Aug 2013 – Annual Nat Turner Month
Posted on August 1st, 2013

Nat Turner Month

Every August 



At the beginning of every year, Black people are forced to relive Martin Luther King Jr.’s nightmare of mass integration with and love for white folks.  Every time we hear it, we have either of (4) responses:

We fail to consider the fact that we start our children off every year in January, one of the coldest months of the year, with a living testimonial of how to be a good Negro who is in love with his white enemies.  This is a shining example of what slavery in amerikkka has done to the minds of our people.  We have not only fallen in love with the whites who are committing racial genocide against us worldwide, but we have fallen in love with Negro preachers who love white folks as well.  The great irony of it all is that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not and does not represent anywhere near the best that Black religious figures in the history of amerikkka have to offer.    

For instance, the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, was an admitted Christian (no one is perfect), whose contribution to our Race was so much more relevant than King’s, that Martin Luther King Jr.’s name shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same category with Mr. Garvey.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad organized and maintained a religious-based Black Nation within the boundaries of the u.s. for over a half-a-century.  Religious men like Denmark Vesey, Gabrielle Prosser, David Walker, Bishop Henry McNeil Turner, The Reverend Ishakamusa Barashango, Malcolm X, Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, among many others, fought for our Race with truth and dignity in a way that Negro preachers never have.



But there is one Black religious figure who stands above all others in our eyes at War on the Horizon (WOH).  He is the Haitianist in amerikkka’s icon.  In fact, he is to the Haitianist in amerikkka what Jesus Christ is to Black Christians throughout the world.  He was a God (Amen) sent messiah who came to show our people the way to freedom.  On August 21, 1831, he led a rebellion against the white enslavers in the South that sounded the first horn announcing the end of chattel slavery in amerikkka would soon be near.  His name is Nat Turner.  He was the prophet who freed Black people from slavery in amerikkka.  His story has been told a million times and will be told a hundred million more.  

So instead of sharing an annual new year with whites during the cold, bitter snow and ice of January, War on the Horizon (WOH) is inviting you to begin a new tradition here in the hells of north amerikkka.  We Haitianists invite all PanAfrikans, Black Nationalists, Black Progressives, and other anti-white, noble-minded Black people to join us in celebrating our Afrikan New Year in August of each year.  From this day forward, August will officially be “Nat Turner Month” for WOH and it will mark our Afrikan New Year.  Here are a few of the things that we invite other Afrikans to join us in doing each August in honor of the life and work of our great Prophet, Nathaniel Turner:


  1. Call, email, text, etc . . . “Happy Afrikan New Year” to your sphere of influence and wish them well for the month on every August 1st. 
  2. Set your goals and/or aspirations for the year on August 1st of every year and take time to reflect on how well you did with your goals from the last August New Year.
  3. Plan every act of vengeance, retaliation, protest, aggression, etc . . . for the month of August knowing that the ancestors, and especially Prophet Nat, Boukman Dutty, and Jean-Jacques Dessalines, will be with you as you do your hunting.
  4. Take off August 21st each year from your job.  Spend it with family and/or friends celebrating the life and work of Nat Turner – The Prophet.
  5. Celebrate the Haitian Revolution for Nat Turner Month on every August 22nd.
  6.  Watch the 1st ever Afrikan Insurrektion Muzikal (A.I.M.) “1831 Turner Street – The Life and Times of Nat Turner” with your family and friends for free on YouTube.

We look forward to celebrating Nat Turner Month with you this year and every year after.  And in honor of our Prophet, here is the written confession of Nat Turner after his infamous insurrection in Southampton County, VA on August 21, 1831.


The Confessions of Nat Turner – The Prophet

as Documented by Thomas R. Gray

Nat Turner 3 - ColorNat Turner 5b - ColorNat Turner - Final Image

 1831 Turner Street feat Brothas 

The Life and Times of Nat Turner, the Prophet
1st Ever Afrikan Insurrektion Muzikal (A.I.M.)


The following is the actual testimony of Nat Turner as given by the Prophet himself to the attorney Thomas R. Gray.  Enjoy!

In the words of the immortal Nat Turner:

I was thirty-one years of age the second of October last, and born the property of Benjamin Turner, of this county. In my childhood a circumstance occurred which made an indelible impression on my mind, and laid the groundwork of that enthusiasm which has terminated so fatally to many, both white and black, and for which I am about to atone at the gallows. It is here necessary to relate this circumstance. Trifling as it may seem, it was the commencement of that belief which has grown with time; and even now, sir, in his dungeon, helpless and forsaken as I am, I cannot divest myself of. Being at play with other children, when three or four years old, I was telling them something, which my mother, overhearing, said it had happened before I was born. I stuck to my story, however, and related some things which went, in her opinion, to confirm it. Others being called on, were greatly astonished, knowing that these things had happened, and caused them to say, in my hearing, I surely would be a prophet, as the Lord had shown me things that had happened before my birth. And my mother and grandmother strengthened me in this my first impression, saying, in my presence, I was intended for some great purpose, which they had always thought from certain marks on my head and breast. . . .

My grandmother, who was very religious, and to whom I was much attached-my master, who belonged to the church, and other religious persons who visited the house, and whom I often saw at prayers, noticing the singularity of my manners, I suppose, and my uncommon intelligence for a child, remarked I had too much sense to be raised, and, if I was, I would never be of any service to any one as a slave. To a mind like mine, restless, inquisitive, and observant of everything that was passing, it is easy to suppose that religion was the subject to which it would be directed; and, although this subject principally occupied my thoughts, there was nothing that I saw or heard of to which my attention was not directed. The manner in which I learned to read and write, not only had great influence on my own mind, as I acquired it with the most perfect ease,-so much so, that I have no recollection whatever of learning the alphabet; but, to the astonishment of the family, one day, when a book was shown me, to keep me from crying, I began spelling the names of different objects. This was a source of wonder i to all in the neighborhood, particularly the blacks-and this learning was constantly improved at all opportunities. When I got large enough to go to work, while employed I was reflecting on many things that would present themselves to my imagination; and whenever an opportunity occurred of looking at a book, when the school-children were getting their lessons, I would find many things that the fertility of my own imagination had depicted to me before. All my time, not devoted to my master’s service, was spent either in prayer, or in making experiments in casting different things in molds made of earth, in attempting to make paper, gunpowder, and many other experiments, that, although I could not perfect, yet convinced me of its practicability if I had the means.

I was not addicted to stealing in my youth, nor have ever been; yet such was the confidence of the Negroes in the neighborhood, even at this early period of my life, in my superior judgment, that they would often carry me with them when they were going on any roguery, to plan for them. Growing up among them with this confidence in my superior judgment, anti when this, in their opinions, was perfected by Divine inspiration, from the circumstances already alluded to in my infancy, and which belief was ever afterwards zealously inculcated by the austerity of my life and manners, which became the subject of remark by white and black; having soon discovered to be great, I must appear so, and therefore studiously avoided mixing in society, and wrapped myself in mystery, devoting my time to fasting and prayer.

By this time, having arrived to man’s estate, and hearing the Scriptures commented on at meetings, I was struck with that particular passage which says, “Seek ye the kingdom of heaven, and all things shall be added unto you.” I reflected much on this passage, and prayed daily for light on this subject. As I was praying one day at my plough, the Spirit spoke to me, saying, “Seek ye the kingdom of heaven, and all things shall be added unto you.,’

Question. “What do you mean by the Spirit?”

Answer. “The Spirit that spoke to the prophets in former days, and I was greatly astonished, and for two years prayed continually, whenever my duty would permit; and then again I had the same revelation, which fully confirmed me in the impression that I was ordained for some great purpose in the hands of the Almighty. Several years rolled round, in which many events occurred to strengthen me in this my belief. At this time I reverted in my mind to the remarks made of me in my childhood, and the things that had been shown me; and as it had been said of me in my childhood, by those by whom I had been taught to pray, both white and black, and in whom I had the greatest confidence, that I had too much sense to be raised, and if I was I would never be of any use to any one as a slave; now, finding I had arrived to man’s estate, and was a slave, and these revelations being made known to me, I began to direct my attention to this great object, to fulfill the purpose for which, by this time, I felt assured I was intended. Knowing the influence I had obtained over the minds of my fellow-servant (not by the means of conjuring and such like tricks-for to them I always spoke of such things with contempt), but by the communion of the Spirit, whose revelations I often communicated to them, and they believed and said my wisdom came from God, — I now began to prepare them for my purpose, by telling them something was about to happen that would terminate in fulfilling the great promise that had been made to me.

About this time I was placed under an overseer, from whom I ran away, and after remaining in the woods thirty days, I returned, to the astonishment of the Negroes on the plantation, who thought I had made my escape to some other part of the country, as my father had done before. But the reason of my return was, that the Spirit appeared to me and said I had my wishes directed to the things of this world, and not to the kingdom of heaven, and that I should return to the service of my earthly master-

“For he who knoweth his Master’s will, and doeth it not, shall be beaten with many stripes, and thus have I chastened you.” And the Negroes found fault, and murmured against me, saying that if they had my sense they would not serve any master in the world. And about this time I had a vision- and I saw white spirits and black spirits engaged in battle, and the sun was darkened-the thunder rolled in the heavens, and blood flowed in streams-and I heard a voice saying, “Such is your luck, such you are called to see; and let it come rough or smooth, you must surely bear it.”

I now withdrew myself as much as my situation would permit from the intercourse of my fellow-servants, for the avowed purpose of serving the Spirit more fully; and it appeared to me, and reminded me of the things it had already shown me, and that it would then reveal to me the knowledge of the elements, the revolution of the planets, the operation of tides, and changes of the seasons. After this revelation in the year 1825, and the knowledge of the elements being made known to me, I sought more than ever to obtain true holiness before the great day of judgment should appear, and then I began to receive the true knowledge of faith. And from the first steps of righteousness until the last, was I made perfect; and the Holy Ghost was with me, and said, “Behold me as I stand in the heavens.” And I looked and saw the forms of men in different attitudes; and there were lights in the sky, to which the children of darkness gave other names what they really were; for they were the lights of the Saviour’s hands, stretched forth from east to west, even as they were extended on the cross on Calvary for the redemption of sinners. And I wondered greatly at these. miracles, and prayed to be informed of a certainty of the meaning thereof; and shortly afterwards, while laboring in the field, I discovered drops of blood on the corn, as though it were dew from heaven; and I communicated it to many, both white and black, in the neighborhood-and I then found on the leaves in the woods hieroglyphic characters and numbers, with the forces of men in different attitudes, portrayed in blood, and representing the figures I had seen before in the heavens. And now the Holy Ghost had revealed itself to me, and made plain the miracles it had shown me; for as the blood of Christ had been shed on this earth, and had ascended to heaven for the salvation of sinners, and was now returning to earth again in the form of dew, — and as the leaves on the trees bore the impression of the figures I had seen in the heavens, — it was plain to me that the Saviour was. about to lay down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and the great day of judgment was at hand.

About this time I told these things to a white man (Etheldred T. Brantley), on whom it had a wonderful effect; and he ceased from his wickedness, and was attacked immediately with a cutaneous eruption, and blood oozed from the pores of his skin, and after praying and fasting nine days he was healed. And the Spirit appeared to me again, and said, as the Saviour had been baptized, so should we be also; and when the white people would not let us be baptized by the church, we went down into the water together, in the sight of many who reviled us, and were baptized by the Spirit. After this I rejoiced greatly, and gave thanks to God. And on the 12th of May, 1828, I heard a loud noise in the heavens, and the Spirit instantly appeared to me and said the Serpent was loosened, and Christ had laid down the yoke he bad home for the sins of men, and that I should take it on and fight against the Serpent, for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last and the last should be first.

Ques. “Do you not find yourself mistaken now?

Ans. “Was not Christ crucified?” And by signs in the heavens that it would make known to me when I should commence the great work, and until the first sign appeared I should conceal it from the knowledge of men; and on the appearance of the sign (the eclipse of the sun, last February *), I should arise and prepare myself, and slay my enemies with their own weapons. And immediately on the sign appearing in the heavens, the sea] was removed from my lips, and I communicated the great work laid out for me to do, to four in whom I had the greatest confidence (Henry, Hark, Nelson, and Sam). It was intended by us to have begun the work of death on the 4th of July last. Many were the plans formed and rejected by us, and it affected my mind to such a degree that I fell sick, and the time passed without our coming to any determination how to commence-still forming new schemes and rejecting them, when the sign appeared again, which determined me not to wait longer.

Since the commencement of 1830 I had been living with Mr. Joseph Travis, who was to me a kind master, and placed the greatest confidence in me; in fact, I had no cause to complain of his treatment to me. On Saturday evening, the 20th of August, it was agreed between Henry, Hark, and myself, to prepare a dinner the next day for the men we expected, and then to concert a plan, as we had not yet determined on any. Hark, on the following morning, brought a pig, and Henry brandy; and being joined by Sam, Nelson, Will, and Jack, they prepared in the woods a dinner, where, about three o’clock, I joined them.

Q. Why were you so backward in joining them?

A. The same reason that had caused me not to mix with them years before, I saluted them on coming up, and asked Will how he came to be there. He answered, his life was worth no more than others, and his liberty as dear to him. I asked him if he thought to obtain it. He said he would, or lose his life. This was enough to put him in full confidence. Jack, I knew, was only a tool in the hands of Hark. It was quickly agreed we should commence at home (Mr. J. Travis) on that night; and until we had armed and equipped ourselves, and gathered sufficient force, neither age nor sex was to be spared-which was invariably adhered to. We remained at the feast until about two hours in the night, when we went to the house and found Austin. . . .

I took my station in the rear, and, as it was my object to carry terror and devastation wherever we went, I placed fifteen or twenty of the best armed and most to be relied on in front, who generally approached the houses as fast as their horses could run. This was for two purposes-to prevent their escape, and strike terror to the inhabitants; on this account I never got to the houses, after leaving Mrs. Whitehead’s, until the murders were committed, except in one case. I sometimes got in sight in time to see the work of death completed; viewed the mangled bodies as they lay, in silent satisfaction, and immediately started in quest of other victims. Having murdered Mrs. Waller and ten children, we started for Mr. Wm. Williams, — having killed him and two little boys that were there; while engaged in this, Mrs. Williams fled and got some distance from the house, but she was pursued, overtaken, and compelled to get up behind one of the company, who brought her back, and, after showing her the mangled body of her lifeless husband, she was told to get down and lay by his side, where she was shot dead.

The white men pursued and fired on us several times. Hark had his horse shot under him, and I caught another for him as it was running by me; five or six of my men were wounded, but none left on the field. Finding myself defeated here, I instantly determined to go through a private way, and cross the Nottoway River at the Cypress Bridge, three miles below Jerusalem, and attack that place in the rear, as I expected they would look for me on the other road, and I had a great desire to get there to procure arms and ammunition. After going a short distance in this private way, accompanied by about twenty men, I overtook two or three, who told me the others were dispersed in every direction. On this, I gave up all hope for the present; and on Thursday night, after having supplied myself with provisions from Mr. Travis, I scratched a hole under a pile of fence-rails in a field, where I concealed myself for six weeks, never leaving my hiding-place but for a few minutes in the dead of the night to get water, which was very near. Thinking by this time I could venture out, I began to go about in the night, and eavesdrop the houses in the neighborhood – pursuing this course for about a fortnight, and gathering little or no intelligence, afraid of speaking to any human being, and returning every morning to my cave before the dawn of day. I know not how long I might have led this life, if accident had not betrayed me. A dog in the neighborhood passing by my hiding-place one night while I was out, was attracted by some meat I had in my cave, and crawled in and stole it, and was coming out just as I returned. A few nights after, two Negroes having started to go hunting with the same dog, and passed that way, the dog came again to the place, and having just gone out to walk about, discovered me and barked; on which, thinking myself discovered, I spoke to them to beg concealment. On making myself known, they fled from me. Knowing then they would betray me, I immediately left my hiding-place, and was pursued almost incessantly, until I was taken, a fortnight afterwards, by Mr. Benjamin Phipps, in a little hole I bad dug out with my sword, for the purpose of concealment, under the top of a fallen tree.

During the time I was pursued, I had many hair-breadth escapes, which your time will not permit you to relate. I am here loaded with chains, and willing to suffer the fate that awaits me.

The Confessions of Nat Turner, the leader of the late insurrection, in Southhampton (county), by Thomas R. Gray, VA…Baltimore, 1831

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  •   August 4th, 2013 ARW Says:

    Much respect & praise Nat Turner and to all of our ancestors. Bless them all.

  •   August 4th, 2013 blackgold Says:

    We definetly need to rethink our position with crackas now, with Trayvon Martin being dead and George Zimmerman walking free.

  •   August 4th, 2013 blackgold Says:

    And to all the future white people who want to comment on this site. Sorry, but we tried it’s not our fault.

  •   August 22nd, 2013 someone that knows the real deal Says:

    You spoons talk so much smack!!! Why don’t you quit talking and start acting?

    Many of us are ready and waiting for you.

  •   August 22nd, 2013 Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar Says:

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  •   August 23rd, 2013 Paul S Says:

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    See, niggers, we whites have a thing called “intelligence”. You get that from reading books – but first you need a brain that can learn to read – which most of you rock apes don’t.

  •   August 23rd, 2013 Carl Says:

    You are all a bunch of black self importance idiots. You place post of stuff you do not know any thing off.

    1. God And his Son is White so was all the people in the Bible.

    2. if all of you are deported back to Africa you will die

    3. Whites did not implement homosexuality.

    South Africa got a rape problem due to black men raping children – boys and girls so stop blaming whites for all your short comings and start cleaning your own house.

    wake up!!!!!!!

  •   August 24th, 2013 Cracka Says:

    Hmmm, interesting that we have black people basically saying that all whites are racist, yet we have so many black killing innocent whites for absolutely no reason. 3 stories just recently come to mind. We have a black president because WHITE people elected him. If it wasn’t for whites, he would not be in office. While I agree that there are still some whites that are racist, the majority are not, just like the majority of black people are not bad people either. But I hate to tell you that at least in the U.S. you are only 14% of the population, if you start a war with the whites 60% of the population, you will quickly be wiped out. I would suggest that instead of turning to violence, you go get a job and earn your way like everyone else.

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  •   August 24th, 2013 X Says:

    Glad to see the site is back up!

  •   August 25th, 2013 kendogb1 Says:

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  •   August 25th, 2013 Milo Mindbender Says:

    Before asking for a “Racial Liberation” please consider what you have on your side. Rumour and census list “African American” as appx 13% of the US population, half of that at least would be non combatants either too old, too young or too sickly to fight. Of the remaining 6% of the population half of that is either in prison or on parole. How many “liberating Warriors” can you muster without alaerting YT?, and what could they do locked. In the urban areas?
    The one thing caucasians really do well is kill huge amounts of non-caucasians really fast and really cheaply. It may be one of our crowning glories.
    If you want to live seperate from YT, do sowithout

  •   August 25th, 2013 bjax Says:

    im so sick of you niggers screwing everything up. filthy and despicable the way you bring up your children to be thugs raping and murdering robbing. ruin every neighborhood you take over with your gangs and drugs and illegitimate children. fix your culture or get the fuck out and go back to AFRIKA

  •   August 25th, 2013 james washington Says:

    wonder if white ppl wish they stayed home in the 60’s hahahah. But they be there marching and thanks, white folks, we needed you then this is now.

  •   August 26th, 2013 Michael Says:

    When ever you are ready to start the war you can come to me first. You are the worst kind of racist and fool that ever walked the face of the earth. I would like to see if you have the courage go face to face with someone that has protected your right to spew this racist bullshit.

    From a 37 year US Air Force Veteran.

  •   August 26th, 2013 Radar Says:

    Bahahahahah, yea,Like y’all could muster up enough brothers to wipe out the white race.. Even with your backing of the DOD.. Fuckin’ Joke!!!

  •   August 26th, 2013 nomoregreyareas Says:

    Yes Bro.Irritated.

    Thankyou for exemplifying the courage, wisdom and intellect of our dear ancestor, Nat Turner.
    I look forward to listening in on tonight’s program, where hopefully this die-hard and ignorant enemy of the African mind will have the temerity of reason to refute what you have to say.
    Obviously the media is just stoking the flames of white hatred by intentionally not addressing the historical facts presented. They think by focusing on the violent aspects of your message that it will be obscured by outrage and loud threats of retaliation from those who choose to remain in denial or willfully ignorant.
    But we realize that this is not solely a “race war”…but a race to save the African mind! So let there be no room for doubt about that tonight.

    Love you brother. See you on the battlefield!

  •   August 26th, 2013 wtfseriously Says:

    This website, this post and these comments are disturbing. Why spread hate? Why spread violence? You want to cite “history” but you have obviously learned nothing from that history, nor fully understand the history.

    These comments are like watching children bicker. Not one ounce of intelligence is to be found here. I feel sorry for the children of you hate spreaders and racist pot stirrers. Their parents have no desire to give them a better world, they desire to give them a world full of hate and violence.

    This is sickening. Thankfully the majority of “white” or “black” people do not feel this way, those with half a brain anyway.

  •   August 27th, 2013 Joe Koon Says:

    racist asshole wont; last a minute bring it on

  •   August 27th, 2013 Gottz Says:

    You idiot white racists: you have responded to a site that was created by a DHS employee!


  •   August 27th, 2013 a mighty elephant Says:

    Advocating violence is useless if you want change. Black people wanting to be violent against white people is like a group of ants shaking their fists at an elephant and the elephant is about to put on some dancing music. Black culture has added a great deal to culture in America and around the world and it would be sad to see any future contributions from the black race, totally removed from society due to the stupidity of a few. If black people want to change “white” people or whatever, start by educating yourselves and your neighbors. Intelligent, loving, considerate black people are a better choice for the future of the black race, than hateful ones.

  •   August 29th, 2013 Tyrone J Says:

    That DHS employee is now on Administrative leave. Pending an investigation on his website, being racist.
    Ayo Kimathi, an acquisitions officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, calls himself the “Irritated Genie” and runs an anti-white, anti-gay website called the War on the HoKimathi received permission to run his website, but lied about the nature of his work. The employee allegedly told the agency that it was an entertainment website, and refused to disclose the title of the page, the SPLC reports.
    “He told management that it was an entertainment website selling videos of concerts and lectures,” the report said. “He called it simply WOH, never saying that WOH stood for War on the Horizon.”
    After the SPLC exposed the website, the Department of Homeland Security placed Kimathi on paid administrative leave.
    Truth Will always set you free.

  •   August 29th, 2013 thenumbereleven Says:

    LOL you people are talking about race war on a website created by a DHS employee, who did not lose his job (with pay, which implies consent).

    You can’t tell bait when you see it?! LOL

    Good thing the majority of white and black people know this whole thing is just bullshit stirred up to keep us distracted from the ACTUAL WAR that is being waged in Syria, right now.

  •   September 6th, 2013 concerned Says:

    Do none of you have a conscience? I am white and the same as anyone else. I love my black and white friends. There is no difference except for skin tone. Why must you hate me? I have no control over my skin color. God made us all in his image; he has no color.

  •   September 9th, 2013 Lysander Spooner Says:

    There is no such thing as black people. There is no such thing as white people. Using inaccurate words to describe people is generally a part of a strategy to advance unethical goals.

    Thanks for the Nat Turner confession. He was an articulate and noble man, and October 2nd should be Nat Turner day. He took up arms to defend his God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and is far superior to Lincoln.

    Perhaps Ayo Kimathi would be a good choice to star in an unvarnished movie version of Nat Turner’s tragic true story.

    I would recommend you read the work of Lysander Spooner and Thomas Szasz. They were pretty smart and articulate palefaces, and people of all hues will benefit from reading them.


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