Apr 2014 – The Effeminization of the Black Male
Posted on April 1st, 2014

The Effeminization of the Black Male 2014

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For Brothers and Sisters who’ve been paying attention to the global white-sex (“homosexual” & pedophile) war against Afrikan people, we are witnessing the most intense sexual offensive since the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885.   The deconstruction of Black manhood is intensifying and turning Black communities around the world into dark-skinned reflections of the caves and hills of europe.


Crossdressing collage 1

Everywhere we turn, we see popular Black male entertainers and/or public figures involved in “homosexual” misbehavior.  Whether it’s kissing men on the mouth, wearing dresses, and/or coming out of the european closet of indecency into the public eye, Black manhood is under siege.  And now that the Obama administration has an active international policy to sodomize the Afrikan continent, many Black entertainers have been enlisted in the process of spreading the “homosexual” agenda in Afrika.


Mos Def 1

Mos Def and Omar Epps are the most recent examples of the international direction this white-sex propaganda war is taking.  Both of these transgenders are going before the world in mini-skirts and dresses claiming they are practicing “Afrikan culture.”  This is not something they put together.  Instead, it is a well-orchestrated white-sex offensive to push “homosexuality”, pedophilia, and various other forms of white-sex misbehavior onto Afrikan people worldwide.  (Click here to read more on white-sex, its origins and stages.)


Now that the war to effeminize and “homosexualize” the Black Race is becoming apparent to even the most skeptical critics, it is time to understand why this effort is occurring and to launch our counter-offensive. 

To be clear, the primary white agenda is not the effeminization of the Black male.  Rather, effeminization is the primary strategy to reach the final agenda.  The ultimate goals are the taking of the Afrikan continent and the extermination of Black people on planet Earth.  We are living in the 3rd (and potentially final) stage of the Maafa (the great tragedy).  It marks over a thousand years of arab/white Racial aggression against Afrikan people worldwide. 

arabs raping young Black boys 1arab “Homosexual” Enslavers of Black Boys


The 1st was the arab slave trade and the Atlantic Slave Trade.  This period of outside invasion onto the Afrikan continent marks the most murderous, oppressive, and devastating atrocity ever visited upon a people of this planet. 


The 2nd was the period called Colonialism where european nations organized to invade the Afrikan continent to exploit its natural resources.  Many argue that this group of atrocities rivals the Atlantic Slave Trade in its lasting impact on the Afrikan continent.


The 3rd, and potentially most lethal of these periods of organized white Racial aggression against Black people, is occurring now.  It is called “genocide.”  Genocide means the killing/destroying of the Black Race through various means, all aimed in the direction of Black extermination (death).  It is a well-planned and orchestrated, calculated, organized, well-funded, and well-supported white death wish system of warfare against Afrikan people worldwide.   And the white world’s primary interest in effeminizing and “homosexualizing” Black males is to prevent strong Black male resistance to their genocidal programs. 

Out of this sophisticated form of Racial warfare, whites have developed the following disciplines, industries, and or programs for Black death:


1.     The Prison Industrial Complex in amerikkka (modern-day slave plantations for cheap labor)


2.     The A.I.D.S. Epidemic (amerikkka & Afrika)

3.     Eugenics (The Science of Racial Genocide)


4.     C.O.I.N.T.E.L.P.R.O.

5.     Social Integration/Miscegenation


6.     The Abortion Industry

7.     The Immunization Industry/Chemical Warfare (amerikkka & Afrika)


8.     The Hip-Hop Industry (amerikkka & Afrika)



9.     The Gay Rights (white-sex) Agenda (to include gay adoption and foster parenting)







10.    The Afrikancentered “Homosexual” Movement (up and coming)


As one can see, the list of programs designed to kill Afrikans worldwide is quite extensive.  And these are but a few of the strategies being actively employed to destroy our people. In conjunction with the smallhat (zionist sponsored media to include television, radio, jewvies, etc . . . ) media war machine, these genocidal programs listed above act as a collective juggernaut to push “homosexuality” down the throats of Afrikan people. 

This push to sexually dysgender our Race is actually working to create a basis for international mobilization among Afrikan people.  The desire to protect our children from white-sex (sexual abuse and sexual immorality) is creating the 1st real PanAfrikan issue of our time.  If the true champions for Afrikan independence and progress would merely take an in-depth look at the modern battlefield and the dwindling condition of our people, the solution to our disunity would be starring us directly in the face.  We must mobilize against the white-sex war against Black people worldwide.  This could potentially build the kind of international Black unity that the planet has never before witnessed.  Watch the following clips to see some of the people who’ve been fighting this war from the 1980’s until today.


In conclusion, it is time for every Black activist who is truly interested in securing a future for our Race to open your eyes and jump into this fight.  The war against “homosexuality” and pedophilia mark the most important issues confronting Black survival for the 21st Century.  If we do not win this war, our Race will not survive the 21st Century.  And our efforts to win this phase of the war against white Racial aggression will take at least (25) solid and committed years, if not the entire century.  So the time is now for us to organize around the PanAfrikan issue of our time – Black Resistance to the white-sex Assault.  For those of you who choose to sign up for this war . . . . . . . . . .


 We’ll See You on the Battlefield!






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