Jan 2013 – Farrakhan’s Support for “Homosexuality”
Posted on January 17th, 2013

Farrakhan’s Support for “Homosexuality”

Minister Louis Farrakhan and Keith Boykins


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It is with great consideration that we present this month’s War Room to the Afrikan world community.  Recently, Minister Louis Farrakhan made an open and direct endorsement of Tyler Perry for his “Madea” film productions.  For those who are unaware, Tyler perry is a white-sex offender who makes a living out of cross-dressing in theater and selling these disrespectful images of Black women to the public.  For Mr. Perry’s role in disrespecting the image of the strong Black woman elder and destroying the Black male image, Minister Farrakhan has rewarded him with the title of “Spiritual Giant.”  

If this were the first sign that Minister Farrakhan was moving towards supporting “homosexuality,” we might consider it a mistake.  However, we’ve been monitoring the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) positioning on this issue since the mid 1990’s.  It was while attending a NOI service at Mosque #4 on Kennilworth Avenue in Northeast Washington, DC in the late 1990’s that we first recognized the NOI’s move towards accepting “homosexuality.”  Reverend Willie F. Wilson was invited by Minister Farrakhan to speak at Mosque #4.  I will never forget that day as long as I live.  Wilson got on the stage and started berating the Brothers and Sisters in the Mosque for not accepting “homosexuality.”  Everyone in the Mosque was irate.  When I was making my way out early due to my disgust, one of the Brothers at the Mosque who would always tell me that I would be a Minister in the Mosque one day, stopped me at the door.  He said, “Why are you leaving early beloved?  We’ve been missing you.”  I said, “You down with this gay stuff man.”  He dipped his head and said, “No Brother, we’re just following orders.”  I said, “I respect that Bro., but I can’t stay for this fag stuff.”  We gripped and I departed.  


As I watched the local Minister on stage grimace at Wilson’s insistence that the NOI stop being so hard on “homosexuals”, I knew then that Farrakhan was no longer a friend to the Black Race.  For years I had fought off Dr. John Henrik Clarke’s statements about Minister Farrakhan’s character.  I got into heated debates and came close to fist fights defending Farrakhan.  When I left the Mosque that day, I decided that I could never again defend Minister Farrakhan against righteous criticism.


John Henrik Clarke Talks About Farrakhan  

Many may ask why we have waited so long to make a public statement about Minister Farrakhan and the NOI’s change of direction.  One reason is that the NOI is not our organization.  And no matter how much we praise and honor the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we don’t have the right as outsiders to challenge the practices and direction inside the NOI.  They have a right to do as they please with their organization.  Secondly, we hold the NOI in such high regard that criticism strikes directly against our tradition of praise for the freedom fighters and freedom organizations.  There is hardly anything that WOH does where some member or ex-member of the NOI is not raised in high regard.  So why address this now?

Now Minister Farrakhan’s racial betrayal has gone further than the confines of his own institution.  He is now poisoning the idea pool of thought and therefore action among all Black people by slowly finding ways to target the image of strong Black warrior men and simultaneously giving praise to faggits.  His moves are clever to those who are not primed in observation of racial betrayal.  But to the trained eye of the sophisticated Race warrior, this stuff of child’s play.  In order to give a better picture of what he has done and is doing, we will take a brief historical analysis of the last couple of decades.  Hopefully, this synopsis will provide enough information for the suspicious reader to realize that this is not an assault on Minister Farrakhan – but rather a response to his assault on us.


Farrakhan Condemns & Dismisses Dr. Khallid From His Post



Dr. John Henrik Clarke: The Million Man March & Fake Leadership




Farrakhan Attacks Khallid:
Khallid Tries to Correct the Direction of Farrakhan


Historic Event for Same-Gender-Loving Black/African People…




Farrakhan Insults Khallid Muhammad and Malcolm X in the Name of Scientology

*****We hope you paid attention to the smallhat in the front row observing the assault as it unfolded.  I wonder what grade Minister Farrakhan scored on this assault.*****




Farrakhan Praises Tyler Perry for Madea


To end this discussion, we wish to make it very clear that there is nothing spiritual about a “homosexual” or “homosexuality.”  There is nothing spiritual about cross-dressing.  There is nothing spiritual about Black comedy in its modern context. 

In every possible way, Minister Farrakhan is off base.  Since Minister Farrakhan doesn’t know what a spiritual giant is, we thought we’d inform the public so that there is no further confusion:


Boukman Dutty

On August 22, 1791, our Great Father Boukman Dutty was chosen by the wisest of the elders to lead our Haitian Brothers and Sisters into battle against their white enslavers.  His battle strategy was simple – cut heads, burn house.  Kill all of the whites, burn the fields, retreat into the forests and wage guerrilla warfare. He told his troops that the whites had two options – leave or die.  And so it was, our Haitian Brothers and Sisters fought and defeated the greatest white armies in the world at that time.  Let us remember Boukman’s Prayer:

Good God who created the Sun which shines on us from above,

Who rouses the sea and makes the thunder rumble; Listen!

God though hidden in a cloud watches over us.

The god of the white man calls forth crime but our God wills good works.

Our God who is good commands us to vengeance. He will direct our arms and help us.

Throw away the likeness of the white man’s god who has so often brought us to tears

and listen to liberty which speaks in all our hearts.


Nat Turner – The Prophet

On August 21, 1831, the Prophet Nat Turner gathered with a few men in the woods of Southampton County, Virginia to do God’s good work and kill the white slaveholders of amerikkka in order to end the institution of slavery.  Before Prophet Nat’s insurrektion was put down, over 60 whites lay good (dead) and the Virginia assembly met to vote on ending the institution of slavery.  It would only take another 34 years before slavery would be abolished. 

Praise Nat Turner and Glory to Garvey!!!


Mama Harriet Tubman











Harriet Tubman is the matriarch of the Black freedom struggle in amerikkka.  She invaded the South on numerous occasions for the purpose of leading thousands of our people to “freedom” in the North.  Her work as a freedom fighter and leader in the Union army was essential to breaking the backbone of the institution of slavery in amerikkka.  She was prone to seizures which made her incursions into the South even more remarkable. 

Oh Mama Harriet, when I am lost, I only need to find you to lead me in the right direction.  Lead me and I shall follow!


The Most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey


























Up You Mighty Race – You Can Accomplish What You Will!

Our Brother Garvey emerged out of the darkness of slavery and awakened the masses of Afrikan people worldwide to the greatness of our past and the potential for our future.  It is he who woke up the dead and gave us new life in the 20th century.  If not for our great Father Garvey, we would not be here today fighting for the future of our Race. 

Praise Nat Turner and Glory to Garvey!

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad









After our Brother Garvey was deported from amerikkka, it appeared that since our Savior had been stolen from us that our Salvation was also doomed.  However, there was a small-framed man from Georgia, a student of the Garvey movement, who would pick up the freedom torch an carry our Race through the balance of the 20th Century.  His name was Elijah Muhammad.  He lifted Black people from the bottom of society and raised us to the levels of Kings and Queens.  He brought forth our ancestral wisdom from thousands of years past that we were gods and goddesses and that we must resurrect to reach our greatness.  His spiritual system was designed to produce the best quality Black man, woman, and child possible.  And more than anything, he gave us the key to the world’s riddle:

The white race Is The Devil!!! 


Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad – Amen in the Flesh














Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad (aka: Amen on Earth) was the Savior of our Race.  He was brought to us for a short time to tell us how we are supposed to deal with our white/arab enemies.  He is the martyr for Black revolutionary youth and his image will live eternally as the Creator/Savior of our people.  He was one of the bravest and most eloquent orators in our history.  He is a grandson of Garvey and the sun of Elijah.  Every time we hear him speak, we hear the brazenness of Garvey and the truth of Elijah’s message that the white race Is The Devil.  He never betrayed his purpose and he will never be forgotten.

Amen Is God!!!


The Effeminization of the Black Male Series – Parts 1 – 4 in It’s Entirety

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   January 17th, 2013 Lady S Says:

    We can not forget the Prince Akeem scandal. Most people forgot about it, but it is certainly noteworthy.

  •   January 17th, 2013 Maurice D Muhammad Says:

    Peace and Blessings Family I have to say I’m not surprised but I think this could have been handled better. A lot of what you have said is misleading and you offer no evidence to back this up. What strong Black Nationalist leader was denied to speak at the Millions More Movement? You could have at least been more balanced in your approach rather being like fox news! You know better than this! You know the time and what must be done and if you understand we are at war, why would you be so damn careless? I hope you will at least respond to my questions. Or when you do the show be good enough to allow someone to defend the truth of Minister Farrakhan and his actions! Truth has come to you~

  •   January 17th, 2013 Sazi Says:

    Absolutely outstanding analysis. That damned Farra-Con is an sophisticated scam-artist.

  •   January 17th, 2013 admin Says:

    Your request will be respected. We may not agree on anything we discuss; but you are a Black man and you deserve the right to be heard as much as anyone. Monday night is open for all Black people to call in and discuss this issue. Make sure you let the white NOI know they are not welcomed.

    We look forward to sharing dialog with you then my Brother.

    PS: Thank you for the respect with which you disagreed with our honest assessment of the facts.

  •   January 18th, 2013 Andre Muhammad Says:

    Peace. You have been a great asset to the rise of our people. It therefore gives me pain to see you disqualify yourself in history by slandering a great man. Could it be The HONORABLE Minister Farrakhan is giving a bridge to black homosexuals to cross over from insanity to sanity. What you have done with this opportunity is frame THMLF with your opinion based on some fact. The gay flag with NOI stamped across it is insulting to all of us as is the resurrection of Khallid to use against a living man. If nothing more, 55 plus years of Farrakhan being on the front lines hated by whites and loved by blacks the world over should garner enough respect to not selectively choose a few acts out of an ocean of acts to make a point that tears down instead of build up. It is my hope that you will change direction. Peace

  •   January 18th, 2013 Shavon Says:

    Why dont we organize Africans in the U.S.to leave the U.S. and make Uganda our home base to to set our people free in Africa. Since Uganda is taking a strong stance on homosexuality.As long as we remain in the U.S. The white man and woman will never be fair. History has shown us everytime we try to be self sufficient white people change the rules. (Reconstruction,Tulsa

  •   January 19th, 2013 ARW Says:

    I’m not surprise by Farrah-Coon! This greasy slick haired fraudster has pimping and conning the good name of old, new NOI and the Black Nationalism for along time. This idiot had a nerve to backstabbed the Late Greats Malcolm X, this weasel kept writing the newspaper for Malcolm X to murdered and then had a nerve to abandoned the Late Great Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad after he protected Farrah-Coon risking his life everyday and before Khalid passed away, he tried continuously to contact that bastard Farrah-Coon but was left to be hung high and dry.

    This hypocrite talks about trying help the Black Community but here he is pimping our people with the “Million Man March” pushing Bentley’s and Beamers with his daughters, mingling stupid freaky celebrities like Superhead and NAACP and not putting back the money in community!


  •   January 20th, 2013 Black Muhammad Says:

    Peace. I’m deeply disturbed by the direction of this. But with humility,… as I am not in the mind of the writer. How do you subscribe to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad plan for us,.. and put NOI across a gay flag? Isn’t that a mockery against him? AND,.. even if The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is what you say,.. what does it say about your character to do this in this manner? IS this the Black thing to do?

  •   January 21st, 2013 ta Says:


    With minister Farrakhan there’s usually an ulterior motive anyway and he’s not always as candid as people think he is. Afterall this is “the Charmer” we’re dealing with.
    Just May last year when the Obama finally admitted that he wanted sane-sex marriage in Amerikkka, Farrakhan outright condemned him. The videos went viral so enough people knew about it.
    As far as I’m concerned the minister will always be against homosexuality, especially in the black community. So for now it’s just a matter of playing black gays and lesbians close. Doctors have to speak with their patients before they can treat them or if not refer them on to specialists. I don’t know if Scientology will do the trick but hopefully some healing can take place.
    Pardon my dissenting view WHO, but in terms of your evaluations of bro. Farrakkhan I think you may be jumping the gun a bit.
    So let’s not be too suspicious and hard on each other as we’ve done so much in the past.
    Always tuned in anyway and lovin it!


  •   January 22nd, 2013 THINKINGMAN Says:

    While one might use the most noble and altruistic excuse of “healing” homosexuals (which IS needed), in this case, the fact remains, Minister Farrakhan’s latest move is just the latest in a gradual move to cover for homosexuality.

    Back in 1984, he backed Jesse Jackson, the “Father” of the political and vocal homosexual movement in America, then as he would do 24 years later, used religiousity to bolster before us, a Negro. At the time, we were to believe that Jesse was the “Precursor to the 2nd Coming of Christ”, eerily similar to Obama being referred to as the “Glimpse of the Messiah”. There is no way, no how, he could NOT have known his views, even when he ran for Senate.

    He has been a vocal supporter of Al Sharpton, a KNOWN promosexual, and if anyone DOUBTS it, just check him “out” on his MS-NBC show. And by the way, we also have another promosexual, in the personage of Rev. Michael Eric Dyson, who I guess is the official “pit bull” in attacking ANY last vestige of black MANHOOD who would challenge Obama’s promosexual agenda. And in case you didn’t know, Rep. Keith Ellison, a MUSLIM, is the VICE-CHAIR of the Congressional “LGBT” CARCASS.

    But our gullible and deceived people will tell you that NONE of them REALLY believes what they aver, as it’s “JUST POLITICS”,even though the ALL will suggest, otherwise.

    The file film above, at the Millions More March in 2005, only serves as MORE PROOF, NOT of some desire to heal homosexuals, of a crafted strategy to include them and their agenda as key components of our freedom, justice and equality.

    Then of course, when Obama won in 2008, Minister Farrakhan was on BET, where he marveled at the expressions of joy surrounding this, including “gay and straight”.

    And by the way, why the need to bring black homosexuals “close”? To what? For what? To accomplish what? Even if we were to give this statement the full benefit of a doubt, how the HELL does bestowing the “title” of “Spiritual Giant” on a DRAG-QUEEN COON, help? This is the modern-day Stepin’ Fetchit, Bert Williams, “Lightnin'” and Willie Best, in fact, WORSE, given that by NOW, we’re supposed to be developed and organized enough to REJECT this debasing, debilitating and mentally/psychologically/spiritually depiction of “black women”! Did I hear, “Geraldine” or “Sha Nay Nay”, anyone? You HEARD David Chappelle warn us how they want BLACK MALES to wear dresses! Somehow, when it comes to anything else, our metaphysicians, spiritualists and other conspiracy-theorists can be so pointed, yet in light of a right-in-our-face SUCCESSFUL MOVE to effeminize our males and masculinize our females, we suddenly lose our “3rd eye” in accessing what’s going on.

    We’ve had a hell of a sojourn in the Diaspora, where we’ve literally lost the meaning of man, woman and child. As such, we are in need of healing, which is not just soothing and balming, but taking a stand to SHOCK the mind and soul into REAL consciousness, more to the point than this space-aged, flotation of unprincipled acceptance of any idea or ideal.

  •   January 23rd, 2013 ta Says:

    As far as I’m concerned there’s no disputing what you’re saying Thinkingman. I want to thank you for those rather sobering thoughts.
    My comment was actually posted prior to Monday night’s broadcast and even then I was considering a humble retraction.
    I regret that the editor saw fit to even publish it. But an expose on the “gullible and decieved” is in and of itself a great source of healing for those of us who choose to wear the blinders of allegiance instead of facing the brutal facts.
    I was genuinely surprised to discover that “homosexuality is RAMPANT in the NOI, as told by one of the sisters who had spoken. (Sorry don’t remember her name.) But to say that I am in total disbelief would definitely make me naive. Disappointed would be the better word for describing how I feel about this, considering that the NOI has long had the reputation of defiantly upholding the principles of SANE-SEXUALTY in our community. However, now it seems as if it has taken on the more docile characteristics of Christianity which is more inclined to tolerate homosexuality at best, or fully embrace it at its very worst.
    You’re absolutely right my brother when you ask, “Why the need to bring black homosexuals close, to what and for what?” when Minister Farrakhan hasn’t even manged to “heal” the likes of Naim Akbar and company, not to mention the other facts you cited.
    It’s obvious that it’s going to take a lot more than “soothing and balming” in a culture of two-faced, double-minded political shenaniganism to heal sexual perversion in the black community. Thanks for that reality check bro. Much appreciated!

  •   January 23rd, 2013 THINKINGMAN Says:

    I appreciate the acknowledgement of what I pray are impacting words in this most disturbing and mind-numbing issue.

    When we reflect and examine what is known as “science”, we have to admit that most of our perception is based on what Europeans aver is empirical and without fault. As a result, they’ve been successful in duping black people in particular, that homosexuality, not only is natural, but is a superior form of intimate expression. Of course, simple anatomy is enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our sex organs are not for committing sodomy, but most of us become so intimidated by this grandiose “logic”, that we never challenge it, dead-on and right-on.

    What becomes painfully evident with Minister Farrakhan’s misguided comments, is how well done the devil’s work has been, to the extent that even he is reluctant to stand, and I will state for the record, it is NOT ENOUGH just to make a few oomments about against homosexual “marriage”, because the fact remains, even IF this was not proposed, the salacious acts AND recruitment will continue. And to make things worse, we STILL hear this dribble about “Our Dear Brother”. A “brother” who said NOTHING about BLACK PEOPLE during his inaugural address.

    I know it’s unpopular to bring up the “Smallhats”, but a story they bring up (one of their Rabbis) is worth pondering. When asked why HE spends so much time challenging homosexuality, he gave this:


    When I read this, I shuddered, and after what the Irritated Genie has been bringing to the table, warning us on what is on the horizon, we are engulfed by modern-day “Amaleks” who are sodomizing our males; physically, mentally, spiritually and intellectually. To tell the truth, this has been the case in the past, as well.

    I never DREAMED I would see the day that we would CELEBRATE A DRAG-QUEEN as some sort of iconic figure.

    Another thing that we must watch out for. While we LOVE our women and respect and HONOR their sacrifice and work in helping to keep our families together, it is the HEIGHT OF FEMINAZISM, to ignore the role of BLACK MEN during and AFTER slavery. It was black MEN who led insurrections and revolts. Black MEN who beat up on brutal masters. Black MEN who after “emancipation”, searched far and wide to locate their families. Black MEN built BLACK TOWNS! We weren’t ALL Stepins’, Lightnins’ and Bests. True, we were summarily destroyed, but I will argue that ironically, today, we are probably WEAKER and MORE COONISH than we EVER were during slavery. At least we KNEW Stepin’ Fetchit was ACTING! These Negroes today, are TRUE TO FORM, what we see is WHAT WE GET!

  •   January 23rd, 2013 THINKINGMAN Says:

    For some reason, the comments I had in brackets, was deleted, so I bring them back, for clarity:

    (Rabbi’s Comments)

    it says in the Torah that Amalek is God’s superlative enemy. What’s the worst thing that Amalek did to us? “Asher karcha baderech.” Rashi says “lashon keri homosexuality.” As Chazal and midrashim tell us, Amalek homosexually raped Bnei Yisrael.

  •   January 24th, 2013 tierra marie Says:

    Can you please post the entire show where you discuss this issue in the archives or the store?? I believe it was this past Monday night. I missed it and I really wanted to listen. Thanks

  •   January 24th, 2013 THINKINGMAN Says:

    I never thought I’d see the day that the black MEN would have to re-establish an Underground Railroad in 2013. Unbelievable!

    To hear Baruti explain how 100% acceptance of homosexuality is becoming THE litmus test to obtain employment at the “colleges” of America, is truly sad, but what’s worse, is our “bending over” to this. Our “leaders” either do not are, are afraid or are LITERALLY in bed with the homos. Our boys are in critical DANGER, and it’s as IF there was some sort of “spell” abound, that has rendered us mute and placid.

    And our girls are becoming more and more “man-like” everyday, and just WATCH OUT, now that woman can enter into FULL COMBAT WITH / AS MEN! Obama and his fooler-ers are hell bent on redefining and DISTORTING the NATURAL science of man, woman and child. I can only imagine what sort of mutations that will abound, by the time this NEGRO gets finished. We NEED Minister Farrakhan and OTHERS to exculpate our minds from this inane ADORATION of Obama. He ‘aint no glimpse of ANYTHING righteous, and CERTAINLY not the Messiah!

  •   January 25th, 2013 ta Says:

    Actually THINKINGMAN what we need to do is exhort the likes of Minister Farrakhan and other black nationalist leaders to stop tip-toeing around the issue of homosexuality and start addressing it. The only reason why we are being forced to accept homosexuality as “THE litmus test to obtain employment at the colleges of America”, is because we did nothing about it from the beginning. Instead of falling over each other at politically motivated marches we need to tighten up the slackness in combating promosexual domination before all chance is lost. Media pundits are literally working overtime to create the illusion of overwhelming societal acceptance and even celebration of homosexuality. However nothing could be further from the truth. When Obama declared his support for gay marriage on national tv the polls indicated that black people had all of a sudden decided on the same thing. The truth of the matter is that most black people are not down with homosexuality…. the world over! So the art of media persuasion and its inflationary effect on the minds of the people can be countered by the more realistic means of GRASSROOTS AND COMMUNITY ACTIVISM.

    When brother Malcolm was out challenging the racial injustices of America he also spoke out at college campuses and even debated at prestigious universities such as the Oxford Union in England and Brown University in Providence Rhode Island. Mind you when he debated Bayard Rustin at Howard University back in 62 there wasn’t any heated or even passive talk about gay rights from him then. And Bayard with his gay self was so scared of a black a**S whoopin that he spent decades promoting “peaceful protests” just so he and his gay comrades could avoid one!
    But notice how today’s militant gay activists only use his name to say there were great black gays in homo-history. They haven’t taken his words of advice seriously, which is the only reason why the gay rights movement is where it is today. So much for passive resistance.

    THINKINGMAN when you so rightly say that “our boys are in critical danger” excreta excrete. This is yet another sign that we have indeed become “mute and placid”, but for no reason other than to become non-resistant to this AGGRESSIVE gay activist agenda. Not forgetting Christianity and its “love your enemy” foolishness. How in the heck can you hate the sin and love the sinner if they are forcing you to accept their sexuality as normal and it is “who they are”??? It’s same type mentality that kept our ancestors under the subjection of a wicked and hypocritical slave-masters whip! Love massa but not what he does to you!

    The gay rights movement is just another form of oppression that black people will have to fight against. And if our past African brothers and sisters could come out of 400 odd years of whips and chains, rape and trauma, surely we can overcome this extension of Euro-centric madness.

    As for woman in the US military…. I so go for it! Masculine or not you’re still a woman soldier. Those Muslim “terrorists” would love to share your dreams of “being all that you can be in the Army”…..prized possessions of war booty …if and when they capture you. Good luck!

  •   January 25th, 2013 ta Says:

    My apologies but that should be: “Love massa but not what he does to you?” (question mark)
    And: I say go for it! instead of “I so go for it!”
    Pardon the others too. I’ll triple-check next time.


  •   January 26th, 2013 THINKINGMAN Says:

    The Irritated Genie has implied, very near stated overtly, that THE reason Obama was selected for the presidency, was to influence BLACK PEOPLE into accepting/promulgating homosexuality. They will tell you, the Iraq War, the economy or education. No way. Obama can carpet-bomb Ghana and Nigeria tomorrow, and the “leaders” will make a myriad of excuses, as to why this is “correct”. Obama presents perhaps, the BIGGEST test of the resolve of black people of all persuasions, in the history of black people. And if we understand, homosexuals as well. I say this, because at least they could have reconsidered and evaluated their behavior and WORKED with black man and women, to exculpate themselves from this sexual depravity. But with the “Magic” one, there is little of any reason to introspect, as this “Pied Piper” plays his licentious “flute”.

    Bayard Rustin. Clearly, guilty of homosexuality. In this resurrection of Rustin as someone SO significant and meaningful to our movement, the attempt is to make black MEN and WOMEN feel guilty for our “homophobia” which precluded Rustin being considered a great or significant leader. The truth be told, given the assassinations of Malcolm and King, as well as the rise (and fall) of the Panthers, we considered THEM (as well as a few others)as MORE SIGNIFICANT than Rustin, and his depravity had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS, WHATSOEVER! This is a psyche game, at the very least. I can think of many whom we respected, who do not enjoin the same type of notoriety; and they were STRAIGHT as arrows, so OBVIOUSLY, it’s complete NONSENCE to suggest that WE had a “hang-up”.

    Maybe the problem we have today, is that we’ve been too dependent on leaders who either a) cannot or b) will not serve our people. While we love many of them and respect their history of assistance, the sad fact remains, they are NOT going to combat the homosexual mafia, for a) fear of their “army” b) are either in agreement or practitioners, thereof.

    We MUST do what we can, to keep our children, ESPECIALLY our males, out of jail. Jail ‘aint cool, fun or a branch of the “university of life”. I even wonder to myself, are things THAT bad, that EVERYONE is jail is molested / broken down, creating a vicious, psychopathic sexual monster, who not only is a threat to our boys, but to the women with which they have relations with. Did you know that today, it’s become a practice for males to sodomize their wives? Where did they acquire these sick [dis]tastes?

  •   January 28th, 2013 THINKINGMAN Says:

    Now, I want to “defend” Minister Farrakhan of sorts.

    One of the criticisms mentioned in the commentary, was his “selling out” or “betraying” brother Khalid Muhammad. I find this interesting, because our brother Irritated Gennie admitted an initial reluctance to go heavy on the NOI, as it is not his organization, and as such, an organization has its own policies. Since that is acknowledged, then one has to give Farrakhan deference for dealing with Khalid, who at the time of his suspension, was a MEMBER of the NOI, thus subject to the rules and regulations.

    We all know that in 1963, Malcolm was suspended by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for making statements nowhere as incendiary as Khalid’s. In fact, after the JFK was assassinated, the Muhammad Speaks newspaper posted a full and front page picture of JFK, with the caption [something like], “We Mourn the Death of our President”. And as you know, Malcolm was suspended, and eventually left the NOI. The statement that the NOI made, announcing the suspension of Minister Malcolm, was nowhere near as respectful to him, as Farrakhan’s was of Khalid. The former was terse and pointedly a rebuke of Malcolm, with no mention of his past, positive works, while with the latter, Khalid was acknowledged as a valuable brother, friend and ally, who simply went too far from the objectives and perspectives of the organization.

    The truth be told, there was NO WAY the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would have approved of the tone of Khalid’s speech at Kean College, no matter what level of truth was spoken, for Muhammad taught that even truth must be spoken in season.

    And for those who would argue and correctly so, that Malcolm had been warned not to say anything about the murder of JFK (as were all of the Minsters), Farrakhan said that he’d advised Khalid on occasions, before Kean College, to modify the tone of his speaking.

    This is NOT to disparage Khalid or the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but to put things in perspective, so that hopefully we understand the burdens of leadership, that many of us who are not, do not fully appreciate.

    I hope and pray that my few words have made some sense, in trying to help us see these and other struggles, from a more balanced perspective

  •   January 29th, 2013 allen Says:

    “When you look at Tyler Perry’s movies, you see the brilliance of T.D. Jakes, a spiritual giant.”

    I searched the internet and could not find a quote where Mr. Farrakhan called Perry a “spiritual giant”. I did find the above quote. In that quote, Mr. Farrakhan calls Perry brilliance and T.D. Jakes a spiritual giant. Here he is not calling Perry a spiritual giant. Could you please provide the audio where he calls Tyler Perry a spiritual giant or post the quote and where we can find it.

    Also, if Mr. Farrakhan supports homosexuality, as much speaking as he does, there should be a few statements you can give us where he says as much. Would you be so kind as to provide them for our viewing?

    Should Mr. Farrakhan have spoken positively of Tyler Perry cross dressing as Madea? I am sorely disappointed and disturbed that he did so. I sent a comment to the Final Call telling him so. Here is my comment:

    “I appreciate Mr. Farrakhan. I think he is one of the most courageous crusaders for Black people there is. However, on the above i vehemently disagree with him. Tyler Perry as Madea is a cross dressing man. There are many fine Black female actors he could have cast in the role of Madea. In the role of Madea, Tyler Perry demeans Black women. What is more, it is a bad example for Black boys. If Mr. Farrakhan and others say Tyler Perry is an upstanding model in the Black community even when he is in the role of a woman, it signals to Black boys that there is nothing unnatural about a man dressing in women clothes and acting like a woman. Tyler Perry is helping the sick white society bend more of our boys towards becoming transgenders, homosexuals, and other types of sick and deviant sexual perverts. Big, big mistake Mr. Farrakhan.”

    However, i am not yet ready to write Mr. Farrakhan off. I will watch to see if he corrects his wrong thinking on the likes of Madea and Tyler Perry. If he does not, as have you, i will have to write him off. The man is too keen not to know that putting a stamp of approval on a perverted depiction will promote the growth of such perversion in the Black community.

  •   January 29th, 2013 admin Says:

    14:11 – 14:23 If you watch the video above with Minister Farrakhan speaking on Django and Tyler Perry you will hear him directly call Tyler Perry a “Spiritual Giant.” It’s between the 14:11 – 14:23 minute mark.

    You are correct however, that he does also call the white-sex offender T.D. Jakes a “spiritual giant.”

    I hope this helps.

  •   February 19th, 2013 Jabari Nama Says:

    Farrakhan is a fraud. He always has been when he had Malcolm and Khalid killed and he still is as he supports cross-dressing homosexual Tyler Perry. Just because you have charisma doesn’t mean you are a black leader. Obama has it too and look at his sorry wannabee ass taking orders from the small hats.

  •   February 19th, 2013 craig Says:

    Just finish reading about the changing direction of minister farrakhan and his appeaeance to embrace homosexuality. there are some things I have learn from minister farrakhan, but like many over the years i have had my doubts and questions about farrakhan. what really jump out at me in this article about minister farrakhan is about the statement he made in his speech to a group of his followers and members of scientology. i see that i am not the only one who noticee how farrakhan subtly promoted marables book about malcolm x, a book that attempted to denigrate and to reduce the significance of one of our highly esteem ancestors. ase!

  •   July 11th, 2013 Mwari Says:

    I am so glad I bounced in ’98. Much of the crap started much earlier but we were blinded by the good works and words to the blatant anti-thetical actions being taken. I will never forget while I and and my brothers were LITERALLY putting our lives on the line to clean up Mayfair Mansions, Cliffton Terrace and Paradise Manor; MOON was publishing wilful incendiary slander (pictures and cartoons) designed to inflame the gangs/dopeboys Against the FOI ! I remember finding it most odd that our “dear leader” was bestowing the most succulent compliments on Sung Yung Moon while at the same time his Washington Times was trying to get us killed ! Or at minimum fanning the flames for conflict among the people. Check the history; though we had some battles (that’s a book yet to be written)…most of the dope boys respected the “leader”, Doc Alim and the FOI so much they rather chill than continue drug dealing. Some even came into what we thought was Gods righteous army. Those were the glory days when the Nation had so much respect, families would invite the Fruit into their homes seeking counsel and consultation on domestic and family issues. And our Thutmosis III stood as national representative and national spokesman !

    What happened to THAT Nation !? The Nation that had us going out “fishing”; picking up the wine-oz, unemployed and semi-homeless brothers and bringing them to the mosque; giving them a haircut and a Teaching which cleaned them up into productive citizens …. What happened to That Nation !!!?

    We were strong as hell in those days. The coffee was black and we kept it that way !!

    We have allowed the modern day Hyksos Invaders to sack our sacred Temples; while our modern day Ahmenhotep IV, just sat back and prayed while our destruction commenced !

    Faintly in the distance…. I hear the cry of warriors, of Ahmose and khamos moving in to save the day and restore our rightful practice, Teachings and Greatness !

  •   August 24th, 2013 dkdk Says:

    You people are sick

  •   February 1st, 2014 Hassan Says:

    ASA, Bro I’m sure you know that all of our black organizations have been infiltrated by the enemy. There are reasons that history repeats herself. It is because we do not learn from our mistakes. Some of us interpret people,events according to how we want to see them. we don’t distance ourself, because this will cause us to challenge ourself causing us to face the possibility that we could be wrong. It would hurt too much to face the enemy within, so we build up an enemy without. This causes a narrowing of our perspective and is used by the chief enemy to set up Able to be Killed by Cain. Question: Have you gone to your brother (Min. Farrakhan) with your concerns? Could you be miss interpreting what you are seeing of what you have posted? I have noticed that if the heart is too hard, Allah still has the ability to bring water from it, yet as the Quran states of that rock that water came from that it was broken asunder. Judas was well intentioned too(I’m not calling you him). He just did not have the mission of Jesus. The NOI and Min. Faarrakhan dont subscribe to Homosexuality..for the record!) What was to goal of Jesus? What was the Goal of Judas? Will more people have been saved and changed by Jesus? or Judas? It is obvious that one with a more direct (awareness) connection with Allah and the christ, will have a more acute vision than one under him/them who has not yet developed that vital relationship so needed for night vision in this day.Remeber An opaque vessel(min. Farrakhan) that holds liquid (God’s words/mission) is not readily transparent. We must not keep judging the form. Your Feeding the enemy, yet loosing sight of that vital substance in the vessel, which is from Almighty God Allah.Please inform Min. Farrakhan of your concerns bro. Please dont go to Mike Wallace. You have your opinion…Just remember the enemy will love to know your opinion if it leads to divide and conquest. Your Brother Hassan A.S. Muhammad

  •   January 15th, 2017 Aneesa Says:

    Tyler Perry’s a WHITE sex offender ?

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