Oct 2014 – Biological & Chemical Warfare: 21st Century white-on-Black Genocide
Posted on October 1st, 2014

Biological & Chemical Warfare

21st Century white-on-Black Genocide


It’s 2014 and Afrikan people worldwide are under a genocidal assault from the usual suspects – anglosaxons, arabs, asiatics and smallhats.  The smallhats (white so-called jews) are working particularly hard to kill Black people as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible.  To this end, they have made an international business out of starving, malnourishing, sodomizing, organ trafficking, and poisoning Afrikan people.


To informed Brothers and Sisters across the globe, this may come as no surprise.  We’ve known since the Tuskegee Experiment, where the smallhats intentionally killed Black men in the South with Syphilis, that they’ve been involved in experimenting with Afrikan people like lab rats.  We know through more recent research and information that margaret sanger (we believe she was a smallhat) of Planned Parenthood spent her life trying to develop sinister means to exterminate Afrikan people.  And we’ve also learned from our Sister Harriet Washington’s book, Medical Apartheid, that smallhats have continued their scientific exploitation of Afrikan people in the u.s.a. to this very day.  But the boldness and overtness of the smallhat’s current efforts to exterminate Afrikan people is more direct, open, and psychopathic than anything we’ve ever seen in world history.


 margaret sanger: white-on-Black Racial Genocide


Before we discuss the Ebola outbreak that was apparently unleashed by whites in Afrika, we should look at the pretext under which it falls.  The smallhats have made their desire to depopulate the planet of Black people well-known.  In fact, they have enlisted many of their powerful and wealthy white anglo-saxon brothers and sisters, along with a few Blackskinned Negropeans in this effort.  The Global 2000 Population Reduction Plan was first documented in length (as far as we know) during President jimmy carter’s term as president in the late 1970’s.  What many people don’t know is that henry kissenger (another smallhat) was significantly responsible for making Black genocide the “highest priority” for the white world community.




Now, in 2014, the wealthiest male in the world (according to many sources), bill gates, is spearheading the global depopulation movement.  21st Century white-on-Black genocide is in full effect with the collaboration of the wealthiest members of the white anglo-saxon world community working in conjunction with their smallhat supervisors.  The extermination of Afrikan people worldwide is in full motion.  Listen to bill gates above describe his desire to depopulate the world (of Black people).


Bill Gates Foundation vaccinating Afrikan children 1


As we look at the picture of bill gates feeding death to our Black babies above, one is reminded of his promise to help save the planet by depopulating it by billions of people – and he wasn’t talking about white folks.  Let’s remember that his father was the head of Planned Parenthood (margaret sanger’s white-on-Black racial genocide organization).  This means that the wealthy white elite in conjunction with the smallhats have decided that the process of white-on-Black genocide is moving too slowly for their tastes.  As a result, they are using biological and chemical warfare as a means to speed up the process.  And disease creation and vaccinations have become their primary physical tools for Racial annihilation.


For example, in order to keep Black boys from developing into men who could fight the system of Racism white supremacy, smallhats manufactured a lie that there was a disease called “Anti-Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).”  They then went through the process of identifying Black boys as being mentally challenged with this fictitious disease.  Over the past half 40 years or more, it has been used as an excuse to depress, discourage, drug, and eventually destroy the lives of young, aggressive Black boys.



Many of us reading this editorial have been victims of this misdiagnosis.  And as a result we, our families, and/or our friends were made pre-dope (Ritalin) addicted children and teenagers.  This is nothing less than chemical and biological warfare.


Lastly, before we explore the current Ebola epidemic, we must view an excerpt from our classic lecture “Effeminization of the Black Male Reloaded.”  This lecture can be purchased here:


DVD Cover image - Eff Reloaded 1

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Effeminization of the Black Male Reloaded


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Effeminization of the Black Male Reloaded




This clip above provides a simplistic historical framework that we can use to understand the modern vaccination movement.  Now we know why bill gates and his wife are traveling to Afrika and paying for shots for Black children.  It appears to us that they are openly and boldly committing open genocide by putting all of our people worldwide on the G.R.I.D.  The less Afrikan people respond directly to this germ warfare, the bolder the smallhats and their assistants become in pushing the process.


And the vaccination movement is not only being pushed throughout the Afrikan continent; but it is being pushed right here in amerikkka.  In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has actually been giving Black children a vaccine that they know causes autism in Black boys.  One of the doctors who initially discovered what was happening came out and admitted to knowingly giving autism to countless numbers of children in this society.  His confession is included below:



Now, the smallhats are boldly exporting Ebola to the Afrikan continent and unleashing it on our people.  Thousands of Black people have died and if Black people don’t put these white demons out of our countries immediately, thousands will soon become millions.  Thank Amen that some of our Brothers and Sisters on the continent are beginning to understand what’s happening and they are taking appropriate action:



What is so disturbing is that the Chinese and other groups appear to be totally on board with this organized genocide against Afrikan people.  This means that Afrikan people have to organize extremely quickly and prepare for total war.  The specific enemy is the smallhat.  The general enemy is the white race.  Almost every Race outside of the Black Race is beginning to step on board for global Afrikan genocide.  And if this isn’t enough, the infectious internal enemies are the Mobutus of the Race who can be used under the guise of humanitarian aid to infect millions of our people with diseases that will wipe the population of Afrika out.  Here is an example of how this can work.




Now, the smallhats are giving Ebola to Black people in Afrika and amerikkka.  The war for Afrikan survival must begin soon as the smallhats and their anglo-saxon collaborators, along with Asians and others, are openly implementing the global genocide against Afrikan people. 



It is now time for Afrikan people worldwide to come together in unison and agree on the fact that we are in a Race war for our survival and that Black life takes precedence over every other concern on this planet.  If we do not organize quickly and chart the course for our Racial conquest and survival, we will be exterminated worldwide much like the Native amerikkkans of the western hemisphere.  Black Afrikan Brothers and Sisters, let’s come together.  It’s War Time!



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We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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