Aug 2012 – Fags in “The Movement”: They’re Like Roaches in My Cereal!
Posted on August 1st, 2012

Fags in “The Movement”:

They Like Roaches in My Cereal!



You heard it right.  The “homosexual” infiltration and takeover of the Black Progressive/Black Nationalist/Black Power Movement takes us back to the old days living in the projects.  Do you remember what it was like to have roaches?  Do you remember doing everything you could do to keep your place clean; but because (1) person in your apartment building kept their space filthy, you had to wage a daily war against the onslaught of those nasty brown invaders of german descent.  For me, the worst of all of the experiences was when you went to open up your box of cereal in the morning.  You got your milk, your spoon, and your bowl ready and you went to pour your cereal into the bowl.  Suddenly, as you turn the box towards your bowl, some fast-moving, long-whiskered, nasty german cockroach comes running out of your cereal box – dashing for his life.  Out of your disgust and hatred for this filthy creature that has violated your sacred dietary place as a child, you set upon the challenging course of trying to murder this german in the coldest blood.  Sometimes you got him/her, sometimes you didn’t.  But in each and every case, you felt violated, disgusted, and most of all disappointed because you were forced to throw away a perfectly good box of cereal because of the presence of (1) single invader that’s desecrated the entire box.  Roaches have no law!

white-sex offenders (“homosexuals” and pedophiles) in the Black community can be very much like roaches.  Consider how their presence in our community has changed our culture over the past 20 years.  It used to be cool for Black women to walk down the street holding hands or for them to have all-female sleepovers.  Today, any Black man who lets his wife attend a “sleepover” or woman’s retreat is a naive fool.  He might as well go ahead and register her in a pre-program for lesbians-are-us because that’s exactly where she’s headed.  Long gone are the days when we used to see a Brother or Sister with locks and think, “Let me get my act together because I know that they’re deep.”  Instead, when we see a Black person with locks today, we think, “Is he/she conscious or are they gay?”  In 1985, a Mohawk meant you were a bad Brother like Mr. T. or you were deep into Afrikan culture.  Today a Mohawk means you are a homo.  Even though it’s a traditional Afrikan hairstyle, the fags have turned it into a mark of the beast.  And there are even homos with Afrikan names these days.  

The point is that the “homosexual” assault on Black/Afrikan culture here in amerikkka has left us almost without anything we can call sacred.  In fact, there is almost nothing left in the Black community that hasn’t become infiltrated and overrun by “homosexuals.”  Like the zionist smallhat takeover of amerikkka, the white-sex takeover of the Black amerikkkan community is overwhelming.  However, the last and most important place for the white-sex offenders (homosexuals and pedophiles) to take over is the Black Nationalist Movement.  It is here that they’ve never been widely invited, accepted, nor tolerated.  It is here where all of our strong movements are born.  It is here that the fighters for the Black Race are bred.  It is here where the customs of our ancestors and the decency of our people are held sacred.  It is here where our white enemies must lay the final death blow to Afrikan people if they are to be successful in their attempt to eradicate us from the face of the Earth.  It is here that the homos have now targeted their major offensive.  It is here that we must wage war.

To put this discussion in its proper historical context, we need to take a look at the historical war between the Black Nationalist-minded separatists of our Race and the Negro Integrationists.  If we start with Marcus Mosiah Garvey in the early 1920’s, we find that his major opposition was from three main groups (in no particular order of precedence or importance)

  1. Negro Integrationists
  2. smallhats (white so-called jews)
  3. “Homosexuals” Black and/white

Starting as early as the 1920’s, “homosexual” integrationists like A. Philip Randolph organized for the purpose of destroying Black Nationalist organizations like the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA).  He worked alongside his disciple, Bayard Rustin, to sabotage the Black Nationalists’ goals, ambitions, and institutions.  




In fact, it was A. Philip Randolph who helped spearhead the “Garvey Must Go” Movement.  This involved an organized group of Negro integrationist (p)leaders who actually contacted the u.s. government and requested that they investigate Mr. Garvey and have him removed from this country.  gay edgar hoover supported the effort and helped engineer Mr. Garvey’s demise along with help from the smallhat (white so-called jewish) interests.  As heinous and destructive as this move against our Race was, Randolph’s “homosexual,” integrationist treason may have actually paled in comparison to Bayard Rustin’s.  Bayard Rustin was the sadistic “homosexual” who highjacked the Civil Rights Movement and turned it away from being a Black empowerment endeavor towards a cry for integration and inclusion.  He approached a very young and impressionable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Montgomery Bus Boycott and developed a “friendship” that lasted for decades.  In reality, Rustin was never Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s friend.  Rather, he worked on behalf of white interests to attach himself to Dr. King’s charisma, ability to organize, and auditory skills in order to push the integrationist agenda.  Not only was he a kind of spy who reported back to the “white powers that be” about King’s movements; but he actually advised King according to the white integrationist agenda that he was following. When King spoke out against the Vietnam War and turned towards more militant/controversial action, Rustin turned on him and their “friendship” dissolved.



This approach of an integrationist, “homosexual” getting close to an Afrikan leader in order to weaken their sociopolitical outlook on freedom-fighting is an old and effective tactic.  Bayard Rustin led Dr. King down the road of social and cultural integration with whites to the degree that he even began discussing “greek love” in his speeches.  But Dr. King wasn’t the only Black leader that Rustin fooled.  He was on his way back to Nigeria to assist them in writing their constitution when he was busted in the back seat of a car having sexual intercourse with (2) white males.  He was incarcerated and moved from a minimum security prison to a medium security prison for “turning out” inmates and inspiring “homosexuality” among otherwise straight men.

Additionally, this freak also made acquaintance with Kwame Nkruma of Ghana and many others.  He was a “homosexual” roach corrupting the aims and objectives of true Afrikan independence with hidden motivations to effeminize our movement.

As evidenced by these pictures, the “homosexual” movement among our people has leached itself into “Blackness” at least since the beginning of the 20th Century.  And unfortunately, they have not only attached themselves to many of our leaders, but they have attached themselves to our movement and made themselves appear invaluable. Instead of using their knowledge of our history and condition to motivate our people to become independent, they’ve used their familiarity with the concepts surrounding Black progress and enlightenment to weaken our Black Racial disdain for white-sex (“homosexuality” and pedophilia) misbehavior.  Another important example of how this ruthless tactic was used is with James Baldwin.  This “homosexual” integrationist (from here on referred to as homogrationist) posed for years as a Black Power spokesman for our people – all while plotting with whites on weakening the movement and turning it towards integration and white-sex.  He wrote literature about Black people’s problems and was careful to insert “homosexual” themes as frequently as he could.  

However, his greatest act of Racial treason was plotting the spiritual sodomizing of the Black God of our Racial Movement – The Immortal Nat Turner.  The 1960’s was a period when Black Power was at its apex.  Our people were on the cusp of a real revolution.  whites were desperately searching for a way to put out the fire in our Black movement.  James Baldwin came up with a brilliant idea that would serve to assist the whites in tempering our movement and help promote white-sex culture at the same time.  Nat Turner was the icon of our movement in the 1960’s.  He represented everything we wished we could be in response to white supremacy.  Baldwin suggested to william styron that he write a “homosexual” novel about the life and times of Nat Turner where our Brother was depicted as a homogrationist.  The purpose was to take steam out of the Black Power engine by making its icon a fag.  Also, by making our hero a fag, he would convince many people that read the book thinking it was truth, that to be a Black Revolutionary is to be a homogrationist.  styron agreed and portrayed the Prophet as a “homosexual” who started a revolt because he couldn’t have the white female that he was in love with.  This was all intentionally fabricated to discredit our hero and destroy our movement. 


Understanding the wickedness of these homogrationists is critical.  We should never commingle with these freaks because no matter what they do on the surface, they’re always searching for an underhanded way to sodomize one of the sons or daughters of Afrika.  Their motives are never pure; so they can never be trusted. 

Since the 1980’s, “homosexuals” like Angela Davis, Naim Akbar, Gerald Smith, George Augustus Stallings, etc . . . have misrepresented themselves to our community as Black Progressive voices, when in fact they’ve been privately and/or publicly promoting this deathstyle to our people.  Angela Davis now goes around from university to university promoting gay marriage.  Naim Akbar continues to lecture around the country about his “Visions [of] Black Men.”  Gerald Smith used his clout in the Phi Beta Sigma organization to develop a “homosexual” lock on its higher level administration positions.  He also ran psychological tests in the Black community to determine if he could pass “homosexuality” off as Afrikan culture to uninformed Black Christians interested in learning more about Afrikan culture.  I know because I was there when he did it!


George Augustus Stallings organized a Black Catholic Church in Washington, DC called Imani Temple, that is widely known for its “homosexual” hierarchy.  They are so notorious for their sexual insanity that many of us in the DC area automatically associate anyone affiliated with his church as a white-sex offender.  However, like some of Naim Akbar’s disciples who’ve gone on to create mini-fagdoms in schools around the country, the “homosexual” disciples of Imani Temple and other secret Afrikancentered homo enclaves loom smoothly over different regional areas around this country.  Their representatives are as versed on Afrikancentered history and knowledge as anyone.  They know more about the Black Power Movement, its ups and downs, its successes and failures, and its unsung heroes than most of us who are genuine.  Nevertheless, they move into our Afrikancentered communities and use their charm and charisma to weaken our movement.  They make friends with our warriors.  They keep tabs on our progress against white supremacy and white-sex.  They cleverly sabotage our efforts to build a movement against white-sex in the Black Nationalist community.  They help swell the ranks of Black college student unions.  And worst of all, they hunt our sons and daughters for sexual sport.  They are all around us and we don’t even know it.

In the modern context, the homogrationist infiltration of the Black conscious/Black Power Movement is broad and deep.  There are only a hand full of Afrikancentered organizations who openly ban these Race traitors from our organizations or will even take a position on the issue.  In fact, we can only think of (2) Afrikancentered organizations that boldly prohibit white-sex offenders from their ranks and speak out openly about the damage this madness is doing to our people.  Most of the Black organizations that remain from the 1970’s are infested with “homosexuals.”  In fact, most Black Nationalist/Independent Black organizations are controlled by them.  More and more frequently, these sexual outsiders to our culture are openly flaunting their presence in our “Black” institutions.   In short, we are losing this aspect of the battle.

But with all of this happening directly under our watch, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.  No matter where one goes on planet Earth, our people still don’t like “homosexuality.”  Now is the time for the Black Nationalist/Black Progressive/Haitianist community to step forward and take a collective position against white-sex.  Only we hold the history and culture of our Ancestors in such regard that we can build the proper foundation for a powerful Black movement to fight this white-sex assault.  It’s time for us to get our house clean so that we can keep the roaches out of our cereal box.

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  •   August 1st, 2012 ARW Says:

    Thank you very much of bringing this serious topic of the hypocrisy in the Black community. Over the years, I been confuse about my Race and sexuality for long time when some of the kids (our Race) use to accuse me being a lesbian since elementary to high school because I was awkward and at times violent with boys and being shy around girls and I knew nothing of the words gay/lesbian to find out the words are sick because both of my parents knew those were sick practices. For me, this led to bullying by kids, teachers not helping me to even being molested in elementary school by boys touching me, girls calling me nasty names Shoot, even some girls would be trashy to nasty things like adults. I tried to act like the kids being bad to fit in, I wanted even where dresses but the kids would say meaner things about my legs & body “She looks like a boy; them legs are hairy, she ugly yellow heifer.” All I want to do was be proud of my feminine side, to become a tomboy that where I started to only wear pants and shorts and this made worse every day they call me a faggot & dyke! Even separated events back in 4th grade a girl tried to kiss in playground that led to rumors and in 10th grade when at lunch an ex-friend tried to kiss me on my cheek in front of everyone that was so embarrassing and everyone still thought I was a dyke.

    Every day, kids would spread vicious rumors about me that would get me angry to be in rage screaming, hollering, cursing, anything that would make me depress and suicidal inside that I repeatedly harmed myself and did over the counter drugs to looking at adult pornography ease the pain. I tried my best with Western Christianity to fight off homosexuality and did not work as I enter in high school still being accuse of being lesbo and I clearly remember at school students would still call me a dyke because I had no boyfriend, all I was doing was saving my virgin to find the right man to marry that I had to go daily rituals of verbal and psychical abuse by the kids. Yes, I fell for the tricks, hanging with the enemy, thinking I was feminazi/Bisexual blaming Black males and after 10 years of defending this sickness that has destroy our people till this day I feel ashamed of what I did and never again I will be around that sickness, however I’m glad I denounce this sickness after going through emotional issues over the years of what this society brings, this the main why that our Race should never be around these disgusting kids in the public school because the these kids by their families that are picking up these dangerous messages towards our kids.

    And, as I think back of the deplorable public school system they did push feminism/white-sex/interracial dating ideology on us when they gave us tablets of what websites & hotlines to go to if we were confuse if the counselors didn’t wanna see you if they want to make money off of you. These dangerous messages were shoved down our thoughts badly I seen some of the girls turn into lebso/bi/freaks over the years. Hell, I remember there was a slew of hypocrites calling me a dyke, but they look up and liked James Baldwin, Alice Walker & Angela Davis for Black History! They be quick to say that hate that faggot & dyke RuPaul & Queen Latfiah but they still loving rappers Car’mon in pink, P.Diddy & Nelly doing homo acts, 50 cent being a freak, Ciara emulating lesbianism, sure they would say about Prince is gay which he is, but love Janet Jackson for supporting the sickness and they were thought to believe that homosexuality came from Afrika (Bullshit) and being blindsided about the sicko Greco-Romans being straight(all bullshit) by the teachers lying their asses off to us to not know of our actually culture, our actual history to that stupid diploma and act crazy. Also, I like to mention several of the boys and girls that call me names are now sexual perverts being fags/dykes/ or those who are straight supporting the white-sex agenda and loving me-latto Obama, supporting a crooked government that will take everything from you just like they did with the Native Amerikkkans and don’t give a damn about you, still loving chitlin Tyler Perry, still loving Oprah, loving T.D. Jakes, minstrel clowns destroying our image, laughing about rape, joining abusive secret-homo/lesbo societies on college/university campuses, supporting interracial love, still relying on NAACP which they are working with GLAAD/GLESN, all those white-sex organizations destroying our Race, loving porno, drinking/smoking, eating pork, bleaching their skin & hair wanting to look white and having BS excuse to say there still Black, playing them stupid games not to say the words “Auntie Jemina, sambo, fag/dyke, mulatto because those are racist words” which they are what the words represent of themselves and got a nerve to say “I hate the N-word” blaming the rappers, people living in the projects & the youth, and never going after the Black chitlin activists/poets/writers/authors/actors/comedians/professors/any professionals saying that word, supporting kkkracka/homo adoptions, dangerous feminazism destroying the Black family and being scare of Black nationalism to just break their neck to be with other races and sickos that only using you to get rid of your culture and take your resources away from you. DIRTY HYPOCRITES THEY ARE!

    Way before I became “Pro Black”, when I would say I didn’t support the white-sex movement, all the kids would say “Shut up, dyke you’re a hypocrite!” Yet, when I began supporting the sickness I receive mixed result to hear, “That good” to “We still know you’re a dyke!” And, now after 10 years of supporting an agenda that was out to kill me and my people I came to the realization that these European ideas has not gotten anywhere in but pain, shameless, and misery to reeducated myself of my actual culture, being proud to be a straight Black woman, and not ever associate with the enemy anymore meaning cutting my ties such as friendships that wouldn’t ever last, seeking Afrikan religions to convert to Islam and now to be happily married a strong Black man and having children in the future I feel very happy and joyful for what I actually in life and now I when tell these idiots of what there is wrong, it just what happen to Richard Pryor. They wanna call you names, even give you death threats after you declare to change your ways for good still calling you a hypocrite, persuade you with BS tactics to defend themselves, and can even harass and get violent with you. Yeah, well who’s the hypocrite now? And one more thing I like to leave off is, when I gave one woman (whom was Nigerian ancestry) I knew back in high school your website to your organization to reeducated herself, she didn’t even once take the time look the website because she was in denial of being an angry an Amerikkkanize , feminazi, self-hating, disrespecting her own boyfriend who is Nigerian ancestry calling him dirty names, even bluff of how many men she slept with, wearing clothing, being rude and even calling me a bitch when miss heard me when I said “Good Morning.” This is the kind crap that I will never be around some of these bird brains who insult our Race this way and I will make sure I will raise children to avoid the confusion what the Western world has done to us as people. I love you War On the Horizon! Keep the good fight!

  •   August 11th, 2012 allen Says:

    What great information! I have noticed that Black nationalists avoid the subject of homosexuality, but I have never thought that homosexuals had hijacked the movement! I didn’t know that A. Philip Randolph led a movement to get rid of Garvey. I didn’t know Bayard Rustin was the chief architect of integration. I know Thurgood Marshall and others steered us into integration from the legal side after good-brother Attorney Charles Hamilton Houston started the legal case with a view to—not integration—but getting equal funding for Black schools. (Interesting that he “died”, and Marshall took over and diverted his goal.) There is so much in your blog that I did not know. You are so right about white insinuation of homosexuality into our organizations and communities to destroy us. The strength of a people is in numbers. How do we grow the Black community with an ever-increasing number of homosexuals? It is one of the many forms of Black population reduction and straight genocide that is being used to destroy us. I am going to buy you book because I do believe you are the only one taking an unyielding stand against homosexuality.

  •   August 28th, 2012 craig Says:

    this is a very informative article. I was not surprise to read about George stallings being a homosexual. what your article shows is the depth the organize homosexual community will go to impose its decadance on african people so as to underimine the effectiveness of the afrikan nationalist movement. what is more i was a bit surprise to see a picture of na’am akbar lumped in with the others, i.e. homosexuals.

  •   September 6th, 2012 Shreyash Says:

    Please pray for my parish. This wenkeed a lesbian couple is being allowed to baptize their twin babies , who were conceived through vitro, at our church. Yes, the babies are innocent and should be baptized, but I believe it should be done privately. The fact that they are being allowed to participate in a public baptism opens a very dangerous door. I think our Pastor is making a big mistake because it tells the parishioners, and the other families participating, that this is acceptable. How can they renew their baptism promises when they are openly living in defiance of God’s law? They may be using these babies to drive an agenda and once they get their foot in the door, watch out! You know what comes next: You baptized our babies, now why can’t you marry us. They’re both sacraments, right? Pray for our Pastor and the Deacon who runs our baptism program, who gave permission for this, and for me because I fear some day, because I stand totally with the magisterium of the Church, it may cost me my job.

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  •   July 10th, 2013 Androgyne Says:

    You have lost your fucking mind. The more you divide the race by this bullshit, the farther our freedom slips away. Your sexual hang ups have everything to do with why any movement for the improvement of our people seems to falter. Sexual discrimination against women or LGBT of color will cripple you. All of our family is needed to BE A FAMILY. Nobody BLACK is going to trade in the patriarchal white oppressors that put the chains on our bodies for a patriarchal black oppressor that places chains on their souls. Your ignorance is astounding. Proof that you have a third eye with selective vision…unwilling to open and see the reality of humankind regardless to color. Before we are Black we are human…and humans will not be oppressed by the few. You have cataracts of hate which starves your vision…and that is why our people still perish. You cannot fight hate with hate.

  •   August 22nd, 2013 Alfred Rosenberg Says:

    Just pointing out that, the American cockroach came from Africa in the early 17th century, not Germany. Cockroaches are a tropical species btw.

  •   November 19th, 2013 WHITE HILL BILLY Says:


  •   February 21st, 2014 kc Says:

    I greatly appreciate your words. Homosexuality is quite clearly an illness. We need to be strong and not give in to the American media constantly trying to force this sexual perversion down our throats. It is not simply about “hating” on someone’s sexual preference. We don’t live in a shoebox. What one does in the society will invariably effect us all. Also, it is about confronting a disgusting lie with unmitigated truth.

    I say let the Caucasian have his homosexuality, bestiality, paedophilia and any other unhealthy expression of sexuality the obviously can’t d o without. We just have to do all in our power to keep him the he’ll away from us.

  •   April 16th, 2016 Anonymous Says:

    Your an idiot!!!

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