Dec 2014 – Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins Must Go Campaign!
Posted on December 7th, 2014

Ray Hagins Must Go Campaign

 Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins Justifies the Murder of Michael Brown


Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins recently took a position that is so definitively against the interests of the Black world community that every responsible member of the Black “Conscious” (racially aware) community must take a stand.  Last week, Hagins spoke publicly on the darren wilson (we refuse to capitalize this murderer’s name) murder of our Brother Michael Brown.  During the discussion he repeatedly identified himself as a police officer and he viewed the murder of Michael Brown from the perspective of “law enforcement.”  In our opinion, he disrespected the elder on the forum, the youth in the audience, the intelligence of the Black community, and the spirit of every Afrikan warrior who ever fought against police brutality.  Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins has become a complete enemy to the interests of Black people worldwide.

Sadly enough, this is not Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins’ first offense against Afrikan people.  If it were, there might be some way we could consider allowing him to repair this wound he has inflicted on our Race with this blatant act of Black Racial betrayal.  Many people in our community have been fed up with his actions for years.  However, his apparent endorsement of darren wilson is the proverbial straw that has broken the camel’s back.  Now, the entire Afrikancentered community has become equally fed up with his defense of white supremacy and has decided that he must be removed from the PanAfrikan/Black Nationalist/Conscious/Haitianist community.  He can never again speak on behalf of progressive Black people.  Nor can he be afforded the latitude to influence our young people into believing their lives have no value.


In order to end his reign of terror on the hearts and minds of Black people, a cross section of groups, organizations, individuals, activists, etc . . .  have agreed to come together to form the “Ray Hagins Must Go Campaign.”  This is an organized movement to prevent this Mobutu (Uncle Tom Race Tratior) from continuing to operate in our community under the disguise of PanAfrikanism.  Pastor/Officer Hagins’ history in our community, ending with his recent endorsement of the murder of Michael Brown, is a tragic book which has completed its last chapter and is in the Appendix.  For the purpose of clarity, this is a brief history of Pastory/Officer Ray Hagins’ list of attacks against the Afrikancentered community in particular and the Black community in general.


July 2000:  Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins Goes on the KemetNu Know Thyself Tour with Ashra & Merira Kwesi.   While on the tour (which the Irritated Genie of Soufeese attended), the group was introduced to Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan at a hotel in Aswan.  Ray Hagins stated in front of the entire group, “It is an honor to meet you Dr. Ben.  Ashra Kwesi has told me so much about you.”  Ray Hagins filmed his experience on the KemetNu KnowThyself tour and later produces a video depicting it as his own tour to Kemet according to sources.  Also, while on the tour, one of the tour guides reported that Hagins tried to strike a deal with him to bring his own tour to Kemet (Egypt) and asked the guide “Can you teach me what you taught Kwesi?”  (btw: The tour guide is a protege of Master Teacher Ashra Kwesi.)


July 2000 – 2008: Hagins reportedly films his experience on the KemetNu Know Thyself Tour and begins to plagiarize the life and experiences of Master Teacher – Ashra Kwesi.  We believe he falsely proclaims Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan to be his teacher for many years (even though he stated that he just met Dr. Ben through Ashra Kwesi when in Kemet in 2000).  He reportedly establishes his “Afrikan Village” chapters around the country and begins delivering lectures that plagiarize Ashra Kwesi, Merira Kwesi, Dr. Amos Wilson, Steve Cokely, and various other Afrikancentered scholars.  He delivers these messages to largely Christian audiences who are blown away by “his” eye-opening information and begin to convert to Afrikan consciousness.

Hagins reportedly uses a fictitious relationship with Grandmaster Teachers like Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannon and Dr. John Henrik Clarke to validate him as an “elder” within the Afrikancentered scholastic community.  Here is a clip from August 31, 2008 where Hagins speaks of his reportedly fictitious relationship with Dr. Ben and Dr. Clarke.


The problem with these accounts are many.  According to sources who knew Dr. Clarke and Dr. Ben very well, they say that Hagins was never a student of Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan; nor is he very familiar with his work.  Sources say that Hagins took a few cameo shots with Dr. Ben out eating in his elder years and used those pictures to fabricate a relationship that never existed.

The most notable thing that stands out to anyone familiar with the United Afrikan Movement (U.A.M.) in Brooklyn, NY is that it has the honorable history of being one of the few organizations in our history to pack the house full of Black people on a Wednesday night.  Hagins claims that he went to the Slave Theater consistently on the weekends.  Sources close to us say that Hagins was referring to the U.A.M. weekly meetings when he mentioned attending the Slave Theater on weekends, but didn’t realize that they met on Wednesday nights.  If it is accurate that he was referring to the U.A.M. Wednesday night meetings, whose lectures was he attending on those weekends?


March 2009: Reportedly, after encouraging Afrikan people not to support the KemetNu Know Thyself Tour to Kemet (Egypt), Hagins sends out a letter excoriating the Master Teacher – Ashra Kwesi:


 Hotep Ashra,

When you became a member of our church one of the things that you agreed to was that part of our covenant which states… “We further engage to watch over and protect one another; to pray daily for the leaders and members of our body; to aid each other in sickness and distress; to cultivate sincere empathy and courtesy in speech; to be slow to take offense, but always ready for reconciliation; and to be mindful of the teachings in our daily living and to appropriate them without delay.”

What do I say to you, Ashra? I had hoped so much that we would get to talk while in the Bahamas .

You see, I have concluded that something happened to you that causes you to hold on to “stuff” indefinitely. I am so sorry that you are in so much pain. I don’t know who hurt you, Ashra, but it wasn’t me! Someone did…and it is quite evident that you are still carrying the anger from whatever happened. You need to deal with that because it is going to destroy you if you don’t.

I have watched how you lash out at people who violate what YOU think should be. You did it when we were in Egypt to Barashango over, and over, and over again. I am sure you remember my coming to you in behalf of the rest of the group and asking you to “let it go,” all because Shaka corrected you in front of the group. You were ruining everyone else’s trip with your constant retaliation against our brother.

Then, there was the sister who passed out “Jesus” fans at dinner one evening. Man, you literally leaped over chairs to get at her as though she violated and did bodily harm to a loved one. I admit that her behavior was inappropriate and needed to be addressed, but did it require such a drastic reaction (not response) from you?

There is a passage of scripture that says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Transliterated, that means that “a person thinks the way they do because that’s the way they are.” Ashra, you are you, and I know that there is no hope of unity between you and I because it’s just not in you…that’s all there is to it! And that’s fine with me, but it’s not fine when brothers and sisters (who have the highest respect for the both of us) become disillusioned by your behavior and feel that this whole thing of Afrikan consciousness and unity is a lie and not worth fighting for. I say this to you because I have talked to quite a few who have heard you say damaging things about me. A sister called my office from Chicago in tears because she attended a lecture you did there and you began to slander me. Is that what a historian, teacher, griot Elder, (or any other title that people have assigned to you) does?

There is an Afrikan proverb that says: “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.” Well Ashra, the grass (in this case) are the people. Haven’t you harmed enough grass?” Or don’t you care?

Every now and then, some of the people who love the ground you walk on attend a lecture that I am giving. As soon as they approach me, I can discern their spirit. And it never fails, they ask me, “So what do you think about Ashra Kwesi?” And you know what, I have NEVER spoken against you. I have ALWAYS answered that question by saying, “Ashra is one of our best lecturers and historians.” And that is true…you are that.

The only problem here is, you don’t need to be a good-hearted person to be a “lecturer” or a “historian.” All you have to have is the intellectual data and the skill to communicate it to your audience. And you certainly have both. You do an awesome job at that. But, as you heard me say (as you were rushing to leave while I was up speaking in the Bahamas )… “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” That’s what is missing in you Ashra.

Ashra, I know that you know what Ma`at is (at least from an intellectual perspective). But are you doing it? I haven’t seen ma`at in your deportment since we first met. I have seen isfet though, especially in how you interact with others.

Do you remember the night we were at Applebees and a young, zealous brother asked you a question about extraterrestrials building the pyramids. You had no compassion for this young brother’s emotions at all. You humiliated him right in front of everyone. This young brother considered you as one of his teachers. I could see that his spirit was crushed. But that didn’t matter to you.

I don’t know, Ashra, maybe that’s just how you are. And as I said, that’s fine with me. You don’t add to or take anything away from me, but the people deserve better.

So, since you seemly cannot help yourself with regard to controlling your tongue and emotions when it comes to me, I will have to help you. Therefore, be advised that I am (for the first time) formally requesting that you cease and desist making any remarks about me that may be considered slanderous and/or injurious to my character and reputation. Any such further behavior on your part will be met with prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

It is so sad that I have to do this, but evidently you cannot stop on your own accord. I hope, therefore, that this letter will empower you to comply with my request. Or you will leave me no choice but to enforce it. And, Ashra, please do not doubt my resolve.


Dr. Ray Hagins


As you can see, Hagins tries to put himself on the same level as his teacher – Ashra Kwesi.  He then criticizes his teacher for letting the Afrikan community know about Hagins’ character.  Hagins even implies that he will use his membership in the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) and his connections with law enforcement to “[prosecute Ashra Kwesi to the fullest extent of the law].”

This was the 1st time in modern PanAfrikan, Black conscious history that an “open letter” was sent out about a warrior elder in the Afrikancentered community by someone who claimed to be a Black Nationalist/PanAfrikanist.  This precedent-setting event opened the door for disrespect and open feuding within the Afrikancentered community.  This unprecedented assault against the Kwesi’s should have brought the elder community together to expel Ray Hagins from our community.  Instead, many elders remained silent and/or sided with Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins. 

There were only a few young warriors who came to the defense of the Kwesi’s when this assault occurred.  These young Brothers, including Sara Suten Seti (see attached clip “graphic language”) and Mukasa Afrika (see attached letters: Letter 1 and Letter 2), exposed Ray Hagins as a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), as a close personal friend of the white Police Officer (jerry speziale) who is leading the charge to have our Sister Assata Shakur recaptured and incarcerated, and as one who prayed over jerry speziale’s inauguration years after he (Ray Hagins) was “raised” by Brother Kwesi in Kemet.  This was the first major blow to Ray Hagins’ credibility.  It exposed him as someone who is deeply connected with law enforcement and close personal friends with those who oppress our Black political prisoners.  This was also our first hint that Ray Hagins could be working for interests outside of the Black community.

Jerry Speziale 1 jerry speziale (Hagins’ Childhood friend) on the Far Right

Ray Hagins’ slanderous letter about Ashra Kwesi caused a deep divide within the Afrikancentered community.  Those with Christian sensibilities and/or who didn’t see the con game that Ray Hagins was running sided with Hagins.  Those who saw Hagins as a police officer and a plagiarizing preacher sided with the Kwesi’s.  And many people didn’t take any position at all.  The wounds caused by Hagins that split our community over his common, preacher-like misbehavior are still fresh for some.


April 2010: Hagins reportedly accepted $2,000.00 for a debate with Wesley Muhammad entitled, “Is Islam an Afrikan Religion?”  According to sources, Hagins was too uninformed to actually present a case in the debate.  Instead, he gave a preacher-like sermon to the audience and left.  Based on the response from the promoters of the event, Ray Hagins was received as a con artist and fraud by the audience who realized that he didn’t have any information to present.


June 2014: Hagins invites Bishop Carlton Pearson, advocate for “homosexuality” in the Black church and supporter of Eddie Long (accused of serial sexual abuse of young Black boys), to be the keynote speaker in his church.  This was considered by many as Hagins’ attempt to introduce “homosexuality” to the PanAfrikan community as an acceptable practice.  

Ray Hagins Carlton Pearson flyer


When confronted with his decision to invite Bishop Carlton Pearson to speak, Hagins defended his decision, insulted Afrikancentered scholarship, and defended a white female who has infiltrated the Black movement by calling herself by an Afrikan Kemetic name.  Listen to the Ray Hagins’ interviews on the Afrikan History Network:

– Ray Hagins Disrespects Black Scholarship & Supports the white Female Named Reverend Danni

– Ray Hagins Defends Carlton Pearson




November 2014: After a history of making questionable comments about the murder Trayvon Martin and other Black people by law enforcement, Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins speaks to an audience of Black youth in Patterson, NJ and justifies the murder of Michael Brown.  When confronted by the warrior Shombay, he denies his statements.


Ray Hagins’ statements are available to watch below.  (To exacerbate the already bleeding injury, Hagins disrespectfully argues with one of the great elders who helped organize the Attica Insurrection in 1971 – Elder Joseph Jazz Hayden (click here to read more about this esteemed elder).  This elder was falsely accused and convicted of a crime he knew nothing about and served many years behind bars.  He is a living testament to the wickedness of the police force and the criminal injustice system.)


Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins goes on Carl Nelson’s program on December 2, 2014 and defends his position on the murder of Michael Brown by classifying it as “karma.”


These are some of the charges and offenses made by this modern day Mobutu Sese Seko against Afrikan people here in amerikkka.  Mobutu worked with the whites to have our beloved statesman and freedom fighter Patrice Lumumba murdered. 


Patrice Lumumba 6

How many of our people will end up dead if we sit idly by and allow the whites to successfully install Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins as the replacement for Jesse Jackson and/or Al Sharpton?  Good thing we’ll never know.  This is why we have started the “Ray Hagins Must Go Campaign.”

We are asking every Black institution, organization, movement, and/or individual who does not want to see Hagins continue his assault on the principles and foundation of Black Power and progress to join aboard this movement.


We Ask You To Do a Few Things:

1.  Share the link to this page with everyone you know so that our people can be aware of this Race Traitor in our midst and understand why our community is taking a stance against him.

2. When we send out our “Open Letter” on Facebook, please endorse it and spread it around Facebook and other social media formats as much as possible.

3. Make your town, city, state, or municipality a “No Fly Zone” for Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins.  Organize in your local area to have at least (10) people who will go to any public forum where Hagins is scheduled to speak and make sure that he is exposed to the audience as a Race Traitor.  We will inform everyone of his schedule and provide the necessary support and direction (if needed) to make a successful boycott of Hagins.  (We have to remember that he is a police officer who is willing to use law enforcement to defend his efforts to tank our movement.)


Ray Hagins 5 - Hagins Gotta Go Campaign


4. Distribute any truthful propaganda/information about the damage that Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins is doing to our community.  Be mindful not to focus on information about his personal life; but rather focus on anything he’s doing to undermine our Race. 

5. Encourage any facilities, organizations, groups, and/or individuals who invite him out to speak to reconsider bringing this Mobutu in front of our people to voice his opinion.  Also, strongly discourage any Afrikan Nationalist speakers from sharing a forum or panel with Pastor/Officer Ray Hagins at the risk of looking like they support his racial treason against our people.



2014 Ray Hagins Must Go Movement

Ray Hagins 1

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