Nov 2014 – Warrior’s Conference Recap from IGSE
Posted on November 1st, 2014

Warrior’s Conference Recap

2014-10-18 Warrior's Conference Live Streaming


Saturday, October 18, 2014 is a day that will go down in history.  This is the day that the Asafo Connection put together the first ever “Warrior’s Conference” in Atlanta, GA.  Different warrior speakers from around the country were invited to address close to 700 Afrikans in amerikkka live, and many more in the Diaspora via live Internet streaming.  The energy was phenomenal.  And the collective force of speakers sounded the proverbial war horn and called all Afrikan warriors worldwide to come into formation.  It’s War Time!!!

IG speaking 2


The Irritated Genie of Soufeese closed out the event with Phase 1 of a 21st Century battle plan for Afrikan warriors around the world.  This War Room highlights some of the 21st Century battlefield instructions from the Irritated Genie of Soufeese:


Major issues confronting Black survival in the 21st Century:


1. Effeminization of the Black Male (homosexuality & pedophilia)

Young homos 1


The Effeminization of the Black Male is the single most devastating weapon whites ever created to destroy Afrikan people.  If we do not win the war against white-sex (homosexuality, lesbianism, and pedophilia [child sexual abuse]), we will die as a Race.


DVD Cover image - Eff Reloaded 1


2. Social/Sexual Integration with whites


Sister -w- random devil 1


Abdoulaye Wade & viviane wade 1 - Senegal President


The constantly increasing number of young, professional, “successful” Black women interbreeding with white males coupled with Afrikan heads of state partnering with european females to give away rights to our continent will lead to genetic annihilation by the 22nd Century if this tide is not stemmed immediately.



DVD Cover image - Death by LI undated



3. euro-Asiatic Conquest of the Afrikan Continent

2014-10-18 Warrior's Conference.001

The Afrikan continent is the heart of our Race.  If Afrikans worldwide do not bind together and defend our mother continent from the invading vultures, our heart will be eaten by enemy Races and we will surely die.




4. Chemical & Biological Warfare

Bill Gates Foundation vaccinating Afrikan children 1

In order to avoid having to physically confront Afrikan warriors who are willing to kill other races to ensure our survival, whites are trying to poison our Race into extermination by means of global vaccinations which amount to global genocide by way of the needle or pill.  This is a major weapon in the arsenal of white supremacy.


DVD Cover image - Genocide



The primary enemies to Afrikan people globally include:


1. smallhats (zionists, white so-called jews, askenazis, etc . . . )

hat table


1a. The rest of the white race

Hillary Clinton Holds Final Primary Night Event In New York



2. arabs (sandcrackers, desert rats)

arabs raping young Black boys 1




3. Some Asiatics


West Papua 1 - Brother murdered by Indonesian troops
Indonesian Soldiers Murdering Afrikans in West Papau




4. Mobutus (Race Traitors)

Mobutu Sese Seko 11 - meeting w bush sr



After absorbing the information above, the 1st Phase of Afrikan Global Survival for the 21st Century includes:


1. Accepting a Racial Identity that Captures Black People Worldwide


A. We are Afrikan


Black couple 34


Map of Afrika 6a - red, Black, green.jpg.001







A. We are Black


klansman playing chess -w- Brother 1



All Afrikans are Brothers and Sisters by our birth right.


2. Classify Our People By Consciousness



A. Lumumbas

A “Lumumba” (Afrikan Race Warrior) is a Black man, woman, or child who willfully commits their life to fighting to protect the interests of the Black Race and who seeks to eradicate all known threats to global Afrikan survival including racial enemies, sickness, and anything else that threatens our survival. 

When Lumumbas identify threats to Afrikan survival, they become offensive in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual efforts to remove these threats from existence.




Dr John Henrik Clark - 5 - 1915 - 1998
Dr. John Henrik Clarke - King of Afrikan Consciousness


B. Conscious Brothers & Sisters

A “Conscious” Black person realizes that racism white supremacy exists and that it threatens our Racial survival.  They are informed about our Racial condition and recognize that Black people have enemy races on planet Earth.  In short, they are Racially aware.





3-6 mafia

Serena corrupting Black youth

C. Lost Brothers & Sisters

A “Lost” Black person is one who does not have a proper knowledge and/or understanding of racism white supremacy nor the Afrikan world condition.  They may not know that they are an Afrikan or even that they are Black.  And when they do know their identity, they don’t know what their identity means; nor do they know that they have racial enemies worldwide.  They cannot fight for global Afrikan survival or dominion because they do not understand what’s going on in the world.  These represent the vast majority of Black people on planet Earth.





Mobutu Sese Seko 10 - meeting w reagan

D. Mobutu (Sese Seko)

A “Mobutu” is a Conscious Blackskinned male or female who willfully and intentionally assists in the extermination of the Black Race.  Mobutus are “Conscious” by definition.




After absorbing the information above, the 1st Practical Steps in Securing Afrikan Global Survival for the 21st Century include:


1.  Directly Address the Mobutus.  All social integrationists, white-sex offenders (homosexuals and pedophiles), and open Race-traitors should be targeted for removal from the Black political world dynamic.  They should be challenged by well-trained representatives of our Race to discredit their positions.  Then they should be ostracized from our community with such ferocity that no one in our community would want to take that position.

2.  The 1st acts of physical engagement must be against the Black pedophiles in our communities.  We have to create safe spaces for our children to develop; and there is no way to achieve safety with pedophiles around.  

3.  We must request that the leader of the Afrikan world – Robert Mugabe, produce an Afrikan Genocide Bill for Zimbabwe that outlaws all behaviors that threaten the existence of our Race.  


2014-10-18 Warrior's Conference.001

2014-10-18 Warrior's Conference.002


4.  Lumumba Black men must marry Lumumba Black women in order to produce freedom-fighting families.  This will be critical to our ability to survive the 21st Century.

Robert F Williams 7 - Mabel williams


5.  Afrikan people worldwide must be fed the appropriate diet of information.  The following sources are a few sources of critical information that all Afrikan people worldwide should be familiar with:


The Destruction of Black Civilization


How the Enemy Became the Deity 1

DVD Cover image - Eff Reloaded 1

Sankofa SuperHerus 1

Black Panther Animated Series 1

6.  Lastly, we must replace the degenerate culture given to us by smallhats that we now call “hip-hop” with something that can help our people prepare for 21st Century Racial Warfare.  The new culture will be represented by Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik:

Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik (A.I.M.) on WOH site

Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik (A.I.M.) Channel on YouTube



This is the 1st Phase of the 21st Century Racial War for our survival.  These instructions are for true Afrikan warriors worldwide who desperately seek Black dominion and power across this planet.  The time to act is now.  And at next year’s Warrior’s Conference in Atlanta, GA, we will rate our progress.

We’ll See You on the Battlefield!

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