Jun 2014 – Pastor Ray Hagins & the “Homosexual” Agenda
Posted on June 5th, 2014

Pastor Ray Hagins, Carlton Pearson, &

the “Homosexual” Agenda

Ray Hagins June 8 2014 flyer


Brothers and Sisters, we’re in a lot of trouble.  Our respected leaders have taken a turn in the wrongest direction.  Whether it’s the promise of financial gain, increased acceptance and notoriety, popularity, greater acceptance, or some combination of them all, Black “leaders” are taking bold steps to convince Black people to accept white-sex (“homosexuality” and pedophilia).  Using the “homosexual” movements coined terms like “tolerance” and/or “inclusion,” Black preachers, school teachers, politicians, lecturers, PanAfrikans, Muslims, Christians, Hebrews, etc . . .  in leadership are selling the interests of our people down the drain.  

The closest comparison we can make to the significance of their trying to push the “homosexual” agenda to Black people is what the Afrikan groups who kidnapped other Brothers and Sisters and sold us to arabs and europeans did.  These degenerate Race traitors were completely unconcerned about our collective Racial plight; rather the only thing they were concerned with was making profits.  As a result, they assisted arabs, then europeans in the complete invasion of the Afrikan continent, which led to the greatest documented atrocity in the history of the world – the Maafa.  The following clip shows the upcoming event being hosted by Pastor Ray Hagins and featuring his good friend Carlton Pearson:



Ray Hagins June 8 2014 flyer 2

The obvious question is how anyone claiming to be PanAfrikan can align themselves with a man who supports a pedophile like Eddie Long.  This makes no sense whatsoever.  Pastor Ray Hagins should be ashamed of himself for having friends who support “homosexuality” and pedophilia (the sexual abuse of Black youth).  This alone disqualifies Hagins from being a responsible leader and steward of the well-being of Black interests.  But the fact that Hagins is co-signing Carlton Pearson’s mission to make “homosexuality” acceptable to the Black religious/spiritual community makes Hagins an overt promosexual.   A promosexual is a person who supports white-sex (“homosexuality” and pedophilia), but who doesn’t necessarily admit to being a practicing white-sex offender.  All pedophiles and “homosexuals” are promosexuals because their participation in the sickness promotes its expansion; but not all promosexuals necessarily practice “homosexuality” and pedophilia – they simply support its expansion and invasion into the Afrikan community.


Carlton Pearson website 1


Why is Pastor Ray Hagins’ support for Carlton Pearson and his mission such a problem?  Because Pastor Ray Hagins is posing as a PanAfrikan leader.  If he were a typical Christian pastor, we would have no interest in pursuing this issue.  He’d be another promosexual Black pastor succumbing to the “homosexual” agenda.  However, the last vanguard in the Black community’s war against white-sex is the PanAfrikan/Black Nationalist/Black Power/Haitianist community.  This small but growing sect of Black people in amerikkka are completely resistant to european sexual aggression.  We identify “homosexuality” and child sexual abuse as completely un-Afrikan misbehavior that was picked up from our european/arab enemies.  The whites realize that we represent the final breaking point in the global Black acceptance of white-sex as acceptable Afrikan culture.  Once the PanAfrikan community accepts “homosexuality” and pedophilia as Black culture, the Race is officially doomed to extinction.  It won’t take a full century to see the mid stages of our annihilation.  

Alternatively, if the PanAfrikan community becomes the loudest voice and strongest force against the intrusion of white-sex into Black culture, we will establish ourselves as the rightful leaders of our people.  Therefore, the time to expose the promosexuals in the PanAfrikan community has come.  All the leaders in the “conscious” or PanAfrikan community  who either:

  1. Don’t understand how dangerous the intrusion of white-sex is to the future of Afrikan people
  2. Embrace the white-sex (“homosexual” and/or pedophile) community
  3. Support the white-sex (“homosexual”) Agenda
  4. Won’t take a position on white-sex
  5. Participate in white-sex
  6. Use underhanded methods to undermine Black resistance to the white-sex assault
  7. Or other support the infusion of white-sex deviance and madness into Black culture


. . . . .  are being put on notice.  We will expose you.  This video below will clearly identify some of the Black “leaders” who are currently acting as promosexuals in one way or another.  Please pay close attention to the different ways that they push the effeminization of the Black male and/or make a way for “homosexuality” to creep into acceptance inside of our community.  These leaders are dangerous and if we follow them, they will lead us on the road to extermination. 


 As you can see, this Blacks vs. Homos war has been waging for almost a century.  Only, the homosexuals know that they’ve been waging war against Black manhood and Black family; but we haven’t known.  We’ve been too busy trying to make a living to feed our families, fighting police brutality, fighting for basic rights in this society, fighting to regain a knowledge of ourselves and our culture, etc . . .  to realize that their is a lethal Uncle Tom Mobutu force of demons with Black skin living underneath our own roofs.  These white-sex monsters will stop at nothing to recruit our children into their sexual madness despite the fact they see that it is a miserable existence.  Yet, misery loves company – especially young, innocent, helpless companionship that it can easily exploit.


Cleo manago & Al Sharpton 1

Cleo Manago & His Invasion Into the PanAfrikan Community


The video gives us insight into where Pastor Ray Hagins and the others are leading our people.  They don’t care that our future will be lost if we allow this filth to overthrow our culture.  They want money, fame, and influence; and if it means turning our children over to the Tyler Perry’s of the world, they’re willing to do it in order to cash a big personal check.  Some of the other prominent names in the PanAfrikan community who have come out openly and supported the white-sex agenda in one way or another are:


Booker T. Coleman and funny-looking female 1

Booker T. Coleman 

In the picture above, Coleman is sharing a picture with a weird european female who calls herself Reverend Danni.  She’s a very creepy european female who desecrates Kemet by dabbling in “mystic” science which ultimately amounts to her being a super-strong advocate of “homosexuality.”  She’s participated in lengthy documentaries promoting white-sex as normal and natural.  Her Facebook page information is provided below:


Rev Danni 1


On her website, she gives honors to her “mentor” named Michael Bernard Beckwith.  This Black male is the same one who classified “homosexuality” as a “Gift from God” on the Oprah Winfrey program.  The clip is below:



Rev Danni 2

Rev Danni 3 - Michael Beckwith


Rev Danni 7 - Booker T & Michael Beckwith

Booker T. Coleman has provided lengthy explanations for why PanAfrikans should be more accepting of “homosexuals.”  In fact, he stated something to the effect that he knows prominent white-sex offenders within PanAfrikan circles who will only confide their sickness in him.  Instead of warning our community against the white-sex offenders presenting themselves as PanAfrikans, he asks us to stop being “homophobic” so that these freaks can feel comfortable in our presence.  This is unacceptable and Booker T. Coleman should not only be pushed out of this movement for being an open promosexual, but he should be pushed out for parading around with that white troll in front of our beautiful Black women.  Booker T. Coleman, you’re a disgrace to Black manhood.  Take your white troll and bounce!


We ask that our people hold these leaders accountable.  They should know that our community will not stand for this anymore.  Nor should we continue to keep quiet about the things that we see going on behind closed doors.  Many of us know that some of these promosexuals are really “homosexuals”; but out of respect for people’s privacy, we keep this information to ourselves.  It’s time to tap these freaks on the shoulders and tell them it’s time to sit down.  No more Afrikan by day, white-sex offender by night.  We only want heterosexual Black people in our movements for Afrikan liberation and self-respect.  And the time window to get out the way peacefully is quickly shutting.  So freaks beware!  The Afrikans are coming!



seth 2

Effeminization of the Black Male Live in Brooklyn, NY
June 1, 2014 @ the Nicholas
A King Simon Productions


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