an aggressive evangelist for the white-sex agenda.  Either way, his actions don’t allow him a pass.  He’s an active promosexual working to promote white-sex to our youth.  Magic is spearheading a grassroots movement, headed by popular Black entertainment figures, to push the Black community to accept “homosexuality.” 

How can a Brother who was infected with the HIV virus 20 years ago take a position in favor of “homosexuality”?  If he contracted it through heterosexual means, he should be trying to discourage “homosexuality” since it makes people more likely to contract the disease.  Also, the practice of this type of misbehavior crosses over into the female gender and spreads the disease among Sisters.  If we stopped the practice all together, the disease would begin to decrease dramatically in our community. 

But by all appearances, Magic is not interested in the logic of the facts.  He has an agenda to organize the most popular Black people in the world for the purpose of spreading sexual degeneracy throughout our community.  No matter how ignorant an Afrikan is, they won’t go this far unless there’s some type of motivation beyond trying to do what they believe to be the “right thing.”  The most likely answer is that Magic Johnson, now Tragic Johnson, is an agent for white supremacy that’s following his smallhat handler’s white-sex lead.  His efforts fit too perfectly into their plans to be a pure coincidence.













Jay-Z – Infected by “The Evil” – Parental Discretion Advised


War on the Horizon generally strays away from discussions involving the “Illuminati” and various other conspiracy theories.  However, in the case of the hat-hop industry, we have definitive information that it is totally owned and controlled by rich, white, “homosexual” smallhats who trade contracts, fame, and fortune for sexual favors of all kinds.  As a result of this reality, most of the Black “hat-hop moguls” and icons are practicing “homosexuals” and pedophiles.  Over the past 25 years, this has become the standard in the business.

The prime example of the “Black soul” that has been purchased by this demonic industry is Jay-Z.  He has become the spokesman for the hat-hop industry and therefore young Black amerikkka.  He is owned and controlled by rich “homosexual” smallhats.  Now, having taken the lead from Magic Johnson, he is spearheading the push to “homosexualize” the Black Race.  He is now being interviewed by the jews stations on his political views on gay marriage. 



Consider this: How does one go from rapping about calling Black men “nigg**s”, Black women “bi**hes”, selling drugs and murdering Black people to providing political commentary in favor of living a “homosexual” deathstyle?  This has to appear bizarre even to the most skeptical observers.  It’s simple.  He’s a paid agent of white supremacy helping to fulfill the white-sex agenda.














Barack Obama – The First Openly Gay President

Larry Sinclair’s story of his sexual affairs with the Magic Mulatto are finally beginning to resonate with our people.  As such, the once deified figure known as Barack Obama is losing favor among Afrikans.  We are beginning to see him for the warmongering, “homosexuality” in Afrika promoting, Black genocide in Libya causing, white-sex degenerate mulatto, enemy to the Black Race that he actually is.  With our sobering view of this sexually degenerate homophilic, poor excuse for a mulatto, we are better able to see his wickedness and the danger associated with the current push for white-sex among Afrikan people worldwide.  This is one of the primary reasons he was “selected” as president.  One of his primary jobs is to usher in the most devastating eugenics (the science of racial genocide) breakthroughs in history – the cultural enforcement of white-sex anti-culture among Black people.  If successful, the Black Race will be destroyed.  

Selecting Barack Obama as president of the jewnited States of amerikkka was one of the most sophisticated and successful war moves that whites have made in the history of the world.  Forget about the impact he had on the minds of the everyday Black people.  I am ashamed to say that the “Black Nationalist” community was just as profoundly immersed in smiling Negro shine koonery as any slap-happy Negro on the corner.  I know more than one Nationalist Brother and/or Sister who lost “lifetime” friendships because they didn’t support this flaming promosexual, “homosexual.”  This was a true demonstration of who the real committed Racial Nationalists are and who the sympathizers are.  The sympathizers are the ones of us who were duped.  And now that the truth is staring us in the face, it’s time for our people to do the right thing and organize against white-sex.


The point here Brothers and Sisters is clear.  Promosexuality is running rampant in the Black community.  It is an aggressive mental sickness that’s assisting the white race in their destruction of our youth – and thus our future.  It’s time that we organize an international, all-Black, anti-gay movement.  This is the best sociopolitical, cultural war move on the chess board for Afrikan people.  For the sake of our future, we have a short time to organize the few brave Brothers and Sisters who are left and move to eradicate white-sex from the fabric of our Race.  It’s a tall job, but we’re just the right people to take on the task.  Stay tuned to WOH to find out exactly how to go about organizing this war for our sexual sanity and . . . . . . . . .


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   June 4th, 2012 SixPointDwella Says:

    This makes me sad and infruriated at the same time. While I do have female associates that engage in this lifestyle, I relentlessly oppose it for me and mine. I have 2 boys and I can’t let them be sucked into this madness. We’re catching it from all sides and losing allies to public pressure. Our onlly solution is to go harder to save our people…

  •   June 5th, 2012 xman4life Says:

    ” sodomon and gomarah, there’s no escapinng God’s punishment, in due time.

  •   June 6th, 2012 +blkthought Says:

    This is a way of life that is forced down the throats of the weak. It is hard to raise righteous children in a society that practice and preach devilment. We need outlets such as this to inform people of the reality of WAR that we are facing.

  •   February 21st, 2013 ARW Says:

    OMG, please don’t tell me Chuck D sold out to them fags! This is tragic now I gotta get rid of all of Public Enemy music! I’m very disappointed all the way by this article. SMH it the End of Days, Ancient Greece, Rome, Babylon, Sodom & Gomarrah is here NOW!

  •   June 11th, 2013 ronalrjc Says:

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  •   November 19th, 2013 Ike Says:

    I appreciate all the time and work you’ve put into what you’re doing here. It’s promosexual in it’s own right. Everybody’s a whore, dude. You’re no exception. I wish I could sling my shit as good as you, I would really like more people to experience my crazy as well!

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