Sep 2012 – Lucius Septimius Severus, Barack Hussein Obama
Posted on September 2nd, 2012

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Lucius Septimius Severus


Barack Hussein Obama

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From 193 – 211 AD, Lucius Septimius Severus ruled the roman empire.  He was a mulatto who became infamous for being the 1st Afrikan (Black) emperor of rome.  However, his “Blackness” paid no dividends to the Brothers and Sisters who lived in Afrika.  rome was infamous for its violence against North Afrikans during this period.  And the romans desired to intensify this violence and brutality; but they realized through past experiences that the white slaughter of Black people led to an increased Black unity and resistance to white authority.  As a result, they devised a magnificent scheme.  They appointed a mulatto from Afrika and promoted him as the “First Afrikan Emperor of Rome.” 

When the Brothers and Sisters in Afrika heard that rome would have a Black emperor, they rejoiced.  They put their hearts and souls into supporting him because they believed his selection as emperor meant that he would show some mercy and consideration for Afrikan interests.  Unfortunately, this was the furthest thing from the truth.  Instead, Lucius Septimius Severus intensified the violence and murder of Afrikans by the roman empire.  He eventually became hated and despised by his Afrikan father’s people because he supported the wholesale massacre of “his own kind.”

History Doesn’t Repeat Itself.  People Repeat History.  –  Brother BodyShotz

Lucius Septimius Severus


Today we have a modern Lucius Septimius Severus named Barack Hussein Obama.  We exposed The Magic Mulatto’s pro-homo agenda in June 2009.  This month, we will summarize the Barack Hussein Obama – the Magic Mulatto’s tragic record as the “selected”  president of the united states of amerikkka.



On October 21, 2004, Barack Hussein Obama debated Alan Keyes on the issue of “homosexual” marriage.  Barack Obama supported “homosexuality” but not gay marriage; whereas Alan Keyes spoke out definitively against gay marriage.


In October 2008, while on the campaign trail in Houston, TX, Obama pushed his support for “homosexuality” on Black Christians.


On May 9, 2012, Barack Obama came out publicly and supported gay marriage. 


After years of clearly stating his “opposition” to same-sex marriage, Obama turned on his Black constituency and openly endorsed this agenda.


January 20, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama is sworn in as president of the united states of amerikkka.


February 2009

In February 2009, Barack Obama’s administration announced that it was going to boycott the World Conference on Racism.  The (2) primary reasons given for boycotting the conference were:

  1. israel was being portrayed as a racist country (which it is), and
  2. The world has decided that it is time to pay Black people in amerikkka reparations and Barack doesn’t believe we should get them.

In April 2009, Barack kept his promise and prevented the u.s.a. from attending the World Conference on Racism where the topic of reparations for Black people in amerikkka was discussed in our favor.  Randall Robinson of TransAfrica and other concerned Black progressives were outraged.

****This is another example of where the smallhat elite has funds diverted from Black people to smallhats.  Obama saw fit to give trillions of u.s. dollars to smallhat-owned banks and financial institutions in the infamous bailouts, while at the same time fighting the world by saying the u.s. doesn’t have money for reparations for Black people.****


June 2009

In June 2009, Barack Hussein Obama officially declares June to be LGBT Pride Month.  He also promises to use the force of the u.s. government to spread “homosexuality” worldwide.  Since this time, he has fully dedicated himself to promoting his people’s agenda – “homosexual” rights.


July 2009

In July 2009, Barack Obama denies that colonialism is responsible for Afrika’s problems.  He essentially blames the problems created by white racist colonialism on Black people in Afrika.


January 2010

Obama’s administration quietly backs a push to organize Black Afrikans to help spread “homosexuality” throughout the world.  Under the guise of AIDS prevention, these handpicked Black savages were sent throughout the non-white world to promote the white-sex agenda.  Pay close attention to 4. Victor Frank Lakay and 9. Gift Trapence.


Obama appoints george bush jr. and bill clinton to head up the relief effort for our Haitian Brothers and Sisters after the “earthquake.”  In the aftermath of clinton’s disrespect of Obama during the election and bush’s response to the Bush-Brown Massacre (Hurricane Katrina), this decision speaks for itself.


February 2010

Obama intervenes in Uganda’s attempt to create the death penalty for “homosexual” pedophiles who sexually molest children.  The nation’s Black leadership lashes out at the Obama administration saying that “Sodomy is not change we can believe in.”  The Obama administration’s pressure forces Uganda not to pass this law.


April 2010

The Obama administration’s push for LGBT Rights is so strong that it emboldens international groups to begin the social-economic-political enforcement of “homosexuality” throughout the Afrikan continent.  Groups like IGLA step up their efforts to push white-sex in Afrika.


June 2010

Obama increases support for AFRICOM and white military invasion of the Afrikan continent.


August 2010

Wayne Madsen’s report comes out exposing Barack Obama and his personal interests for the spread of white-sex.


October 2010

Barack Obama supports the “anti-bullying” movement which is designed to prevent school children from using peer pressure to influence classmates not to be “gay.”  After research showed that peer pressure was one of the strongest impediments to convincing children to experiment with “homosexuality,” the Obama administration devised the anti-bullying movement in order to open children up to accept white-sex misbehavior.


December 2010

David Bahati exposes the u.s. government investment of $15M over (7) months to recruit Ugandan children into “homosexuality.”


Obama rescinds “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”


February 28, 2011

The Obama administration invites “60 emerging African-american LGBT student leaders representing Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU)” to the white house.  These emerging Black “homosexual” leaders were encouraged to use their power and influence to spread acceptance of white-sex throughout the Black community. 


March 2011

The Obama administration pushes legislation to withhold financial aid from Afrikan countries who have laws against “homosexuality.”


Obama signs a secret order to help the arab “rebels” in Libya overthrow Muammar Ghadafi and his government in North Afrika.  Ultimately, with the help of the Obama administration, the rebels sodomized and murdered Muammar Ghadafi and began the systematic extermination of Libya’s Black inhabitants.  Obama supports the arab “rebels” in the mass slaughter of Libya’s Black population.


April 2011

The Obama administration helps Michel Martelly get elected in Haiti.  Michel Martelly is a “homosexual”,  married, degenerate, mulatto class, entertainer who is a puppet to european interests.  Obama’s administration went through great lengths to see to it that Martelly was elected. 


June 2011

Barack Obama adopts a “human rights” resolution to officially support the global enforcement of “gay rights.”  This legislation is designed to give white nations the self-appointed right to invade and/or overthrow any nation that opposes the expansion of “homosexuality.”  This invasion can be economic, social, political, and/or military.  


August 2011

The Obama administration rescinded $350M in foreign aid to Malawi because they had laws against “sodomy” and/or “homosexuality.”  In response, Malawi acquiesced and reluctantly repealed all of its laws against “homosexuality.”  


October 2011

Barack Obama sends u.s. troops to invade Central Afrika under the guise of helping to “stabilize” the region. u.s. drones have an operational base in Ethiopia to wage war on Afrikan people.


December 2011

Barack Obama announces his broad range plan to use the State Department, the u.s. Treasury, and the Department of Homeland Security to enforce “homosexuality” around the world.


July 2012 – Currently

Obama continues to spread the war in Afrika and prepare Afrika for a full european invasion.


AFRICOM: The New American Empire in Africa














DVD Cover image - Dear Obama

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“Dear Obama” Hard Copy DVD  or  “Dear Obama” Electronic Download DVD




Black people, Barack Hussein Obama is not your friend!!!!!!!


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!


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  •   September 15th, 2012 allen Says:

    Every African (so-called) American needs to the Radio program comparing Severus and Obama at the top of this blog! Then, all the Black Africans the world over need to read the blog.

    Brother, i cannot tell you how glad i am to have found your website. I go days, weeks, months bottled up with frustration because i cannot find Black people in Los Angeles or other places i travel who see the real nature of things in relation to Black people. That’s right, there are few Black people who want to hear that Obama was SELECTED and will be SELECTED again because he can, has, and will–all the more–do major damage to Black folk without a whimper of protest. Just as Severus’ Rome was violent to Africa, watch what Obama does to Black Africans here and on the Mother continent during his next four years. Sure, there are also other reasons why he was SELECTED, but the Black agenda was a major consideration. Bush (or any other white) could not be a shill for racism, but a lançados Negro is a perfect shill. No Kanye West will say Obama (who identifies himself as an African American) ‘hates Black people’.

    You are clearly pointing out that one of the uses the controllers of the presidency has for the lançado is homosexualization of the Black world as a means of self-genocide and perverting the nature of a people so we will not be able to fight back. In no wise do i mean to disparage warrior sisters that have literally led and fought military battles throughout history, but generally, men fight wars. If the masculine nature of many of the males in Black communities is changed into an effeminate nature, it severely damages our ability to fight back. Homosexuality is a bane to our best interest.

    (One note. What you call the “Bush-Brown Massacre” had very little to do with Hurricane Katrina. Bush-Brown-Chaney-Rice et al, intentionally allowed thousands of Black New Orleanians die in the floodwaters caused by the bombing of levies. Several reports point out that floodwaters caused most of the damage and deaths in New Orleans.)

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