Apr 2014 – Global Assault on Black (Afrikan) Children
Posted on May 1st, 2014

The Global War Against Black Children

Kendrick Johnson 2 - before and after


We are living in one of the most hostile global environments to Black life in the history of the known world.  Never before have Afrikan people been under genocidal siege in every corner of the Earth.   We understand that the arab Slave Trade leading into the Atlantic Slave Trade was the greatest tragedy in the history of the world where countless millions of Black people were murdered and/or displaced from the Afrikan continent to the diaspora of the planet.  european colonialism in Afrika was the second monumental calamity for Afrikan people this millennium.  In this case the countries in europe agreed to invade and pillage the Afrikan continent for its natural resources, leading to the complete destabilization of civilized Afrikan societies from the late 1800’s to the late 1900’s (see Berlin Conference).  We are now living in the most intense period for Afrikan survival in the history of the world. 

Never before has the core interest of the non-Afrikans in this world been centered around the complete extermination of Afrikan people worldwide.  It is within this context that the discussion about the global assault on Black children must take place.  In an environment where Black manhood is under complete assault, Black womanhood is being fundamentally dismantled, rape and sexual abuse have become commonplace in Black communities worldwide, and Black self-hatred has become the primary educational foundation for Black children, the atmosphere is ripe for whites, arabs, and others to escalate their war on our Race through direct assaults against Afrikan children.  

This particular War Room is dedicated to highlighting the war against Black children on this planet.  It is one of, if not the most important issues threatening the future of the Black Race.  The following synopsis highlights some of the major areas that Black children are being attacked and shows examples that demonstrate the level of violence associated with the 21st Century War Against Black Children:












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