July 2015 – The “Homosexual” War Against the Black Family
Posted on July 4th, 2015

The 21st Century

“Homosexual” War Against the Black Family

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Sister in McKinney -w- white police officer 2 - kneeling on her back 1

It goes completely unnoticed.  While white police officers are murdering Brothers and Sisters like Rekia Boyd, Amadou Diallo, Freddie Gray, and others.  While white terrorists are torturing, brutalizing, and murdering Black children like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.  While Black women are being publicly assaulted and all but raped by white aggressors, there is one obvious reality starring us directly in our face that we completely miss.




This is an extremely important fact for us to pay attention to.  In amerikkka, we should all be clear that there is an overt sexual war against our children where white perverts promote “homosexuality” and pedophilia to our youth as a viable alternative to normal, healthy sexual development.  The impact has been epidemic.  But we need to understand that the genocidal war against Black people in amerikkka and Afrikan people worldwide has taken a clear and definitive twist for the worst.

Instead of focusing on the general oppression and abuse of Black people as a global family, white racists have narrowed their assault and made it much more specific and lethal.  They are only attacking family-oriented Black family members.  More specifically, they are allowing pedophiles, “homosexuals” and lesbians free reign to roam Black communities and practice free enterprise in amerikkka.  Only heterosexual Black people who are actively engaged in raising families or have the potential and/or likelihood to raise healthy Black families are being targeted.

Think about it.  In almost every story of white-on-Black terrorism and/or murder in the united states of amerikkka over the past decade, all of the Black victims have been obvious heterosexuals.  Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, etc . . .  In many cases, we see the husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends of these individuals emotionally grieving over the loss of their loved ones.  Too often, there are children and spouses left behind to fend for themselves.  And with the explosion of sexual insanity in the Black community and the vulgar, aggressive, and extroverted behavior of the Black “homosexual” community, it is no coincidence that Black “homosexuals” are never the target of police nor general white terrorism.

The 21st Century “homosexual” war against the Black Race significantly intensified after the Million Man March in 1995.  After (2) million Black men converged on Washington, DC and showed how quickly we could put together an army of men, whites decided to intensify the war against the Black family to ensure that this kind of organized manhood could never resurface again.  “Homosexuality” was their primary tool in their war against our racial progression and for our racial genocide.  The following is a brief clip from Sexual Warfare: Black vs. Homos that shows the waging of the homosexual war against the Black Race in the aftermath of the Million Man March of 1995.


What we are witnessing with the recent white terrorist murders by dylann storm roof in Charleston, NC, the murder of Brother Freddie Gray in Baltimore, police assaults on Black families while driving, police terrorism in New York with the “Stop and Frisk,” etc . . . is nothing short of the intensification of the “homosexual” war against Black people.  It appears like generic white racial hatred; but it is more than that.  It’s the Obama(nation) administration genocidal war against Afrikan people with the destruction of the Black family at the core of its mission.  (2) of the current primary tools for the destruction of the Black family are the Effeminization of the Black Male and the promotion of Feminism and Lesbianism.  Because these methods have been extremely effective, but aren’t killing Black people at a fast enough rate to satisfy the white supremacist global genocide mission, whites are systematically lashing out at the heterosexual Black population across the globe.

And of course, Barack Insane Obama(nation) has been the key to suppressing our people’s natural inclination to resist white sexual tyranny.  If any white president would have sponsored this sexual tyranny against our people while simultaneously unleashing the full blunt of white aggression and violence against our people, Black people around the world would have reacted sharply.  But this mulatto has been used to wage a “homosexual” war of genocide on Black people around the Earth and very few Black people have been willing to speak out against his actions.  Here is a video that provides a much more in depth look at the impact that Barack Insane Obama has had on Black people since coming into office – Dear Obama.


The primary point of this discussion is that Black people around the world are missing a central factor in the current white racial assault against our people.  There is a clear and definitive “homosexual” war against heterosexual Black people worldwide.  This war is designed to dysgender our people and turn us into a dysfunctional group of people primed for racial extermination.  whites are using police terrorism, violence, warfare, incarceration, pornography, Black “homosexuals”, pedophilia, mulattoes, GMO’s in our food, hip-hop culture, rape, economic terrorism, sex tourism, organ trafficking, etc . . . to commit genocide against our people.  And the Black targets for this white racial extermination campaign for Afrikan people around the world are Black heterosexuals.

Black heterosexuals must bind together in order to save our Race.  We are becoming less and less in number every day and the ratio of sexually sane, racially committed Black heterosexuals to sexually insane Black victims of the white-sex assault is steadily decreasing.  The time for us to move is now.

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  •   July 26th, 2015 Folake Says:

    I see so many of these websites with all this knowledge and i am searching for something a group anything a rally a meeting i can attend in norCal, i have yet to see one, everything is on the east coast or down south does anyone know of any thing i can connect to???

  •   August 19th, 2015 Davida Roze Says:

    I am so moved and pleased to hear the work that you, Irritated Genie, and others I see are doing to move our people into a position of power. It takes time and extreme effort to move forward, as I know by first hand knowledge the severity of this enemy to stop and destroy us in this great movement for our people. I had to write this, as me and my son just recently came across your work and have been further educated to the severity of these times we are in…it’s no joke…our people are being destroyed before our very eyes, with most of us too blind to see what is really going on. We are in Georgia, but was born and raised in Brooklyn NY…we would love to link up on this journey, if possible…Blessings to you and our family of warriors out there!

  •   August 30th, 2015 admin Says:

    Thank you for your comments. Please come to our launching of the Straight Black Pride Movement Chapter in Atlanta, GA on November 21, 2015. We will have more information regarding the event posted on our event page in the near future.

  •   December 14th, 2015 Kracker Says:

    WOW! Monkey’s can be trained to make a website

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