Apr 2013 – PanAfrikans Beware: The Faggits Are Coming!
Posted on April 1st, 2013

Haitianists, PanAfrikans, & Black Nationalists

Beware: The Faggits Are Coming!


Brothers and Sisters, this is an emergency alert.  We within the Haitianist, PanAfrikan, Black Nationalist, and Black Power Movements have become disunified, disorganized, unfocused, irrelevant, weak, and isolated since the death of Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad in 2001.  In his absence, there has been a huge void of outspoken, unapologetic, non-compromising, relevant, well-known, militant Black manhood.  Though there are many strong Brothers still on the battlefield, there is no one who has reached his level of popularity and influence.

Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad


As a result, many Black men have been struggling to fill these shoes, individually and collectively.  As we struggle to ignite a militant and effective campaign for global Afrikan resurrection and empowerment, a bizarre reality has surfaced – the Militant “Afro-centric” Faggit Assault on our movement.  Even though our movement has not yet taken form, anyone with eyes can see the global impact that revolutionary Black consciousness as espoused by teachers like Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Neely Fuller, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Bobby Wright, and other giants is having on our people.  Black people are slowly waking up all over the world.  And the opportunity for an Afrikan World Revolution is quietly emerging.

In the very midst of this time of opportunity is the greatest threat to Afrikan survival in the history of the world.  There is an international phenomenon threatening to destroy our people before we get the opportunity to launch our next movement.  It is the international push to “homosexualize” Afrikan people.  In particular, whites are spending billions of dollars globally to enforce the effeminization of the Black male. 


The Effeminization of the Black Male – Part 1


This zionist-inspired dysgendering of our people is having a devastating impact on Black youth in amerikkka.  In fact, Atlanta is one of the best examples of the impact that the white-sex (pedophilia & “homosexuality”) war is having on Afrikan people.  Atlanta might be as bad as South Afrika.  Our sons are completely destroyed and are no longer of any value to our Racial survival.  Our daughters actually believe they are males and the city is a cesspool for sexual molestation of Black youth.  No Black child is sexually safe within the confines of the city of Atlanta, GA.


2012 Atlanta Black Gay Pride “J-Sette” Competition




Anyone who listens to War on the Horizon Radio 24/7/365, keeps up with our website, or is on our WOH Word E-blast email list is already aware of the global white-sex agenda and war against Afrikan people.  But there is a new facet of this war.  It is one of the most underhanded and diabolical assaults on a people ever waged.  whites and Blackskinned “homos” are now sponsoring Black faggits to take over the “Black Power Movement” and its affiliates.  We predicted this would happen in 2005 in our book, War on the Horizon – Black Resistance to the white-sex Assault.

Quote from War on the Horizon – Chapter: white-sex in Afrika and the Afrikancentered “Homosexual”:

More and more gay and gay friendly Negroes are promoting the false european notion that “homosexuality” originated in Afrika.  Negroes like Malidoma Some and his wife Sonbonfu Some among many others are propagating the lie that the most “spiritual” members of the Afrikan community are gays.  They represent the new and improved version of the Uncle Tom traitors of the Black race.  These Negroes do everything in their power to push the white-sex agenda from within, in exchange for whatever real or perceived benefits they receive from their white slave masters.  By posing as conscious Afrikans interested in the liberation of Afrikan people, they gain the ears of our people.  Once they have gained our trust, they use their influence to promote the white-sex agenda to the Afrikancentered community.  This updated version of the Uncle Tom Negro is confusing members of the conscious community in relation to white-sex; and if left unchecked, their damage could be far reaching. 

. . . .   The white-sex problem is a worldwide crisis for Afrikan people and we must view it from a Pan Afrikan perspective.  One cannot be a white-sex offender and a good Afrikan anywhere in the world.  white-sex offense is a product of racism white supremacy, thereby making our participation in it treasonous.  Blackskinned white-sex offenders are traitors by definition, and Afrikans must permanently remove this decadent element of our Race from all positions of influence and power.  They must feel the threat of Black male aggression in its most righteous form.  The day will come very soon when white-sex in Afrika will be a crime punishable by certain death.


Since 2005, white-sex offenders (pedophiles and “homosexuals”) have infested the Black Conscious community like roaches in a cereal box.  They have joined organizations like the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC), the Nation of Islam (NOI), and many other traditionally “Black Progressive” organizations.  Famous “Black Conscious” white-sex offenders like Naim Akbar, Gerald Smith, Al Sharpton, and George Stallings have paved the road for a new breed of Afrikancentered “homo” to invade the Black Nationalist Movement while subtly or openly proclaiming their “gayness.” 

It has gotten so bad that “homosexual” Afrikan drumming groups are welcomed at Kwanzaa celebrations all over this country.  When asked what their position is on “homosexuality”, most PanAfrikanists stutter through their answers, afraid to offend faggits who might be watching.  Black Nationalists scream “Black Power”, while quietly allowing faggits to chant right alongside them.   It’s almost as if the Black Nationalist Community has become so disjointed that we cannot muster up enough collective consciousness to see the imminent threat posed by the “homosexual” agenda and strike against it.  


Cleo Manago & Al Sharpton


The newest and boldest of these “Black Nationalist” imposters is a white-sex offender named Cleo Manago.  He can be seen above shaking hands with Al Sharpton He is a very bold and sophisticated white-sex offender who is trying to force his way into the back door of the Black Nationalist community.  (That’s one thing about homos, they’re always trying to get into back doors.)  At any rate, he is trying desperately to present himself as a strong Black man, while at the same time, he’s a salacious “homo”.  We should probably refrain from calling him a “homo” since he prefers to be called, “Same Gender Loving (SGL).”  But, we will just call him a salacious “homo”.  We describe him as sophisticated because he does things like replace the terms fag, “homo”, queer, stinky boy, etc . . .  with a term like “Same Gender Loving.”  I love both of my Brothers who are the same gender as me.  Does that make me Same Gender Loving?  But I do not want to have sexual contact with them.  That’s a job perfectly suited for their wives.  But with new terms like this hitting the market, malicious fagdom can be reduced in the minds of otherwise civilized people to a person’s “personal preference.”  For the Afrikan record:


A “Homosexual” or Faggit is a male who enjoys putting his penis in the mouth and/or anus of other males and enjoys having the same done to him.


No matter how one tries to cleanse the term, anyone who sees this as acceptable behavior is sick – whether you participate in it or not. 

Where Cleo Manago’s danger to our community comes in is very relevant to our discussion.  In this article, one can see that he has secured multi-millions of dollars from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and other organizations in order to push his agenda.  

Social Activist Cleo Manago Secures Millions in Funding for Three of His Longtime Programs


When one carefully reads the article and studies Mr. Manago’s work, one can clearly see that he is an instrument to make “homosexuality” acceptable in the Black community.  He was invited by the Magic Mulatto’s Administration (Barack Obama is another white-sex offender who our Race fell in love with) to the white house to speak on “. . .  Black men’s health”. 



But when one looks even closer, one will see that he is trying to present an Afrikancentered platform upon which to launch his fag promotionals.  He uses terms like “ancestors”, “cultural history, etc . . . to blend Afrikancenteredness with the “homosexual” agenda in order to merge the (2) into (1).  To see his objective more clearly, one only needs to watch him for themselves to see the insidious nature of what he is attempting to do:



Cleo Manago (from 0:51 – 4:22)



As you can see, there is a red, Black, and green color scheme in the background.  He is referred to as the “Gay Malcolm X.”  This is the greatest dishonor we could pay to any Afrikan Nationalist in history – to be compared to a sodomite!  If Brother Malcolm was alive to hear this, he would hunt this freak down and deal with the problem himself.  But he is not around.  And we have an obligation to our ancestors and our future generations to get this straight. Look at this fool trying to pose in the famous Malcolm X pose:


Malcolm X – Great Afrikan Leader of Our People


A white-sex Offender Named Cleo Who’s Sodomizing the Nationalist Movement


If his desire to be accepted by Afrikan people as a legitimate Race Man or Woman or something isn’t enough, the fact that he has been invited in by members of the Black community should push all of us over the edge.  For instance, the NOI invited him to address their crowd at the Millions More March in 2005.  The following clip shows Manago thanking the NOI and Farrakhan for inviting him there to speak on behalf of the SGL (fags) community. 


Cleo Manago Speaks @ the Millions More March

If this is not bad enough, there are individuals who’re not trying to get into the PanAfrikan community, but are already deeply entrenched.  For instance, many of the “PanAfrikan” professors at the HBCU’s around the country are practicing white-sex offenders.  As a matter of fact, HBCU’s are almost entirely controlled by zionist boards of directors and Black “homosexual” administrations.  Black students are routinely hit on by white-sex offenders at their schools, students and faculty, without any recourse.  If they respond physically, they will be incarcerated like our Brother Price at Morehouse College.  As a result, our sons and daughters are helpless victims of “homosexual” prey on college campuses throughout the jewnited snakes of amerikkka.  And the PanAfrikanist/Black Nationalist educators who should be assisting them at their respective schools are actively involved in the behavior.  Morehouse, Howard University, Morgan State, and other HBCU’s are turning into predominantly “homosexual” institutions where it is not safe to send our youth.  Part of the reason is that the people who should represent the Afrikan cultural agenda at the schools are faggits posing as PanAfrikanists.  These same individuals systematically work to have strong Black male faculty fired and removed from their institutions.  We have seen a systematic process of “pro-Black” faggits at HBCU’s working with other “homos” to have real PanAfrikans destroyed in higher education.  This is a large part of the reason why our schools are in the shape they’re in.

So now we see the ugly door of european debauchery that Naim Akbar opened up.  It is time for us as a community to take a collective stance.  At this point in time, it is safe to say that any Black person in this movement should know that there is a white-sex assault on our people.  War on the Horizon (WOH) has made our entire Effeminization of the Black Male series, our most popular selling DVD’s, available for free on YouTube so the masses of our people around the world can view it.  Therefore, there is no excuse for a PanAfrikanist or Black Nationalist anywhere to be undecided on their position.  Ignorance of Black Law is no excuse. 

In this spirit, we are pushing for everyone in this movement to take a definitive stand on this issue.  Any organization, institution, or lecturer who does not take a definitive position against the “homosexual” agenda can no longer be associated with Black Nationalism nor PanAfrikanism.  We need a clear separation between the cowards, freaks, and “homos”, and the committed Race warriors.  All those on the fence, need to be reclassified as “Promosexuals” or “Fag Lovers”.  This will force people to let us know which side they’re on.  Are they siding with the fags or with the future of Afrikan people?  The choice will be theirs.


If you’d like to hear the Irritated Genie of Soufeese destroy the “homosexual” agenda and brutally gay bash a malicious fag, click the link below and enjoy:

The Irritated Genie – The Faggon Slayer



We’ll See You on the Battlefield!


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  •   April 1st, 2013 DaRealness Says:

    You dudes are so obsessed with this issue it’s not even funny. “The Faggon Slayer” Seriously? Fucking grow up.

  •   April 1st, 2013 ARW Says:

    Shut the fuck up DaRealness, your nothing but punk ass fairy fag or dyke killing off my race thinking this Euro-disease don’t affect us as a people! Like I so, I support War On The Horizon and Black Nationalism because I got out that death style and yes I’m an ex-feminist/Bisexual who been brainwashed by them kkkrackas! Hell, you need to grow the hell up, oh wait your stupid ass hasn’t grown up yet, just die already!

  •   April 1st, 2013 Brad Says:

    I Love yall brothers and sisters keep pushing the message I love this website its the only one that keeps it all real Love yall I support Yall….Hotep

  •   April 1st, 2013 TheREALrealness Says:

    “darealness” you must be a fag of the highest order to make a comment like that. We wouldn’t have to even spend time on this savage eurocentric greek beast way of life, if fags like you weren’t existing. And don’t tell me you are not a fag, because if you are backing up (possibly literally) a fag, you might as well be one. There’s a threat to destroy real manhood, and these devils are using weak faggots like you as pawns. But of course, you faggots do what you do best, just bend over/lay down and die, rather than put a fight. You damn sissy, grow some testosterone chump!

  •   April 1st, 2013 FMC1 Says:

    Thank you Irritated Genie for staying strong on this, don’t listen to the promos and the fags trying to stop what you’re doing. You’ve put in way too much work to be denied and we’re with you all the way on this.

  •   April 1st, 2013 FMC1 (directed @DaRealness) Says:

    WOH is obsessed with saving Afrikan people, they have worked tirelessly to fight ALL sexual abuse, deviance, degeneracy and anything else that threatens the future decency and viability of our race. Unless you’ve put in just as much work doing the same as WOH, or more specifically brother Irritated Genie, you have NO ROOM to be telling anyone here to grow the hell up. You can’t get no more grown than being a 24/7 year in and year out race warrior!!!

  •   April 2nd, 2013 THINKINGMAN Says:

    First of all, “Cleo” should be referred to by black MEN as CLEOPATRA. You know DAMN WELL, his parents didn’t name him no damn CLEO, so OBVIOUSLY, he gave himself a name that told more about what he KNOWS he is (a black male, playing the role of a female), than anything any black MAN could say.
    But let us be clear; his “sudden” prominence could not have emerged, were it not for his “general”, Barack Obama.
    But we must NEVER forget the utter selling out of the MMM in 2005. And let’s not forget, the other sex-offender, Keith BOYKIN had been invited to debase this event as well.
    Before our eyes, we see black MEN becoming more and more, near extinction.

  •   April 2nd, 2013 Shavon Says:

    It is time to take some action.We have to create and speak another language. But at the same time we have to learn and speak cantonese and mandarin since chinese are exploiting our family in Africa. You have to know what your enemy is saying and writing. African Men and Women stop running from each other stop all this interacial dating. Stop all this hanging on corners getting high instead hang on the corners and get organized lets stop being fascinated with death and destruction. Be unapologetically African

  •   April 2nd, 2013 DaRealness Says:

    “ARW” you talk shit like a dude, you admit to being a supposedly ex bisexual and use terms like “dyke”, but I’m the one who needs to grow up? LOL go back to eating pussy and STFU, you wannabe bitch!

    “TheREALrealness” you come at me with all the usual shaming tactics as if that shit fazes me in the least. LOL, you don’t know fuck all about me, clown. I don’t agree with homosexuality/lesbianism nor do I promote it, but I’m not gonna talk about that shit all day, every day like you muthafuckas do and at the same time, I don’t have this obsessive hatred for other Afrikan people because of their sexual preference (as long as children aren’t involved). There ain’t shit I can do about what two consenting adults choose to do in the bedroom and it ain’t none of my business anyhow. Plus I don’t have to beat my chest 24/7 on some pseudo macho bullshit and shout on the rooftops cos that shit is corny as hell, not to mention transparent. If I know who I am as a man, how the fuck can anybody “threaten” MY manhood? You sound insecure as fuck.

    So these cats are really gonna say that anybody who doesn’t actively take a stand against homosexuality isn’t a true Pan Afrikanist no matter what else they may do? LOL that’s the dumbest shit ever. Tell that to all the Afrikan leaders past and present who don’t obsess about this, but also talk about the MANY OTHER issues afecting us as a people worldwide.

  •   April 2nd, 2013 Lovelywoman Says:

    April1st, I agree with you wholeheartedly.These NASTY faggots are EVERYWHERE. It hurts my heart to see so many black men & women being brainwashed, then turn around and push this on their own people.

    I am willing to put my life on the line for the Waronthehorizon group,that’s how grateful I am; they are the ONLY ones who give a damn about black people, but especially black children. They are not afraid to speak the truth and speak it DIRECTLY. My only hope is that they will not give in from pressure or back-down because it may seem the deviants have more following…

    Everywhere you go these homosexuals are dominating, i.e. the schools, the corporations, and now our community centers, next think you know they will be pulling up to your house door, kicking it in and ordering you to hand over your children. This may sound far-fetch, but trust me, unless sensible blacks get together and do something, that will be happening in our near future.

    There are no laws to protect our children, NONE!!! whatever little laws that are on the books are ignored when it comes to the disgusting white sex offenders.I’m even sick of that Umar Johnson,as much as I admire some of his speeches. I lost respect for him after listening to the conversation with him & irritatedgenie. He doesn’t get the concept that his piece of degree that he was bragging about was earned on “white supremacy ideology”, he was schooled on their “theory”, seems as though he was defending a secret side of himself and getting into his feelings. I am all for treating homosexuality as an illness, but after someone has committed brutal acts against children, there’s no room for thinking about “treatment”, it’s then time for ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT. Black culture is about “discipline”, not “pat on the backs and long talking for wicked-misbehaviors”.

    Didn’t mean to write a mini-article,but I am excited about the little light of hope that this forum as ignited for black people.


  •   April 2nd, 2013 Ramesu Anpu Says:

    “The only contradiction in the Black community is that we have no contradictions” Dr. Bobby E. Wright. This is no longer our reality. The homosexual/lesbian incursion into every enclave of the Black existence is not up for discussion, we are no longer going along to get along. You are a contradiction and you will be uprooted and destroyed. Long live the “Faggon Slayer”!!!

  •   April 2nd, 2013 FMC1 (directed @DaRealness) Says:

    “LOL go back to eating pussy and STFU, you wannabe bitch!”

    This is why people like you aren’t real nationalist.

    You seem to think that we are the ones obsessed with homosexuality, where have you been? Have you seen how many organizations and resources these fags have put into pushing their agenda? The problem is we’re not obsessed enough, we have too many weak-hearted people like yourself making excuses for not wanting to fight. If you don’t want to fight move out the way and let us handle it. We’re not going to wait or stop for anyone.

  •   April 3rd, 2013 ta Says:

    DaRealness, nobody has to use a “shaming tactic” as you do that to yourself.
    You come to WOH with the standard gay argument that bro. I.G. is “obsessing” about homosexuality, when you actually know better. It’s all up in our faces nowadays so nobody has to obsess about it. But you seem quite comfortable with men acting the effeminate fool and grown women acting and dressing like misguided teenage boys. Actually, I wish WOH will do even more than just constantly remind black people that we need to address this madness. And you say “as long as children aren’t involved”? One only needs to consider the active promotion of homosexuality throughout schools, the media and ironically enough, even in the churches. So of course kids are being involved in this process of distorting the natural roles of male and female.
    Else for your silly suggestion that “these cats” “tell that to all the Afrikan leaders past and present who don’t obsess about this,”, hell, nobody needs to! Africans don’t need to”obsess” about the prevalence of homosexuality because it doesn’t exist in Africa. In fact, when Uganda began to realize what the real agenda of the white aids activists was, they put a stop to that immediately. So Cleo Manago and his sneaky self implying that African culture was, and is now somewhat tolerant of homosexuality, can ponder on that for a sobering moment. Anyone who wants to know the facts about white Evangelical Scott Lively and the increase in violence against gays in Uganda, I suggest you search the Mass Resistance website and look up his name to find out. This man is now having to fight off gay lobbyists and all their lawsuits just to drain him of his finances and his will to resist against “gay marriage”. He only went to Africa to encourage the church and political leaders to be mindful of the insidious homosexual agenda in Africa. That’s when Ugandan MP Davids Bahati, a man educated in England and well aware of the sneaky tactics of the gay lobby, proposed the so-called “Kill the gays bill”. It served its purpose well in deterring any further gay activism and has since been shelved as legislation for capital punishment against homosexuality. So while there are even harsher penalties for homosexuality in Uganda, nobody will be put to death if found guilty of it.
    Brother Irritated, I encourage you to do everything in your power to see to it that the likes of Mr. Manago DO NOT get a warm reception in the Pan African movement. Keep them at arms length, otherwise Africa will soon be having to contend with black homosexuals posing as pan-Africanists and attempting to force our motherland into accepting them. They are a virus hosted by Barak Obama and international company which actively seeks to destroy all resistance against the onslaught on homosexuality in African communities.
    Let homosexuals consent to engaging in their perversions behind closed doors where it won’t be a problem for anybody else. But those bold enough to display the behavior in our faces and who insist on being accepted as normal, let them be ostracized, at least.

  •   April 4th, 2013 Da realness is gay Says:

    Da Reelness or Da Gayness is obviously an internet homo thug that gets off on his own stupidity. If you were really courageous enough to share your moronic views in person not behind a computer screen where nobody will be able to beat you senseless for your lunacy. Cowards like you wear you stupidity like a shield because Hoebama filled you hoes with false pride that you’ll be safe. Why are you on a pro-black website spreading your views that only you agree with? Take your faggot ass to Jewtube where ass wipes like you come a dime a dozen, sackless homo sympathzer!

    PS Get a life, stop responding to everybody and stop trying to defend you homo-sympathetic views on this website imbred chump!

  •   April 5th, 2013 JAMO Tulsa DOOM Says:

    That dance clip in Faglanta speaks volumes to how dangerous this shit really is. Did yall notice how large that crowd was?! You caint get a crowd 1/4 that big for no non-obama negro issues, but the gay shit GETS THIS MUCH SUPPORT?!?!?! Everyone appeared to be well entertained through the expressions, but notice the CHILDRENS faces when ill-obligated to view such things: CONFUSION. Look at the banners and the tents, that is UNIFORMITY and SPONSORSHIP aka structured dollars is backing the hell out of this filth. Our people are too lost to be saved, sos I feel that we should only concentrate on our nation, those of us who are in the know and understand true ancestral principle and our obligation to our restoration. Maybe there was a reason for the phenomena of “Preaching to the Choir” reinforcement to those closest to they who provides overstanding of the disciplines to be practiced? I’ll bet my life that this was done on a SAT and majority of those drones there are “christians” and showed up SUN to listen to a child-raping leader speak about krackah christ. Is it wrong to get the inkling to kill everyone at the gathering, on some Sodom & Gohmorah shit? Purification IS needed. Killem all except the babies. Manago actions warrant deep physical torture. No other way to put it, I’m a cleaner, but I’d get messy in my work for the likes of him.

    “Order must be restored to the people who are the ORIGIN of people”

    your servant

  •   April 6th, 2013 Cracker Hater Says:

    I hate crackers and faggits!

  •   April 6th, 2013 DaRealness Says:

    “Da Realness is gay” – LOL @ me “hiding behind a screen” when you’re the one talking all tough like some typical fake ass Gigabyte Gangsta when you’re just a jumped up, bitch ass punk like all the rest. I’ll respond to whoever I want to and there ain’t shit you can do about it, so you can FUCK OFF, bitch!

    “FMC1” – “This is why people like you aren’t real nationalist.” No, if you call me out my name and tell me “drop dead”, I’ll diss you right back. I’m not turning the other cheek cos I ain’t a christian. You had nothing to say to the chick I responded to and you know nothing about me, so your point is moot.

    “ta” – Not shaming myself at all. You need to reread what I said. In fact, I’m gonna post three videos from three different Pan Africanists in different locations around the world who speak on this matter but are still putting in the work:


    Africans Arise:

    MutaBaruka (who is more well known and has been doing the work for Afrikan people worldwide for decades):

    But I guess according to you and WOH, none of these brothas are real because they’re not jumping up and down, ready to slay the next Afrikan person for even being suspected of homosexuality. I won’t take WOH seriously when they’ve posted videos with that Hebrew Israelite cult that was cussing out homosexuals on the street, yet at the same time those fools HATE Africa and it’s people immensely.

    Also I don’t abide by this “any Afrikan who doesn’t agree with my views is the enemy” way of thinking like WOH does, simple as that. That kind of mentality will just cause more division and infighting.

    Like I said, I don’t agree with it and no one will force me to. I don’t like the whole propaganda being forced down anybody’s throats, but if the average gay man/woman keeps that kind of stuff to themselves behind closed doors, then I don’t have an issue with THOSE people.

  •   April 7th, 2013 Ackotee Says:

    PROPS to WOH, Irritated Genie! This pervese filthiness is way out of hand. I always wanted to go to Atlanta for historical reasons. I’m scratching that now I have children and grandchildren, there is no way I want to expose them to that Sick Deviancy! I took my own children out of school because homos really pushing the Homo agenda in the 80’s and 90’s now a lot of children are confused thinking they’re homosexual. But what’s even Sicker is they’re parents are supporting them.

    I heard FagBoma say 6 years old is not to young to learn about homosexuality! That’s because he’s a BattyBoy! I know this Fag agenda is being pushed from the Top. It’s been being insidiously pushed for a long time. And Miss Cleo is a filthy piece of excrement who needs to crawl back in it’s hole.

  •   April 7th, 2013 ta Says:


    “Like I said, I don’t agree with it and no one will force me to. I don’t like the whole propaganda being forced down anybody’s throats, but if the average gay man/woman keeps that kind of stuff to themselves behind closed doors, then I don’t have an issue with THOSE people.”
    Most sensible thing you’ve said so far.
    And that fiery temperament of yours is certainly one to be admired. It’s one of the reasons why I love WOH so much!


  •   April 7th, 2013 Ramesu Anpu Says:

    Da-confusedness said “I don’t like the whole propaganda being forced down anybody’s throats, but if the average gay man/woman keeps that kind of stuff to themselves behind closed doors, then I don’t have an issue with THOSE people.”

    can you say Da-confusedness?

    How can you “Not like homosexual propaganda” but you do like “what homos do behind closed doors” at the same time.

    If homos only did their filth in their bedrooms, how would you know whether or not you liked their propaganda being “forced down your throat” as you put it. In your own ridiculous promo-sexual monologue you’ve admitted that there is a homosexual agenda, and your stated purpose for being here is to discourage real Black men and women from enforcing a Heterosexual agenda. Your a fag…the jig is up!!!

    Daconfusedness I must inform you that this forum is for Black intelligent thought. WOH is an institution of higher learning. Ignorance is not a view point.

    And yes your right “WOH is very divisive” and as an institution of higher learning today’s lesson is “how to divide fags and fag sympathizers from our race”.

  •   April 8th, 2013 FMC1 Says:

    Like it has already been said a million times over already, if you’re not against this homosexual agenda you are not a real nationalist. How can you be when you see a problem growing in the midst of your community and you turn a blind eye to it? This cancer, this disease needs to be neutralized by any means necessary and I don’t give a damn whose support or alliances we lose in the process. Holipsism and all those you mentioned are not above reproach and personally, I’ve already withdrawn my support from them due to their stance. We’re not playing with this, you either get on board with us or go your separate ways with the fags.

  •   April 20th, 2013 THINKINGMAN Says:

    To: derealness
    You need to stop being in denial. If it were NOT for the CONTINUAL promosexuality, even more intensified, since HoBama took office, maybe WOH would not be so strident in taking this bold stand.

    NEVER in my life, did I dream that REAL MEN AND WOMEN, would be taken to task, for standing up for REAL sexuality. You mentioned how PanAfrican leaders in the past, did not “obsess” over homosexuality but the FACT is, this was NOT an issue thrown in their faces, as they dealt more directly with the literal colonization and the determination to end it. Today, we contend with a CULTURAL colonization, which seeks to take the AFRICAN off-center, by infusing “gay rights” as an INTEGRAL part of African freedom, or just outright, being an African.

    I love when promosexuals such as yourself, seemingly take on the very argument of HOMOSEXUALS, accusing those who KNOW what’s going on, of calling for wanton killing of them. Not true, and in fact, unless you were like MOST, who listened ONLY to homosexualist propaganda, you realized that the bill which was proposed in Uganda, dealt ONLY with those who raped; especially those who had AIDS.

    And speaking of, NO amount of psychobable or Obamanism will change the FACT that the VAST MAJORITY of AIDS cases are with those males who have “sex” with other males; NOTE, I didn’t refer to them as “men”, as their deviant behavior, long ago, declassified them as such.

  •   April 29th, 2013 Da realness has an illness Says:

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  •   August 24th, 2013 Dave Says:

    Malcolm x looks effeminate in that picture

  •   November 1st, 2013 Asher-Tam Says:

    I’m a african Jew and believe it or not you can’t go around blaming Jews for everything. Those of us no matter how few who happen to be black and Jewish feel the same about white people and are wary of the Zionist(which isn’t the same as Judaism). What you are preaching is that all Jews are the same which is not true saying such is like saying all blacks are the same. We have to stand united and together whether they be gay, lesbian, jewish, muslim or christian and fight against the whites and then once we’ve settled down back in the motherland do we focus on our people and our needs. You’re not focusing on the big picture because even now you’re arguing amongst our own people. We need to recognize who our true enemy is before we attack our own. I black, a us marine, and I’ve seen the world and I know that the only way to solve it is together.

  •   November 10th, 2014 Haiti Donations Says:

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