Dec 2009 – Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik (AIM)
Posted on December 1st, 2009




Afrikan Insurrection Musik (AIM)







War on the Horizon –
Black Resistance to
the white-sex Assault




Greetings from the War Front,

There is a Black musik revolution going on in the Black world community.  Many of our artists are sick of the death and carnage our “white sponsored” Negro entertainers are feeding our youth.

With the full aim and purpose of informing our people of the global white supremacist assault we’re facing, many artists have decided to move away from death and self-destruction and head directly towards freedom and independence.

The following are examples of Black War Musik called “Afrikan Insurrection Musik.”  All of the videos are revolutionary, even though not all of the artists are progressive Afrikans.  Enjoy.

The following video is entitled “The white Boy’s Plan.”   It’s by a hip-hop artist named Cee-Lo.  Most of his recent work is Negro, but this piece shows the true depth of his knowledge and understanding.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the Racial loyalty and commitment to accompany the piece.

YouTube Preview Image


The following video is entitled “Globe Holders.” It’s by a hip-hop artist named Wise Intelligent. You remember him from “Rock This Funky Joint” when he was with Poor Righteous Teachers. He’s still on the right side. This video details the genocidal plot by the white Race to kill Afrikan people worldwide. It’s profound!


The following video is entitled “I’m A Afrikan.” It’s by a Racially responsible group of Black artists named United Front. These 2 brothers are out of Jew York City, the home of the original hip-hop musick. And their talent shows it. You’ll definitely love them.


The following video is entitled “I’m Reading.” It’s another United Front production. It’s great for your young sons to watch. Who would have thought that a Black man could make you want to read a book in 2009?


This video is entitled “A Milli” & it’s also by United Front. Move over Lil’ Wayne. This is Black Racial poetry from its revolutionary core. It hits hard and direct. These Brothers are warriors!!!


This is the Irritated Genie of Soufeese’s all-time favorite song. It’s by the most powerful musikal group on the planet today. “Brother’s Keepa” are the truth. The song is called “Mindcuffs.” You’re certain to love it.


This is a War on the Horizon piece that puts images to Biggie Smalls’ song “Dead Wrong.” It demonstrates the level of white degeneracy the hip-hop culture is dragging our Race into. You will be disturbed; and when you see what Biggie Smalls is actually advocating, you will realize that hip-hop as we know it today, must be destroyed.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised!



He’s a murder rap monsta. That’s right, South Paw, an artist straight out of Southeast Washington, DC, is putting it down for Afrikans worldwide to understand what this war with the white race is going to come down to. Murder Rap Monsta is a cutting-edge musikal thriller that mixes Black liberation ideology with hardcore revolutionary warfare.

You won’t find this kind of righteous, revolutionary Black aggression anywhere else on the market.


This is another South Paw original. This time, he’s decided to fight that “10,000 lb Gorilla.” This song condemns “homosexuality,” pedophilia, bestiality, and all other forms of white-sex perversion.

10,000 lb Gorilla is the official song and video for War on the Horizon. South Paw is putting Southeast, Washington, DC on the map – and he’s making all of us proud.

War on the Horizon

You Gotta Luv It!

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  •   June 14th, 2010 Ebby Says:

    The first 2 videos have been removed by the host sites.

  •   July 22nd, 2011 Jhall Says:

    Where or how can I buy South Paw.


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