Nov 2013 – Lincoln University Promoting “Homosexuality” to Black Students
Posted on November 1st, 2013

Obama Administration Pressures HBCU’s To Promote “Homosexuality” To Student Body

Lincoln University 2013


On February 28, 2011, the Obama administration held a “Black History Month” conference to organize lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) to promote white-sex (“homosexuality” and/or pedophilia) on HBCU campuses throughout the country.  The link to the article about the conference is in the link below:


African American LGBT Student Leaders Winning the Future

Black “Homosexual” Students @ the white House Organizing Session


It’s been over (2) years since this conference was held.  Since then, the white-sex administration and student communities have achieved a virtual political coup d’etat at Lincoln University and other HBCU’s.  “Homosexuality” is being promoted as an acceptable and even preferable lifestyle on HBCU’s throughout the country.  Campuses like Howard University are filled with “homosexual” students and faculty and the numbers are increasing rapidly.  One young woman attending undergraduate school at Howard University spoke to us off line and stated that she “. . . . stopped considering finding a husband at Howard University because over 50% of the boys are gay.”  These numbers appear extremely high; but our informal interviews with students, both male and female, attending Howard University suggest that these numbers may not be too far off the mark.

 We knew that the epidemic in white-sex among our youth was spiraling out of control.  And we knew that the Obama administration was pushing “homosexuality” on Black people in the U.S. and in Afrika.  This is a matter of public record.  We knew that the Obama administration was using economic leverage to pressure Afrikan Nations into accepting “homosexuality.”  But what we did not know until recently, was that the Obama administration is apparently using the threat of ceasing funding to HBCU’s as leverage to force them to promote “homosexuality” on their campuses. 

The way we found this out was very interesting.  An alumni of Lincoln University and a long time supporter of War on the Horizon (WOH) contacted us about an event that was hosted on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 (the 18th Anniversary of the Million Man March), at Lincoln entitled, “I’m Gay But There Is More To Me.”  He corresponded with the university administrators about their promotion of white-sex to the students and requested that this misbehavior cease immediately.  He reminded the administrators that Lincoln University is the first HBCU that was established in this country.  He reminded them that our Brother Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, the independence leader for Ghana, was one of the many esteemed graduates of Lincoln University and that this was not the legacy of the school.

Kwame Nkrumah @ Lincoln University


 Shortly after this Brother contacted our organization, we began to get bombarded with phone calls and emails about Lincoln University promoting “homosexuality” to the Black youth on campus.  The tone of the correspondence was more intense than anything we’ve received from Black people in the past.  In fact, it almost appeared as if Brothers and Sisters were angry with us for not having taken a stance against it.  We explained that we were just finding out about the situation and trying to get clarity – but that didn’t seem to satisfy anyone.  The emails and calls were so filled with anxiety and anger that we quickly agreed to investigate the situation further and report our findings to the community.  What we found was shocking.

The first thing we did was send out an email about Lincoln University promoting “homosexuality” to its Black student population to our constituency throughout the world.  Within 2 hours, we had received emails from as far as Ghana and Uganda.  Anti-“homosexuality” activists around the world began spreading the information through twitter and other mediums.  Then, the Brother informed our radio audience that he had spoken to the administrators at Lincoln University and they said that they intended to continue promoting “homosexuality” at the university despite the students, the parents’, and the community’s concerns.  

Of course, members of the WOH family contacted the university to put pressure on them to stop promoting the white-sex agenda to Black youth through the university.  After repeated attempts to have the issues addressed, one of our supporters received a phone call from an high-ranking administrator whose name we will not reveal.  Our supporter was informed that the Obama administration has mandated that any university that will receive funding from its administration must hold at least (1) “pro-homosexual” event per year.  If they refuse, their Federal funding will be cut.  The administrator went on to explain that Lincoln University, along with all HBCU’s, relies heavily on Federal Government funding to stay alive.  Without this funding, Lincoln University would be forced to close its doors.   

We have been searching for the actual Federal mandate which requires this so that we can share it with you.  As soon as we find it, we will create a link here for you to read the actual legislation/mandate/regulation.  


Racist ronald reagan -w- Mobutu Sese Seko (killer of Patrice Lumumba)


Many people were aware that Obama has significantly cut funding for HBCU’s that was initially earmarked for HBCU’s by none other than ronald reagan, one of the most racist whites in the history of the world.  This article sheds some light on this reality.  It is ironic that a racist like ronald reagan would want to see Black children in their own institutions so much that he would sponsor legislation to earmark funds to keep our institutions alive.  Even though he did this to keep our youth away from white youth, he did it.  And in his bizarre sort of racist way, ronald reagan was more supportive of Black institutions of higher learning than the first mulatto president, Barach Hussein Obama.   

What we are now witnessing is one of the most distasteful political assaults on Black youth, Black parents, and Black communities that we have ever seen in this country.  The Obama administration is on the one hand seriously underfunding Black colleges and universities throughout the country.  At the same time, the administration and its affiliates are funding and promoting sexually indecent misbehavior to impressionable Black students against the wills and desires of their families.  


Human Rights Campaign Promoting white-sex Among Black College Youth


In fact, the Obama administration and the white-sex juggernaut have actually organized the Black “homosexual” staff and students at HBCU’s for a quiet political overthrow of HBCU campuses.  Now, no one is allowed to be against “homosexuality” and/or address students at the HBCU’s about the dangers of the white-sex and the benefit of Black male-female relationships.  Students and parents who believe in heterosexuality are labeled bigots and homophobic.  And there are more student organizations popping up for the “homosexual” lifestyle (or should we say “deathstyle” since it can’t produce life) than there are for heterosexual boys and girls.  This is a frightening reality for all of us to consider.

“Homosexual” Organizations @ HBCU’s


The real question is this – “Where is this path going to lead us?”  To begin with, we understand that if our sons continue to mate with one another as opposed to our daughters, and vice-versa, they won’t produce another generation for us to send to an HBCU.  However, the reality is much deeper than this.  If we consider:


The number of Black men and boys in prison



The number of Black women and girls in prison


The number of Black men and women dating and marrying outside of our Race

The number of white-sex offenders (“homosexuals” and pedophiles) among Black youth in our Race


The level of high-profile promotion of this deathstyle to our people

It appears that our people are being groomed for extinction.  If we allow this push towards sexual insanity and the decline of Black family morals and values to continue, we won’t survive the 21st century.  And oddly enough, the first mulatto who has sat in the “leadership position” of President in this country is spearheading the destruction of both higher education and the basic family structure for Black people in this nation.  Go figure.

Our position on this is simple.  We believe Lincoln University should either publicly apologize to the Black students, faculty, parents, and community and denounce their promotion of “homosexuality” to Black students in addition to halting this practice immediately.  If they cannot do this due to their financial ties to the Obama administration, then the Black community must force the university to allow War on the Horizon (WOH) to present our side of the story to the student body.  If Lincoln University has the audacity to promote this detrimental behavior to our precious Black children, then they have an obligation to have the other side of the story told.  Black male-female relationships are superior to “homosexual” relationships and we have the right to share that truth with our children.

If you would like to challenge Linclon University on their decision to promote “homosexuality” to Black children, here are the points of contacts for you to do so:


Ihan R. Mujahid 
Interim Director, Office of Student Life and Development
The Lincoln University
Student Union Building Room 134
1570 Baltimore Pike
P.O. Box 179
The Lincoln University, PA 19352
Phone: (484)365-7705

Shawn Moore
Phone: (484)365-7701


F. Carl Walton
Vice President, Student Affairs
Phone: (484)365-7223



The Truth About “Homosexuality” and Black People


We’ll  See You on the Battlefield!

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