Jun 2011 – Predators in Our Midst (Part I)
Posted on June 1st, 2011

Originally Posted August 2007

Sexual Abuse has become the norm in the Black community.

If someone had told me in 1980 that a Black man would rape and urinate on a Black girl, film it, release it to the public, and later become more popular among Black people than he was before we witnessed his sexual insanity, I would have questioned both their intent and their sanity. I would have been certain that the culprit would have either been killed before being imprisoned or shortly thereafter. I knew that we valued the lives of our daughters too much to let miserable predatory scum like R. Kelly roam the Earth freely.

The world we live in today is surreal. I live in a world where grown males are financially rewarded by the Black community for sexually abusing and violating our sons and daughters. As a Black man, this does not sit well with me at all.

Often watching europeans being their natural unnatural selves and mentacidal Afrikans with no sense of self openly flaunting their self-hatred alongside them, is like being a passenger in a fatal auto accident, moving in slow motion, without the power of decision, unable to alter the course of what’s happening, watching the wreck unfold, slowly, surely. It is a painful vision, besieging us every waking hour of every day we stand as warriors caught in this surreality. It leaves us bereft of justice and peace.

Mwalimu Baruti – Mentacide

Unfortunately, R. Kelly is only a microcosm of a much larger epidemic that is consuming the cultural, sexual, and social well-being of the Black community – child sexual abuse. The Department of Justice quotes estimates that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys in amerikkka will be sexually violated in some way before the age of 18. And the problem is getting worse every day.

In particular, the Black community has become the haven for every filthy bird of prey in our society. “Homosexuals”, pedophiles, rapists, thieves, liars, cheats, criminals of all sorts, hat-hoppers (term used to refer to hip-hop), are all comfortable in our community. It is a shame that Black men have become such a joke that neither our children nor our enemies fear or respect us any more.

Boylover “Eddie Wrong”

Historical Perspective

The problem of child sexual abuse in the Black community started with the onset of the Atlantic Slave Trade. In most Afrikan societies prior to european and arab invasion, Black people did not even have a word to identify rape. We had no concept of “homosexuality,” child molestation, bestiality, orgies, etc . . . In fact, we didn’t even have jails or prisons. They weren’t necessary. Most Black people lived within the established parameters of their society. We didn’t experience criminality in the way that we know it today. There were wars, but they never resulted in the wholesale killing of men, women, and children. We had empires, but we never tried to eradicate the culture of conquered groups. We were a largely civil and personable race who preferred to live in peace and harmony with others. We were not then, nor are we today, prepared for what whites brought with them out of the caves and hills of europe.

With the coming of white arabs and europeans, Afrikan culture has been significantly impacted. Over the past 1000 years, Black people have suffered a consistent sexual onslaught. From the ritualistic rape and torture of our women, to the sadistic rape of our fathers and sons, to the morbid and unthinkable rape and sodomy of our young daughters, we have seen and endured it all. It is amazing that we still exist after what they put upon us.

When we were kidnapped from Afrika by europeans, we were brought to the amerikkkas under the most miserable circumstances. Shackled and chained on ships with little to no water to consume, we were helpless to defend ourselves against sexual assaults of all types. Men, women, and children were raped with impunity. These rapes were vaginal, anal, and oral in nature. We were gang raped, sexually tortured, made to watch while our brothers and sisters were raped, and forced to sexually assault one another.

When we reached the shores of the amerikkkas, things only got worse. Our wives and daughters became the sexual slaves to white males of all status – young and old, rich and poor, diseased and perverse. We were given sexual diseases and practices that were unknown to our people. We were treated as a race of prostitutes.

“Now the slaveholders, to put it crudely, but truthfully, encouraged every man they got hold of, white and black, young and old, to get out their virile organs and fall on the Negro women. Husky bucks, black and white, were set up as “stallions for the whole neighborhood.” Some white men were paid as high as $20 for each Negro woman they got with child. Robust college students were even invited to spend their vacations on the plantations and turned loose among the slave cabins at night. A. W. Calhoun rightly says, “In order to secure mulatto young, masters compelled colored women to submit to impregnation by whites and punished barbarously those that resisted. Women of color were compelled to endure every sort of insult.” (Rogers, 187)

JA Rogers – Sex and Race

YouTube Preview Image

My conservative estimate of the rate of sexual abuse in the Black community during the period of chattel slavery (roughly 1600 – 1870) is that 75% (3 out of 4) of all Black females and 25% (1 out of 4) of all Black males were sexually assaulted during our lifetimes. This is a dramatic increase from 0% that we experienced in Afrika.

Many of our people went insane as a result of the sexual abuse we suffered. Men were trained as “studs” who were forced to spend their entire lives impregnating Black girls and women for white profit. white plantation owners forced these same brothers to mate with their own mothers, aunts, nieces, and even their daughters to produce more slave children. Yes brothers and sisters – we were systematically forced into incest! This became extremely rampant after the importation of Black people from Afrika was banned in 1808. whites “needed” more free labor but could no longer kidnap and import our brothers and sisters. So they intensified and industrialized the “breeding” process. They started “breeding farms” where young Black girls were taken to be raped and impregnated by Black men called “studs.” The owners of these sexual death stations charged a breeding fee for these services. They were located in different areas in this country including Southern Maryland.

After chattel slavery was abolished in 1865, the problem continued. Many of our people got as far away from whites and white culture as possible. We improvised and used the skills learned during slavery to make a living. But others were stuck in a position where we were poor, unskilled, uneducated, unemployable, hungry, and desperate. As a result, some of us made money by prostituting our women to the same whites who had acquired a taste for Black women during slavery. We became integrationist “pimps” who made a living exploiting the most precious resource of our community, our Black daughters.

The reality is that many of the bad sexual habits we were forced to adopt during slavery remain amongst us today. Things like rape, gang rape, “homosexuality” including lesbianism, child sexual abuse, incest, fathering children with no intent to raise them, whoring (over-sexing), prostitution (selling our bodies for money), pimping(selling our women for money), indulging in pornography, transvestitism, bestiality, urinating/defecating on one another for sexual pleasure, and various other white forms of sexual insanity are present in the Black community. All of this madness is a result of slavery and our integration with whites throughout the world. We have lost touch with our own culture and have surrendered our ethics and morality. In many ways, we are acting like chocolate-covered whites who just crawled out of the caves and hills of europe a few days ago.

What’s Going On in the Black Community?

Our children are suffering. Many Black families have become the haven for sexual abusers. As far back as the late 1800’s, some members of our families have been involved in sexually abusing children. After slavery, they continued the practice of raping their own daughters, sisters, cousins, sons, brothers, nieces, nephews, etc . . . Most times it remains a family secret. The general way that it works is like this:

It usually starts with a dominant male family figure, a father, uncle, step-father, or live-in boyfriend. The mother generally ignores the sexual abuse and pretends that it doesn’t exist. When the child tells the mother what the male father figure did to them, the mother usually tries to make the child hide the truth and keep it to themselves. Sometimes, they outright blame the child for being sexually abused. This creates a number of emotional and social issues for the child that we will discuss later.

Many times, these sick males were the victims of sexual abuse themselves. They know it as a way of life and they continue it. They rape the boys and girls under their direct supervision and sometimes make their way over to children in the extended family. They pick their targets carefully, sometimes sparing children they believe will be proactive in telling others about the abuse. They target children they believe they can scare into secrecy. With the passive support of their female counterpart, these males can sexually abuse every child in a family, including extended family. This is not unusual. Sometimes, we are talking about 20 or more children in one family (not to mention friends who may visit) abused by one individual.

NOTE: *It is interesting to note that though the abusers usually have a preference for the type of child they like to abuse, they are generally open to the notion of taking advantage of any child they have power over without regard to age, race, or gender.*


Boys growing up under these circumstances learn not only to hide sexual abuse, but also how to hide sexual abuse. They are sometimes encouraged by the dominant male pedophile to participate in sexual escapades with younger youth in the family. This allows the patriarchal male pedophile a sense of security. Once other males in the family are engulfed in a practice of sexual abuse, denial, and secrecy, there is significant incentive for all involved to keep the abuse silent. Many times, they become rapists and pedophiles (child molesters) themselves and enter into a life of sexually exploiting those they have power over.

NOTE: *It is important to note that at early ages, many of these male youth don’t even know that they are “abusing” other children. They are doing what they are being taught to do. Of course, as they get older and realize that what they are doing is wrong, they often continue the cycle of sexual exploitation.*

When the young girls who grow up under these types of circumstances reach adulthood, some end up fleeing their family to secure a healthier social environment for themselves and any children they have or intend to have in the future. In these cases, many sisters work towards emotional recovery and a renewed sense of self-respect and value.

Unfortunately, many sisters who grow up in families where sexual abuse is rampant become part of the system of abuse. When they have children (often the sons and daughters of family members who raped them) they consistently and thoughtlessly leave them in unsupervised environments with the same sexual perverts that abused them. These sisters become passive participants in the cycle of sexual abuse in their own Black family. Their decisions ensure that their children will be abused and that the cycle will continue indefinitely.

The church is the way that the pedophile, the pedophile supporter, and the sexual abuse victim try to wash away the guilt and the pain of the entire sexual abuse experience. Since there are “homosexuals” in the administration including the choir director and the organ player (when it’s not the preacher himself), it’s the perfect sanctuary for a monstrous pedophile to take his family to hear about forgiveness. Most of the “homosexuals” in the church are also child sexual abusers (making them pedophiles and “homosexuals” at the same time). The family is surrounded by a deafening silence of Black families quietly coping with acute sexual abuse while being instructed to forgive and forget everything that’s going on in their lives and their church. The message is clear.

“Don’t say anything about the faggits in the choir or the faggit on the organ. Don’t say anything about the preacher impregnating his own daughter. No! The preacher’s son is not gay. And his daughter is not a lesbian. She is just a little tomboyish. And don’t ask any questions about God. You’re either a believer or not. And most importantly, don’t mention anything about what’s going on in your home. God answers all prayers. And no one is perfect in the eyes of the Lord. And every man falls short of the glory of God. So just take it. By the way, you have been paying your 10%, right? Okay, because that could be the problem. God Bless you.”

This cycle of sexual abuse has been going on for well over a century and the circumstances leading to this condition lasted for over 250 years. We have become sexually sick and we need to end the silence and the apathy. This sexual abuse of Afrikan (Black) children must stop!

YouTube Preview Image

For many brothers and sisters, the above description is very painful. They are victims of these houses of pain in our community that exist from Brazil to Jamaica to England to New York City to Zimbabwe. The european has gotten to our people everywhere we exist on this planet. Our children are suffering and they need our help.

Breaking the Silence

We desperately need to have this discussion forum throughout our community. A significant amount of the mental and psychological anguish we suffer as a people is directly attributable to sexual abuse. In fact, the major issue that Black women have with Black “men” is that we rape/abuse them. As men, our responsibility is to protect our women and avenge their mistreatment. We are far removed from this position. Instead, we are verbally, mentally, physically, psychologically, and sexually abusing our women every day. We are destroying our women. This is a source problem that is creating an ever-increasing rift in the relationship between the Black man and the Black woman.

We also have to discuss what’s happening to our sons in these youth reformatories and in their homes. Though the statistics suggest that 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18 in amerikkka, I estimate that 1 in 4 Black boys will be sexually abused before 18. It is a systemic problem that leads Black males in a multitude of different directions, none of them good.

In part 2 of this commentary which will be released next month, we will discuss the problems created by this abuse of Black men and women, ways to protect our children from this abuse, ways to cope with the pain of this abuse, and ways to fight this abuse.

The Irritated Genie of Soufeese

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  •   September 4th, 2010 East Africa Says:

    Thank you for focusing on the history of sexual abuse. I understand this abusive cycle, I was a victim, and I understand what you mean by a dominate person in each family, in my family he stays in and out of jail, he has had two daughters, and i am sure that he doing the same with them as all of the other girls, and had to breed his hair, then felt on them at the same time. I hope that I can help somebody else. The women in black families protect our black man from this, because of jail time, and CPS will not respond to calls if parents, are asking for help to stop the abuser.

  •   December 18th, 2010 Anonymous Says:

    I am in my 40’s and it still effects me. I was ashame that it tooks years for me to tell and when I did no one believes me. Right now he volunteers to keep his grand daughter and everything inside me tell he doing the same to her. It started with me when I was 3 years old and it was until I was 10 I stop it. But that was just one abuser. All I know, I have done everything I can to not put my children in the same circumstance

  •   January 10th, 2011 Darryl Says:

    Peace! Excellent editorial and historical perspective. Nothing is just as it appears as there is always something that formed it.

  •   June 2nd, 2011 Sister Fatima Says:

    I am also a suvivor of molestation from not 1 but2 family member’s one male one female and for many years I carried guilt as well as shame. I am now free of it all because I realize that these 2 perverts took Me on a trip without my permission & stole my innocence. I do believe that someone molested them also & that they did not have the courage to come forward but instead they became predators themselves. we must fight to keep Our babies safe from these sick individuals. I have forgiven both of these people but they will never be left alone with any of my future off spring , I feel that once a predator always a predator.

  •   November 20th, 2011 Deborrah Says:

    Great article with one problem. You talked a lot about the homosexuals molesting children. In reality more than 95% of the molesters and rapists of children are heterosexual. Which means that as parents, you better watch out for your straight neighbors, friends, uncles and brothers wayyyy more than you watch out for homosexual men. That was the only problem I found with your information that was off. Otherwise, excellent post. On point.

  •   December 19th, 2011 Ladeshia Says:

    I disagree with most of the talk about homosexuals. Most men who rape boys identify as heterosexual and are usually in stable marriages and have children. Due to fact that black gays are not allowed to come out of the closet we have young people secretly catching HIV/AIDS because of all this homophobic opressive language you use in this article. Young black males are more likely then black female to be victims in the community and to keep it secret undercover. These same black boys become abusers as boys then men. They abuse mainley other boys in ritualistic sex. You should cut out all the oppressive Transphobic, Homophobic language if you want to help black people. Not everyone is gay because of homosexuality or rape by same sex perps.You really need to do research before you write an article like this. You can get someone killed because they are percievd to be gay. We have rapers and athletes who are gay and living secret lives abusing drugs and catching diseases. Yes we have homosexuals who were never raped in the community but have men and women who identify as heterosexual raping black boys and girls. Educate yourself becaus we got the internet now!

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  •   August 30th, 2013 Momo Says:

    Arabs were kidnapping and selling Africans into slavery 800 years before America was discovered by Europeans. Just sayin’

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