Sep 2013 – The Ghost of Trayvon Martin
Posted on September 1st, 2013

The Ghost of Trayvon Martin

“If You Let Them Get Away -w- Killing Me, You Give Them Permission To Kill All of Us”


frank taaffe Verbally Assaults Shaharazad Ali & Trayvon Martin

The zionist smallhat known as george zimmerman murdered our Brother Trayvon Martin; and his white female sisterhood agreed that he did the right thing.  He’s walking the streets, poking his chest out, while Trayvon Martin’s spirit moves angrily through the ancestral realm.  This month is the Afrikan official “Nat Turner Month – August 2013.”  So we aren’t surprised that August 2013 has been quite exhilarating for Afrikans with the spirit of resistance in our hearts.  

Between the recent acquittal of george zimmerman and the current assault on our Brother the Irritated Genie of Soufeese, the devils are openly demonstrating their hatred and animus towards Black male life.  (Since the assault, War on the Horizon has made our entire catalog of videos available or free download on our website.  Click here and download any WOH video you would like to watch.)  And after listening to Mr. taaffe in the interview with our Sister Shaharazad Ali above, it is evident that european males are so emboldened by zimmerman’s attack on Black male life that these crackers now believe that it’s open season on our Sisters as well.  This taaffe character actually insinuates that he wants to sexually violate our Sister, use her as a “mammy” to prepare his deserts, and then kill her in the way that our Brother Trayvon Martin was murdered by his good friend, zimmerman.


frank taaffe (white devil) & Shaharazad Ali on Dr. drew Show


When I first watched the video with frank taaffe and Shaharazad Ali, I couldn’t sleep.  I kept replaying the rape scenes from the movie Sankofa over and over again in my mind.  I heard him talking to this Black muslim woman as if she was a helpless object of his sexually predatory aims.  His references to putting her “in charge” of the kitchen were eerily reminiscent of our historical enslavement.  And I couldn’t shake his concluding statement about the “Arizona Ice Tea and Skittles.”  I took his comments to mean that he was powerful enough to rape and enslave a Black woman in front of the Black male world, and then kill her like a worthless prostitute who’s use had worn off after he climaxed.

On top of this sick situation, Negroes from far and near met this past week in Washington, DC in order to commemorate the 1963 Farce (March) on Washington.  It was one of the most embarrassing displays of Uncle Tom buffoonery and shinery I’ve ever seen in my life.  These Negroes were singing “I love Jesus” songs and koonin’ more than anything you can possibly believe.  The irony is that the original March on Washington, which was going to be a militant grassroots movement, ended up being co-opted and redirected by john f. kennedy and turned into a “We Shall Overcome” Negro show.  More specifically, whites put a faggot named Bayard Rustin in charge of the March on Washington in 1963, and the white-sex offender Barack Hussein Obama was the keynote speaker at the 2013 koonfest.  In 1963, a smallhat named stanley levinson wrote a ridiculous speech for Martin Luther King, Jr. where he told us to “dream” about being loved by white folks.  In 2013, there were more bloodsucking mosquito smallhats dancing around the stage than at an israeli bar mitzvah.  


1963 March on Washington Breakdown by Malcolm X


2013 March on Washington Negro Koonfest

(Is this Negro holding an umbrella for this white female to sing “Amazing Grace”?)


The irony of this event is that it occurred during Nat Turner month when Afrikans worldwide, particularly Haitianists, celebrate Black rebellion.  There was no mention of the true freedom fighters who have represented our Race proudly like Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells-Barnette, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Robert and Mabel Williams, Carlos Cooks, etc . . .  Even though this veritable cornucopia of koons, fags, crackers, and smallhats spit on the legacy of the true Black Racial freedom-fighters, their attempt at creating a slap-happy Negro juggernaut fell very short.  And as fate would have it, it rained on this Negro integrationist parade.

While watching these events unfold simultaneously and meditating deeply about the circumstances surrounding the murder of our Brother Trayvon Martin, the picture began to become very clear.  We are at a crossroads.  whites are involved in warfare against Black life on all levels and our (p)leadership who could galvanize us to defend our interests have been completely and holistically bought out and paid for.  

It was during this realization that the spirit of Trayvon Martin came to War on the Horizon (WOH) and asked for our help.  He came and asked us to revisit his murder and take the facts into deep consideration.  He injected the desire to listen more closely to the audio tape of zimmerman’s call into one of our family members.  What we found shocked us.  


zimmerman’s Phone Call to Police – Click Here to Listen
He Loads His Clip Into His Gun While on the Phone -w- the Police


You are hearing this correctly.  george “the smallhat” zimmerman loaded the clip into his gun while he spoke with the police about his plan to make sure that this “schwartza” (smallhat slur for a Black person – the jewish N-word) didn’t get away.  He used the bullets in that same clip to murder our son Trayvon Martin.  With these new facts, it’s even more clear to WOH that zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin was premeditated and based on his burning desire to kill a Black child.  He wanted to do it.  He did it.  He enjoyed doing it.  He bragged about it.  He beat the white criminal justice system rap.  And he is boldly living his life as a white smallhat hero for ruthlessly and shamelessly murdering an unarmed young Black boy.



zimmerman Describes Killing Trayvon Martin as God’s Plan

smallhats have a long history of brutality and racism.  From justin volpe who stuck the plunger so far in the rectum of our Haitian Brother Abner Louima that he burst his intestines to the smallhats who financed the Atlantic Slave trade, smallhats are known for their insidious warmongering terrorism.  What stands out in the Trayvon Martin murder is not what this evildoing smallhat named zimmerman did, but rather how Black men have responded. 

Let’s start with Trayvon Martin’s father.  His biological son was murdered.  He should have expressed masculine outrage and encouraged our people to produce our own form of justice for zimmerman – which would have pressured the whites to convict zimmerman of 1st degree murder.  Instead, he supported Martin Luther King’s non-violent, we shall overcome, turn-the-other-cheek, Negro rhetoric approach – and zimmerman walked.   

To put his racially inadequate, effeminized response to his son’s murder into better perspective, let’s compare his approach to a real Black man’s approach.  


Trayvon Martin’s Effeminized Father


Mikhail Muhammad’s Approach


When Trayvon Martin’s father was pushing for justice, no one responded.  When Brother Mikhail Muhammad offered a $10,000 bounty for the capture of george zimmerman, within a week, zimmerman was arrested.  Now, due to his political support for Trayvon Martin, our Brother Muhammad is in prison on ridiculous charges.  And the most heinous thing about this situation is that it was Mikhail Muhammad, not Trayvon’s father, who was responsible for zimmerman getting arrested and tried.  Yet, never once during this process did that Negro have the decency to publicly thank Mr. Muhammad and his group for their hard work to bring zimmerman to justice.  And now that Mr. Muhammad is being persecuted for fighting for his son, we would think that Tracy Martin would use a small portion of his newly received settlement money to help Mr. Muhammad in his situation.  But Mr. Martin is not interested in justice; nor is he interested in being a responsible Black man.  Instead, he’s waiting on his white christ to receive him when he reaches the pearly gates of never, never land.  He is not his Brother nor his son’s keeper – rather, he is a waste of Black male skin.


When we look at the injustice of Trayvon Martin’s murder, the devil is in the details.  We discover that the smallhat george zimmerman was charged with “resisting and officer with violence” in the past.  If he was a Brother, he would never have been allowed to own a gun.  However, since his smallhat father is a judge, he was allowed to continue to own a gun legally (or at least we believe he owned it legally).  To make matters worse, his female cousin took him to court to testify about the years he spent sexually molesting her. 


zimmerman’s Cousin Discusses His Sexual Molestation of Her


Now we know that our Brother Trayvon Martin was truly in tune to the threat he faced when he saw george zimmerman.  He was more correct than he could have ever consciously known when he told Sister Rachel Jeantel that he was being stalked by a “creepy a#$ cracka”.  This police attacking, pedophiliac, murderer named george zimmerman was preying on our unarmed son, and Trayvon Martin knew it.  What Brother Trayvon didn’t know was that zimmerman had a gun and was determined to ensure that Trayvon wouldn’t live to see another day.


In addition to Tracy Martin, the preachers in the Sanford County district were completely complicit in the killing of Black rage associated with zimmerman’s acquittal. 

Preachers in Sanford County Work -w- Police to Keep Black Community Docile


The Negro police chief joined forces with the Black Negro preachers of Sanford County to prepare Black people to peacefully comply with the acquittal of george zimmerman for the murder of Brother Trayvon Martin.  If nothing else, this proves that Black christians don’t know any form of a God that loves Black people.  And Black preachers are nothing but the spiritual overseers of white supremacy.


The attorney for the Martin family was another Race-traitoring Negro guard dog who defended the interests of george zimmerman in this case.  Listen to this miserable Sambo beg our people to remain complacent with the murder of our children.


Attorney Benjamin Crump Asks Black People to Be Peaceful


This Uncle Tom koon said at the 3:34 mark in this press conference, “In conclusion, for Trayvon to rest in peace, we must all be peaceful.  Thank you.”  When I heard this statement, my first instinct was to cringe.  I wondered why this Negro wasn’t lamenting the horror of the verdict and using his position to set the climate for Black intolerance.  Instead, he gave permission to all whites who desire to kill Afrikan children, to copy the zimmerman process.  But when we called on the spirit of Trayvon Martin, his answer was very different.  This is what Trayvon Martin had to say:


I fought that creepy cracka, but I didn’t have a gun.  If I had a gun, I would have shot his cracka a$% off the top.  If I knew he had a gun, I would have took it and shot his cracka a%^.  But I didn’t know he was packing.  I hope yall get that cracka before he kill somebody else.  


The same day that Trayvon Martin’s spirit visited WOH and told us to study his story more thoroughly, our Brother Maafa Sankofa had a dream (and not about holding hands with no creepy ass crackas).  In his dream, Trayvon Martin returned and avenged his death by doing what Black men in amerikka refuse to do.  Trayvon took a racial position that he would strike against the lives of our white enemies.  He said that he had returned to rep for his Race because it’s all about “Colors.”  

Listen to The Ghost of Trayvon Martin by Maafa Sankofa


But when we asked our Brother Trayvon Martin what War on the Horizon could do to best pay respects to him, he gave us a response that we were not expecting.  This is what the spirit of Trayvon Martin had to say to War on the Horizon:


michael dunn (killer of Jordan Davis) &
george zimmerman (killer of Trayvon Martin)

michael dunn Murder Case

That creepy ass cracka (meaning zimmerman) gotta get his – that’s a given.  But besides that, the most important thing that you can do is ensure that the Jordan Davis Case is handled the right way.  You get a second chance to show these crackas how we really feel about them murdering our babies.  This dunn cracka murdered my homie Jordan in cold blood.  He was as bad or worse than zimmerman.  Get the people ready now!  That cracka gone walk just like zimmerman.  But this time, we can get in front of those Uncle Tom preachers and make sure we give them that fire.

Tell my family that I love them and tell the homies to put that thing down when that cracka dunn walks.

PS:  After you handle zimmerman, make sure you bang his mother*(&king  head into that concrete for me!
Until proper justice is served in the Trayvon Martin case, his spirit will never rest.  Unlike his father, he was a fighter who wants vengeance for his murder.  And his spirit will not let us rest until we do the responsible thing and produce justice for him, Jordan Davis, and all of our Black children.  The time to organize an appropriate response for the michael dunn acquittal is now!  Let’s organize in our local communities and/or small, quiet clicks to make certain that Brother Davis and Trayvon Martin’s spirits can rest easy for eternity.  This is the least we can do for our Black children.


We Will Produce Justice for Our Black Children



We’ll See You on the Battlefield!



The Irritated Genie of Soufeese Speaks Out!

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  •   September 2nd, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    Slavery ended a long time ago. Stop trying to play victim, and race baiter. You cannot blame the white man for all your problems. You should truly be ashamed. I cannot believe you are apart of homeland security. With the garbage and hatred on this website you are guilty of treason and need to be locked up until you wake up my friend. May God have mercy on your soul

  •   September 2nd, 2013 DaRealness Says:

    You dumb motherfuckers……that’s right, disrespect the man whose son was murdered by a racist. You fake ass militant types make sick.

  •   September 5th, 2013 Amerikkkan Says:

    You are one fucked up in the head negro, you might be Theron K. Cal’s long lost bastard son. I hope you try to start a racial war sometime soon, you sound like you are seriously delirious and mentally unstable. Please please please let us know if you decide to kill any whites, I’d like to see you talk all that crazy shit in public instead of some obscure website. In short get a life dipshit, slavery is over and the only people killing innocent blacks are other blacks. You should do the world a favor and choke on a dick.

  •   September 7th, 2013 Christian Says:

    Bruh thanks for all that you do man. This website tells it like it is and for those that don’t like it oh well. The injustice that blacks face worldwide needs to be heard and told. All the wrongs committed against us will get fixed. Keep doing what your doing and F the naysayers. See you on the battlefield bruh!

  •   October 24th, 2013 Another White Man Says:

    You got to be kidding…Real sons, daughters, moms, and dads will be lying on the ground dead should your so call “war” gets started. Do you think about the Trayvon Martins of the world would give a shit to see their people dying before them? No, they would wouldn’t give a shit. But don’t get confused… When, and even if, your race war ever gets started, I hope you’re the first one I see. My bullet will fly straight, my aim will be true. The war for you will be over at that time…. Then you can talk to Trayvon all you want.

    See you on the battlefield.

  •   December 12th, 2013 jigaboo Says:

    you are one retarded ass mother fucker

  •   February 8th, 2014 kizzie Says:

    Close the comments, don’t allow these white Devils to speak their feeble-minded dribble. Their children and their children’s children shall know pain.

  •   February 24th, 2014 Ku Klux Killer Says:

    A racial war must begin in order for these white devils to take blacks seriously. Fuck that oreo Obama and fuck peaceful protests. We must stock pile our weapons now! BLACKS UNITE!!!!

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