May 2014 – Donald Sterling, smallhat Racism, & Black Manhood
Posted on May 2nd, 2014

Donald Sterling & smallhat Racism

Donald Sterling 1

A filthy rich, racist smallhat (white so-called “jew”) is caught making racist comments in the privacy of his own space – what’s new?  Of course, his comments truly represent the mentality of the smallhat elite and many whites in general.  And even though the media is making a big deal over his racist comments, they’re casually gliding over the fact that he was identified as being a smallhat and that his larger “jewish” culture is racist and hates Black people.  He mentioned the way that his smallhat brethren view and treat Afrikan people in israel and demonstrated the usual racist, paternalistic smallhat attitude towards dealing with Black people.  For most Black people who understand zionism, this is nothing new.  However, his comments came as a shock to the masses of Black amerikkka.  Listen to the short clip below:


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As you can hear, there’s no question that Mr. sterling is referencing a larger smallhat (white so-called jewish) hatred for Black people.  In fact, he goes so far as to describe smallhat racism against Black people as his “culture.”  Brother BodyShotz’s introduction below deals directly with the smallhat culture of racism and hatred towards Black people:

The reality of the sterling fiasco is that the NBA is financially controlled by smallhats from team ownership to advertising to stadium ownership to vending to sales.  Almost every financial aspect of the NBA, and professional sports in general, is an entirely smallhat dominated industry.  And the Black players are treated like high-priced livestock.  They certainly make salaries that make many of us envious, but the price many Black athletes pay for their wealth is the price of their very manhood.  The book, which is very difficult to get and quite costly now, written by Anthony Prior entitled “The Slave Side of Sunday” is an excellent resource to understand the other side of the professional Black athlete’s reality – they are enslaved millionaire Afrikans.  See Brother Anthony Prior speak on racism in the NFL here – Anthony Prior and The Slave Side of Sunday.    

In fact, it’s not just professional sports that are financially dominated by smallhat interests; but the entire entertainment industry is owned, operated, and controlled by racist smallhats.  The following link gives a brief synopsis of the smallhats who control the media.  It could be shocking to anyone who doesn’t understand zionism.  Click Here to See Who Owns the Media.  Also, for a more complete understanding of the smallhat control on the media, watch Entertainment: Fighting the Poltergeist below:


What’s more interesting is the response from Black athletes and entertainers.  Though there are some strong Brothers making comments and speaking out against this situation; however, only a small few have said anything outside of reactionary rhetoric.  For instance, Larry Johnson (former NBA all-star) said that “[Black people your focusing on the wrong thing. We should be focusing on having our own – our own team own League! Do For Self!!]”  Brother Larry Johnson makes an excellent point and this is clearly where our interests should be directed.  But Brother Johnson’s comments aren’t making the airwaves in the same way that other popular Black figures are.  For instance, let’s examine a few of the prominent Black voices that have been involved in criticism against Donald Sterling:


Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson 1
Magic Johnson Organizes Entertainers to Promote white-sex (homosexuality) in the Black Community

He is also one of the most prominent Black voices in the donald sterling fiasco.  In fact, he took a strong position against donald sterling’s statements and suggested he be removed from the league.  But while his position against sterling is one to be appreciated, Magic Johnson is one of the strongest advocates of promoting white-sex in the Black community.

The question has to be raised whether it would benefit the Black community for an avid promosexual like Magic Johnson to become an owner of an NBA team.  Our vote is that it would do more harm to us than good since he would obviously use this position to usher in an age of full acceptance of “homosexuality” among Black athletes.

 Charles Barkley

charles barkley in drag

Charles Barkley Speaks Out Against Donald Sterling


Charles Barkley also took a strong position against donald sterling’s overtly racist statements.  However, his position becomes very confusing in light of Barkley’s support for george zimmerman.  In zimmerman’s case, there was no excuse for this smallhat’s murdering of Trayvon Martin.  Yet, Barkley came out in public and supported george zimmerman.  However, when a racist smallhat exercises his 1st Amendment right to the U.S. Constitution in the privacy of his own space, Barkley comes out strongly against him.  This clearly shows the hypocrisy of the Negro mind.  And with his continuous transgender misbehavior, one has to wonder why he knows that it’s unacceptable for sterling to treat Black men like 3rd class citizens, but doesn’t understand that these same smallhats have him bending over (metaphorically speaking) and effeminizing the image of Black men in athletics.


Lil’ Wayne

lil wayne
Lil Wayne Speaks Out Against Donald Sterling – Graphic Language!!!


In comes Lil’ Wayne.  This is the same Lil’ Wayne who said that he would, “Beat the pus*y up like Emmett Till” in a rap song.  Based on his extremely disrespectful comments about our Brother Emmett Till and the full context of his degenerate music output, it is clear that Lil’ Wayne is nobody’s responsible Afrikan activist.  He is not even a marginal Black Negro who means well.  Rather, he is a white-sex offending, self-hating, buffoon who gets paid to criminalize Black boys and assassinate the character of Black women.  Before now, we are unaware of any instance in which he exercised mature Black political action in a way that was positive and meaningful for Black people.  All of a sudden, he has something to say about a racist smallhat in the NBA – even stating that he would not play if he was on the team.  In line with the other Black people who spoke out on this issue, Lil’ Wayne made no mention of sterling’s “jewishness” or zionism in general.  Like Magic Johnson, his statements against sterling were strong, yet they contradict his character.  He is not someone who cares about the plight of Black people enough to take a stand of this nature – certainly not if it could cost him anything.

Lil Wayne birdman-kissing


We hope the pattern is becoming eerily visible at this point.  The voice of the Black community is slowly becoming a “homosexual” voice.   In fact, the most prominent Black male voices in this country are beginning to sing an ear-deafening tune that no sane Black men or women want to hear.  And the donald sterling incident has helped bring this reality to the surface.  The Strong Political Black Male Voices of the past have been commandeered and replaced by the promosexual/homosexual voice.  And since there are no prominent, strong Black male voices that we’re aware of who will stand strong against the white-sex assault, our sons and daughters only get to hear from Black males who support “homosexuality.” 

It’s dangerous enough when our youth hear prominent Black males promoting white-sex as a viable alternative to sexual decency; however, it’s even more dangerous when these same white-sex offenders and/or promosexuals are the ones seemingly on the front lines fighting against bigotry and overt white supremacy.  It takes us back to the period in the 1950’s and 1960’s when the smallhats used Bayard Rustin and Martin Luther King Jr. to muffle/replace Robert F. Williams and other strong Black activists as the voices of the Black community.  Bayard Rustin was one of the most notorious Uncle Tom Mobutus of the 20th century.  Not only did he speak out against the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, but he fought against every relevant Black self-help group for the balance of the 20th century.  It is stated that this out-of-the-closet freak even talked Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. out of his position on keeping guns in his home to defend against white supremacist assaults on his family.

rustin and king

In the 21st century, Bayard Rustin has been replaced by Barack Hussein Obama and the Blackskinned, white-sex empire is developing into a powerful infrastructure to wrecken with.  If we think about it, all of the prominent Black “leaders” openly support the “homosexual” agenda, which means they are all effeminized in one way or another.  Barack Hussein Obama (mulatto white-sex offender), Al Sharpton (white-sex offender and staunch supporter of “homosexuality”), Jesse Jackson (promosexual), Minister Louis Farrakhan (had Cleo Manago speak at Millions More March in 2005), Farrakhan Praises white-sex Offender Tyler Perry), and many others all support the white-sex agenda.    This means that the image of strong Black men is being systematically eroded by Black males who promote “homosexuality.” In conclusion, the donald sterling debacle was good for the Black community for a few reasons:

  1. It shows Black people that racism white supremacy still exists
  2. It shows Black people who’re paying attention exactly how racist the smallhat zionist infrastructure is
  3. It dispels the false notions that smallhats are our political allies
  4. It alerts the Black community to the fact that the entire voice of strong Black manhood has not only been eliminated from the national media; but it has been taken over by the voice of Black males who universally support and promote the white-sex (“homosexual”) agenda.

It’s well past time for Black men of strength, dignity, and character to step to the plate and become relevant voices for our community again.  And we need to be very clear on the fact that smallhats, hat-hop (hip-hop music financed by smallhats), and the Blackskinned, white-sex community are obstacles in the way of Black progress!   We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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  •   June 2nd, 2014 Joseph Says:

    Excellent article, just want to commend WOH for this perspective on this issue. It makes sense of all the feelings of something just not being right about how this story exploded in the media and how the comments of selected people have been publicised

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