Jul 2016 – Free West Papua from Asiatic Indonesian Genocide
Posted on July 1st, 2016

Free West Papua 2016

Afrikan People – Let’s Stop the Genocide!

          West Papua 1 - Brother murdered by Indonesian troopsAsiatic Islamic Indonesian Military Butchering a Black Man in West Papua


In 2016, Afrikan people in West Papua (an island in the South Pacific attached to Papua New Guinea) are being systematically exterminated by the Indonesian military.  The Indonesian government is exploiting the island for its wealth.  West Papua has the largest gold mines in the world, in addition to natural gas and plenty of other desired natural resources.  In order to gain unrestricted access to these resources, the Islamic military of Indonesia is committing systematic genocide of our people.  If Afrikans around the world do not step in and prevent this genocide, our West Papuan Brothers and Sisters will be exterminated in less than (30) years.

Our Brothers and Sisters on this island are proud, productive Afrikan people who are willing to fight for their freedom and independence.  However, in order to do so successfully, they need assistance from Afrikans worldwide.  Their homemade military instruments are no match for the automatic weaponry utilized by the Indonesian military.  Our Brothers and Sisters are being humiliated, raped, beaten, tortured, butchered, and murdered on a daily basis.  They are resisting the best they can; however, they desperately need assistance from the global Afrikan family in order to run the Indonesian military off of this island.  Pictures of a few of the atrocities are shown below:


West Papua 1 - Sister raped & murdered by Indonesian troops

West Papua 3 - Brother tortured by Indonesian troops

West Papua 8 - Indonesian troops

West Papua 13 - Black man tortured by Indonesian troops

West Papua 22 - mass grave by Indonesian troops#FreeWestPapua

We know that these pictures are graphic; however, we believe it’s important to show our people worldwide what is happening to our Brothers and Sisters in West Papua.  They are fighting one of the most violent groups of Islamic Muslim Extremists/Terrorist Groups in the world.  And if these blatant acts of barbarism don’t represent Islamic Extremism at its worse, we don’t know what does.

In order to understand the situation in West Papua a little better, we will share a brief history lesson on the region written by Juliet Lopez London of the #FreeWestPapua group, Eva Jones, and Ama X:

The current reality in West Papua is a very sad and depressing truth.  It is an all too familiar tale of the war on, and against Black people and Black communities across the globe.  One of the world’s most intense Racial wars is being waged against Melanesian Afrikan descendants in the South Pacific – the indigenous people of West Papua.  The open genocide of our people in West Papua, confirmed by human rights organizations, independent investigators, and Black scholars alike, has continuously been concealed from the public by those who seek to gain from the death, destruction, theft of resources, land grabs and some of the most heinous atrocities and acts of violence committed against Afrikans on the planet. 

The history of West Papuan Melanesians (Afrikan descendants living on the islands of the South Pacific) is that they were the first to leave in a large migration from Africa over 50,000 years ago.  Since arriving on the island of West Papua, they have lived in total peace and at one with nature – that is until they were invaded and colonized by the Dutch in 1898.  Many were also enslaved in Australia.  The English colonized Papua New Guinea and handed over administrative control to the Australian Government who annexed the island.  Then, in a terrible twist of fate, a geological survey conducted just before the end of World War II (WW2), uncovered an abundance of rich mineral deposits and resources such as gold, silver, copper, oil and natural liquid gas.  West Papua proved to be the largest gold mine in the world, which ultimately sealed the deal for colonization, and distanced the West Papuans from their desire for self-determination and self-rule on their ancestral land.
The modern problem for West Papuans began after WW2, when Indonesia declared independence and felt that their newly formed territory should include West Papua.  At that time the Dutch were ruling West Papua and they disagreed with Indonesia’s rule in the region on the basis that the West Papuan people were ethnically and culturally different to Indonesians and that Papuans had inhabited the region for over 42,000 years.  Conflict ensued between Indonesia and the Netherlands (the Dutch) over the region until Robert Kennedy (United States Senator & Brother of the President) got both countries to agree to negotiations.  The Netherlands eventually handed the region over to the United Nations (The New York Agreement) with the agreement that West Papua would pass to Indonesian rule, after which the Papuans would have the right to vote whether they remained under Indonesia or wanted to be an independent nation.  In 1969, with UN officials present, the Indonesian authorities hand picked 1,026 of the 800,000 Papuans and forced them to vote to remain under Indonesian rule.  These West Papuans were forced into this vote at gunpoint by Indonesian soldiers.  Since this rigged vote, the West Papuan people have fought to have their land and freedom returned to them.  However, their calls for freedom and independence have resulted in them being lynched, tortured, raped and murdered.  It is estimated that over 500,000 innocent Black West Papuan men, women and children have been illegally killed by Indonesia’s military soldiers.  Visual evidence of massacres of West Papuans is readily available on the Internet for all to see.  


West Papua 11 - Black man butchered


West Papua 14 - Black teenager murdered by Indonesian troops


West Papua 7 - butchering by Indonesian troops


West Papua 6 - disembowing by Indonesian troops#FreeWestPapua


A freedom fighter for his people, the Honorable Benny Wenda, founder of the Free West Papua Campaign in the United Kingdom (UK) and International Spokesman for the United Liberation Movement (ULM) for West Papua, has brought the plight of West Papua to the world stage despite a 56-year media ban imposed on the region by Jakarta (Capital City of Indonesia).  Brother Wenda is the Chief of the largest tribe on the island of West Papua.  After Benny was falsely arrested, illegally imprisoned, and tortured by the Indonesian military, he miraculously  escaped and took refuge as a political in exile in the UK.  However, Benny would not leave his people to suffer; rather he vowed to do everything within his power to bring his people out of oppression and suffering.  As soon as Brother Benny arrived in England, he set about the work of raising national and international awareness of the horror being perpetrated against the West Papuans by their illegal invaders – Indonesia. 


West Papua 5The Honorable Benny Wenda (Top Left of the Picture)


The situation in West Papua has now reached a critical point.  Recently more than 590 Black West Papuans were arrested for peacefully protesting against the continued violation of their human rights.  The Indonesian military has increased its attacks on Indigenous Black Papuans for simply engaging in peaceful protests. 


West Papua 12


West Papua 15


West Papua 16


West Papua 9#FreeWestPapua


On June 1, 2016 Chief Benny Wenda reported that thousands of Black West Papuans took to the streets to make a desperate plea for assistance from African, Caribbean, South Pacific, and Afrikan dignitaries attending the summit in Ports Moresby, Papua New Guinea.  This summit was of vital importance to West Papuans as it was a crucial  opportunity to call for help from their Black Brothers and Sisters across the shores in America, England, Africa and the Caribbean.  Papuan protesters carried large banners which read, ‘Pan Africa We Need Your Help!’  The desperation and determination by West Papuans to get their message out to the Black Diaspora is being monitored closely by the Indonesian government who has imposed a ban on the press so that no one outside of West Papua can see the atrocities they are committing.   The Islamic Indonesian government does not want the eyes of the Afrikan world to witness the brutality and terrorism this Muslim country is inflicting on Black people.  It is likely the absolute worst example of Muslim extremism and Islamic terrorism in the world today.  Asiatic Indonesian armies are slaughtering our people every day in order to seize their land; and they are doing it in the name of Allah.  


Islam in Indonesia 1


Islam in Indonesia 3#FreeWestPapua

Peaceful Papuan protests are routinely interrupted by heavily armed Indonesian soldiers who break up and disburse demonstrators.  The recent summit saw some 70 innocent Papuans unlawfully arrested, forced into military trucks and taken to prison.  To date they are still behind bars and are likely to be tortured and killed like so many other West Papuan political prisoners.


West Papua 27 - Brother in prison#FreeWestPapua


Additionally, the  Indonesian Government’s Transmigration Program, along with  its continuing atrocities against Papuans, and in combination with other factors has caused the Papuan population to fall dramatically.  The Transmigration policy allows people from different Racial/ethnic groups to immigrate and get job opportunities in West Papua, while the indigenous residents are systematically being blocked out of the society.  Recent studies show that Black West Papuans are on the verge of becoming a minority in West Papua.  The piercing racism, apartheid, slavery, child killing, sickness, disease, cultural warfare (promotion of pornography/homosexuality/pedophilia) and low birth rates are making life unsustainable for the Black people in West Papua.  And our Papuan Brothers and Sisters are acutely aware that if the present situation continues they will be eradicated. 
Today the West Papuan people demand a referendum that is overseen by international officials to ensure it is administered fairly.  They also call for the right to self-determination and for Indonesia to leave West Papua for good.  West Papuans are Black Afrikan Melanesians who demand to be recognized as such and to become a full-fledged member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.  And with the support of the Global Afrikan community, we are confident that West Papua will avert genocide of its Afrikan inhabitants, declare its independence and prosper under its own independent Melanesian rule. 
Black people worldwide, please support Benny Wenda in his fight for the freedom and justice for the Black West Papuan people. (Www.bennywenda.org) (www.freewestpapua.org
By Eve Jones, Juliet Lopez & Ama X (with edits by War on the Horizon (WOH))


Here are some of the companies and countries supporting the Asiatic Muslim Indonesian military genocide of our people in West Papua.

West Papua 15 - companies investing in West Papua genocide

Here is a video of what is occurring every single day to the freedom fighters and independence seekers in West Papua at the hands of the Indonesian military.


The beautiful thing about this situation is that for the 1st time in modern world history, Afrikan people are in the position to prevent the complete extermination of one of our groups of Brothers and Sisters.  Afrikans in America, England, and the Caribbean are in the position to use our power to spread the message against Racial genocide far and wide.  The Afrikan nations ruled by strong Black leaders such as Gambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, etc . . . . have the military power to organize their resources and remove the Indonesian government from West Papua by any means necessary to prevent the genocide of our people.

A globally organized effort by Black people to publicize, ostracize, and neutralize the Asiatic Indonesian extermination campaign in West Papua is well within our capacity to do in 2016.  If we organize and combine our Black social media capacity, Black media capacity, Black political capacity, economic boycott capacity, and Black military capacity, Afrikan people globally can save our Brothers and Sisters in West Papua.  It is clearly our responsibility and duty to prevent from happening to West Papuans what happened to America’s Native Americans in the 1800’s.



Actionable Items:

  1. Spread this message/article as widely as possible on FB, IG, TW, YouTube, etc . . .  so that the genocide of our West Papuan Brothers and Sisters becomes a household discussion for Black people in America, Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and Afrika.
  2.  Reach out to the Honorable Benny Wenda and Sister Juliet Lopez London to discuss the atrocities and progress on all media outlets including TV, Radio, College Speaking Engagements, etc . . . :  —  Click Here for Contact Information
  3.  Pressure ALL Black elected officials to take a firm position against this genocide immediately.
  4. Organize Black groups to do letter-writing campaigns and economic boycotts of the companies who are heavily invested in the resource theft of West Papua.
  5. Make a public issue of the Islamic Terrorism that is going on in West Papua.  There is no way the Muslim world can expect any sympathy and support from Afrikan people if they continue to support the genocide in West Papua.  Muslims must be MADE to speak out against these atrocities be carried out by an Islamic nation.
  6. Make the #FreeWestPapua Movement a relevant issue in the U.S. race for President in 2016.  It’s the perfect time to make Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take a strong position against the Muslim extremism in West Papua.  It fits both party lines and it can gain us tremendous momentum in bringing this extermination campaign to an end and pushing the Indonesian government out of West Papua.
  7. Make the Indonesian Embassy in your country a focal point for protest, scorn, animosity, and public pressure until they cease and desist their genocide in West Papua and pull out of the country all together.


Benny Wenda 5 - Juliet Lopez LondonHonorable Benny Wenda & Juliet Lopez London


We trust that you have become informed and inspired to fight for our people in West Papua.  At War on the Horizon (WOH), we are convinced that saving our West Papuan family is our 1st test to determine whether or not Afrikan people are going to survive the 21st Century.  If we demonstrate that we can save this group of Afrikan people from annihilation, we will have taken our 1st step in moving towards a unified Afrikan Racial platform that can propel us into this century.



WOH Official 1

We’ll See You on the Battlefield!




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