Dr. Jahi Issa Speaks on 2012 Lynchings in Delaware
Posted on October 31st, 2012

Description: Dr. Jahi Issa, former professor at Delaware State University, will be speaking live in Washington, DC this Saturday, November 3, 2012. He will be discussing his crusade against lynchings of Black people in Dover, Delaware. Since 2010, we have (2) confirmed lynchings of young Black men and (1) attempted lynching of a Black man on September 21, 2012.

This is a major situation that needs our support and attention. Please be there live at 12:00 noon as we discuss this very real and dangerous reality that Black people are facing in Dover, Delaware.

For those who cannot make it to Washington, DC to see our Brother live, please click this link to watch it live through WOH UStream. The live streaming will begin around 12:30 pm EST.

Title: Dr. Jahi Issa Speaks on 2012 Lynchings in Delaware
Location: Secrets of Nature, 3923 South Capitol St, SW, WDC 20032
Saturday, November 3, 2012
Start Time:
12:00 pm EST
Price: Free of Charge
Link out: Click here


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  •   November 20th, 2012 Verena Says:

    What might be sad and what might be our future is for doeigseophibaa to spread where adults dare not touch certain hot topics because they could get in trouble with the law if they do not speak with the proper shade of political correct thought speak.Or, where adults carefully choose to risk their free standing if they choose to respectfully disagree with the increasingly militant and powerful status quo. They speak to bring hope to persons trapped in bad situations, but they do so knowing they risk their own free standing.I’m remembering an old story I heared about Stalin He got an incredibly long ovation to his speech at the former Soviet Union’s one party session at their governing body, the Duma Everyone was so afraid of being the first one to stop clapping that it went on and on Not even sure how it ended!I’m also remembering your recent link to humpty dumpty and the old Nursery Rhymes. Didn’t some of the rhymes like George Porgie come from persons who wanted to speak politically but had to disguise it?

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