Sep 2009 – Pics of 1st Annual Nat Turner Day Weekend Celebration
Posted on September 1st, 2009


Armageddeon by SouthPaw





Lil’ Sista Autum Ashante

Bro. Mwalimu Baruti

The Irritated Genie of Soufeese

Brothas Keepa “Live in Concert”

Sponsored By:

Khildren of Southampton

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  •   May 24th, 2010 Anonymous Says:

    wow, i can’t believe you actually believe your own shit. if you hate it here so much, why don’t you move back to afriCa and teach your own people to not be savages

  •   May 24th, 2010 Anonymous Says:

    just because you have some racist people, doesn’t mean all whites hate blacks. YOU make it about race.

  •   June 12th, 2010 RLX Says:

    How & Why are these crakkkas even on your site? Got damn these neanderthals are just some fucking buzzards, man.

  •   December 23rd, 2010 Ju Samuri Okoye Says:

    Man, I was incensed when I realized that
    there were some caveanimals in our house,
    and they actually had the audacity to make comments. Our screening process
    must be improved. I personally don’t
    expect to ever have to experience that
    trauma again. Hotep

  •   March 13th, 2012 jack martin Says:

    As a white male, I understand why a white might say “not all whites hate blacks” It is because whites just don’t care enough to take the time to hate. But there is an ever present hatred deep inside. Make no mistake the white race is your enemy. All the so called “advancements” in race relations have come about through BLACK POWER! If not in actual physical combat then in the FEAR of Black Uprising. The white race must be forced to submit,for it will never give up its power willingly. i say this as white male that understands the proper place of whites is at the feet of Blacks. Long Live Black Power.

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