May 2010 – Harlem, NY “New Pulse of Black Degeneracy”
Posted on May 2nd, 2010


“Modern Day Harlem – The Decline of a Black Nationalist Hub”

Only a few of our most precious remaining elders have the honor of being able to say that they were around during the height of the UNIA.  Some may even have been lucky enough to see The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey in person.  When Garvey and the UNIA marched down the streets of Harlem in the early 1920’s, Black Harlem residents could see that independence and Black Racial ascension was but a short distance away.  We were boldly and proudly marching towards freedom and autonomy.

Around the country, Black people looked at jew-York, and Harlem in particular, as the center of Black decency, resistance, knowledge, and self-respect.  This was our Black Mecca in amerikkka.  Harlem set the trends for clothing, entertainment, and culture for the Black world community.

Arthur Schomburg             The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

In fact, Harlem was home to our greatest Black institutions and Race leaders of that day.  There was the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, which still exists today.  Great men like Lewis Michaux, who owned the most powerful Black bookstore in the country – Michaux’s National Memorial African Bookstore, were inspirations for Afrikans all over this country and the world.  Affectionately known as “The Professor,” Michaux was a major information source for Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam (NOI).  In fact, he was the information source for Black people in amerikkka.  And he came directly out of the Harlem community.

Of course, no one can undercount the influence of one of our greatest orators – Malcolm X, or our longest lasting Black Racial organization – The Nation of Islam (NOI).  The influence of Malcolm X and to an extent The Nation of Islam (NOI), is largely an outgrowth of the greatness of Harlem’s Black community.  Malcolm X was a direct product of Harlem.  And the Nation of Islam’s profound and far-reaching impact on our people was made possible by their strong Black Harlem support base.

Later we had organizations like the Black Liberation Army (BLA), who operated out of the jew-York metropolitan community. With a name like “Black Liberation Army,” we don’t think it’s necessary to expound on the level of commitment that this organization (and others like it) had to fighting white supremacy and the oppression of Afrikan people.

Men like Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, and many others have been educating our Race directly from the traditional hub for Black life and culture, Harlem – NY.  Therefore, it is no surprise that after years of successfully awakening our people, every Wednesday night, from the Slave Theater in Brooklyn, NY, the Harlem community opened its doors to the United Africa Movement (UAM) until 2004.

Our point is this: Historically, Harlem has been the center of Black cultural growth and the pulse of Black rebellion in this country and the world.  Unfortunately, historically is about where we can leave the positive influence that Harlem has had on our people.

If one travels to Harlem today seeking conscious, life-affirming information for nourishment, one will starve, be poisoned, or become an unwitting accomplice to audacious acts of theft from the Black Nationalist community.

Walk down 125th Street in Harlem on any given day and you will experience the following:

Starvation: You can find almost nothing of properly researched,  executed, and packaged professional value that inspires Black people to uplift ourselves and focus our energy on waging war against the white race.  When and if you find a Black Nationalist DVD lecture intended to open the mind of courageous Afrikan people, it will be of poor sound quality presented in inferior packaging.  There is nothing about the quality of the product that suggests that we take liberation seriously.  If the DVD package has a cover insert, the DVD most certainly has no label.  The DVD title has been handwritten by someone with poor penmanship, who has dubbed it and thrown it inside of a case to sell for profit.  If the DVD plays until the end, it is difficult to hear, it clearly misses entire sections of the discussion, and it represents some of the poorest quality in the presentation of life-saving information ever produced.

You have thousands of Black people being introduced to the works of some of our greatest minds and scholars like Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Mr. Neely Fuller, The Master Teacher– Ashra Kwesi, Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad, and others.  Instead of introducing these giants and their word in a manner that would properly respect their time, energy, and contribution to our Race, Negroes on 125th Street peddle filth and degeneracy alongside some of the most life changing information our people have ever had.  By mixing complete and utter filth, with poorly presented life-saving information for Afrikan people, the likelihood is that people either don’t get any useful information at all, or they purchase low-grade products which lead them to devalue the usefulness of Afrikan scholarship entirely.  Either way, our people end up starving.

Being Poisoned: 125th Street has products from every type of quack and degenerate one can imagine.  Do you want a discussion about creepy spirit dialog with drunken lunatics advocating freaky sexual exploits for Afrikan people?  They have it.  Do you want some nut talking about the little green aliens sneaking around committing the crimes against Black people that we would otherwise attribute to white supremacy?  They have it.  Do you want Black female whores advocating sexual exploration of all kind under the guise of Black empowerment?  They have it.  Do you want confusing cracka weirdos providing provocative conspiracy excuses for their global psychopathic white genocide (admittedly, some of these creeps provide interesting and accurate information; but they’re still quacks)?  They have it.  Do you want a 4-hour, really really really really, deep conversation about the metaphysical impact of the outer laden universal impact of the atmospheric chakras in the celestial universal cosmic wound of the intergalactic collective mind of the cosmos?  What?  Yep – they have it.

Our point is that after a Black person finishes consuming the confusion, filth, degeneracy, lunacy, and decay of the misinformation that’s distributed on 125th Street in Harlem, NY, they are no longer useful to our movement.  They are so thoroughly convinced that if we just accept that we are a bunch of “Ni**ers”, – I’m sorry, “Ni**as, and that if we just explore every form of european sexuality known to Afrikans at this time, and if we just learn to read the Medu Neter, that we can be free as a people.

We are very serious when we speak of the promotion of the N-word as some form of Racial rebellion.  Negroes in jew-York, (particularly Harlem) are teaching our people that the N-word is a link to our ancestral past.  They falsely proclaim the Gods of Kemet were called N-words and convince well-intentioned Black men and women to surrender to the most devastating Racial epithet in the history of the world.  They call this process of lies – teaching the knowledge.  These modern-day Zip Koons are miseducating our people in very dangerous and sophisticated ways.  Once an Afrikan believes themselves and their people to be Ni**ers (or however you Negroes who promote the use of this term against our people choose to spell it), he or she cannot respect themselves or our people.  Simply stated, every time we use the N-word, we are saying, “The ku klux klan is right.  Black people have no value.”  Then we go out and mistreat a fellow Afrikan who we believe to be a Nigg**.

The irony is that Black people learned that we had value from our brothers and sisters in Harlem.  Garvey stood on the shoulders of Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Edward Blyden.  He deprecated the use of the N-word,  even replacing it with the term Negro.  From there, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad stood on Garvey’s shoulders and changed the term from Negro to Black.  We learned that we were Gods – not Ni**ers.  Everyone stood on the shoulders of the NOI and moved forward to not only being proud to be Black, but also proud to declare ourselves Afrikans.  And the truth of the matter is that Harlem has been at the core of our Racial progress for almost a century.  Now that we’re supposed to know who we are again, we should be organizing our people worldwide to avoid genocide.

Instead, Negroes in Harlem are spitting in the graves of Garvey, Elijah, and Malcolm.  In 2010, Harlem represents decay and backwardness.  Negroes are standing on the corner quoting out of the King James(pedophile and homosexual rapist of young boys) Bible, promising to kill Black women.

Vendors are selling Dr. Bobby Wright and Dr. Chancellor Williams DVD’s right next to Black “Nationalistic-styled” pornography products like Alexyss K. Taylor.  Dr. Williams would be infuriated to see his landmark writings and the complementary discussions grouped alongside Black pornographic filth.  This shows no respect for our ancestors whatsoever.

Accomplices to Theft: A Negro commonly referred to as “Saa Neter,” who owns a vendor stand directly across the street from the Apollo Theatre, routinely steals the work of living, breathing, Afrikan Nationalists who have dedicated their lives and sacrificed great economic opportunities to awaken our people.  As recently as 2 weeks ago, we visited his stand and saw him unethically selling bootlegged copies of “The Effeminization of the Black Male.” This is War on the Horizon’s most popular DVD.  The person who profited the most from it is someone who did absolutely nothing to produce it.  He not only makes a living as a direct reseller of pirated Afrikan Nationalist material; this thief actually wholesales our work to resellers around the country.  Saa Neter has a long history of stealing from other people and organizations like:

Ashra and Merira Kwesi of KemetNu Productions
Dr. Amos Wilson
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Dr. John Henrik Clarke
Dr. Llaila Afrika
Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan
Positive Kemetic Visions
Tony Browder

. . .  and countless others.  This unapologetic Negro is a cancer in the Black Nationalist community.  Located in Harlem, the traditional center of the intellectual Black Power movement, he brings a criminality and a lowlifetedness to our movement largely unprecedented.  He steals and resells every media product that he reasons he can profit from, regardless of its value to the Black community.  So, he sells white conspiracy theorists talking about green aliens from Mars being the true racists oppressing Black people directly next to The Effeminization of the Black Male.    He sells Bobby Hemmitt, metaphysical freakishness, next to Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.  He sells stolen “Negro Preacher Ray Hagin” material next to Ashra Kwesi – The Master Teacher.

In this way, he intensely devalues the work of the most important educators in our community.  He systematically prevents the best of our educators from reaping the financial benefits of their own labor.  Essentially, he has reduced Afrikan Nationalist speakers to modern day economic slaves.  We spend our entire lives working to enlighten and reawaken our people.  We sacrifice the millions of dollars we could be making in corporate amerikkka, in exchange for doing the work that we love – saving our people.  We do the work; Saa Neter and his cronies get paid.  We give our people the best we have to offer, – only to be rewarded with stupid, imbecilic, arguments about how free information is.

Black people pay for CNN.  We pay for the Newspaper.  We pay for pornographic magazines, strip clubs, alcohol, expensive sneakers, clothes, cars, pocket books, and various other personal items.  We  pay whatever the price is for these items.  And we respect the process.  We value something, pay the owner for the trade, and leave humbly with the product we desired.  But in the case of life-changing Black Nationalist media, the Nationalist is expected to work for free.  Every one else works 40 hours per week expecting to be paid on time every 2 weeks.  Yet, we are expected to be honored by people who “love our work so much that they steal and profit from it.  Only the thief may be properly compensated for the work of the Nationalist.  This is some bizarre new form of Black-on-Black slavery.

The worst part about this new world of Afrikan degeneracy is that it is systematically training our people to become criminals.  Decent, hardworking, well-intentioned brothers and sisters get drawn into the process of a criminal enterprise that is keeping them enslaved.  Saa Neter and others surreptitiously steal our work and provide financial incentives to those who support them in their endeavor.  They mass duplicate stolen work that cost them almost nothing to produce, encourage young brothers to open stands for resell, and supply them with media to sell for profit.  The brothers selling the work are so happy to be able to make a “decent” living by sharing information with our people that they do it happily.  However, they are never told how the people they are stealing from feel about the situation.  They become unwitting accomplices in crimes against their own beloved brothers and sisters.

In addition to sponsoring theft from the perspective of a merchant (white, so-called jew-like behavior), the thief also enlists the consumer’s support.  Totally oblivious to the situation, brothers and sisters go to a stand on 125th Street in Harlem, NY searching for truth.  After browsing through a veritable cornucopia of media products, they eventually stumble upon a stolen product they find of interest.  It is poorly packaged and barely functional.  The Black consumer purchases it for $10.00 – $20.00.  They watch it and love it, but have no other way to get more acquainted with the producer of the work except to go back to the Negro who sold the stolen merchandise to them in the first place.  The consumer has now become an information hostage to the thief pushing the information.  The thief will only sell products that don’t expose his criminality and he never honestly attempts to forge business relationships with producers of the material.  His object is not to share good information.  His object is to push product.  These Negro thieves operate like Black Nationalist crack dealers.  They steal product, then flip it on the streets at severely reduced prices with the intent of making as much profit as possible.  Then they branch out and wholesale the product nationally.  So Harlem, NY becomes the distribution center for stolen Black Nationalist products across this country.  It is by this process that our people become accomplices to theft and crime against their own Race.

By the time a brother or sister sees the authentic product at reasonable prices, they get offended.  They know they can get that hot information off the street corner for almost nothing.  They care nothing about the prospect of rewarding the creator so that they can produce more work.  They care nothing about the man like Dr. John Henrik Clarke who went blind because he couldn’t make enough money off of his work to pay for cataract surgery.  Why?  Bootleggers/thieves care nothing about Dr. Ben who spends most of his days alone in Harlem, NY.  In his older age, he has not properly benefited from the work he has done for our people.  Instead, the thieves benefit.  They care nothing about the reputation of people like Ashra and Merira Kwesi who have singlehandedly raised the standard of quality for lectures and DVD productions in the Black Nationalist community.  These people spend their entire lives perfecting their craft to have thieving degenerates rob them of every cent they’ve rightfully earned.

Bro. Omo Ile Ife Sa Ra Ukulukulu of
His website steals Ashra Kwesi DVD’s and others and sells them for $7.50/DVD.
For proof, go to his DVD Page from the link above and download his lecture list.  This is criminal.

The criminals of Harlem have planted their feet firmly in the way of our Racial progress.  When Garvey formed the UNIA in the early 1900’s, men like J.A.  Rogers and Carter G. Woodson were on the scene.  They were rediscovering the rich and vast history of Afrikan people and reawakening our minds.  In order to support their work and raise the consciousness of Afrikan people, the UNIA raised money to invite these men and women in to lecture, teach, and share their information.  Never did anyone request they do it for free.

This created a taste for Nationalism and a desire for productive, useful information in the Black community.  It also launched a consciousness movement that led to the Black Power Movement decades later.  With the current wave of criminality in the Black consciousness movement, many scholars, teachers, and educators are being discouraged from continuing this crucial work.  Why teach people who only want to insult you and steal from you?

This degenerate, Harlem-based, criminal movement is creating a climate in which many Black people will be injured and/or killed unnecessarily.  When criminality sweeps over a group of people, it takes stern, aggressive, Black manhood and Black law to bring the community back to order.  This means that many of the innocent brothers and sisters who’ve been conned into stealing from themselves and their own future, will be the ones on the forefront fighting the physical battle to resist law and order in the Afrikan community.  Under the guise of “keeping it real,” Black pawns are put on the front lines to fight a battle that most don’t even benefit from.  The architect of the system consistently reminds the pawns that he “opened the door to their consciousness.”  Appreciating the thief for that, the pawn takes the thief’s position in every ensuing conflict.  Eventually, like most cowards, the thief pits the strong but misguided people in our community against the law enforcers.  Innocent people are hurt and confusion is maximized.  No one wins except the criminal who eventually moves on to the next lucrative endeavor that presents itself without any consideration for the destroyed lives they left behind.

We at War on the Horizon (WOH) urge the Harlem community to test this discussion out for yourself.  Walk 125th Street and look at the tables for yourself.  While you’re browsing, consider the amount of space-aged metaphysical nonsense you see.  Pay close attention the number of sexually explicit, pseudo Nationalist, lectures you see.  Compare the quality of the DVD’s to Blockbuster.  Better yet, purchase a real DVD from KemetNu Productions or War on the Horizon and compare the original to the stolen product.

Pay attention to the deals these thieves give you on the price of their stolen merchandise from the Black Nationalist community.  Ask the vendors if they have permission to sell these products.  Observe many of these common criminals turn from being friendly “community activists,” into defensive thieves, finally into major proponents of the “N-word.”

If the situation impacted the bottom line of only our organization, this would be a very personal and explosive conflict.  But this is much bigger than War on the Horizon.  We do not believe in the enslavement of Black people on any level.  whites kidnapped us from Afrika, worked us to death for centuries, and continue to reap the benefits of our hard labor.  We didn’t agree with it when they did it – we don’t agree with it when Negroes do it.  The bottom line is that the wrong type of people, with the wrong type of character, are promoting the wrong type of information to our people.  We need Garvey, Elijah, and Khallid – not Bobby, Alexsyss, and Icke.

This is a challenge to New York City’s Black community in general and the Harlem community in particular.  You used to represent the best Black amerikkka had to offer.  Now, your city has become a cancer to the proper awakening of the Afrikan mind.  It is your responsibility to take aggressive steps to resolve this situation.  If you consider yourself an activist, you cannot sit idly by refusing to act.  Demand that this madness cease.  And if you cannot make the vendors stop promoting filth as Nationalism and stealing from the Black Nationalist community vanguards, at least make it clear that you are against what’s happening.  Do this in a very mature and public way.  This is important, as the life of this way of conducting business will soon end.  It would be best if it ends with a collective movement of decent Black people who demand accountability from members of our community and who won’t tolerate poor character in leadership and/or other important positions.

For the record, this unethical, immoral, dishonest, and wayward manner of conducting business in the Afrkian community will be brought to order by “Any Means Necessary.”  Malcolm X, (Son of Harlem)


We’ll See You on the Battlefield,


The Irritated Genie of Soufeese

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  •   May 3rd, 2010 Bro. Corey(Cincinnati) Says:

    Well Put!!! I’ve noticed this problem first hand being that i consider myself a traveling brother…Ive been on 125th st. on a couple of ocassions and noticed a myriad of vendors selling the same media that i get directly from the the sites of the bro’s and sis’s doing the lectures and its always at a price thats dirt cheap and obviously offensive to the real owner of the material.I whole-heartedly agree with the poor packaging,poor sound quality, and poor shelf presentation(Not to mention self promoting Intros as if its their material)..These “Neo-Negroes” have moved their husle to the internet by creating online “bootleg stands” and off the street corner which makes it even worse.I Heard Dr Claud Anderson say in one of his lectures that the information highway will only “hurt blacks”. Because we dont produce anything to move up and down this new technology we call the web…This stands true cause the ones who are producing the information are not profitting from their work and grow weary about passing the baton on to the youth who only show them that their legacy will be stolen from whichs ends up hurting us all in the end..Only the New “Millenium pimps”,and conscious degenerates who claim to be enlightening our people profit from the tireless work, which in my eyes makes them like the over seer on the plantation who ate just a lil bit better than the slaves who actually were out in the field doing the manual labor..I asked the “Master Teacher” at a Baltimore lecture in Dec.(2009) Why he hadnt written a book covering all the knowledge he’d been waking our people up with over the years. and he replied simply by saying “Negroes dont read” and it wouldnt be proffitable.Judging by how many negroes are stealing and bootlegging his work, i totally agree..why read when i can pay $7.50, get a bootleg copy of Bobby Hemmit(Aset’s Vagina hairs)and Phil Valentines(Great Space Adventures) Wierdo A**’s , smoke a blunt and get spooked out for 4-5 hours and sober up and be non self respecting negro,drug dealer again, Its a shame how the “conscious community” and Harlem in patricular is watering down TRUE nationalism…I know Marcus Garvey, John H. Clarke, Malcolm X, Khallid etc. are are sadly weeping at our condition right now…Black Brothers and Sisters we have to go back to being a righteous, upright, people..Stop emulating Cracka behavior by stealing from one another(esspecially the Elders)…RACE FIRST!!!

  •   May 3rd, 2010 Bro. Corey(Cincinnati) Says:

    …Also its obvious this Bro. Ukulukulu@( a Neo Negro, cause he’s part of the Afrikan “European” Village that officer Ray “Pastor Pork chop, Buckdancing, foot shuffling, Closet Christian” Fakins Started…

  •   May 3rd, 2010 Olatunji Mwamba Says:

    Excellent article. It depicts, in great detail why we are losing and what we must do, in order to win. First things first, we must bring integrity (Ma’at) back to our Black Liberation movement. Baba Olatunji

  •   May 3rd, 2010 kmaakheru Says:

    There has always been those among us who sought to profit from the struggle to short-cut their way to individual betterment. The collective progress of Afrikans is outside their comprehension or caring. Only when we, as a people, rise to the level of dealing with them from a revolutionary and codified consciousness will this behavior cease.To talk about such behavior is necessary, but must be seen simply as oral passivity.

  •   May 10th, 2010 Keshawn Slaves Says:

    After experiencing Harlem in the safety of one of our tours, you will have a new perspective and lasting memories. Keshawn Slaves

  •   May 20th, 2010 Haki Ammi Says:

    Appreciate this article very much. Been busy doing this Baruti peice. I appreciate Brotha Cory’s peice. At one time, Bro. Genie and a few others had a discussion about presenting in New York. I have come to the conclusion that we are doing right well where we are. I think that the Jewish Culture of Jew York creates the culture of the slaves. It is Jewish Culture that wants to sell everything. Read the Protocols of Zion. I believe it was in there of which europeans spoke about how the Jews would come into their communities and break them up by selling things or selling everything. This caused european communities to be destablized. The other europeans were not able to make a iving. So the Jews are always the interloper.

  •   October 3rd, 2010 makaba Says:

    I heard about on WURD on oct3,2010, a radio program and sone onefrom our organisation was a guest on the show, I am a grand mother and a mother of oung daughters who are mothers, their ages 26, and 27 years old, my children will not listen to me,I was a single mother, and I went to the so called church for support, and they did not give me any suopprt. Iwas a working mothe, but when I got sick, or had an accident,or lost my job they would mot help me to save our home, we be came homeless, and in these shelters,they take control of our children, this is where and how I lodst control of my children, my children are not cought up with degenerate men, and one of my grand children have already been sexually assulated,by their grandmother’s boy friend, the children are nolonger in their care but this man is still at large,the children are in another state, I am very prayerful, and God is with me, he delivered my gtand children, and he is a just God, I use to wonder why no blsck leaders was speaking out about homosexuals,was comparing them selves with us and our plight, they are an abomination, and no black leaders or organization came out and defended our history, but they are including them well known black leaders are supporting this abomination, and politicans, I have since learned that the New Birth church was founded by a homosexual, Dr,Samuels , the founder of Victory World Church,in Stone Mouontain Ga, In Atlanta their is a large Progressive Movement that supports this agenda and they are black, as you said well known people in our communities, famous radio hosts in philadelphia, and a female in atlanta this is a disgrace, This is just the tip of the iceburg, they have Monique, and the windy show in fact Bet really needs to be off of the air, they are infecting the minds of our young people, I would be happy to support you when I can and I will be lifting you all up in prayers, I llive off of the promises of The word and I have seen the manisfestation of the Word in my own life, Deut chapter 18 gives us the moral laws, I am not a christain I am spiritual, hold to the scriptures,which have proved to be true in my life and is my strenght, I will pass this imformation on, But most people are blind the are deaf and dumb, they are spiritually blind and they want these homosexual religious leaders so that they can justifly, their oun illmoral life style, every one will not be saved but their will be some, who will be save from this ilmoral Death Life Style, Thank you for all that you are doing, we are living in a time of the infestation of Evil

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