November 2010 – Black Degeneracy vs. Black Nationalism
Posted on November 1st, 2010

Black Degeneracy vs. Black Nationalism .mp4 version


Greetings from the War Front,

It’s been an entire year and the period for consideration of the necessary behavior shifts required to be classified as a Black Nationalist has elapsed.  The new standards are here and enforceable at this time.  Read the following commentary for more understanding:

The 21st Century War against “Black Decency” is waging.  The first shots have been fired, and the Black degenerates are waging a cultural war against our people.

The war is being waged almost parallel to the way that NWA waged the war against Public Enemy, The Nation of Islam (NOI), the Black Nationalist Movement, and Black decency and self-respect in the late 1980’s.   Under the fictitious guise of street social commentary or “keeping it real,” NWA launched a war against Black self-respect.  Financed and catapulted to prominence by rich, white, so-called “jews,” NWA tricked our people into turning in our Racial progress card for backwardness and self-hatred.

They gave us one “F” the Police song in exchange for all of us believing ourselves to be “nigg**s and bit**es.”  In fact, to this day, the most commonly used word to identify a Black man in this country is the N-word.  The most common term used to identify a Black woman is “Bit*h.”  And Black people use these terms to identify ourselves more than whites use them to identify us.

It is hard to believe that one group of Black entertainers could have shaped our current culture in this way.  NWA did it.  And our people’s sense of self-worth has been suffering every since they appeared on the scene.

Today, a new type of Racial misfit has emerged.  There are a number of “Black” groups going around assaulting Black people with language and ideas that can only serve to further enslave our people.  The following are examples of what’s being presented as Blackness in the modern world environment:

Everything about this exchange was wrong.  To start with, the Sister had no business confronting a group of Black men in that way.  Regardless of what we think about their opinions, this is not the way that women are supposed to act.  She and the young Sisters that were with her were totally out of line.  They did not demonstrate appropriate behavior for Black women.  And whenever we discuss this clip with people, Black women conveniently ignore the rudeness and intense level of disrespect these Sisters brought to the table.

Message to the Black woman:

Most men are not going to stand silent while being publicly attacked by a man or a woman.  We need to understand that the Sister provoked this altercation.  And Black women have become too self-righteous to accept the fact that there are rules of proper feminine engagement to adhere to when confronting men with disagreement.

Having said that, these men in no way represent Black progress.  They are openly advocating the mass killing of Black women.  And as difficult as it has become for Black men and women to get along with one another, it is cowardly for Black men to ignore the fact that we are to blame.

Who lost the wars to the white race?  Who let whites rape Black women for hundreds of years without retaliation?  Who prefers white females to their own beautiful women?  Who listens to jewsick (music) that calls their women “bit*hes” and  “ho’s” all day long?  Who allows their daughters to be raped by the millions, then returns with the expectation that they will be decent mothers, wives, and daughters?  Black men are to blame for the current state of Black womanhood.  We have not dealt adequately with our enemies!

And when our women lash out at us as a result of the conditions that we allow to exist, we publicly advocate murdering them?  We blame it on God?  We call them “nigg*r bi*ches” – the same as the white slave masters?  These brothers are extremely sick!

Needless to say, this is not Black Nationalism.  In fact, it isn’t Black anything.  And though our point is not to attack or assault the Hebrew Israelites as an organization, we must let the world know that they are not representing anything related to “Blackness” and our progressive movement.

The mass slaughter of Black women in the name of God is not “Black.”  It’s called genocide.  We know because whites practice it against us religiously.  Order the DVD below to learn more about white Genocide:





Genocide: A Narration of white Brutaiity & Demonism





If that wasn’t degenerate and/or depressing enough, how about the constant bombardment of the “homosexual” agenda being passed off to our people as “Civil Rights?”

Barack Hussein Obama is one among many individuals in the Black community, trying to pass off “homosexual” gangsterism as progress.  He is leading the charge against the morality and ethics of the Black world community.  Along with known supporters of “homosexuality” like Al Sharpton, Naim Akbar, Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson, etc . . . , the Black community is being led to believe that accepting “homosexuality” is decent, while rejecting it is indecent.  This is patently false.

We even have Black people in our community trying to pass off these “homosexual” pictures from October’s War Room as Afrikan traditional culture.

And the attack on Afrikan culture does not stop here.  We also have a degenerate exchange of anit-culture between Black people in amerikkka and those on the Afrikan continent.  In amerikkka, our love for smut and sexually backwards media filth has led to an explosion of Afrikan pornography and white-sex (“homosexuality” and child molestation).

The following is a new Ghanaian jewvie that shows how much of a degenerate impact Afrikans in amerikkka are having on the Afrikan continent.

YouTube Preview Image

The worst part is that Brothers and Sisters in Ghana think this is progress.  They are moving away from the simplicity of their culture and diving head first into european filth – following behind the degeneracy of Afrikans in amerikkka.  Incidentally, in amerikkka, we’ve abandoned our own Black culture and dove head first into self-destructive european sexual culture.  So it’s the blind, following the blind, who are following the devil.

Lastly, the new degeneracy on the block is the most deadly.  We have individuals who represent themselves to be pro-Black, positive, and conscious, but refuse to abandon the backwardness of the streets.  They loudly promote the use of the N-word, support hat-hop culture, promote drinking, smoking, open drug usage and selling, and encourage lewd and licentious sexual behavior as normal and acceptable to Black people.

YouTube Preview Image

What!  This wacko is only creating more confusion for our people.  He’s a basket case all we have to say about this nut is:


Under the guise of spreading knowledge and information, these brothers and sisters boldly call Black people every derogatory term created by europeans to describe us.  They spend little time targeting our enemies for destruction and focus primarily on attacking the legacy of some of our greatest institution builders.

These Brothers and Sisters can be very confusing because some of them are extremely intelligent.  In fact, some are often more on point with their arguments and criticisms than our scholars.  However, their approach offers the Black person who is trapped in street thuggery and backwardness no escape.  They make the Black drug dealer believe that if he can recite the name of a few Afrikan deities and call a few Uncle Toms some N-words, that they’ve arrived at the Black Nationalist level.

They’re extremely dangerous because they operate without law and without any regard for Black standards of decent conduct.  They are to the current generation of truly committed Afrikan Nationalists what NWA was to our movement in the late 1980’s.

They represent an element of backwards moving “enlightened” individuals who can be easily co-opted by smallhats (white so-called jews) who run the entertainment industry.  They’ll be bought, and eagerly trotted out before the world as representing real Black pride and decency, when their behavior is neither Black nor decent.

If they’re not forced to correct their wayward misbehavior now, they’ll destroy any chance we have for launching a new Black Nationalist vanguard.  Our people are ready for something new and exciting.  If they accept this filth as enlightenment, we’ll plunge further into our self-destructive misbehavior.  We’ll holistically accept the N-word as part of our vocabulary.  We’ll accept Black women as a bunch of “b’s” and “ho’s.’  We’ll continue to underachieve, wear our pants hanging off our behinds, and act like a Race of chocolate covered, Black-white degenerates who spit on the Racial legacy of our ancestors.

Watch this video closely.  Our Sister is trying to help.  But in her confusion, she poisons that which should be sacred to us.

She calls Malcolm X the “N-word” and proceeds to indulge in pure filth under the guise of “telling the truth.”  She is a Lil’ Kim who read a book and doesn’t know that calling the Black Panthers the N-word is not a compliment, but rather an insult.  Next, they’ll have our youth calling Harriet Tubman a strong Black “Bit*h.”

Watch and Listen:

YouTube Preview Image

Black people, we cannot win like this!  This is not how a decent Black woman fights war against her moral inferior – the white Race.  We love her passion and intent, but she cannot do this.  She makes the Black woman look like trash.  She spits on our ancestors with this language.

We don’t believe it’s her intent – but that doesn’t matter.  We must establish rules and standards for this movement now before we have nothing left.  Black means decency.

In preparation for this internal Black Civil War that was emerging, War on the Horizon (WOH) produced a DVD at the beginning of 2010 designed to teach Black people the difference between Black Nationalists and Black degenerates.  The title of the DVD is “Black Degeneracy vs. Black Nationalism.” It is available for purchase from our online WOH Store website @

November 2009 – Conclusion:

We must clean our act up and present a clean glass of water to our people for their consumption.  There is an air of consciousness that’s sweeping over our people in this current environment.  But there are a handful of misguided Afrikan degenerates who are feeding our people poison in the name of Blackness and Nationalism.

We must take the initiative to counter this degeneracy movement now.  We need to firmly guide those that are worth keeping involved in this movement, in the right direction.   The others must be made to stand down and allow the disciplined members of the Race to lead the way.  Their efforts to pose as leaders can only stall our forward progress.

Please forward this link to as many Black people as possible.  We want people to see what’s at stake.  We need our people to be able to differentiate between Black Nationalism and Black Degeneracy.

This is the first step in the clean up process.  Hopefully, many of our beloved people will read this and make a change for the better.  For those that don’t, the next step must be to confront them and demand compliance to basic decency standards.

November 2010 – Conclusion:

THE WAR HAS BEEN WAGED.  Compliance is now mandatory whether the Black person knows better or not.  Black people must immediately cease and desist from:

1. Promoting the use of the “N-word” in reference to great Afrikan leaders like Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Harriet Tubman, Khallid Muhammad, etc. . . , and/or justifying the sell of drugs to Black people in the name of these same ancestors. 
2. Advocating the use of drugs, prostitution, and senseless Black-on-Black violence.
3. Stealing living Afrikan Nationalist’s work and giving it away and/or selling it for their own personal profit (bootlegging living Black Nationalists).
4. Marrying the philosophy of Black Nationalism to the “N-word”, hip-hop music and/or culture, pornography, white-sex (“homosexuality”, pedophilia, etc. . .), christianity, and/or social integration with whites.
5. Inviting whites to Afrikan Nationalist forums.  (This does not include whites entering Nationalist forums when we’re renting public forums where we cannot legally discriminate).

There has been a year’s time to digest the message and adjust accordingly.

We’ll See You on the Battlefield

The Irritated Genie of Soufeese of War on the Horizon (WOH)

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  •   June 14th, 2010 Ebby Says:

    Wonderful post, but some of the videos have been removed by the users or youtube.. I suggest downloading the videos in the future and uploading them to the site yourself through file storage programs. I am really enjoying the information you are sharing and the call for Black Decency.

  •   September 27th, 2010 Great3BlakSun Says:

    Those false Israelite brothas sound like a jerry springer show, with their chant of “you’re a slut!” Imagine the faces of the white and blue collared europeans witnessing such a fiasco, if that is what passes for black upliftment in that area, which appeared to be New York, europeans in no way whatsoever would EVER percieve us as a threat to their current domination.

  •   November 1st, 2010 righteous brotha Says:

    That video with those Israelites is a couple of years old. I’ve seen other videos with those same guys disrespectiong this one guy and looking like they are about to fight him. Their a bunch of a**holes. they’re supposed to be all about the bible, and “The Most High” stuff, but they’re out there cussing and disrespecting people. I can’t stand them.

  •   November 4th, 2010 ERM Says:

    Once again, Irritated Genie is right! Even though I still listen to Aisha Sekhmet, I have to agreed that she needs to tone down the whole N-word & language structure to separate herself from the mainstream crackhead rappers out there. She’s gifted yet, there’s no need to be cussing all the time in your songs.

    And to those fake Israelites cursing the women in the video, they’re your people too! I met with some true Black Israelites who would never put down their own people (Black Man to Black woman) & disrespect in public that way! You are one of the most disrespectful people don’t deserve to called “Real Israelites” cause you remind me of those Cracka Christian Funndies who belong to the Neo-Nazis, KKK, & Polygamists pedophile cults and damn enough those cave people don’t call each other crackas, wiggas, rednecks, honkies, peckerwoods.

    Black People the time is now to STOP putting us down on each other & work together against oppression & evil!

  •   November 5th, 2010 righteous brotha Says:

    I understand what Genie is saying. He does cuss every now and then, so does Phil Valentine, and especially Sara Suten Seti. Seti be talkin bout,”Lighting up a tree”,Bobby Hemmitt does that ritual with the ancestors and the alcohol everytime he gets ready to do a lecture. Africans in the caribbean and I think in Africa do that. Aisha Sekmet sounds more like Trina who read a book then Little Kim. She does need to tone it down a bit. But all n all I think they all mean well. Hey, were all human and nobodys perfect.

  •   November 16th, 2010 S-Dot Says:

    I’ve thought about and often discussed the breakdown in our youth movement for truth and justice once NWA was unleashed to offset PE for years. Coming from the “entertainment” (enter and contain) industry I can easily recognize how the current well-meaning (hopefully) though confused individuals are allowing themselves to be used as agents of chaos and confusion. Black degeneracy cannot go unaddressed our past shows what will happen when we do. Keep turning up the fire and let’s smelt away unrighteousness. Black Love.

  •   December 8th, 2010 I need to vent against the so called 'conscious' buffoons - The BN Village Says:

    […] Today, 09:54 PM @Those who touched on African 'religion'/spirituality I've just come across this article I found quite interesting, but I'll copy and paste the part on bogus spirituality: ************************************************** ************* November 2010 – Black Degeneracy vs. Black Nationalism […]

  •   February 21st, 2011 N.B.O Says:

    We all have different ways of teaching people right….. As long as we come together against our common enemy….THE CRACKA…. there should be no problems! We all have the same goal to reach….. AFRIKAN SUPREMACY!

  •   January 14th, 2012 Nat Says:

    A nigger a black woman,man or child a white man cannot control.Nat Turner,Harriet Turner,etc. .We Niggers know the neandertal (white man) sent you house niggers f.o.i.,prince hall,scottish rite house niggers out to try to destroy that word nigger because it is making black people uncontrolable for you house niggers and your neandertal boss!!!

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