Dec 2012 – Charles Conley Story: Suicide or Result of Rising white Aggression
Posted on December 1st, 2012

Charles Conley Story:

Suicide or Sign of Rising white Aggression

Charles Conley


As Afrikan people in amerikkka in 2012, we may be facing the most dangerous period of our sojourn in the Western hemisphere.  Under the current political administration, white hatred for Black people in this country is reaching extremely volatile levels.  white conservatives and liberals are expressing dissatisfaction over the state of the economy.  white separatist groups are increasingly fearful of the Obama administration’s militarization of amerikkkan citizens (see National Defense Authorization Act) – and rightfully so.  This law gives the President of this country the right to deem this article you are reading as a “threat to National Security” and arrest us for publishing it.  This should make all amerikkkan citizens uncomfortable.  But because Barack Hussein Obama looks like us, many of the white supremacists look at Black people as the cause for these “repressive” laws.  But not only are white conservatives demonstrating their true animosity towards Black people, but white liberals are becoming more and more hostile towards our people.

But the point we’re making is that the nation’s skepticism at the direction this country’s political policies are headed is leading directly and indirectly to increased overt racism against Black people. In fact, between 2008 and 2012, there have been more racist murders of Black people in this country than we can keep up with.  And the murder count is rising every day.  Many of these murders are being touted as “suicides.”  Others are being covered up by the white establishments in their respective local areas.  All-in-all, whites are murdering Black people throughout this nation with similar impunity to that of the Jim Crow era in amerikkka.  (See the April 2012 War Room to Get a List of Recent Murders of Black People)

In fact, in the 1920’s we didn’t have YouTube and/or Internet.  Therefore, the amerikkkan climate in 2012 is worse than it was in the 1920’s because the murder of Afrikan people in this society is occurring directly in front of our faces.  In a time when we access to guns and other weapons to defend our communities, we are being openly assaulted throughout this country without any retaliation.  This may be the worst period for Afrikan existence in the Western hemisphere since chattel slavery. 

One example of a questionable death of a young Black man in our community occurred in 2010.  Brother Charles Conley was hung from a tree by (2) of his belts while attending Wesley College in Dover, Delaware.  He was (19) years old.  The police reported his death as a “suicide”; but some members of his family believe he was murdered.  After reading our War Room for October 2012 about the 2012 lynchings that are occurring in Dover, Delaware, the family noticed an eerie resemblance to what happened to their family member – Mr. Conley.  They reached out to Dr. Issa to discuss their son’s death and eventually reached War on the Horizon.  We went to New Jersey to visit with the family and get their story.  The following interviews are from our recent meeting with family and friends of Brother Charles Conley.


Charles Conley Story – Mother’s Interview Part 1


Charles Conley Story – Mother’s Interview Part 2


Charles Conley Story – Best Friend’s Interview


Charles Conley Story – Rising Racist Tensions


Charles Conley Story – Conclusion & Tribute


In this particular case, we don’t have any definitive evidence to prove that our Brother was murdered as opposed to the story provided by the police that he committed suicide.  However, this story is becoming too frequently presented to our people – even when there is clear information pointing to the murder of one of our Brothers or Sisters.  Take for instance the case of our Brother Gregory Johnson, Jr. (see his story @  Or listen to our interview with his mother in its entirety by clicking the link below:

2012-12-03 Gregory Johnson, Jr Murder with Mama Denise Johnson


In this case, there is no question about the fact that Brother Gregory Johnson, Jr. was murdered.  And the fact that the case went all the way to Eric Holder’s Office as a “Hate Crime” and has not been investigated, demonstrates how heinous this white amerikkkan government is becoming towards Black people in this country.  But the heinous acts of brutality and violence against Black youth do not begin or stop at these incidents.  Our organization has fielded calls and emails regarding everything from young Sisters being abducted and burned alive by groups of white assailants to Black children being gutted alive after their murder and having their body parts removed before burial, to stories of young Black youth being drowned and murdered while the police claim it to be suicides, to police murders of young unarmed Black youth.  The number of stories are difficult to quantify and the severity of the atrocities is steeply increasing.  Most of these incidents have occurred in the last (2) years or less.  Here are a few incidents for you to contemplate:


Strange Fruit @ Sigma Chi
The 2008 Murder of Gregory Johnson, Jr. @ San Jose State College


Our Brother Jason Smith was murdered in Louisiana on June 6, 2011.  According to his father, he was raped, drowned, and murdered by kkk members.  Then his body was sent to Arkansas where they gutted his body and stole his organs.  By the time his father saw his body, his sons organs were gone and the police had ruled his son’s murder a suicide.  You can listen to the radio program we did with his father to get the complete story of the murder and the ensuing cover-up. 

2012-05-07 Jason Smith kkk Murder


Johnny Lorenzo Clark was lynched and hung from a tree in Silver Lake Park in Dover, Delaware in May 2012.  The police claim that he hung himself from a tree.  However, they refuse to allow the family to see the pictures of the hanging.  They also refuse to answer the family’s inquiries into his death.  Essentially, the police in Delaware appear to be covering up the murder of a Black barber in Dover.  His mother’s story is below:

Johnny Lorenzo Clark Murder: Interview -w- His Mother


Brother Henry Fordham was assaulted by (2) white males named Mike and John in Dover, Delaware in September 2012.  These were reportedly the same (2) white males who lynched Johnny Lorenzo Clark.  They attempted to castrate Henry Fordham and cut off his ear.  He fought them off and escaped to a nearby home where he collapsed.  An elderly white female who witnessed the assault, called the police.  When they arrived, they laughed at Henry and refused to take the police report.  Mike and John attempted to lynch Henry in the same park where Johnny Lorenzo Clark was murdered, Silver Lake Park in Dover, Delaware.  This park also happens to be a (5) minute walk from Wesley College where police claim that Brother Charles Conley hung himself from a tree and committed “suicide” in 2010.  The following is part of the interview with Brother Fordham of his abduction and assault:

Henry Fordham Story – Part 1

Black Man Escapes a Lynching in September 2012


Sharmeka Moffitt

Sharmeka Moffit claimed she was assaulted by (3) white male terrorists in a park in Louisiana in October of 2012.  Since her initial report, the police department claims that she lied.  Her body was set afire and her car had the N-word and “kkk” painted on it.  The police claim that she set herself on fire and that she painted the “kkk” and N-word on her own car.  Based on the lack of response from her family, it appears that this story may have some holes in it.  Until we hear from the Sister recanting her story and taking responsibility for setting herself on fire, we still consider the possibility that her initial claim may have validity.  The jury is still out on this case. 


Dakota Bright

 Brother Dakota Bright is a (15) year old Black boy who was shot in the back of the head by Chicago police.  He was walking on his way to his grandmother’s house around 3:30 pm on Thursday, November 8, 2012.  Some type of altercation took place with the Chicago police and they chased the young man and shot him in the back of the head.  He died on the scene while the police reportedly retrieved a gun to plant on the scene in order to say Mr. Bright was armed.  They claim that Mr. Bright aimed his gun at them; however, family and friends claim that this is not the case.  (See story of Brother Dakota Bright here)


Jordan Davis

The white male michael dunn shot and murdered 17-year old Jordan Davis.  Brother Davis was sitting in a vehicle with his high school friends after a day at the mall.  The 45-year old michael dunn got out of his vehicle and confronted the youth over them playing loud music.  Words were exchanged and dunn fired 8 shots into the vehicle killing Brother Jordan Davis.  This incident occurred in Jacksonville, FL.  It is very possible that this white male, like george zimmerman, may get off in court.  This is a bold and direct case of murder.  It occurred on November 23, 2012.


Jordan Davis’ Murder by michael dunn


These are just a few of the many murders and assaults that are occurring against Black people throughout this country.  The rising tide of racism and white aggression is desperately calling for a militant Black response.  It is about time that the serious men in the Black community organize and work to defend our communities.  Additionally, the adults must take responsibility to begin to prepare our children for the world that they are entering into.  It’s racist and it’s violent.  Here are a few suggestions for racially responsible Black people to consider as we move forward into the 21st century:

  1.  Arm Yourselves:  If you are a member of a responsible Black household in amerikkka, and you can legally own weapons, you should seriously consider doing so.  Get trained on properly handling weapons and keep them out of the reach of your children until they’ve been properly taught in understanding the danger with the weapons.  Stock up on your ammunition and train your entire family on the proper use of firearms.
  2. Stop Allowing Your Children to Date Interracially:  Make it clear to your daughters and especially your sons, that you do not approve of interracial dating.  Ensure that your sons understand that white females have historically caused countless numbers of Black men to be hung, lynched, or otherwise harmed based on their sexual relationships with Black men.  Let them know that neither you nor anyone in the Black community is going to come to their rescue if white males decide to harm or kill them for sexually interacting with their white daughters.  If they sleep with white females, on some level, they deserve to be assaulted.  However, if they are not involved in interracial relationships and are in the right, we must be willing to shed the blood of those who harm our children.
  3. Spread the WOH Message:  Tune into our WOH Radio Station 24/7.  Share the information about our WOH website, our products, music (A.I.M.), our WOH events, our YouTube Video Channel, our YouTube WOH Report Channel,  and our purpose.  It’s past time that our people are properly informed on the things going on in the world that have the greatest impact on their lives and their future.


We hope that this month’s War Room has served as a wake up call for Brothers and Sisters who may have forgotten that the white race is our bitter enemy – a reality that is central to the existence of Black life on planet Earth.  We trust that you will internalize this message and forward it to Brothers and Sisters who can use it to raise their consciousness.  We love you and we appreciate your support – but we didn’t come here to be your friends, we came to save you, and . . . . . . .


We’ll See You on the Battlefield! 

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  •   December 5th, 2012 Paul Says:

    We are under siege.
    As the global economy worsens and the US’s dominant global status diminishes, it has become increasingly clear to people who classify themselves as white-on the left and the right
    t-and not only want to remain white but also retain their privileges, that their world and survival are endangered. It is VERY IMPORTANT FOR BLACK AND OTHER NON-WHITE PEOPLE to realize that people who classify themselves as white are fully convinced, just as they were in 1930’s Germany, that the non-white people living amongst them have a greater chance to survive an all out political, economic and environmental catastrophe because of what white people themselves at least subconsciously perceive as the highly developed natural abilities and survival skills possessed by non-white peoples. This is the way white people feel. These are their categories of thought, upon which they act, and to which we usually react.
    Thus it is very important to understand that the more conditions worsen and give white people the impression that their survival(as white) is at stake, the more imperative it will be for them to intensify the systematic genocide of non-white peoples they believe already have a natural advantage and a head start in the race to survival.
    We need to study this phenomenon.

  •   December 7th, 2012 Tanisha Says:

    Let them know that neither you nor anyone in the Black community is going to come to their rescue if white males decide to harm or kill them for sexually interacting with their white daughters.  If they sleep with white females, on some level, they deserve to be assaulted.  However, if they are not involved in interracial relationships and are in the right, we must be willing to shed the blood of those who harm our children.

  •   August 24th, 2013 James Says:

    Blacks kill whites at a rate of 16 to 1. Whites have far more to fear from blacks than blacks do from whites when it comes to violence. Blacks need to fix their own communities before they worry about anyone else.Over 90% of blacks are killed by other blacks. Blacks need to fear other blacks, not whites.

    I ma sure this comment will go nowhere and never get posted.

  •   August 26th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. This site is a complete joke. It’s crazy people like y’all that are inciting these race killings and hope you come to face justice for your crimes.

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