Dec 2013 – Lincoln U. Students Speak on “Homosexuality”
Posted on December 1st, 2013

Lincoln University Students Speak Out on

“Homosexuality” @ Their Campus

Lincoln University 3

Lincoln University’s Beautiful Campus for Black Students


This War Room is a continuation from last month’s War Room about the Obama Administration’s ecosexual terrorism against HBCU’s.  In particular, Lincoln University has begun aggressively promoting white-sex (“homosexuality” and/or pedophilia) to the Black student body in order to continue to receive Federal funding.  After we published last month’s War Room, the War on the Horizon (WOH) media team traveled to the campus and randomly interviewed the Black Student body to get their opinions.  

In the first interview below, we see that our youth have been programmed very successfully to provide robotic, pro-homosexual responses when questioned on white-sex.  Initially, they all give the same pro-homosexual answers that most of us who aren’t informed on the militant white-sex assault give.  So we can clearly see that the white media programming has extensively penetrated the mentality of Afrikan youth throughout this society.  

However, after pushing a little further, we find that most of the Black student body doesn’t agree with the misbehavior; and they don’t understand why it is occurring.  Furthermore, when they are pressured to answer questions about where the increase in “homosexuality” is coming from, most of them point directly to the media without being prompted to do so.


Lincoln University Students Speak Part 1


If the percentages of “homosexuality” on Lincoln University’s campus (coming from the students’ perspective) doesn’t alarm you, then you are a “homosexual.”  Anyone who is not a practicing white-sex offender has to be alarmed!  The general consensus from the Black students @ Lincoln University is that the population of Black male student “homosexuality” is between 25% – 50% and the population of Black female student lesbianism (to include bisexuality) is between 50% – 70%.  This means that white-sex anticulture is destroying the future of Black intellectualism at its core.  We are being socially re-engineered into a Racial reflection of the worst aspects of european sexual insanity.

In the second part of the interview, we wanted to show what happens when we engage the students and get through the initial level of white media programming.  What happens is amazing.  Once Black youth are challenged to put down the minds of their white and/or “homosexual” programmers and think for themselves, their brilliance begins to shine.  Listen to the level of sophistication in their assessment of the militant white-sex assault and its potential impact on the future of Afrikan people.


Lincoln University Students Speak Part 2


In this interview segment, after a minimal amount of intellectual engagement, it becomes clear that the students see the promotion of “homosexuality” as a serious problem; but they have no more of an idea how to effectively fight this assault on our Racial survival than do the masses of Black people throughout the world.  However, after dialoging on it for some time, they were clearly thinking about the problem and considering what can be done to solve it.  


Lincoln University Students Speak Part 3



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The future of our Race hinges on Afrikan people worldwide successfully dodging the “homosexual” bullet.  If we do not prevent this sexual sickness from engulfing our Race, we will not be able to defend ourselves from the genocidal assault that whites are preparing to unleash on our people.  In that regard, these young people provide hope.  It is clear that all it would take for them to jump on the bandwagon of Black self-respect and Racial progress is a little proper direction.  They are smart, courageous, and ready to engage.  However, they have not been, are not being, and if we don’t continue to engage them, will not be exposed to correct Racial thinking in order to fuel the type of intellectual consideration needed to save our people from disaster.  

In this coming year 2014, War on the Horizon is going to travel the world (including this country) and document the story of Afrikan people.  We are going to show every Black man, woman, and child on this planet that we are under Racial assault; and we are going to show our people exactly the steps necessary to save ourselves from extermination at the hands of our white/arab enemies. 

Stay tuned to WOH and . . . . . . . . 


We’ll See You on the Battlefield!



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  •   December 10th, 2013 Anonymous Says:

    This is a crisis situation and we need to fix it now before it’s too late.

  •   December 10th, 2013 Michael Jones Says:

    Wow!!!! I can’t believe that 30% of our sons want to be our daughters. And 70% of our daughters want to be our sons? Is this real or was this fabricated to get a reaction? No offense, but this is scary.

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