Jun 2013 – Message to the Warriors
Posted on June 1st, 2013

Message to the Warriors

The Black Nationalist’s/Pan Afrikanist’s Handbook

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“Message to the Warriors” may be the most relevant book of our time.  It is not only important for those practicing Afrikan Nationalists who are continuing to fight the war for Afrikan survival and resurrection; but is imperative for the aspiring Black people who’re seeking greater consciousness and direction now that their eyes have been opened.

The title of the book can be misleading for some who may not consider themselves to be “warriors.”  What the book makes clear from the very beginning is that being “conscious” of the global white war against Afrikan people and definitively deciding to think, act, and live as an Afrikan anyway, automatically propels a Black person into a type of warriorhood.  To choose to be and remain Afrikan in an anti-Afrikan reality is to be an Afrikan warrior; even if you never throw a physical punch.    

This book is about you warrior.  It’s about the standard that has been set for you by your ancestors.  It’s about the height that you must rise to in order to honor them, and gain and maintain the respect of your fellow warriors.  

We are at war.  And, because these hostilities will continue for some time to come, it’s about the mentality and power you must have in order to be able to bring your children up in the warrior’s way. . .  (introduction)


This book makes no apologies about identifying the white war against Afrikan life and it provides practical solutions for Black resistance.  Baba Mwalimu Baruti provides deep insight into the mind, body, and spirit of a Black warrior without ever fading off into intellectual minutiae.  He directly associates the Afrikan Nationalist/PanAfrikanist with being a warrior so that they become synonymous.  In this, he provides an interesting paradigm through which to view practicing Black Nationalists – we are the military for our Race.  But at the same time that we are the military, he makes another keen observation.  In the type of war that we are faced with, there are no “civilians.”  This passage speaks for itself:

In this war there is only us and those who seek to kill us or assist in killing us.  There is only us and those we must stop “by any mean necessary” before they kill us.  Being an innocent bystander is not an option.  Silence speaks volumes against us.  And inaction opens the back doors to our spaces for enemies. (p. 35)


Where the book separates itself from other resources that benefit Afrikan Nationalists (and those aspiring to be so), is in its practical description of what Nationalists must “do” to be Nationalists.  He provides instructions and examples of reading material, community building, fishing, hunting, relationship building, etc . . ., but he goes much further.  Baba Baruti explains how Afrikan Nationalists should think about their deeds and actions.  This includes our thoughts, speech, and actions, and the interrelationship between the three.  This is critical because in this, he not only provides us the fish for a meal, but he teaches us how to fish to create meals for ourselves.  This is the type of sorely needed information that only can be found in this book.  

“Message to the Warriors” sets clear parameters for how we speak to and treat one another and how we speak to and treat our enemies.  This may be the first time this has ever been done in book format.  Many times as Nationalists, we exercise our right to be rebellious to white authority by ignoring white females walking towards doors, intentionally pushing past white males in close quarters on public transportation, or favoring a Black man/woman/child in a situation that clearly demonstrates our bias towards our own.  Though we do this with relative frequency, we are often criticized by our friends and family for doing so.  And sometimes, we ask ourselves how right or wrong we are for these actions.  This book removes all doubt and provides mature insight into these kinds of situations.  


This book also hits on little known facts that create challenges in the minds of experienced Afrikan Nationalists.  For instance, C.L.R. James is highly regarded throughout the Afrikan Nationalist movement.  However, this book provides very interesting insight into Mr. James’ character and deeds.

And C.L.R. James was also married to a european.  Moreover, he was a devout marxist who led the negro movement within the communist/socialist party to destroy Marcus Garvey and the U.N.I.A. (p. 84)   


As you can see, this book takes no prisoners.  It is designed to force Afrikan Nationalists to recognize and accept standards of behavior that will make even the most ardent activist challenge themselves to be better.  And his criticism of european insanity and aggression will make any true Afrikan stand up and clap your hands.  

europeans are warmongers.  They proudly identify themselves as an imperialist war machine.  Whether based on agriculture, manufacturing or information technology, the military-industrial complex has always been the economic, political and social foundation of their nation. (p. 127)


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The book also deals directly with mentacidal Afrikans who hate ourselves.  He puts PanAfrikans’ interests and our relationship to mentacidal Afrikans (negroes) in a clarity that is rarely witnessed.  

In fact, in our community, loyalty has become a liability.  A self-hating allegiance to others has become so deeply ingrained in them that those of us who express any sense of racial loyalty are scoffed at as extremists and kept away from those most in need of our assistance. (p. 135)


Afrikan Nationalists have a core set of parameters.  Those who identify who we are not and what we should not do include europhilia (love of europeans), negroitis (thinking and acting as a traitor against our people) and being homosexualized (acceptance and participation in same-sex/white-sex activities). (p. 136)


“Message to the Warriors” also draws clear lines of demarkation as to how Afrikan Nationalists should view foreign concepts of sexuality, dressing, speaking, and worshipping.  His conclusions about how religion has been used against us and why we must practice our own spirituality is timeless.  

. . . the vast majority of Afrikan folk practicing european, arab, and asian style religions have no loyalty whatsoever to us.  Their allegiances lie in the Vatican, Jerusalem, Mecca, or asian holy places, anywhere but the Afrikan continent.. . . (p. 156)

There is no room for christianity, islam, buddhism, hinduism, or whatever in the Afrikan Nationalist movement unless those religions are specifically used to serve the revolutionary interests of Afrikan people and assist us in arresting and destroying our enemies. (p. 156)


In short, “Message to the Warriors” is a bible of sorts for all Afrikan people who wish to fight for Afrikan sovereignty and independence worldwide.  This is the book that should be handed to any Black person who honestly wants to know what a person must do to become a legitimate Black freedom fighter.  It sets the intellectual parameters through which we must think and understand.  It provides fundamental practical standards of behavior that must be considered and practiced.  It defines who our racial friends and enemies are and how we should deal with them.  It is a virtual “how to” of how to become a PanAfrikanist and live by the Marcus Garvey inspired principle of “Race First.”  

It is so fundamental to the rebirth of Black civilization on planet Earth that we at War on the Horizon refer to it as “The Black Nationalist Handbook” or the “The PanAfrikan Bible.”  It is mandatory reading for all serious Afrikans aspiring to become effective and honorable freedom fighters.  


Buy it today.



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  •   June 5th, 2013 Ramesu Anpu Says:

    Yebo…Assante Sana to the Baba and Mama Yaa for another masterpiece

  •   August 26th, 2013 white man Says:

    I have a question why if the white man is so bent on eliminating the black race are they so intent on killing themselves off at alarming rates. or why when a white group attacks a black man it is considered a hate crime yet when a group of blacks do the same to a white man its just a regular crime?
    i see it like this you are the instigators in this so called war yet you want to play the victim whenever anyone fights back seems a little one sided if you look at it objectively why dont people just act like people and let things go we are all the same in the eyes of god lets start acting like the civilized nation we started out to be.

  •   August 26th, 2013 James Root Says:

    You instruct your black brothers and sisters to think as an Afrikan Nationalist, a warrior because you are the military of your race? Are you attempting to be funny or are you simply pathetic? The fact is, the American Black is not more Afrikan than a Caucasian American, which by the way doesn’t feel the need to hyphenate our European ancestry in an attempt to exalt ourselves. Fact is, if your Black brothers and sisters ever attempted to integrate with native Africans, you would have your asses handed to you in short order. They despise you and your ilk because you are pampered, you feel entitled and instead of pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps, you complain about your failures and blame someone else instead of holding yourselves accountable for your mistakes. When the American Black Communities realize they are NOT African and have little ties to that continent let alone they would kill you, then moving forward holding yourselves accountable for your failures instead of blaming the white man, The Blacks will move forward more in one year than you have in the last 50! Truer words haven’t been spoken, but of course you all will say this is coming from a cracker, whitey or whatever. Fact is, I am Cherokee and my people have had it ten fold harder than you ever have had it. Blacks have experienced many hardships, yes. But genocide isn’t one of them. Now, welcome to reality if you can handle it.

  •   August 26th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you niggers

  •   August 27th, 2013 Use Your Heads Says:

    Anyone coming here and acting like the SHIT STAIN who started this stupid ass site is right in any way is going to get the lot of you killed in short order… Please use your heads and turn away from this moron before you cause yourselves and your families much pain…

  •   September 13th, 2013 Lysander Spooner Says:

    Seriously, is Whitey that bad, or are warriors just typical humans, diligently lying to themselves in order to give themselves license to kill?

  •   September 14th, 2013 Brian Says:

    “Many times as Nationalists, we exercise our right to be rebellious to white authority by ignoring white females walking towards doors, intentionally pushing past white males in close quarters on public transportation, or favoring a Black man/woman/child in a situation that clearly demonstrates our bias towards our own.”

    Hahaha, I heard about this site on the news and I had to see for myself if something that ridiculous really exists. I must say, I am not disappointed in the least. As a white man, I can honestly admit that this site has given me more laughs than any other site on the web. The above quote taken from this brilliant article had me laughing for an hour. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING says worldwide race war like not opening doors for white women and bumping into white guys on public transportation (even though white people don’t take public transportation, they drive, while poor black people take public transportation). This site should be shown to everyone, if for no other reason than to make people laugh. At least now I know if I see a black guy not opening a door for a white woman, it is not just the typical ignorance of black people, it’s a sign of war, and I should warn everyone in the area that the lazy, ignorant black guy who didn’t open the door is in the middle of a war, haha, you people are fantastic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this material, it’s given me reason to laugh. Good luck with your war. I just have a question before I go. Do black people not work so that they can prepare for war while all the white people are at work?

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