Feb 2013 – Amen (God of the Perfect Black)
Posted on February 17th, 2013


God of the Perfect Black

Amen is the hidden power that permeates the universe.
Amen is the prime mover behind all things. 
Amen is the God of the Perfect Black that lives within the Black matter of Afrikan DNA. 
Amen is that we are.


Thousands of years ago, before our Afrikan ancestors were captured and enslaved, Black people throughout mother Afrika had different names for the Creator (God).  In many places God was depicted as a Black man, in others as a Black woman, and even in others as the combination of the (2) Black man and woman.  Of all of our ancient Afrikan Deities (Gods), the one that stands out most to WOH is one of the Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Gods of Warfare – Amen.  His name is also spelled Amon.  And during some periods when the North and the South were united under one ruler, he was called Amen-Ra.

The depictions of Amen on the walls of the great temples in Kemet (Egypt) are legendary.  Whether he is standing over a mighty Kemetic Suten (Black King) handing him a smite to extirpate his white and/or asiatic enemies or being portrayed in the clouds as the hidden Black spirit that permeates the universe, the magnificence of Amen cannot be understated in reference to Ancient Kemet.  

Ramesu III
(Smiting his asiatic enemies before the God Amen)


The fact that Amen is depicted as being very supportive of the Black Sutens who went to battle to kill the enemies of the kingdom and to keep our people safe from invasion, speaks to the fact that Amen was a very masculine and aggressive God.  However, unlike most Black people’s concept of religion today, we did not wait for Amen to come and do things for us; rather we were expected to war with our white and asiatic enemies to demonstrate our love and loyalty to him.  This has great implications based on our modern day condition as Black people worldwide who are being leaned on by multiple nations/enemy races.  It would do as well if we had an independent God of Afrikan origin on whose name we could collectively call in order to wage war against our enemies for our survival.

If we study our own history, we will find that Amen was the name called by many of our ancestors during some of the most turbulent of times.  Consider, the period before the 18th Dynastic Period, around 1720 B.C.E., when a group of white asiatic invaders known as the “Hyksos” conquered Ancient Kemet.  According to our ancestors’ records, these white asiatics brought great strife and misery to our kingdoms.  Like all white invaders they brought rape, pillaging of higher learning, death and bloodshed.  Below is one of the pictures our ancestors drew to depict the Hyksos invaders.

Hyksos Invaders in Kemet around 1720 B.C.E.


These invaders dominated and controlled our ancestral homeland for close to 200 years.  Under their “rulership” Black people were practically enslaved in our own homeland.  After (200) years of enslavement, our ancestors rose to battle.  And under the leadership of Suten Seqenenre Tao, his valiant wife Queen Aahotep, and their nephew, Neb Pehte Ra Ahmose, we finally defeated the Hyksos and expelled them from Kemet.  It was Neb Pehte Ra Ahmose who led our Afrikan ancestors in battle against the Hyksos with the battle cry, “Never Again.  Never Again.”  Our ancestors vowed never again to close our eyes and trust the Racial outsiders who befriended us for the sole purpose of destroying our way of life.  With this battle cry and the worship of the Black God Amen, our ancestors defeated the whites in one of the greatest battles of ancient history. 


Queen Aahotep
(Who lost an eye on the battlefield fighting for Afrikan Liberation)

Neb Pehte Ra Ahmose

(Known as “Ahmose” expelled the hyksos invaders from Kemet)
His name “Ahmose” is where the white “hebrews”/so-called “jews”/smallhats get the biblical character “Moses.”


As the 18th Dynastic Period began to flourish, the God Amen, who had walked committedly with his children through the trackless swamps of disharmony, was not forgotten.  Many of the great Sutens wore Amen as part of their royal names – (Amen Hotep I for instance).  Many grand temples were built in praise of Amen.  And perhaps the single most relevant religious event in the history of the world happened during this great period of the exalting of Amen.

Arguably, the most successful, aggressive, powerful, merciless ruler in the history of the world came to power in the 18th Dynastic Period.  His name was Minkheperatehudimes (called Thutmose III today).  He was not originally slated to be a Suten because his mother was not of royal birth.  However, his brilliance and military aggression made him an exception to the age old rule.  His military campaigns into white asiatic-held regions were legendary.  In fact, his first battle in the city of Meggido was so bloody and heinous, that the observers who looked at the battlefield after the battle was over said that “The end of the world would look like this.”  This grew into the term we now use for the end of the world – “Armageddon.”

The facts regarding the history of the biblical term Armageddon are not as intriguing as the history surrounding the biblical use of the term “Amen.”  When Minkheperatehudimes realized that he did not and would not have enough military power to plunder all of asia during his lifetime, he settled on an alternative plan of action.  If he could not kill all of the potential threats to Afrikan survival, he would indoctrinate them into a respect and worship of his people.  So, at the threat of death, he kidnapped all of the rulers in the foreign lands and brought them to Kemet.  He forced them into the devout worship of the Black God “Amen.”  They were forced to bow down and prey to Amen every day, all day, for the period of their imprisonment, after which, those who were still alive were sent back to their lands to spread the love and worship of Amen.

During his reign, Minkheperatehudimes indoctrinated the known world with the worship of “Amen.”  He was so effective at instilling the fear and worship of Amen in the minds of his enemies, that even today, white christians, white so-called jews, and arabs end their prayers with Amen – the Ancient Black God of Eternity. 


Ancient Imperial Warrior Suten of Kemet


If you really want to see just how magnificent an impact Minkheperatehudimes has had on the world, you only need to look into the Holy Bible.  (The same can be done for any of the other formalized religions around the world.  They all show reverence for Amen.)  The worship of Amen is clearly there for anyone who knows the history.  Take a look:


Hosea 13:4   “Yet I am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside me.”

Jude 1:25      “To the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.”


Click Here To Listen To A Speech About the History of Amen


Having traveled to Kemet (6) times with the KemetNu Know Thyself Tour, we’ve seen numerous depictions of the great God Amen.  On our last trip to Kemet, we left the group and went on a private excursion where we were shown many artifacts that the public has never seen.  One of the artifacts that stood out most was an ancient carving of Amen at the pyramids.  The part that remained was in excellent condition though about half of the carving was missing.  It was a beautiful scene of Amen at the pyramids.  It was clearly a Nubian artifact as they tend to show more actualized features in their artwork.  After looking at our photos of the carving for years, we finally decided to get an artist to redo the carving as a posture print in full color so that we could share it with our Brothers and Sisters across the world. 

Please feel free to share the picture of Amen below with as many Brothers and Sisters as you choose.  You can use it as your computer wallpaper or a screen saver or to share the history of the Black God Amen.  Also, if you’d like to purchase a copy of this posture for yourself and/or a friend, you can click on the link below and order your posture today:


Click Here to Order an 11″ x 17″ Copy of this Posture of Amen

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  •   February 19th, 2013 FMC1 Says:

    I almost have no words for this, we have so much history and greatness behind us. It’s up to us though to write the stories of the present and the future. It’s time for an African resurrection! It’s time to reclaim what is rightfully ours and head out to the battlefield! It’s war time! Abibifahodie and Amen Ra!!!

  •   February 19th, 2013 FMC1 Says:

    Our resilience is what makes us true Africans. To be an African is to be eternal and everlasting; to be unwavering in the face of danger and to triumph over your enemies no matter what it takes. Be proud Africans, be proud! We have the blood of divinity running through our melaninated veins.

  •   February 19th, 2013 craig Says:

    The picture of our ancestor, no other then the Black Power General Kalid Muhammad is a beautiful posture which immediately caugth my attention.

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  •   August 26th, 2013 SillyLiberals Says:

    Wow, you guys are a steaming pile of racist shit.

  •   November 20th, 2013 RAS HOWARD HENRY Says:

    See that’s the problem for our brothers and sisters today they were spooked to love their enemies as themselves and also pray to god to come and rescue them from their enemies not knowing god is the same devil that have us in bondage,,Rise up Shakka Zulu,, rise up Malcolm x tell Martin luther not to come as yet.
    Rise up Sam Sharpe, Walter Rodney, William Gordon, Rise up Sister Nanny ur people needs ur attitudes to sankofa themselves.

  •   December 30th, 2013 james grace Says:

    It’s refreshing to learn this bit of black history.anybody who opposed it has got to be a racist.

  •   February 17th, 2014 Ayo Kimathi Says:

    With your brutality and hatred you will only destroy yourselves, you are neither Christian or a revolutionary. Ayo Kimathi is a sick sociopath who is being watched and will soon be fired and exposed for the hateful fraud he is.

    Do not follow Ayo Kimathi down the path of his own destruction.

  •   January 10th, 2015 Snak Daddy Says:

    I’d prefer to believe Ayo and your mammy than to believe Christmas, Peter Pan or
    Halloween, you dumb ass niggers!

  •   September 8th, 2015 Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful, to the truth of Amen-RA! lives on!

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