Jul 2013 – Afrikan Countries Fighting “Homosexual” War
Posted on July 1st, 2013

Afrikan Countries Fighting

the white-sex Assault

Senegalese President Macky Sall Chastises Obama For Pushing white-sex


The Afrikan world finally has an issue that can bring us together.  It is an issue that strikes directly at the core of Black civilization which is the relationship between the Black man and the Black woman.  It destroys families from within.  It is an infectious disease that threatens to destroy the Black Race before we mobilize to stage the final battle for our ascension to world power.  It is the PanAfrikan issue of our time.  It is the white-sex (“homosexual” & pedophile) assault.

The bad news is that this assault has devastated the Black masses in amerikkka.  The good news is that Afrikans around the world are almost universally opposed to “homosexuality” and child molestation.  In fact, the Brothers and Sisters on the Afrikan continent are taking true leadership in the fight against the expansion of white-sex among Black people.  The leaders of Afrikan nations are standing up and resisting this madness with surprising resilience.  

This War Room is dedicated to the Afrikan leaders and nations who are taking a direct stand against the militant white-sex assault on the Afrikan continent.


Liberian President Ellen Johnson Refuses to Promote “Homosexuality”


Ghanaians Stand Strong Against “Homosexuality”


Senegalese President Holds His Ground Against Obama’s Push for “Homosexuality”


Nigerians Fight Against “Homosexuality”


Malawi Tried to Sentence Fags to 14 Years Imprisonment


Ethiopians Organize to Outlaw “Homosexuality”


Yahya Jammeh Warns “Homosexuals”


Zimbabwe Seizes Land from “Homos”


South Sudan Takes Strong Position Against “Homosexuality”


Kenyans Against “Homosexuality” – Burn Baby Burn


Afrikans in Azania (South Africa) Murder smallhat Fags/Pedophiles


Ugandans Reign as the Afrikan Lions Against white-sex


Afrikan Nations Call “Homosexuality” the New Colonialism



Congratulations are in order for our Afrikan Brothers and Sisters on the continent!  We are very proud of the fight that you’ve taken on in our absence.  Now, it’s time for the Afrikans in the diaspora to stand up and join in this righteous fight for our survival.

As you can see Brothers and Sisters, our people on the continent are far more active in fighting the white-sex agenda than those of us here in amerikkka.  Fortunately, Afrikans still have the will to fight.  And it is past time for Afrikans worldwide to pick this issue as the catalyst issue to launch an international Black Family survival war for our people.  We can bridge many of the gaps between different groups of Black people around the world by making this our central issue – the survival of the Black Family (Black man, Black woman, Black child).

The Black Family Movement will become a militant moral movement that actively and aggressively pushes for developing strong, committed relationships between Black males and females of all ages.  It will also actively fight to remove every vestige of “homosexuality” and pedophilia from our Race.  



Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Agenda



We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   July 1st, 2013 ARW Says:

    Thank God! May our people keep up the good fight.

  •   July 2nd, 2013 AJ Says:


    I am reading “Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males” by Mwalimu Baruti right now. It is THE book that should give the much needed ideological focus to anyone concerned about learning about the real goals of the Homo “movement” (read: agenda). Any Afrikan man, woman, or child that wants to get on board for this movement must read that book!. Our counter-attack is long overdue! Hotep!

  •   August 22nd, 2013 Houx Says:

    Thank you.

  •   August 23rd, 2013 white power Says:

    Oh how I long for the bygone blessed days of slavery. you deserve to be enchained like the monkeys that you are

  •   August 24th, 2013 bilbo Says:

    You guys are fucking nuts. A menace to ALL societies. If this hatred is what your religion teaches, I pray to the loving god I know that he opens your eyes with the bright light of love and removes the evil from your hearts.

  •   August 24th, 2013 happy Says:

    Hey monkey man go back to afrikkka and keep your stupid ass there you useless piece of shit. Whats your problem no woman or a gay wants your grasshopper prick? Suck my cock you mother fucker!

  •   August 25th, 2013 Messian Says:

    go fuck yourself you ignorant piece of trash. Will enjoy hearing you’be been terminated from your govt. job. Then you can go back to haiti and live in your mud hutt.

  •   August 25th, 2013 aidawedo Says:

    You have my support. Truth, courage, righteous anger and a just cause – the freedom of our people. Cathartic.

  •   August 25th, 2013 Ohmye Word Says:

    How is that job working out for you?

  •   August 26th, 2013 BDub Says:

    This is saddening. The struggle for human rights does not end at skin tone or sex. Don’t push to hard for a race war, for there are many on the other side who are doing the same. Afrika has long been a land of subjugation, and this will not change through violence, only education. All Afrikan peoples could be wiped from the Earth within a decade, at most. Violence is the tool of choice for the empowered; knowledge is the tool of necessity for empowerment.

  •   February 7th, 2014 Dave Says:

    Love the videos homo is a sickening disease. We must stop these degenerates if we have to kill every one of them amount our people!

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