Jan 2016 – Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: – Why Does the LGBT Community Hate Her?
Posted on January 1st, 2016

Dr Frances Cress Welsing 9(March 18, 1935 – January 2, 2016)


Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
‘white Supremacy’s Nightmare’

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was one of the most important Black women to live in the 20th & 21st Century.  Her scholarship and contributions to the intellectual capital of the Black collective psyche cannot be understated.  In fact, in conjunction with the insight from her teacher Neely Fuller, her work may be as responsible for the eventual destruction of white power and authority on planet Earth as any other Black intellectual of her time.

To understand her importance, we must travel back to the time of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the UNIA.  Brother Garvey laid out the road map for independent Black institution building in the 20th Century.  In doing so, he combined organized security infrastructure with intellectual prowess with sophisticated propaganda with economic development to build the largest Black empowerment movement in the history of the Western Hemisphere.  And out of his philosophies and work were developed different avenues for Racially responsible Black men, women, and children to pursue.  Among these pursuits were economic development, entertainment, military, politics, social development, and even education.

It is out of this intellectual soil that a Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was born.  She received her Medical Doctor’s degree (MD) from Howard University in 1962.  She went on to become a licensed Doctor of Psychiatry treating Black people for psychological trauma caused by racism white supremacy.  An inquisitive college graduate with an MD from Howard University, Dr. Welsing met a local Black genius named Neely Fuller in 1969.  She was astounded by his way of thinking and the fact that he described racism as a “system.”  This fascinated Dr. Welsing and she developed a long term intellectual relationship with Mr. Fuller.  Fuller also stated that the only functional form of racism on planet Earth was white supremacy.   Dr. Welsing saw the wisdom in this interpretation and later coined the term ‘racism white supremacy’ in order to express this point verbally.


Dr Frances Cress Welsing & Neely Fuller


While Mr. Neely Fuller focused on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what racism white supremacy is and how it works, Dr. Welsing developed another interest.  She asked the question “why did whites create and maintain the system of racism white supremacy?”  In her estimation, unless Black people understood why the white race was determined to abuse and keep Black people from developing power, we would never be fully able to destroy the system of racism white supremacy.



In this spirit, Dr. Welsing set forth to uncover the psychological profile of the white racist mind.  In her unending search for truth, she was able to uncover a number of subliminal psychological realities that she shared with the Afrikan world community.  While at Howard University, she published a paper called, “The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation (1974).”  In this essay, she theorized that whites hate Black people out of a severe, subliminal sense of racial inferiority and inadequacy.  To read this essay click this link:


Cress Theory of Color Confrontation 1


In the Black pseudo-intellectual environment of the early 1970’s, this essay was explosive!  It caused a great deal of anxiety in the Domesticated Negro intellectual community.  How could this Black woman have the audacity to write about the white race in this way?  She had no army, no support-group, and no financial backing – only truth and courage on her side.  Many of her Black intellectual peers distanced themselves from her.  However, the brave scholars embraced her essay and began using it to teach Black students around the country.

By 1991, Dr. Welsing had enough years of researching and developing her theories that she released her first book, Isis Papers – The Keys to the Colors.  This book sent shock waves throughout the Black world community, but particularly here in the united states of amerikkka.  Her theories on white racism were revolutionary to say the least.  She concluded that whites operated out of a deep “subconscious fear of genetic annihilation.”   She supported her ideas by showing how their “ball games” were subconscious attempts to act out their sense of genetic inferiority to Black men.  Most of the masculine/aggressive sports (like football and basketball) involve a large Black or brown ball; while most of the non-physical sports (like ping pong and golf) involve small white balls.  She theorized that the large dark balls represented the Black man’s genetic dominance and the small white balls represented the white male’s genetic inferiority.  Since the Black gene is dominant and the white gene is recessive, she concluded that whites were deeply concerned that if the Black man ever achieved power and the capacity to enforce sexual intercourse on white females on a global scale, that this would eliminate the white race.  According to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s book, this is the primary motivating factor in white racism on planet Earth.


Isis Papers 1


In 1994, she had one of the most classic racial debates in amerikkkan history.  She debated a european scholar named william shockley who was nationally know for promoting his ideas of white superiority and Black inferiority.  The debate took place on a program called, “Tony Brown’s Journal.”


During the course of this interview, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing totally intellectually dominated and systematically destroyed shockley’s arguments of white superiority and Black inferiority.  This was one of the most significant battles on the racial front of the 1970’s.  Dr. Frances Cress Welsing almost single handedly destroyed william shockley’s momentum and simultaneously established herself as the “expert” in regards to analyzing issues regarding race relations.


Dr Frances Cress Welsing 3
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing


Since the 1970’s, Dr. Welsing religiously spent her days and nights teaching Black people about the system of racism white supremacy all across amerikkka.  For over a decade, she spent one Thursday out of each month (from September through June) doing a free communiversity lecture/class discussing racism white supremacy at Howard University.  Many of the active members of the Afrikancentered community spent years studying under her tutelage and have incorporated her wisdom into their community work and their public discourse.

In fact, it is reasonable to state that Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s knowledge and wisdom have become a core ingredient in serious Black intellectual thought since the 1970’s.  The great scholars and teachers such as Baba Mwalimu Baruti and the Master Teacher – Ashra Kwesi make reference to her influence in their work.  Her philosophies are clearly evident in the language system and thought patterns of the entire War on the Horizon (WOH) family, to include the Afrikan Insurrektion Muzik (A.I.M.) collective.  Along with the work of Neely Fuller, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has done more to shape an intellectual understanding of what the system of racism white supremacy is and how it works than anyone else on the planet.

Dr Frances Cress Welsing 10 - Mayasa


This is just a brief background of our Queen Mother’s great contributions to our Race.  And it is the responsibility of all of us who claim to be Afrikancentered to protect her legacy and ensure continuity of her wisdom for future generations.  With that said, it is critical that we deal with the negative attacks on her scholarship that immediately proceeded her passing.  Less than (8) hours after Dr. Welsing’s transition, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) assault against her legacy began.  Black homosexuals flocked to social media to discredit her scholarship.  They called her the infamous B-word and excoriated her for not supporting homosexuality.  Even the promosexual Marc Lamont Hill injected his support for those undermining her legacy.  Hill agreed with the open homosexuals that Dr. Welsing’s open support for healthy, committed Black male/female relationships and her characterization of homosexuality as a white supremacist weapon against strong Black manhood was a basis for criticizing her work – and therefore her legacy.  As a major media personality, Marc Lamont Hill’s blatant disrespect and assault of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing cannot be understated.  He had more than ample opportunity to challenge our Queen Mother if he was so inclined.  He had years of media time to express his disagreement with her positions while she was physically alive.  Instead, like the cowardly promosexual he is, he waited until she physically passed to share his criticism of her work.  The following video clip shows just how blatant and disrespectful Marc Lamont Hill and other random LGBT’ers were to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s legacy:


If this were merely a case of a closeted homosexual/promosexual being disgruntled due to Dr. Welsing’s strong position against homosexuality, we might be inclined to ignore this attack.  However, this is not a thoughtless, innocent, individual assault on her scholarship.  Rather, there is an organized assault on the Afrikan mind coming from every direction we can imagine.  Most importantly, the LGBT are in an all-out war to invade and overthrow the Africancentered intellectual and activist community to redefine what it means to be Afrikan.  These militant homosexuals view Dr. Welsing’s passing as an opportunity to destroy her life’s work.  Welsing laid a solid intellectual foundation for Black people defining our adversarial relationship with europeans in such a way that characterizes whites and Black people as clear enemies.  By discrediting Dr. Welsing’s argument that whites and Black people are in an adversarial war for power, homosexuals intend to dismiss the notions that white sexual culture, namely homosexuality, are a tool in the arsenal of the white supremacists.  For the logic follows that if there is not an adversarial white racial war against Black survival, then homosexuality cannot be a weapon in a war that does not exist.  By attacking Dr. Welsing’s work in this way, the Black LGBT is fighting the white supremacist’s (william shockley) war from the inside.  Where shockley failed due to Dr. Welsing’s intellectual superiority, the Black LGBT intends to win by presenting themselves as concerned members of the Black community seeking “equality” and “tolerance,” while simultaneously attacking the legacy of Dr. Welsing in her grave.

Dr Frances Cress Welsing 11 - william shockley


To further confuse our people, the Black pseudo-intellectual homosexuals who have invaded and control the Afrikan and Afrikan-American history departments at most HBCU’s are supporting the argument that homosexuality is a natural part of Afrikan culture.  Dr. Welsing definitively stated the opposite in her Isis Papers – The Keys to the Colors.  Let’s examine a few quotes from her book:

Chapter: The Politics Behind Black Male Passivity, Effeminization, Bisexuality, and Homosexuality (August 1974)

Black male passivity, effeminization, bisexuality, and homosexuality are being encountered increasingly by Black psychiatrists work with Black patient populations.  These issues are being presented by family members, personnel working in schools and other social institutions or by Black men themselves.  Many in the Black population are reaching the conclusion that such issues have become a problem of epidemic proportion amongst Black people in the U.S., although it was an almost nonexistent behavioral phenomenon amongst indigenous Blacks in Africa. 

Isis Papers, Welsing, p. 81


All Black people are oppressed.  I emphasize here that Black men are oppressed because ultimately, it is male muscle mass that oppress a people, and only male muscle mass has the potential for achieving liberation.  If the men of a people are oppressed, the women are brought under oppression – as they are dependent on their men for protection and defense.  Women do not have the muscle mass to liberate a people and protect the young.  Women develop the young, but their men must provide the protection and the security apparatus.

Isis Papers, Welsing, p. 83 – 84


. . . .  Black male bisexuality and homosexuality has been used by the white collective in its effort to survive genetically in a world dominated by colored people, and Black acceptance of this imposition does not solve the major problem of our oppression but only further retards its ultimate solution.

Isis Papers, Welsing, p. 92


This brief, yet powerful collection of a few quotes from Dr. Welsing’s book gives us the key to why the LGBT community hates her work.  She makes a solid case, in no uncertain terms, that homosexuality is a tool in the weapons arsenal of white supremacy to destroy Black manhood which is necessary to bring about liberation for Afrikan people.  Her work is one of the most well-respected and widely-circulated resources in the Black conscious world community.  Her book, along with the The Destruction of Black Civilization by Dr. Chancellor Williams are cornerstones in Black intellectual collective consciousness.  If either or both of these books are removed from the collective consciousness of our people, we will likely be destroyed through miscegenation (racial mixing) and/or white-sex (homosexuality and pedophilia).

The organized, intellectual, homosexual vanguard (made up of Black and white professionals) who have invaded the intellectual space in groups like ASCAC, the Howard University Afro-American Studies Department and History Department, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Uhuru Movement, and most other intellectual/community-based “Black” movements understand that in order to get our people to fully accept homosexual perversion as normal, they must destroy the vanguard for Afrikan culture and self-identity.  Dr. Welsing is a key figure in the war for Afrikan minds and the homosexuals are out to destroy her legacy so that her wisdom on the homosexual war against our people will not be adequately passed on. 

Pro. James Small Speaks Against Homosexual Invasion of ASCAC & the Afrikan Consciousness Movement


Promosexuals like Marc Lamont Hill, Yvette Carnell (who is a frequent guest on Brother Boyce Watkins’ program), and many other promosexuals used their voices to attack a deceased Ancestral Giant before her body was laid to rest.  There was no period of mourning, celebration, reflection, etc . . . – just an organized LGBT attack on her legacy.

Marc Lamont Hill 3
Marc Lamont Hill


Yvette Carnell 1
Yvette Carnell


Despite the LGBT perverted attempts to attack the legacy of our Sister, the masses of Black people have had nothing but respectful and constructive things to say about Dr. Welsing’s life and work.  In fact, Carl Nelson had an entire radio program dedicated to the memory and legacy of this Racial Giant.  Among those who expressed their love and appreciation for her great work were, Dick Gregory, Neely Fuller, Minister Farrakhan, Dr. Patricia Newton, James Small, Umar Johnson, and many others.  It is worth listening to:

Pay particular attention to what Dr. Umar Johnson has to say (1:33:30 – 1:42:10).  This is the crux of why the LGBT has taken it upon themselves to undermine our Sister’s legacy in order to promote their filthy sexual interests.  She never apologized for her positions and she stood firm in her convictions to fight the system of racism white supremacy in order to produce a system of justice on planet Earth.

Please listen to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing in her own words and make the decision to fight to preserve her legacy.



Dr. Frances Cress Welsing is truly our modern day Goddess Aset.  She came to this world to collect the scattered pieces of our Afrikan consciousness and put them back together again so that we can organize ourselves to go to battle with our evil white enemies.  Remember, even Heru lost one eye his legendary battle against Set; but he persevered to the end because he had to restore his mother to her rightful place on the Queen’s throne.  We will face adversity and hardships in this war against white supremacy; but we must not lose sight of the fact that we will win this battle and restore this planet to a condition where the Black woman will once again be revered as the Queen of Planet Earth, the Mother of Civilization, and the Goddess of the Universe.



Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Tribute 1




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    The epidemic of the feminization of the Black male is so true. I just retired from teaching High school. The number of homosexual boys and girls is astounding. I notice the boys started dying their hair blonde I would tell them get it out of your hair. Then the pants started to get tight with the elastic bands around the ankles. These things are apart of the effeminization of our boys. Thank you Dr. Welsing you have given us the code to fight this if we have the courage like her to express it

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